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Those who rule above the law, frame those who do not abide by their laws to put forth their agenda

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 03:52 PM
You’ve probably heard it all – The usual celebrity scandal on who was raping who, on what illegal drugs they were hiding, on what weapons they were distributing etc. Its normally the case these celebrities are too bored with too much money and hence have nothing better to do than sometimes play with the law by abusing their powers.
But what happens when a certain celebrity with millions of fan, is framed? To the eyes of some fans and the general population, disgust and dislike will immediately fill their minds as they will feel betrayed by their “idol” as they told by the media on what crime they did.

Prime examples where some celebrities have been framed are some which you must have heard before:
1) 2pac sent to jail for allegedly raping some woman
2) Michael Jackson being a secret paedophile
3) DMX for owning some marijuana
4) and recently, Dominique Strauss Kahn, the Former Head of the IMF, being accused of rape.

2pac (before he was killed RIP) stated he knew he was wrongfully convicted of raping some woman because he was not “doing” what the people on “top” were telling him to do. You might know of 2pac as some sort of thug gangster, with no disregard for the police or law but you must remember that was the image that “they” wanted you to visualise, NOT what 2pac wanted had in his mind. Hence because of this rebellious nature, they had him first convicted of rape, then shot and finally killed – and the murder case has never/is never going to be solved.

Next is Michael Jackson, no doubt the idol of hundreds of millions around the world, and then out of nowhere, he becomes a paedophile. Although he was later cleared of all charges, the paedophile tag still remained and hounded that poor man’s life till he finally died just before his last concert ever. Besides being a pop idol, MJ also didn’t follow the rules the “top” wanted him to follow, hence the peadophila charges and eventual assassination. Even members of MJ’s family know he was killed but will this ever become a murder case? 2pac ringing any bells?

Another one is DMX, an influential multi platinum selling rapper who was framed, almost destroying his music career for not doing what the “top” wanted him to do:

It was not until the alleged attempted rape scandal by former Head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss Kahn, that I knew it was the obvious workings of the “top” who had to get rid of him. Why? Possible reasons could be:

1) Strauss Kahn was a major threat to the “elite’s”puppet Nicola Sarkozy
2) Strauss Khan was a socialist – a word which is like cancer to the government’s of USA, UK etc.

Now tell me, why get rid of a man who:

1) increased France’s economy when he was Finance Minister
2) reduced France’s unemployment to record levels
3) Created more jobs of 300,000 jobs in 1998, (a level not seen since 1969)
4) Reduced France’s debt
5) Suggested that we should regulate Banks more and stop them from being too greedy

And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, BANG!
Strauss Kahn is convicted of attempted rape of an immigrant Black woman (which certainly juice-ens up the story), and faces being in prison for the rest of his life.
I really do not know what the agenda of the elite and those who live above the law is, but I am certain that they will do anything to achieve it.

I mean, what can we really do against a force which literally operates above the Law?
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