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To be or not to be......

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 02:24 PM
We think therefor we are. We talk therefor we inform. We read therefor we learn. We build therefor we advance. We create therefor we are Gods.

When will man cease to exist, will we be whipped away like a bad cold, will our legacy remain, is it possible that all this is by a bad joke?

A man once said," If man knew all that there is to know, God would be proud of his children."

Are we learning what God wants us to know, are we withing the lines of the acceptable or have we forked and gone the way the way of nothingness?

A God that creates children in his image, a God that is forever understanding and forgiving, would a father let his children be all that they can be, mistakes and all. It is said that one learns a greater lesson by failing than by imitating, are we failing? The bigger question, are we learning?

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