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Strange hospital experiance

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 09:18 AM
When i was younger (about 12-13), and still playing football for my 5th year i had these terrible headaches. Well they werent realy headaches as they increased everytime i shook my head or hit someone in football. I had to take a break becuase it hurt so much that i couldnt play. Soon it went away for a bit but it still came back everytime i hit my head. Then it beucase to manifest into a constant headache that lasted for 2 months until i found out what it was. Everyone kept telling me that i had migranes
. What kinda of a mutant migrane gets worse and worse and worse after you just nodd ur head and stays there for months on end. Anyway everytime i shook my head it felt like my brain was banging against the side of my head. So we went to my pediatrition and he got me a CAT Scan. Once i got out of it the doctor comes up to me and says, "did you get into a car accident or something becuase you have alot of fluid around your brain". My mom was in shock but i started to smile knowing that i was right. Turns out i had an aracnoid cyst. Any way lets move on to the important part. After awhile i got into the hospital and i was in the OR. They had put me on the OR table and put the mask on me that gave me laughing gass. Just then i had the weirdest experiance in my whole life. I knew that the had to put the IV in me and i watched them do it the first time. They were talking to me while they where putting it in. But after the first time they did it again, and again, and again, and again saying the exact same thing over and over again in a pretty complex dialog as well as putting a new IV in ever time. Then i kinda blacked out and it was like i was watching one of the channels on TV with the fuzzzzz except it was really fine and REALLY LOUD. After a few seconds of thinking that i was dead, i woke up (before my operation) and i saw my IV needle in and everyone getting ready and then they said good night and everything went as planned. But what was the weird thing that was going on earlier with the fuzz and shiite. I have never blacked out before so i dont know what it is like. If anyone can tell me what it was that i was experiancing it would be greatly appretiated as it has been very trouble some for many years now and has changed my happy hospital attitude to a NO WAY IM NOT GOING THERE attitude. Info would be appretiated

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 11:31 AM
Hi SirKillallott

Glad to hear your op' was a success. Neurosurgery is complex and most procedures
take 3hrs or more, particularly a 'shunt'. I think after they inserted the 1st I.V. they
'primed' you with a mild (passive) anesthesia which causes confusion and to a degree
a drunk/stoned like effect.

Also, during a procedure of such length, you have to be hydrated and other issues
that require an I.V. like a 'masking anti-biotic'.

Unfortunately sometime Medics can't "find a vein" at the first go, so you may have
seen this as having more drips than you did.

Nothing to worry about, SirK...anesthesia euphoria, that my guess. Hope it helps.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 12:04 PM
Yea i figured it was something stupid like that

Thx for the input, its appretiated.


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