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Syria condemns US sanctions on Assad

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:57 AM

BEIRUT – The Syrian army shelled a border town overnight and early Thursday, sparking gunbattles that killed at least eight people, and the government condemned U.S. sanctions targeting President Bashar Assad for the brutal crackdown that has killed more than 850 people.

The Syrian government denounced the U.S. measure, calling it "one in a series of sanctions imposed by the U.S. administration against the Syrian people as part of U.S. regional policies serving Israel."

The move "did not and will not affect Syria's independent choices and steadfastness," Syria's state-run news agency said.

Somewhat related video -

It didnt take long for Syria to give the US the finger. I wonder how this situation will play out in the next few weeks. This looks pretty similar to the lead up to Libya, but Im not sure if everything will play out the same way. Russia has a base in Syria, so Im not so sure the US will take more aggresive action.

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