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Cosmic Radiation & End of the World or New Begininng for Humans

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 07:51 AM
So anyway Iam usally short on words and shorter on typing skills. I recieved this Email and Video a few days ago.

"To Be or Not to Be a Galatic Question" is the name of the video. It is a bit long at 35 min. but well worth the watch.

The video explains how the Earth is on a 63 million &143 million year Extinction Level Event cycle, Caused by our travel as a planet thru the Milky Way.

I will be quoting the letter below so you can decide if you want to invest the time to view the video. I come to ATS to get other pepoles thought on subjects so feel free to take the discussion over.

The aphorism attributed to Heraclitus that, “nothing is permanent, but change”, is as a maxim, true, but we must go further and ask, “what change, and to what effect”. In the video “To be; or, not to be”: A Galactic Question, we examine the role of galactic and extragalactic processes and cycles in determining the changes that occur here on Earth, as mediated through what we have come to define as cosmic radiation. This manifests itself in such effects as earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme weather changes, and is correlated to the major extinction events over the last half-billion years, including the one that wiped-out the dinosaurs. Thus we see that one aspect of the change on earth, connected to galactic cycles, is a process of cleansing through mass extinctions, with 99% of species that have ever existed having gone extinct. But this is only part of the story.

What you will also find in “to be; or, not to be”: A Galactic Question, is a development of the idea that underlines this cyclical extinction process, which is one of a constant up-shift of the biosphere to higher states of existence, coinciding with cycles of a galactic scale. In other words, life on Earth as a whole has been evolving with a direction towards greater diversity, complexity, and cooperation among species, such that the process of development of life as a whole must be characterised as a creative, anti-entropic process, in total contradiction to the fraudulent theory of the second law of thermodynamics. Typical of this characterization is the fact that it was out of the period of the extinction of the dinosaurs that the more highly evolved mammals took over the planet, along with the more developed and energy rich fruit-bearing plants, which represented an overall up-shift of the biosphere, as measured in terms of energy flux density.

This picture poses the fundamental question which is unique to humanity, and which is of immediate priority given the recent wave of earthquakes, extreme weather, and threats of major volcanic eruptions. The question is; are we, as human civilization, going to be purged from this planet as all species eventually are, or, will we recognize that we are something above the animals capable of expressing that same quality of creativity which governs the biosphere and the galaxy as a whole, and therefore capable of discovering those principles governing the effects of change in the biosphere and ordering our activity accordingly, such that we emerge from this current period of calamity as a more developed humanity?

Linkage to Video


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