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God is real, so is the devil. The signs are everywhere.

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by TILTed

Originally posted by daggyz
I find it interesting that those that don't believe in God, try to lower him to a human level in order to explain him away...

I find it interesting how religious people create a god who HAS human characteristics, to make themselves feel better when they judge, shun and kill people in his name.

How many people did god kill in the bible? So god is jealous, vengeful, angry? You mean like men?

I seriously doubt God has anything to do with religion or even the bible. But that's okay, because you don't need either to believe in God or to love your neighbor.

Well it is also believed that Satan has influence in the world as well.

Could it then be possible that people guided by Satan are trying to make Religeon and God look less and less appealing?

Many people ask things like, why do natural disasters hit the bible belt and stuff?

Maybe those are the people who are making out religeon to look like a mockery and a joke, therefore god is punishing the ones who are messing it up while saving the ones who truly believe and have real love. Thats my opinion on the matter, anyway.

For example, the irony of this picture:

All that is left is the cross. The church was known to be corrupt, so it ironically became flooded in rain, leaving only the cross left standing.

These are the types of messages that god sends us.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by demonseed

I think that the choice of believing in God is there on purpose. If you simply knew that God existed, and that was it, then you could simply abuse and use god for your own doing.

It's not "there on purpose"

Someone has to form the theory first. Someone has to make a large conclusion that an omnipotent being:

a) Watches humanities moral choices 24/7
b) Can intervene in human affairs (wars) or geological events (earthquakes)
c) Created us in the very state that we are now.

These conclusions are just unintelligent guesses, and all have been falsified. God does NOT intervene in human affairs, God did not "create" the Earth, cosmic evolution had to occur.

Many tribes or civilisations have never considered the "GOD" question, or no person has ever suggested to them. Jesus still isn't known in many parts of the world. Does that make them less moral? Of course not.

Im not feeling good today, "God Help me."

I'm an Atheist, and i use "turn of phrase" - If i don't know the answer i might say "God knows?". I find their use great for itteration of emotion through language. But i won't ask anyone to over-interpret my phrase.

Oh danm i am so smart today, everything is working out great, go me! "I dont need God"

So if you wern't smart, and you did need God, how would he help?

Does prayer work?

Do you think that your prayers are answered while the sick and starving continue to die and starve?

The point is that God has to be hidden from plain view.

Of course he does, otherwise us Atheists would be have a pretty hard debate on our hands

God is unfalsifiable, it can't be proved true or false - But who made the claim? How do they know? Is it an uneducated guess considering how much we know abou the universe, or reality?

We can assume a watch is put together by a designer if we see it in the wild? But what about a human? Did the parts magically assemble? Or was it many many centuries of evolution, partly by natural selection? I think you'll find we evolved from lesser species due to enviroment (and possibly other factors still being debated)

This is so you can accept him without abusing his gifts to you.

Tell that to someone who has cancer, or tell that to a mother who's baby miscarriaged. God works in mysterious ways, right?

You don't have to respond to me, but certainly think about some of my questions.
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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 03:35 PM

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