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Strange ufo dreams

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 04:13 AM
After reading the post regarding dreaming of UFOs I felt compelled to add my own 2 cents. Ever since I can remember I have dreamed about UFOs. There are two main dreams that I have on a constant basis. Both dreams take place on a highway. One is closed in on both sides by dense forest, and the other is wide open.

When I come into these two dreams I am usually laying on the road or upon the side of the road.
Dream 1.
I wake up on the side of a deserted road closed in on both sides by forest and I see the craft sitting down the road about a 100 yards or so. At this point it starts coming towards me and I am over come with a scarred feeling and can no longer move. At this point it fades into dream #2

Dream 2.
I am once again on the side of a road. Its pitch black out only difference is this road is wide open. I can see the UFO crusing above me and its at this time that I am overcome with this feeling of dread and paralyis sets in. I am sure that I am overlooking a great many minor details in the telling of the main details. I do apologize for that. The only other memorable thing I can think of that has happened took place when I was around 7 years old. I was with my mom and we were coming from home from town. We had the radio tuned to some am channel. In the middle of the song, the radio cut out to static and I remember hearing a voice saying "we are coming" and then it went back to the music

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 07:34 AM
Interesting, well i don`t believe this dream crap has any connection to reality, in fact i had one of those "unusual dreams", it happened just a week ago - the dream didnt show me the standart issue about "travelling with ET`s somewehere", but it was a really good one - i, in the matter of fact, stole one of UFO`s (don`t remember from where or why) and took it to a big city, something like NY or so, then landed it on the street, and people where excitingly gathering aroud, imagine the whole picture .. and the most interesting thing was that i was dressed in a muslum robe or something ( they use them nowadays too, for example Egypt ), afterwards i was asked to go to abuilding where average citizens asked me questions, about the galaxy, about my race and such stuff.. of course (in a dream) i realized that acting would do great, and started telling them that im from different planet just like yours - human race and so on.. Strange dream, but anyway, it is not so important and is NOT connected to reality at all, i think you must understand it ..
But as i always say, its my opinion and i can't judge those who believe in this dream crap

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