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the real doom

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 01:32 AM
forget Elenin and the mayan prophecy...are you hearing the this is not a quake this the financial doom !

And yes, LEAP already provided in the previous Bulletin, N ° 54 (even before that too, for that matter) ... Just as they had planned the krack of 2008 several months in advance .... In July, everything blows up in September, and everything falls apart for Christmas, the unlucky ones who have no fireplace or garden will freeze them in serious starving ..... And even the rich will not escape , far from it .....

read this first you we learn some good things...

On Monday, the U.S. debt has exceeded its limit of $ 14.294 billion, from which the federal government can no longer borrow. Without compromise between Congress and the White House before August 2, the U.S. will be in default.
well ! well the U.S. government deficit ..., for the USA about 10% over the past 3 years. for France, , it is only 7.5% - yes, and Portugal, which as everyone knows is on the verge of bankruptcy, it is 9.4% or lower than the U.S., when in Greece, which is the abyss, his is 13.4%. By way of comparison. Benchmarking they call it the experts economists, but it's funny the benchmark experts they never talk about the usa, why ? It is true that such information is not required to disclose to the average citizen he might wonder if the song on the superiority of the American capitalist system is not finally the bigest joke ever. When the U.S. public debt - debt and deficit is not the same - it represents 88% of their GDP, while the euro area is lower (85%) and for comparison here are those of Greece (124, 9%), Italy (118.2%), Belgium (99%), Portugal (85.8%), therefore, already lower than Wall Street outlaws who plays on the euro, France well with 83.6% below the United Kingdom (79%), Germany (78.8%) etc. ... In short, a vast system of financial propaganda would have us believe that the European economy is sick of the plague, because of the desperate mentality of old people breathless face of that young giant in great shape, and it is already being find a second wind. In fact, this false propaganda condoned by experts who find their interests are either afraid to go for what they are, the propaganda launched by the Financial Times and other organs of the City and Wall Street speculators allows play on the currency, whereas the reality is quite different: the giant U.S. is so obese that he accumulated bad debts that can no longer sit panting at the roadside, unable to leave, and if the Europeans would stop telling stories we will see that we are on a free fall and the floor is near.
according to the International Monetary Fund (again. ...) the U.S. public debt is projected to reach 92.6% of GDP in 2010. But other experts, if one includes the refinancing mortgage parastatal bodies, whose colossal debt is not aggregated with accounts of the federal state although the guarantees, the United States is already more 110%. In short, the situation in Greece. But I repeat, do not word out, it would disrupt sugarcoat the sharks on Wall Street. And do not forget to point to unemployment, to help them out: you are the lazy, they will have repeated enough, right?
but in reading some book I discovered that the GDP is false . The U.S. deliberately overstate their GDP by 30% for decades, it reassures markets. For local coléctivités, wait CDS crisis in the fall, 30 trillion dollars that will go up in smoke and reinsurers in the street. Do you know that some cities tear the asphalt because they can not do it again? The global economy is moribund, the motor will stop permanently by the end of the year.. is the result of 40 years of unbridled speculative financial capitalism started under Reagan. Bush lost the war is that next to the slab trillion borrowed by the American middle class to hide the steady decline in their standard of living in a generation.

are you fool ?

There's still people who are smarter than others and see the string pullers behind the sensationalist headlines. DSK IMF boss should be rejected in anticipation of the monstrous quick scam that prepare the U.S. to avoid paying debts accumulated over 30 years under Reagan, and is summarized by: you lent me billions of billions (trillion they say)? you should not...

so birth certificate
ben laden
i remember saying on a thread we have the BC and OBL we need just one thing before all will be in the right place to start the doom now you have it DSK IMF BOSS

i'm a Fear mongering no i don"t think so this is just the result of our leazyness...we let all those people rule this world...shoot your television open your eyes and let's restore our dignity... lady gaga and coca cola will not save you we are all in the same boat now...

good luck

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by pitchdragon

Sorry couldn't follow that.. maybe a short summary:

What you're saying is?

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by pitchdragon

Too hard to read that.

I think you're over-exaggerating what may be.

I do agree that collapse is imminent, relatively speaking.

I don't think it's going to be a complete systemic collapse, where by social order will devolve into barbaric anarchy.

Who knows for sure?

Even the "experts" and "think tanks" are disagreeing with each other on how this plays out.

Nobody seems to have a real clue.


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