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"Roswell and The Rising Sun" Trailer (The Truth About Roswell Exposed)

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 01:11 AM
hey everyone,

It looks like Douglas Dietrich is releasing a new DVD on Roswell and the Rising Sun. Check it out

The trailer looks pretty good, and btw he's going to be speaking at Conspiracy Con as well!

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 01:17 AM
Interesting ive never heard of him before, but now am very curious as to what he has to talk about. Any idea when this will be released, only info i can find keeps sending me to the trailers. Apparently its out already but im having trouble locating it.
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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by orphillips

Dear orphillips

Last week someone brought out a book saying it was the Nazis this week there is a film saying it was the Japs & the real culprit is Walt Disney.

Come on guys follow the money to find the truth.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 02:37 AM
The only time the truth will be exposed is when the USA goverment and all concerned release the files, if they have not been destroyed already?

I think everyone should just stick to the original events and evidence than these recent bull# money making revamps.
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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by Naptown317

hi guys,

I believe its going to be released very shortly. When I find a release date I'll post it. I know it will be available at conspiracy con on June 4th for sure.

I do know that Douglas Dietrich has been interviewed a couple of times on Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis ( They have free podcasts and they were great interviews so I would check it out!

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by MAC269

Thats one of those things about research. A lot of times it leads you in different directions, but I will say this..having seen that lecture, it is PACKED full of references. Dietrich is very good about providing background material so we can hunt down the story ourselves, using his lectures as a primer. But he really does cross his t's and dot his i's.

He has a very interesting perspective, and frankly I think he's worth listening to and checking out.

But you are correct - always follow the money and see who has the most to loose. The problem here is that anything with money attached to it sunk into the black budget long long ago. Regardless of what crashed there, and something did, it has long been lost to a compartmentalized black budget program.

But like I said - he's an excellent interview and has some very interesting things to say so I cant wait to see what the future holds for his research.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 03:52 AM
reply to post by orphillips

Thanks for the link, I will check it out asap.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by Bob Down Under

I thought the files HAD been releasesd ?


posted on May, 18 2011 @ 04:15 AM
"TRUTH" "exposed"?

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by ProRipp

sure they have =) Yeah I bet... BTW I think its important to point out that Douglas Dietrich was in charge of document destruction so much of this material is DoD or at least US Army generated.

- olav

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:59 PM
From the trailer, it's pretty much a rehash of what Nick Redfern has already postulated.

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

i liked the following review re 'Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story'....

I like Nick Redfern. We've exchanged emails over the years and have a similar slant on Cryptids and Crowley and everything that begins with a "C"....but Nick starts this off with the words I MOST hate to read:"Because she does not want her identity revealed, for reasons that will shortly become apparent*, I will refer to her as the Black Widow."

This annoys me for the same reason it annoys Colin means I can't check your facts. So all we have to start us off is Nick saying "I met this lady back in 2001, she was nearly 80 (NEARLY??? What was she, a pre-pubescent bobbysoxer when she was doing all this super secret work at Oak Ridge, Nick?) I'm not going to tell you her name or anything about her but here's her story...."

And off we go on a Conspiracy Theory Can-Can.

To all authors of future books on weird things: we need to be able to check your facts---even when we trust and like you. Some batty old lady tells you some story but how are we the readers supposed to believe it? We can't check her bona fides. We don't know that she EVER worked for Oak Ridge---or even if she DID that she didn't have some sort of mental breakdown and come to believe some absolutely goofy paranoid delusion.

We only have YOUR word that this old lady even exists (or, at least, that she existed in 2001).

Not good enough, Nick. Now I trust you...but save the "anonymous" stories for the appendices from now on...give me facts I can CHECK.

Before I start believing you're the reincarnation of Frank Edwards.

Okay, Nick?

* Incidentally---the reason never becomes apparent. What is the government going to do to her for telling Nick this story? Court publicity for her story by charging her with violating the Official Secrets Act? It'd be all over Coast to Coast with George Noory a day later and we all know it.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 12:00 AM
could it be that the dome looking thing could have been what was in the sky during the "Battle of Los Angles"? and what really crashed in roswell?

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 11:02 AM
hey guys,

It looks like the DVD is up for sale now at

- olav

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by ashtonkusher
could it be that the dome looking thing could have been what was in the sky during the "Battle of Los Angles"? and what really crashed in roswell?

No, no. The crippled time machine that was shot at over Los Angeles in 1942 slowly drifted east and came down in the desert at Area 51. It was way too big to move, so the only way the Army could adequately study it was to build a base around it and eventually bury it from sight. They got enough information from it initially to allow them to complete the atomic bomb, but it still took them decades to be able to access the ship's data core and reverse engineer the damaged engines. Of course, all information about the divergent timeline (the one where the Nazis fight to a truce) is still highly classified.

That's what I understand, anyway.

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