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Six Amazing Animal super heroes

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 07:43 AM
Six Amazing Animal super heroes.

Well, maybe not heroes but they certainly have what could be equated to super powers for God’s sake.
I thought I would share the coolness of these abilities with ATS for the heck of it, and the writer of the article is much more efficient than me at putting these abilities into context. Below are a two examples of animal coolness that I have seen before in passing but never paid much attention to until now.

The Super Punch: A punch so strong it is like being hit by an F-16 flying into you at full speed. With this power you would easily not only be able to punch your way out of a typical wood and sheet rock room, but moreover with one punch be able to explode through a 5 foot thick reinforced concrete “hardened” structure.

The Thunder Clap: A force so powerful and quick that it generates heat as hot as the surface of the sun. With this ability you would be able to knock a plane out of the sky with the compressed air from your clap.

Link: ommended

(Mods, I couldn't remember where the animal forum was or if it even if it existed so move where needed, thanks!)

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:14 AM
What a truly amazing planet we live on! Bugs are not my favorite things to look at or learn about, but its absolutely wonderful that each species has its own unique traits that help it survive. Very cool article!!

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