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A discussion on how our legislature works

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:36 PM
So I was watching a local news thing that reports on Washington State issues. And they began by talking about how our useless legislature here can;t come up with a budget. And how our Governor is calling on yet another special session. So the news show brought up the Nebraska Solution Where they have only one legislature house. they said in the 1930's I believe a Nebraska senator came up with the idea that having only one house would be better for Nebraska. Unicameral legislature

They said they had 133 memebers and cut it to 49 members. Even though Nebraksa has its budget problems they reportedly in Nebraksa passed a budget plan unanimously in 27 minutes.

They also reported much to my chagrin they said that Nebraska is also more transparent. Because in my state house and senate leaders hammer out differences behind close doors.

So would the Nebraska Solution be a good idea?? For maybe other states. It is in our state constitution that we have to have a house and senate.

I mean At least from my stand point our governor wouldn;t have to keep calling special session after special session, if we adopted the Nebraksa solution.

One of our state senator's said that we need the other house to check and make sure there are no mistake's that is the checks and balances our founders talked about. And someone from the house in Nebraklsa answered the other house in Nebraska is the people. (that was pretty powerful in my book I was like wow)

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:42 PM
Ummm interesting tidbits that I forgot. It was said that governor Jesse ventura tried to do a unicameral legislature when he was in Minnesota. And they said a salary for a part time law maker in Washington State is 42,000 dollars a year While In Nebraksa The salary is set by the state constitution law makers get 12,000 dollars a year.

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