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A suggestion to change info on ATS Twitter

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 12:09 PM
I am a member of twitter and i would love to follow ATS and hopefully get my friends interested in it but the only problem is, a lot of people i know will juust laugh when they hear "conspiracy theory"....

I like to think of ATS as an "Alternative News" source, a lot of very interesting and informative information gets posted on ATS which isn't conspiracy aswell as all the latest breaking news which is totally awesome, if something happens you can bet its on ATS first!

So my request or suggestion would be to change the twitter sub title from:

The biggest and most popular conspiracy theory website.


The biggest and most popular alternative news website.

I think more people would be inclined to take more notice if it says "Alternative news" instead of "Conspiracy Theory" which, a lot of people laugh at or just don't follow.

Anyway its just a though/suggestion and i would appreciate if i didn't get flamed, thanks

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