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in cyberspace no one can hear you scream...

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 05:53 AM
erm, ok...*aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh*

i'm mega-frustrated with this situation, & need to vent it a little more constructively than previously...

& yea, maybe "old news" to some, but maybe/hopefully helpful to others -

so, for what it's worth... my rantyrantyrant rant -

do you have children, or do you want to have children at some point?

are you aware that the nuke crisis in japan is STILL ongoing?

that it is still NOT under control?

that you are being LED to think it IS under control, & effectively in a state of "winding" down & being "cleaned" up?

my point being, is that many people seem to be under this illusion, because MSM reporting of the ongoing situation - & it's implications - are not daily headline material

no decent person likes to set fear & panic into people needlessly... however, blatant attempts at distraction, playing down/obfuscation of information, & witholding the truth from people - where their & their children's future health may be concerned - is diabolical

i'm posting this thread, basically to draw - even just a little - more attention to the fukushima crisis, for people who may be currently unaware/updated of the situation

it's very frustrating & sad knowing that there are people out there who think it's all under control, & thus not newsworthy or attention-worthy... i know fellow ATS members have voiced similar concerns about the apparent lack of insight of the general public, & attempts to enlighten others about it is actually quite difficult

it IS an extremely hard thing to fully grasp, & accept as our current reality... the temptation to bury one's head in the sand, or have the "well, it's half way round the world, doesn't affect me" mentality IS understandable to a degree, if not somewhat myopic

radiation is still belching out of fukushima - DAILY... they are venting steam, & there may be unknown leakages into groundwater & the ocean, all of which will be rad-contaminated

this crisis concerns us all, not just the poor people of japan... but it is the children & unborn children who are most at risk - as their cells are dividing & increasing in number during the process of bodily growth, those cells are especially vulnerable to the effects radiation

of course, not only that, the next generations will also inherit the other results of this ongoing nightmare - what a world that's gonna be for them

i'm pleased if you are already following the updates on fukushima here on the main ATS thread... all i ask of ATS members who aren't, is to please check out/bookmark etc (at least) these following links - visit/review regularly - & please spread the word however you can, including your online social networks/whatever

the main fukushima thread -

Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake credit to all contributors there

why the important facts are not always getting to you -

Japan declares war on Freedom of Information...calling for World Wide Censorship in Fukushima Info

credit to Destinyone for this thread

important weekly summaries of updates/ongoing concerns -

regular HD photo updates of the nuke plant - (include fukushima daiichi in your search bar)

tepco live webcam -

just for reassurances that all is well with the world - a nice little japanese pro-plutonium/nuke power propaganda film, replete with cutesy anime & voice
(thanks to whomever posted it on the main thread, can't remember who)

& last, but not least -

i dunno, i hope this gets to even just one person who wasn't aware, who in turn can get the message passed on etc etc

i really need multiple mad msn emoticons here... or a secret, dark, ATS sweary-corner

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 06:22 AM
You can scream ! Just use Skype.

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