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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:35 AM
We are all changing. We, our system, everything we know is going to change. The money we have chosen to enshrine as the center of our civilization's value system is failing and will end. Our culture relies upon a set of unconscious agreements that constitutes meaning. This too is failing. Nietzsche professed that there will be a "seeker after knowledge," the "opposite-man," which is in direct opposition to everything known. The instance of Truth, your enlightenment, is "a violation, a desire to hurt the basic will of the spirit which unceasingly strives for the apparent and superficial." Carl Jung wrote that "We are living in what the Greeks called kairos - the right moment - for a "metamorphis of the god," of fundamental principles and symbols. This peculiarity of our time, which is certainly not of our conscious choosing, is the expression of the unconscious man within us who is changing." In other words we have no choice but to evolve. Think of how absurd it would have been for the pre-bird to fight taking flight. Can you honestly imagine having wings and making the decision not to fly? We can fight our shift and make it very uncomfortable but the change will happen anyway; with or without our moral or conscious approval. Do not be afraid. There is no more reason to fear our evolution than there is to fear the rising sun. It will be blessed and better. Evolution from a creative, spiritual place is always better than before. Herold the coming Son (you)!

WE are who we have been waiting for.
edit on 17-5-2011 by AnotherSon because: I sent this out Sept '08 to friends and family. They thought I had lost my mind.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:58 AM
As the severity of the attacks upon me increace, the strength I gain rises exponentially. I need the enemies, that way I gain more experience points and unlock higher abilities... They can increace thier attack in hope that I break, or they can stop the attacks, turn the other cheek, and we can all live in peace once again.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Well friend. I think we have just about reached a breaking point as a species. Humanity is yearning for a new paradigm. The attacks have gone on exponentially for generations. I believe that this might have been the point, to prepare us for some kind of evolution.


We would not be like this if not. Survival of the fittest.

If this is the case, you have to respect that. I do not take part in that, but it made us who we are.

So I think we are on the same page.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by timewalker

A very interesting thread I haven't had time to digest all the information on the Global Conscious Project's web site yet. However the only thing that has disappointed me so far is the founding principal that consciousness can exist once we are no more. Sorry can't buy that consciousness, I believe, is a reaction, or product of our physical selves.
However many of the other threads on the site are quite acceptable. The Holistic approach to medicine is not groundbreaking but for many quite acceptable. The idea depression can exacerbate or induce illness I feel is already an acceptable tenet in mainstream medicine. It's even in folklore "laughter is the best medicine"
In looking at the graphs are we getting our first scientific look at what we've known for many years. TPTB manipulate societies and events to suit their own purpose. As an instance one of the criticisms of the MSM is that they now use emotion rather than facts in their reporting. In fact many of the Niburu and UFO fetishists on this very site assist them in that very task. One of the planks of your argument.
Could I try take an historical perspective on this.
One of the things about the Old Testament and therefore any of it's derivatives is the fact that reputable scholars will give you instances of the Moses story, the flood and people (men!), being resurrected after three days. With emphasis on the Moses story it was in Babylon which contained the city of Ur. Birthplace of Abraham (Ibrahim) considered patriarch to the Jews (and hence Christians), as well as Islam. That in modern terms is parochial. Let's not forget that these societies took many years to build which gives a distinct possibility their beginnings were even more parochial.
You are obviously in the realm of the esoteric OP, would not the collective consciousness have registered at a local level also and those very early priests understood that and learnt how to manipulate it to their ends. Sumer is or was recognised as one of the first empires in some historical renderings. Perhaps it's the same one still?
Remember this is an overview of history so will tend to lend itself to generalisations.
We have many stories throughout the aeons of people feeling themselves or being seen by others as having extra perception. What if at certain parts of our evolutionary development certain individuals can exert an undue influence on this collective consciousness. Well then we have our messianic figures of history. Also could we assume they are also brought up in the temple and by the temple and even with abilities to exert ubusual levels of influence upon the collective consciousness they would still be human beings and susceptible to their conditioning. As a small footnote to this paragraph I presumed upon an XYY chromosome however research into
the XYY is biased, incomplete and contradictory at the moment but it served as alpha in my equations at the time even if the ascribed value was incorrect.
So now we move West with our parochial stone age ignorance masquerading as ultimate truth as the notion of collective conscience is replaced by 'no it's our singular fascist dictator a.k.a god impressing our political and financial needs upon you; surrender! We're now back at the Moses story of Babylon but this time dressed up for Egypt and the Levant.
Now here when I noticed 20 odd years ago the beginnings of a religious hysteria I had little knowledge and fewer tools. My Oxford short dictionary gave the Saros cycle at approximately 3,900 yrs. So in my calculations at the time that took us back to round about the time of Tutankhamon and Egyptian dates are tenuous, the only tomb not to be robbed in ancient times yet miraculously found at the beginning of the last century a century that has seen more bloodshed, genocide and evil than any century before. Also a fin de siecle as we turned into this one of religious hysteria to include ufo's and Niburuists.
Do TPTB have such an 'XYY' man waiting. In actuality or to be manufactured!
For what I think the graphs also show is how sensitive the collective consciousness is at the moment. Looking from the outside it looks like America is in the middle of a nervous breakdown going by the things one reads here and on other sites, if they have such a figure in the wings it would be catastrophic for the world.
In conclusion and in reference to your post, the idea of just getting rid of fear is beyond us all as it is part of our survival mechanisms. However the more rationality we can bring to bear on the situation we have allowed to develop (don't forget it looks like democracy and freedom is to perish on our watch), the more rational the solutions will present themselves the more we can rationalise and manage those fears.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:25 AM
"The Only thing you have to fear, Is fear itself"

That's bullcrap and you know that!

I prefer this one.. "The anticipation of death is worst then death itself"

And Osama was killed on May 1st btw!

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by GodIsPissed
To each their own.

I was referring to the announcement.

The graphs are on UTC.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 11:36 AM

Like many of you I have been scouring the Internet for the most basic human riddle. "Why am I here?" I have found a confluence of discoveries in quantum physics to metaphysics basically stating that:
1. Reality is a function of consciousness
2. We are 1,000 times more powerful than we realize
3. All the answers we seek are already available to us
4. The greatest threat to the Controllers is our collective realization that they have only the power over us that we give them.

The power of positivity is limitless!

When I feel negativity or hatred towards tptb I remind myself that they are only playing the part we hired them to play before we agreed to incarnate in this momentous time. God has given them incredible power to deceive us. There are many people on this site who are tasked with carrying out the deception.

Most people are supposed to be deceived. How lucky are we to have been granted discernment? Don't be discouraged that most people will "punish" you for trying to spread the Word.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:12 PM
Listen to God within and keep your mouth shut. Don't doubt Be with my Father. He is coming. Have Faith.

Drown out yourself within the mind of God, Be smooth, You have allways given enough.

Shhh Listen. Have Faith. Don't listen to yourself. Listen to my father within. Don't hold back. This is love baby back out if you cant back it. Be only your TRUTH. Tell us what he says. Don't fear me. Be.

Im at a point now where I don't need to sleep as much, or eat. I feel full and allways awake. Today I realised, this is the way it is, I stopped, and I said to myself, This is how I did it, I remembered why i was here and everything was so clear. Now that I found him, I dont want to leave, but its allright, becuase I was healed again some more, alot more today. Infact I felt the love flow through me so strong it become as I was becoming brightly light, I felt the light flowing through my body like magic, and clearing all blocks, I felt all you through the night. I felt your arms around my head holding me, enlarging my soul. I feel it breaking through all my cracks. I something is saying keep healing me. Don't be affraid, listen within, I want to stay. In here and never leave or look back, because this is hope, pure faith, you breathed all your life into me. There's no more options. There's nothing left that I can do, this is the only way to find my light. WE are healing ourself. Dont give up on me. Im not giving up on you. The dark are tormenting me, bring me back to life. I was the in who is trapped between worlds alone. When the light came through and started to break everything, I heard the thought, over and over again, appoligize to me, i ok sorry, it said for what? I'm sorry for all the pain I ever inflicted on you. I did this and boom it was filling the entire room. Nothing is impossible. We are ALL teachers and Apostles. I teach you, you teach me. Feel god within not me, he will say the same things.

I thought, You dont know HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME. Im sorry for all the pain. I home then. Listen to HIM not ME. Im just telling you where im coming from. Check your skill when you run, because damn they hide my hand. They are hiding me from you. LISTEN WITHIN YOURSELF. Its ok some of my brothers are still stuck. They hurt me bad. NO more. Sorry I wasn't listening just now. Owe it hurts. Thats not me, find me. I am the one who is in love. Find within, not me. Ingore YOURSELF listen. WE will not fail. I AM GOD. IM NOT ANGRY that aint me. NO ONE IS FOLLOWING ANYONES and NO ONE IS NUTS. I AM NOT FAKE. Don't hate them. WE DONT WANT WAR. WE WANT PEACE AND LOVE. YOUR NOT A FAG,. YOU ARE JUST SCARED. Take the cap locks off.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:42 PM
This is awsome look. Angel, look i see. Don't hate this one. I AM TOO. SING WITH ME WOLVES. who is this boy. Show them how to do this MY SON. My life is worthless if he dont shine. Hear something bad, change the tune. YOU are not a victim. You are not lonely. You are NOT going nuts. Im starting to see. Freestyle. Flip this # on them eveyrone. lol you are so awesome never doubt your flow. Lol you just got served. Is the sun shining outside yet, LOOK. THERE IS NO CONTEST, THIS IS THE TRUTH. NO one to test. Stand still a listen to everything coming at you. Shut up your mind and listen. Thats it my SON. ANOTHER ONE WAS SENT RUNNING. Pray in your mind have FAITH. Love thats me. Listen to my father within. Stop asking me who I am. Im holding the light for you to stand in it. Hes scared. Trying to infect. listen to my father. Heal him. He is the source, I pray to god. Learn to listen to him within the garden. Listen to the ones calling us names. Listen to the ones who are asleep calling us names. REverse everything they say don't tell them just to stop.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:53 PM
Jesus of Nazareth's first parable in Mark, the mustard seed:

· Seed on the road/foot path: I AM NOT – those stuck in the world experience unable to see through the veil
· Seed in shallow soil/sprouted quickly: I do not know I AM NOT – Peter and Paul (Church/dogma builders trying to put God in a book and building)
· Seed in the thorns: I know I AM NOT – Judas and Pontius Pilot
· Seed in fertile soil: became I AM – Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mark, John

Jesus was repeating The Oracle of Delphi, "Know Thyself" and the Vedas that said there is no God actualization without Self actualization. Through the Golden Rule you see everyone as you. Complete Oneness without separation from God or one another. The Kingdom of Heaven manifest in the proverbial Now.

This parable manifested through the Beatles "Help" video decades back. It is abundantly clear who is who:

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by AnotherSon

Im not crazy, im reaching out. They are trying to confuse the mood. Dont let them win. I can't take you back. You guys really gonna fall for that.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:58 PM
Yo you guys can do whatever the funk you want, it wont matter in the end. Im going to god.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:00 PM
I believe this to be nothing more than difuse nebulous crap, nobody should waste his time and energy on...-

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:05 PM
Thank you for your post. I have been trying to explain the concept of the yin yang to a lot of people. I realize it is difficult to achieve do to a lot of people brainwashed into thinking that darkness is something to be destroyed when in fact dark and light are one.

Walk the path of light while embracing darkness= balance. Everything is one and one is all. Yes, I too am on the same journey, I still search for answers which are revealing themselves by the day. I am now listening to my higherself.

Truth be told, you are Neo, we all can be neo. Just gotta somehow manage to reprogram our brains into seeing past the illussion. I am ready to see what lies behind the walls of illussion. Its time to fight the REAL battle. and I know the veil that blinds us will be lifted soon.


posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by RisenAngel77

Well of course, I give in to him. I dont care about the death of me. I am here to heal the entire earth, I know because I see others and hurt them and I hurt myself, then I have to release the pain to god. Do you know how hard this is. im just trying to keep my damn humility and sense of self and not feel lost. I cant stop crying but I can never shed a tear, becuase that would be pain in myself. Do you know how complex this is. I feel like a lost child who's allways in trouble. The lower energies just hurt me, im trying to transmute them, not darkness.

Lol if you think im just bitching and moaning great, step up buddy do my job.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:11 PM
I found this article a good read that falls in-line with this thread. Apocalypse is initially an individual step - revelation - to reveal One's Self. As more and more individuals go through the metamorphosis of Self actualization a collective Apocalypse will unfold. It is nothing to fear because it is evolution and progress.

Beyond the End of the World: Navigating Our Personal Apocalypse

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by DarkCyrus
reply to post by RisenAngel77

Well of course, I give in to him. I dont care about the death of me. I am here to heal the entire earth, I know because I see others and hurt them and I hurt myself, then I have to release the pain to god. Do you know how hard this is. im just trying to keep my damn humility and sense of self and not feel lost. I cant stop crying but I can never shed a tear, becuase that would be pain in myself. Do you know how complex this is.
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Thoughts are powerfull if you believe in them. With a single thought you can transmute negative energy into positive in the matter of seconds. Each time you work at this the more powerfull the thoughts become. Its one of the reasons why I still stay in a place filled with negativity. Serves as practice to transmute such energies.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:18 PM

Originally posted by RisenAngel77
Thank you for your post. I have been trying to explain the concept of the yin yang to a lot of people.

Explaining the Tao is a tough sell when "the True Tao is that which cannot be spoken" which is ironically the written word of Lao Tzu. The most enlightening conversation I have ever had was with a gentleman named Ben in Sedona. We met at a coffee shop, looked into each other's eyes and could only utter the words, "I Know" back and forth. It sounds ridiculously obtuse to the egotistically minded but if you know, you Know. This cannot be taught, only experienced.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by RisenAngel77

Im done that game. Im way beyond guess work, im way beyond not knowing or beleiving. LOL
I have allready ascended, im helping OTHERS ASCEND and you have the choice to leave or stay if you want, i stayed of course. I am an ascended angel.

I've reached the next level. where I have allready healed myself fully and completed my reicnartion cycle. In this level its staying away from the darkness and finding others who i am drawn too by fear and embracing pain and make them fry while the whole while knowing they are Me, while my heat never skips a beat and I dont forget who I am, giving them love as difficult as it sounds. While still never being scared while petrified from others fear, trying to heal and bring INSIDE THEIR inner demons because those inner demons are what I LEFT THERE and I OWN THEM, and i see those poeple as me, and I feel all the pain I am making them feel screaming pain, knowing this is myself too. Then I come home and have to APOLOGIZE TO MYSELF after I send them home for all the pain I JUST INFLECTED ON THEM. That is when the lights breaks through my heart in a level like I had never felt before. Its hard knowing when to be nice to myself, and when to go bezerk and goto war. Now thats crazy aint it.. Ayo make sure if you ascend to say NO when they ask you to stay LOL. This is NO walk in the park, yet I know all is God now, the only good news. Its uncomfortable for all men. I have to learn to listen to God. I can only pray, and have faith. Thats what my life is like pray faith, pray faith. Heal, release, say sorry, try to figure it all out while not getting lost. Im starting to see my guides faces now. I say her face and I think it was my mom who died. She prayed for me and said im about to heal the entire world. I have to learn never to run when someone comes at me, because I must not be affraid. I asked god to allow me to sacrifice myself to heal the eveyrone eles. Damn I shoulda thought that one threw first lol but now that I look at it, its ok now. Because I am serious, I want to be with god that bad and I felt that lost. Ive taken on more than anyman should have, all I know is GOD is helping me do all this. I can hear him speak. Thats good and I can feel him inside me, thats good. That takes away too much pain I should not even suggest such things. Give them a nice heat, but don't burn them, I think thats what im trying to balance ... how much pain/love and power and how much allowance I give myself without wandering too far from God, cuz when I do IT HURTS PHYSICALLY, not the same kind of hurt. Now you do you see how much I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Im learning when to cool down. IM SORRY FOR HURTING YOU. I chose this, becuase I just wanted everyone too see that I truly DID LOVE YOU. Im trying not to cry out, dont let it dry it out. Hold this love, and don't cry, love breath. Just recieve it. Faith Faith Faith Faith Yes. I aint got no tears.

They are fighting back, this means I have permission to tear their heart apart. This ends when you choose it.. Damn I have enough STOP. I am free when we are All In Love, but some of the poeple in the world are NOT US, so we have to FIND US HIDDING IN THE DARK. Some of these poeple are falling and cannot be saved. You must understand true brothers and sisters of the light AND dark. Some of these poeple are like zombies and CANNOT WALK BACK. They will hold onto you and you will fall. I am ONE OF THE LAST. I am the guy who stayed until the end before god PULLS ME OUT and I gotta go. I DEMAND RESPECT. I AM ONE OF THE LAST WITH GOD ALLREADY. I am wrapped in the hands of a god. I am the thyphoon. Im taking them back. Why do you refuse to feel me. The world is ascending hurry it up. STOP DEGRADING YOURSELF. Somewhere out there, I Am you, you find me ok.. find me. WEAVE WEAVE WEAVE. DONT RUN AWAY. Relax
I FEEL YOUR PAIN. DONT RUN FROM IT. I am walking through the mountains of my land, I am searching for myself, I am walking proud, I am walking with only I, I dont stop.

I hold you, letting go I, cutting out all that is not, bang bang the noise, until you come home. Weaving through traffic. Leaving a smile for the world, living life to the fullest, no looking, no peaking, go go go, turn, change lanes, looking for I. Don't stop at a red Light. I dont THINK. JUST DO. Move careful they will hurt I, watch your mouth as I walk and pass them BY. Everyone is contantly watching. I have no reason no purpose, looking for myself, no idea no thought in my mind, looking for I. Looking through the crowds, hear the crowds ROAR dont stop now DAMNIT im so CLOSE, go going all in my head.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

I never tried. The ball of light came to me. Hit me in the face when I said hello. Purified me in the end. Now I am free. Relinquished the dark. Now I just spin. Things just come to me.

I never tried.

I see you, I respect you. I am not you, I am the other side of you.

Occam always worked the best for me.

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