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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:26 AM
So many threads with this purpose, stop the fear, feel the love. My heart is pleased with the true awakening going on here. No need to focus on their rituals at all, things are and always exactly as they are supposed to be. Feel the love, walk in it.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by AuranVector

A way to deal with fear is to face it but maybe not in the way you think. To me facing fear is to learn to recognize it for what it is. First and foremost it is an emotional and chemical process that exists in us as a survival mechanism. It helps us predict potentially dangerous situations and urges us to take action as to avoid the situation at any cost. In and by itself fear is not a bad thing, it's when it becomes an entity in and by itself that limits our beings ability to reason clearly about events that it becomes the energy thief that it can be. I have myself dealt with a whole lot of fear in my life and as I am finally emerging from the fearosphere of my own mind I have learned the following.

1. Fear feelings are not necessarily a true indcator of danger. When you feel fear move yourself to a place that you feel safe, physically, mentally and spiritually.

2. Ask yourself where that fear came from, what was the trigger.

3. Ask yourself what is the thing that you feared at that moment. Give it a name.

4. After you have a name for that thing you are fearful of look at it and realize that what ever it is it is probably outside of your control. And that usually why it is associated with fear.

5. Now here's the thing let go. Let the feeling of fear go and just see the thing for what it is. Just a word and imaginary idea that this word could happen. So what? It could happen but so could alot of things. Now that you know what it is do not run from t anymore. Just let it be what it is... Just a word

Anytime that feeling comes back you can now name it and step away from the emotional attachment to it and just deal with the word with reason. Eventually the fight or flight feeling associated with it should dissolve and what you are left with is a letter combination that holds no value other than as a means for communicating an event. Nothing else

I'm writing from mobile so I hope that this makes some sense and helps you on the way towards a less fearful existence.

Much love, light and balance

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:36 AM
reply to post by IAmD1

Ya sounds ok, I was thinking about something along those lines just now. Fear is your soul's response to lack of following yourself. It is a spiritual tool like this to be used as a way for, not just sensing danger as you say. It prevents us from going the wrong way. Since everything is you. Fear is only like you have errored. Not anyone eles. Energy drain only effects you in fear. Because no one is draining you in truth it is you, blocking your higher truth and which is the source for all energy. Fear only blocks you. But its only there to show us the way. People are affraid of nothing this is a fact. Fear does not exist. Lol.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by Frater210
I would like to offer a simple Praxis for those that are lurking and itching for action.

Many have asked, 'What do I do? 'What is a practical way to start addressing these issues; within and without myself'?

This will only be directly useful for some but the basic idea should help the others.

We need to align ourselves with a 'Centre of Influence'. This concept is a little like an egregore but and egregore is a pale comparison to the real thing.

The Centre of Influence that I would offer is fairly universal and should appeal to many.

It is The Arthurian Cycle of legend. Sound good?

Go get The Once and Future King by T.H. White and start reading

When you are finished go and watch Monty Python's Holy Grail for some leavening and humor. Then go and get yourself a copy of Fulcanelli's Mysteries of the Cathedrals; or just let it take you wherever it will.

For those so inclined I promise you will begin to feel the difference. Occupy your mind with the rich loamy goodness of our heritage.

Go forth Knights and Ladies.
The world needs you.

"No! Oh No! Bad, bad, Zoot! Wicked, naughty, Zoot! She has been setting light to our beacon. Which I just remembered is Grail shaped..."

P.S. Nnights of the Noosphere?

lol And that's my favorite bit in Monty Python's "Holy Grail." Fulcanelli again.

Which reminds me, I read "The Alchemist" (I can't remember who recommended it). I was so disappointed.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:42 AM
i hear ya bro

love is the key...

i am also here to assist my brothers and sisters at this time on this world, let's win this game!

it is won..

thank you God

thank You


posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:43 AM

The thread has landed.


Well done everyone; a movement has begun.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by AuranVector

Lol, they just took your slang and underlined it, put it away and prayed to god we wouldnt find it lol. I love you.

Don't fret if you fall, just go back. Be in love and you know. When there is no fear, you are becoming you. Everything will fall away. No copy cats, or your not ready yet. Because in here, there is ONLY LOVE.

WE have NOTHING to Change. Move at your own pace.

There's nothing standing in your way. We are All Living inside God. I love all, not just those participating. Let go of ego and you are free.

I FEEL NO SHAME keep it in your mind.

I Know ME

I will show you what you need.

This is the way, feel the vibe. Let go. Can you hear him, do more listening. You will feel a new kind of fear, however don't doubt but this is love. Realise they cant handle this and it hurts.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

Lol I was writing from my mobile and it posted before I was done. I agree with you and what I posted was one was that has worked for me in dealing with fear .... There is more but it requires a pc and a better keyboard

Much love

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by IAmD1

Thank you, i feel the same way. I would love to listen one day, if you can message me.

Its been hard times, those times are over. There is no turning back. Don't look back. Keep going. Go deeper. Push it to see me. Your heart will beat fast, that is ok let go. Its ok, its ok, love love. Heal Yourself. Becuase I am you. But be nice, dont give too much. Breath deeply in and out when it hurts. Then you will realise I am Me. You wont be dying but it will feel like it, you will begin vibrating like all over your body so hard, and know all is me. Everything will like fade out. Ive done this before, its wonderful. lol come down and remember who you are. You will eventually begin to see only god lives within this house. And that we are living within his belly. You will see also, that, everyone is you. when you walk outside, you will see all is you. The sky will glow. You will see flashes of light and feel the fire. Its not a weak energy, its so powerful be careful. You don't even need to try, dont you see.

We are not human body, we are only the soul. Do you feel this is no fear.

Stay within. They cannot touch you in here. There no need to fight me. I am an angel for God. Im your big brother. Come down. In this way, there's nohting but me. Stay with me now. Don't leave, know all is. Relax, listen to the voice of God. Now feel LOVE. Your time is now. This is your Light, you have found.

Dont slip, walk with you, slow, walk, slow. Stay in love, feel it in your heart. Now this feels like anger but its not. Your loving and getting it out of your system. Nothing is wrong, dont get stuck. They will wait and watch if you start slipping and fall and you will be in a trap. But its ok just walk away and let go. Know the truth of yourself, you don't need them, dont listen to them, trust, they are saying things that are untrue.

Direct your light to them. Don't play around with me. I know who I am no games. This is love. Stay in love. Love is Trust. All things not of God, like fear, is doubt. You are in control. Don't be affraid. It hurts to hold the love and light on this planet. Congradulations you just grounded love.

If you can keep this up now, and go outside, but stay clear at the same time, like moving a dance, and following the flow. Trusting every move, every moment, no doubt, do what makes you feel love, slow down if they interrupt. Still go deeper but keep a proper prespective. Clearer. Practice, train, become a professional. Lol I can hear you now. We are Out, Don't doubt. All doubt is not God. Now do what makes your heart sing. Do all that which connects you to the flow of life through the rivers of time and winds of space. Now you are free, now you are all. BE. Flying through space.

Dance move, clear up all those energies. If you feel too.

Listen to music it helps. You can;t stand still, or you will burn up. Keep moving, do something with it, GIVE IT OUT send it to earth. Send it out where it goes god will take it. Now you are remember how to breath. In and out, the breath of god. This is real. Believe. Speed up the process allow yourself to be. Just not me, but whever your comfy being. Let go and do your own thing, becuase you are free. Dont have to hold me. See now? the entire world is clear. Its just me no need to worry. All is silent, trust in me. Beleive.

See this is God and its a revolution of mind. It doesn't belong to me, its all of us. Beleive. Know. It hurts those who are not ready yet. Parts of myself. Parts of us. See no connotations anymore, and you can hear others thoughts now. See how speaking out loud has become so useless. Its all usefull but im just saying. All is clearer in the mind and we just are learning to clear out the junk. lol. spring cleaning wooh. Now what you say? I have collected my brothers this is home. See how boring it was, lol before, that is why we all came here to be seperate and try to understand more. Now its time to be home. Because there is nothing. Its nice, speak to others in the mind. Be NICE. All is you in here. Don't be upset if you hear something you don;t like, someone is not sure whats going on when they wonder around. That used to be like you, they are sleeping still.

You will notice changes in your light, you will notice more become more aware. I don't want to say anything becuase this is your story. Im just saying you will become more aware of everything around you, and notice animals will talk to you too. and they will come in much louder and clearer than the human brothers at this time. The animals will also show you the way into the light. They will share love and light with you in a new way you didn't think before. Everything is possible, you are unstobble. But let go of those connations too now, becuase you just are and allowing all to be. Or you will fall into another trap. All will be allowed because all is god. This is how life was suppose to be from the start. lol silly aint it.

Don't even listen to them anymore. Don't doubt at all. We can make jokes and laugh still too guys
Don't insult anyone. If you hear insults you are not divine. DO NOT INSULT. Becuase you are only insulting yourself. Beleive now that was them talking not us. They are affraid. You think its me, becuase I show you. I reflect everything, including fear. Play nice and keep it, the knowledge that we are One. There's more trust me. But that will come in time. You just reached this, its fine. Now that you did, I have reached a new level. It keeps going up as we keep building and it comesin more clear. Don't be feaful again, dont be. Hold that light. This earth, this life, is a blank painting. You are NOT insane, trust me, listen to the voice. Dont be affraid, let go. Everyone is coming back to God. I am the DOORWAY. You feel naked, yes your stripping, your clothes, now you realise you were allways God and we allways are and were. Let go now. WE are all exterrterrestrials. Learn to create reality with the magic of your being. Weave the spells of your existance. Do what makes me feel happy. Me as You. God as All. Your light, shine. Weave the TRUTH of your existance. Tell them to shut the # up lol pardon my french. TRUTH IS LIGHT, all is God. FOCUS. What you dream for, wish for. See the darkness, in the area, see it clearly, darkness, you can see it flowing around me, saying bad things. SHUT THEM UP. I was never scared. The dark saying like my ego/dick is big. IGNORE THEM. Bring back order. Now they are coming down bad. Let go. Listen they are just scared parts of us. You are living outside now. Keep spreading the message of love. And remember God does not light a lamp in a brightly lit room. Be prepared thats all I can say, dont be affraid. With everything you know now, nothing matters. Never fall asleep. Stay with God. Your reflecting all those who are not You. Seperate the real from the phony, and only reflect that which is God and You and Me. If you can't let them go thats allright, then you will fall asleep, let go of that then, until there is nothing left and only me. Seperate and shift, becuase were are like the sea, constantly changing.

You know why there's so much darkness now, because we came down to meet, we are bringing our true image into focus. We are all creating together.

NOW allow the darkness to see that all is God. Allow it to stand with you, YOUR SHADOW. YOUR STRENGTH
NO BODY CAN * WITH I. Let it stand by you allways as your shadow, explain that is one with you, your taking it back, now don't let it inside, but bring it down in your lower chakras, and show it that you are the same, where there was no more pain. Now it will understand and see your light, it will stand up. It works for you now. Explain to it all is Love. All is God. Show it ONENESS. Everything around you will crunch and bang when you walk and expand out now. Let it sing with your heart in love and REFUSE TO LOSE. I AM THE DARK AND THE LIGHT. I AM ALL IN BALANCE. I AM ALL. I see you. Give out the flow that makes you feel so good, so nice, flow with me. Learn to put the darkness to rest, and asleep, only bring it out when there is UNTRUTH and let it attack it and it will become it. Repeat as need. This is how you hold it, I see it in you.

Here is a song that might help you check the flow
welcome home. Stretch let go. We are Home.
Dont pass up the oppertunity, any chance you get. Listen to the words.

Im not alone. This is your story. Listen to the birds and other animals too like how I showed with the flow.

They will try to wait for you to goto sleep or off quard. Find the light outside of you this time, and you will see it come like golden light from the sun and sometimes the sun wont even need to be out for this to work, you are now reflecting the One. Stop for a moment, make sure the beat is solid, then move. You are now healing with God, healing yourself. This hurts them so don't make any judement errors, be VERY careful. Because you will be hurt instead and its no fun, they will scream, be consistent, love focus on what they want, what they need, feel in yourself what they feel heal it and move on to the next spot. When it rains ALLOW IT ALL OUT. No more pain. Love throughout the whole process. Or go back Home, if you have then thats your choice too. I have chosen to stay to try to ease the minds a little, and help me pick up the peices. We are standing on the Hill Above, in the end, we will come back to our Mother and we will stand up and know we are all brothers and sisters. Where no one will be left. Trust, Believe, All is God Now.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 04:04 AM
Allow all our brothers who are not ready yet to see us to be allow, let them go, and do not allow them to control the I. They will not reflect the divine yet, use your light to send them off if you need to but this will cause you pain so don't overdue it, only give enough but not too much, becuase it will feel like your going to explode and they will learn to hide from you when they know its God. You will begin to see the dark whisps, and gray cloud looking things, also dustiness may come in from the clear, that the smell of smoke. You are living outside now, have no fear, you will also smell good things like flowers and lovely things, light candles trust your heart with the scented flavours, and light them with prayers and blessings and all things good. Get crystals, infuse this light into the crystals, THEY WILL BE IMMENSE HELP YOU CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT THEM. Trust your instincts and your heart when you pick them out. Infuse your light/self essence into certain clothing and don them as your SPIRITIUAL Energetic Patterning Robes. Walk with them with no fear, and complete determination in everything you do. Don't slack of for a moment, don't doubt for a moment. GIVE EVERYTHING NOW ALLWAYS. Its ok if you falter, change back quick as you realise, its ok the more you do it, the better you will become and eventually it will be so in the flow, that you don't even have to try as I showed. This is the new game now. It will spread so fast you will be amazed. Put the dragon to rest, when you find I. Just smile. They allready know and thank you for the oppertunity and move on. Allways check the flow. Does it feel ok. This is how you use your feelings now. These are your true feelings. Use them just as wise as the mind, becuase they come from the heart. Stop fighting with THEM, just allow and use your heart/dragon when you find it. Allways be in truth. This is your way.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:14 AM
The only thing that can happen, is this moment.
Each 'thing' comes and passes.
A feeling is no more than a 'thing'.
Fear becomes just another passing object within the flow of life.

You are where everything happens.
You are at the centre of each and every experience.
If you stay within the here and now, experience is fleeting.

Fear is fine if it is part of the passing scenery.
But when we keep the fear it builds inside and becomes anxiety.
Anxiety is a contraction of the energy and gets stuck.

This anxiety is caused by fearing the future and regretting the past.
See very clearly that the past has gone and you can not change it.
See very clearly that you are here always and you do not need to give the future any thought.

The thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow are lying.
Ask them 'is that true?' Really true?
It is the belief in thought that makes life terrifying.
Watch thought, don't try to stop thought, because you won't beable to.
Keep an eye on those thoughts though, see what games they play.
Ask them, 'is it true?'.
Soon you will see that the mind doesn't know the truth.

Behind the lying mind is the universal intelligence.
When the mind is seen through (it's like a veil) the clouds of fear will blow away.
Only the clear blue sky will be left.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by timewalker

Stop the fear?

Fear is good for business.

it's got its own money generating mechanism

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:16 AM
One last thing before my sleep begins, once you find the pain from within moving through, let it go and this is how you learn to love. We are all in the same space, and were not really moving. lol ok don't doubt I will say again, keep saying it, don't slack of for a minute becuase they will creep back in, don't let them in, and dont be affraid to regconize them, once you do, they will stop looking for you. If you do meet through your heart and find sad pain inside, this is parts of yourself that your letting go, let go and stop only until you feel comy again, and keep this, then go back higher again, and keep it, its about how to change your frequency at will and know what makes the most comfy-sense because its too much love for them, and this is learning love in balance when you let go after too much. Becuase they will freak out, believe me, it hurts more you than them and they will need to see the light, calm them down, or breath in and out again if you can't heal/let go. Thats what were all doing, were waking eachother up, but we can only wake up the parts missing without, within parts of self. So were waking only what we need to awaken at each time and each man wakes up his own parts of self, and brings them home when its time. Each part of self you wake up, will wake up another part of itself and so on, and it keeps the chain alive. Everyone who refuses will just go, don't run away from yourself, I know it hurts, but its only a matter of time and when your done, you never have to feel the pain again, say no more pain when your done and ready, you will know when its time, becuase you will realise in self, there is no more pain left. Now when you face yourself and find pain again, relax and do what i've told you, you will feel your light shining forth so bright in these times there can be no denial of self.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

Wow, going to have to come back to you. You posted so much I have to read into it a little more when time permits.

Unfortunately this is not now.

Thanks for all the input.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:32 AM

Originally posted by hawkiye
reply to post by timewalker

Great thread and poignant reminder! Imagine if we could polarize people in the positive like 9/11 did in the negative. Imagine the new dawn of peace and prosperity if the collective consciousness was focused on our bright future. The Ancient wisdom says energy follows thought and thoughts are things. This is why I try not to contribute to the negative mindsets or thought forms of destruction and instead try to focus on a bright new peaceful future of love prosperity and freedom!

And here is some background music by a great indy band:

Thank you. My feelings exactly. I used to just post anything I found, this just added to the hysteria. I have made a change on that. The Mayday thread was just too important to pass up. It needed to be discussed. I said in a recent post that the whole OBL thing was, I think the polar opposite of 9/11. I was not really "feeling" all that positive but billions were. I was quite sick about the whole thing, don't get me wrong, just do not "celebrate" a death of anyone.

Peace and love it is!

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by Lysergic
I used to be in that business, literally, business was good. I left that too because I did not want to profit off of others peoples weaknesses. I have made choices my friend.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 05:36 AM

Originally posted by FlyInTheOintment

The thread has landed.


Well done everyone; a movement has begun.


Took off like a rocket, I don't want it to land yet.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 07:59 AM
"State of Fear". As some of you may know is a novel wrote by Michael Chrichton. Great book about how the left uses fear to control the masses. Example: Global Warming. This has alway been and will always be. I'm confirdent being apart of this site and seeing and meeting members here, that this contagious fear will not be an issue in the future. People are wising up.

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

Indeed DC I Am in you I see it

Loving this thread thank you op. The love, light and balance is forming the one.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by timewalker

My feeling exactly about OBL death. I felt very saddened by the celebrating crowds it reminded me of sacrificial rituals. It felt almost like an anchoring point. An attempt at binding people to the illusion. It was a very weak attempt it seems but the game no doubt is in mid play and the 'winning' team is playing sloppy.

Going for a bag of organic pop-corn and home made lemonade - ready for second half.

Much love

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