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Pagan Q and A time...

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 08:02 PM

Originally posted by KJV1611
reply to post by ripcontrol

Sounds scary...and borderline psychotic to be honest

Not really even after all these years of practice I still find that the universe has a few surprises in store....

The act of putting the information you receive into usable form is processing.... Taking a second look at the VERY basics is always helpful...

I made a thread similar to yours that can be found at the bottom of my signature that attempts to answer questions about the Bible. And since I have a set standard to go by, i.e. the Holy Bible, I can rely fully on that.

As do I..

what standard...????? I am opening this up to a q and a session... mostly a combo...

Their is no standard... I see the card your trying to palm hold it....

1)a thread over questions on the bible

2) standard i go by.... a holy bible...

these are two separate statement with sweeping generalizations

I missed the link could you please re-post it in a post.. thank you sir...

now it is to two we go...

your standards you go by...

Now this is a personal choice that is exemplified by most Christians...

no one has been able to argue all of this....

if all men are born sinners... this means jesus sinned... two... women are exempt?

it is by the book, jesus sinned by being born

As for you....all you have are funny brain mistranslations and...well, hope, for lack of a better term.

The jury is still out...


Neurotheology, also known as spiritual neuroscience,[1] is the study of correlations of neural phenomena with subjective experiences of spirituality and hypotheses to explain these phenomena. Proponents of neurotheology say there is a neurological and evolutionary basis for subjective experiences traditionally categorized as spiritual or religious.[2] The subject has formed the basis of several popular science books

I am still exploring my world and enjoy my gift of life... you?

The whole set of experiences... questioned in interesting ways....

You hope you are right. But are you? Could your personal demon out weigh the Holy Scriptures?

As do you... Are you.... Why do you hide behind faith... the protector of Abraham is also your deity.... (partially)

faith untested is has your stood during testing..

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Thanks for your reply, and my link to the Bible answer thread is at the end of my signature.

Yes, I do hold the Holy King James Bible as my standard for all things spiritual, and would not trust ANY form of personally communication out side of the Holy Bible.
Now the reason I say this is not because I was raised this way, or "feel" this way, but simply because the Bible teaches God's revelation to us as Humans is complete in the form of his "words" laid out in the Holy Bible.
Nothing more is needed.

As for Jesus being born a sinner, this is a false assumption. The whole reason for the virgin birth was to avoid Adams curse of sin. Now Jesus could still sin, just as Mary was a sinner. The point is based on legality. You see, there is quite a cosmic balance and legal system between God and Satan that most Christians have NO IDEA about. This can be seen from the book of Job, as well as from Jonah, and Christs temptations.
More on this later if your interested. The idea is, Jesus could be the sacrifice for all man kinds sins because he was a man, yet died sinless. If he was born of a man and not a woman, then Satan could have had power over him based on other scriptures.

Neurotheology = debatable and interesting.

As for me, I have had my faith tested yet it has never failed. Not only that, I have NEVER even once regretted becoming a Christian. Can you say the same about your life style?

posted on May, 18 2011 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by KJV1611

I apologize for the short answer, i am busy today...

1)for those following this conversation

Bible answers to member questions

this is the thread he mentioned will read a little later..

2) never have once the ship has lifted all bills paid....

3) so clones and artificial insemination are born sin free?

I am trying to grasp the basis

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