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what about tomorrow an introduction to peace...

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:33 PM
i'm here since 3 years i talked to some of you and I have confronted with others, but always with real pleasure, I discussed the subjects I cared about, I tried to make things happen in my level, this fact for years I fight for different causes and I never gave up, I always believed that man was unique, sometimes i'm tired, I doubt about our ability to view one day the light ... but I still have that flame.

I am also a singer, it's my job and my bigest passion for almost 4 years and I decided to do it entirely alone without the aid of any record company and I wanted to share my passion and i focus on this song which holds me a lot, I wrote it 8 months ago and i did the video last week, I used images taken from an excellent documentary WAR MADE EASY I post a link so you can see it.

it's my contribution, some of you had tell me that we can not decide for others and eatch one should find his way and i' agree, i could not decide for you but i can rise my voice just to say

PEACE only PEACE and i 'm a man of peace and will die with this idea.


did you call them
and no one come
you write a poem
don't you think it's insane ?
sleep under you leaving fantasy
building a fake army
all the secret strange laugh
all the secret under and above
you can not save him
all you can do it's a fail
all you can do it's to yale
did you touched me ?
do you call ?
"maybe we are leaving the promise land"
feeling the light
"when you think about it you see it leaving"
do you run ?
"all the dream you made all the dream you made"
in the moonlight
"all the dream you can not change"
a strange doll
"do you know, maybe it's never to late"
clinbing the stonewall
"did you drink the forgotten dark water"
love me just love me
"say it"
do you know
"say it"
i will never change
"say it"
tell me please
"say it"
what i should feel
"say it"
and i feel it
monster we fear
come to live
we are the kids
holding a gun
father open the eden door
heaven can not wait
"can you just say it"
all alone
"can you just say it"
father open the door
"can you just say it"
did you forget
the way you love
the way you say it
the way you kille me

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 06:29 PM
where are you peace maker ?

I did not try to shock or even less-sensational ... but watching this documentary , I had this reflection

If all this money was used for something else, if this money thrown out the window would have been used for research and education and especially human life, how could we evolved, we would probably colonizing the moon or even walking on mars, medicine and development for the planet would have been a different dimension.

but look at us, we are afraid of everything, we leave our future in the hands of crooks of all kinds, our planet is a real trash , you should go to the evidence we have no choice ... we are only delaying the deadline ... but why are we still hanging on this society ?...maybe this is the right way maybe we have to face the let's face it

for the very first time i feel ready...


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