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Have You Ever Wondered If You Have Inherited Your Parents Spiritual Or Paranormal Abilities?

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 06:28 AM
Have You Ever Wondered If You Have Inherited Your Parents Spiritual Or Paranormal Abilities?

I was born with parents who have strong beliefs .. My mother is Native American and she believed in old traditional Native beliefs which include astrology, and other stuff that is ages old. My father was a very religious man but only in a spiritual way he was a healer and a psychic.

I don’t know how many believe or don’t believe in all of this and it may be that you don’t, My purpose is not to draw conclusions but to get input and thoughts on the title/subject.

I am aware of what’s called a indigo child and I fall in that time era. Regardless of the indigo child research and claims I really think their is more to this than thought of.

At a very young age I have had experiences that most children... starting at about age 5 or 6.
I am not going into detail of each an every experience as that is not my purpose to show off or perceive myself as special gifted person.

I don’t practice any healings or do readings although I have been asked to .. I just wanted to discuss those who have had parents one or both who have paranormal abilities and or spiritual beliefs that makes you wonder if in fact it was passed on to you because you have had your own share of say psychic experiences or predictions or insight of higher realms.

Can you see things that others don’t or do you believe that there is life beyond our Earth and other Universes are real??

Personally somehow I think this is a repeated reincarnation of the chosen ones to share with others their knowledge of what they experience .IMO I’m not sure if this is how it works?

I have had astral travel and I have been told to appreciate these abilities and to strengthen them. Well I do meditate but not everyday but each night I try to use a telepathic communication to the divine higher power ..

Through doing this it seems to give me a deeper awareness of one-self.
Sorry but I don’t read books on this stuff religiously , not that I haven’t read any of them but I do read other information on spiritual stuff and paranormal stuff but im not into it like that .. I do more research that involves information on such things.

Other than that I just go by my own natural instincts which leads me back to the ..thoughts of inheriting these from my parents .. I’m interested in your thoughts on this

I also know this hasnt anything to do with all the others who just naturally have these beliefs without any parent association .. there are plenty who believe in paranormal n Spiitual stuff and have had child hood experiences

I guess maybe I am also wondering why it is that some of us are so different than others who dont believe or the ones or friends of yours who will say geese I wish I could feel that way or have those types of experiences or insights..

I dont know I just feel different in my mind set about stuff relating to the paranormal or this sorta connection to a feeling that I have shared with others who have same thoughts..

What is it ?? or why is it ?? how come their are those who share these common insights whether or not they are inherited??
I hope I have explained myself clearly enough .. what are your views on this ??

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 06:44 AM
That is the question of resurgent atavism. Is it inherited? I'll get back to you on that one.
At the same time, never feel that you are alone. There are things that people experience that many others do not, and what runs in the family tends to be the closest significance between what they feel as a whole. Acknowledged or not. Most don't care, but those that do are the ones to learn from their multigenerational existence and make history from a positive perspective.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 06:46 AM
Yes and its a curse. I am an undisciplined empath. I was adopted at birth by 2 lovely folks. So I had no clue. Somethin about being able to turn a whole room against a person by accident just because they told you somethin you did not like. Or standing in line and some horribly depressed person brushes by you only for you to become that horribly depressed. Trust me there are some perks. I have also been told by more then one psychic/tarot card reader/fortune teller and one random gypsy in Czech that I can not be read and my aura is unique. Thats bout it tho. But from what I've figured out, there's a lot more negativity in this world. More so then the positive.... and nobody ever has enough money.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:23 AM
For some (not all) who were seemingly born with a few switches in the ON position, there does seem to be a hereditary link. Both parents having it is a rarity, but one parent is a lot less rare. It's also a persistent bugger, hard to breed out and hard to turn off.

I can cite a very good example in my own family. Of my father's innumerable children, there are eight who he has managed to keep up with over the years, in three different sets, as well as one who isn't his but he accepted anyway as it would have disrupted the family had he not.

My father was born with abilities. Something along the lines of an empath, and he learned early how to manipulate that to his own benefit.

In the first set, there are three girls. Their mother is a devout Catholic, and viewed all occult, psychic, and metaphysical theories and phenomena as work of the devil. She herself had no innate or learned paranormal abilities. My father divorced her and left the family, and wasn't in their lives for the majority of them. The youngest daughter was born after my father had already left. Their mother made every attempt to stamp out the phenomena her daughters experienced, to no avail.

I am the second set. My mom has some learned ability, but she was never anything close to an adept. She had kicked my dad out before I was born, and he disappeared around the time I was three and didn't return until I was seven. My mother encouraged these abilities in me.

The third set is three boys, and the fourth unrelated, youngest child. Their mother is agnostic, and she makes no claim at believing in that kind of thing either way. She herself has no innate or learned ability. Though my father has been around for them their whole lives, he has made no effort to teach them anything or even give them a positive or negative opinion on whether these things happen or not.

The third set has a kind of subset, one son, whose mother I don't know that much about, and who was raised as another man's child. They were a Christian family, though he has been raised by other relatives since his father died and his mother has been in a coma for about ten years.

Onto the interesting part: all of the children but the one who has no blood ties to my father were born with some level of paranormal abilities. The unrelated boy has no ability whatsoever. Eight out of eight, and one out of one.

Another example of this comes from my apprentice's family. Both he and the wife were born with a fair amount of gifts. Their sons are phenomenal. One began meditating when he was five years old, without having it explained to him.

Heredity only accounts for some of the people born with paranormal abilities. Dion Fortune theorizes that a soul who was experienced in the occult in a previous life may carry over certain abilities into its next incarnation in some cases. As confirmed by Woodwytch in her thread about past lives, there are also certain magical workings which will allow a person to retain more thoroughly their magical training from one life to the next, without leaving it to chance.

Further, parents with occult training may either subconsciously or consciously influence their children to hold certain beliefs about reality, and many, many children are born with the potential for flipping those switches on easily and at a young age.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 06:49 PM
I'm not sure exactly if what i have in anything special, or if it is just pure intuition that women have. Below are some experiences of mine.

When i was eight, my grandma was battling cancer. One morning I randomly woke up very early at 4:30 am, Laid in bed, and the sudden thought went through my head that my grandma had died. I heard the phone ring, and then i went back to bed. When my mother came home from work later that evening, she told me my grandpa had called early that morning to tell her my grandma died, i didn't cry, I have never cried when anyone has died.

When i was in ninth grade my mother got hit by a car (No worries, she is fine, she just had her femur broke) That day i was at home alone and was going to go babysit. When i was about to leave I had a feeling i should stay at home a bit longer, since i just had to go down the street. As soon as i made up my mind to stay a minute or two longer the phone rang to inform me of my moms accident, (It was actually her on the phone, hahah the emts had to take the phone away from her)

When i was 17 my grandfather had cancer as well (yes, my family has a history of cancer) He was living at our house and had hospice. My mom told me my oldest brother, who at the time was in medical school, was coming home to spend some time with my grandpa. I randomly said my grandpa would die shortly after my brother got into town. A day after my brother arrived my grandpa died. Again i didnt cry or really have any sadness, i really do think something is wrong with me..... This isn't the first time this has happened I will sometimes say things randomly, or out of spite or anger, with out thinking and what I say will happen.

I pick off vibes off of people, and if i can read them well i know what they want to hear (comes in handy with job interviews) I used to party alot, and another thing that would come in handy also would be if i were at a party and i had a bad vibe from the party or a bad feeling i would promptly leave... My friends wouldn't come with me the first few times i left a party because i had a bad "vibe" but after i would leave these parties i would later find out either the party got busted or something bad happened. Later my friends realized and knew if i felt something was bad then something would most likely happen.

I can be sitting in a room with people, feel each of their vibes, and suddenly i will pick up on another vibe all though no new person comes in the room, This doesn't happen all the time but its unsetteling when it does because I know there is someone else there even if i can't see them. If anyone has a bad vibe or if any specific place gives me a bad feeling or vibe I will avoid them, and not try to be around them if I can't help it because the feeling I experience is just very uncomfortable.

When my chihuahua died I would see her around the house or constantly feel her energy. Any speak of her and i would burst out crying uncontrollably. One time i was in the basement folding clothes with my lab and cat my dog and cat suddenly looked up and I heard the same noise my chi used to make walking on the hardwood floor above. I would constantly have dreams about her where she would be dead or hurt but then i some how had her alive again. I also had dreams where i knew she was gone and she would come back to me as another type of dog but i knew it was her. these dreams continued constantly for three years, even after i moved out of my moms. When i spoke to someone about these they told me it was probably really my chihuahua visiting and she wants to reincarnate, they told me to ask her to come back to me in the dream. I was very skeptical of this.... But sometimes im able to control my dreams so i gave it a shot and after a couple of trys i was able to say this to my dog. The dreams stopped 2 months later my boyfriend suprised me with a 8 week old chihuahua. Who has exactly the same mannerisms and bad habits my previous chihuahua had, as well as the same uncharachteristic temperment for a chihuahua.

I have seen ghosts, one time I swerved my car onetime because I thought a man was starting to walk out into the middle of the road late at night. Looked through the passenger window at him and that bad vibe came over me, my throat closed up, he was staring right at me and he faded from the head down. My friend suddenly asked "where the hell did that guy go?!"

Also i used to hang out with three boys who were my best friends, Ill call them Bryan, Tyler, and Mike I stopped seeing them when i started dating my boyfriend due to past history. Anywho one of the Bryan developed a drug problem, had a falling out with the other two boys. He called Tyler one night to say sorry, and tyler could sometimes be a stuck up douche bag so really he refused to talk to Bryan. Later that night Bryan committed suicide by purposefully overdosing on heroin. This destroyed the other two boys and they regret it everyday for not talking to him. One night i had a dream the three boys and i were camping and we were setting up the campsite and bryan was chilling in a chair with a beer, smiling looking around. And i was thinking to myself why the hell was he sitting on his ass not helping. Then it kind of struck me that something wasn't right that i knew Bryan wasnt supposed to be there for some reason. I was sort of confused but it kind of dawned on me i was prob dreaming. but that thought went away. Then tyler and mike sat down after setting up and said how they wish Bryan could of been there. I looked at them and said "What are you talking about, Bryan is sitting in the chair" they looked at me like i was crazy and said "Ash Bryan is gone, you know that" I looked at bryan and spoke to him and said "What the hell are they talking about, why can;t they see you" Bryan looked at me and said "Because im gone physically ash, but you gotta help them see that im still here, im always here" Then i woke up the dream had an oddly realistic feeling, I decided i had to speak to Tyler even though its been awhile since we spoke. I imed him on facebook he asked me if i knew what that day was, and i said no... turned out it was bryans birthday..... crazy. I feel like its a possibilty that maybe it was really bryan in my dream, but why would he come to me like that I haven't really hung out with Tyler and Mike for over a year....

One other thing i will share with all of you which is quite recent. I have this other brother, (not the one who is a doctor) with a severe drug addiction and absolutely no conscious, and a very rocky relationship with my mother. Just one month ago i had a dream he beat my my mom. The next morning my mom told me my sister called her to tell her a crazy dream she had the night before.... My sister dreamed my brother beat up my mom as well..... Crazy enough, two weeks later my brother beat up my mom enough to leave her bruised up. The night it happened i had a migrane... also so did my sister.

Im starting to think there is something about me, but i always assumed these experiences and others i have had to be quite normal until i shared them with other people and found out they were not normal. Not sure if it something special if it is inherited because my mom can be quite impulsive and if shes ever experienced anything odd shes never told me.... Whats odd is that my sister seems to have the same things at times i do. Odd but i thought i would share. If you did manage to read this novel a post through, then thank you. Anyone have any insight, or am i just nuts??

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by NorthStargal52

WOW very interesting replies Thank you

It only shows me that others out there do have unexplainable things happening to them throughout their lives maybe its not all the time but the fact is its just to strange to be considered a coincidence.

Neither one of my parents ever pushed me into or gave me specific training in the paranormal.
My fathers mother was from the old country in a region where people often had fears of things this carried on in my grandma’s family you know Superstitions..

My fathers mother who is my paternal grandmother was born in Palermo Sicily my Father is 100% Sicilian. Okay My grandma used garlic I would see strings of garlic in her house on a rope in the kitchen by the back door of her bungalow house, She always used home remedies and told me some of her superstitions and I just thought it was normal .. I was just a young kid and thought of it as really weird stuff that she would say .. But ya know I never ran back to either one of parents and told them about these things my grama would say ,, I kept it as our little secret.

Because my grandma has told me never , never to repeat family stuff you don’t talk to others about your parents or grandparents and I know there are many of people out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. So when I was young I had some scary things happen as well as I had seen some things and or had dreams about things at that time it was all family related stuff ..

I had a dream about a house and the people in the house were very evil an wicked and in the basement they had buried someone . Well I never thought anything weird about it as a kid but this house stuck in my mind and one day my moms girlfriend was out driving and she was looking for a house to buy so me and my moms girlfriend and my mom and her girlfriends one kid younger than me I was only 7 were in the car.

Arlene my moms friend spotted a for sale sign we all went up this long driveway it was house way out in the country and the lot was very big. Lots of big trees around the house. Well ok so now we pull up to the house and I felt so sick to my stomach really felt ill already I knew I wasn’t going to go in that house in my mind this was that house that was in my dream.

The house where the dead bodies where in the basement. Ok now I’m sitting in the back seat kids never had to have. any safety seats at that time and my mom and her girlfriend got out of the car and my mom says to me ok roxy get out come on …..that’s when I wasn’t budging I wasn’t going to go in that house so I said mom I don’t want to go in and she started to insist I get out and her girlfriend said aww just let them stay in the car we can just walk up there and talk at the door.

As so actually they never had a appt to see the house any way that’s how it works .. So I was watching my mom and Arlene walk up to the house and they both just stood outside the door well I got a glimpse of the woman who lived at this house and I just knew or felt she was a witch a real witch .. So I could hear my moms girlfriend asking or making a appointment to come back and see the inside of this house .. I’m sitting listening to this conversation cause our car was really that close to the back porch of this house.

Ok so now they had their little talk and they got back in the car and we drove off and I never told my mom of my fears never but I knew only one thing that I would be coming back to that house cause that was the plan my mom and her girlfriend said they would be back .

Well to make a long story short I went back with my mom and her girlfriend to this same old house. she wanted me to get out of the car again and I didn’t want to this time I was crying and insisting I don’t want to I put up a fight because I was that freaked out about the house.

Well I had to so my mom held my hand as we walked up to that house god I didn’t want to go ok so my mom said to me Roxanne we just want to take a quick look inside walk through the rooms to take a peak ok you can stand here at the back door and just wait here .. I felt soo scared sooo uncomfortable and I had tears in my eyes and the woman that I thought was a witch just looked at me she gave me this evil look like as to read my mind it just was a chilling look… like she was thinking hey little girl I know you know what’s in my basement but you will never be able to prove it . So I just stood frozen at that back door. while my mom left me there to go through this house.

So ok now they came back to where I was standing at the back porch door and apparently there was another door and that door lead to the basement and all this time I was standing right next to the basement door and didn’t even know it. So my mom and her girlfriend an me were all ready to walk out and then her girlfriend asks this woman “oh by the way this house does have a basement to it ?”

The witch looking woman says yes of course its right here she opens up the door and omg I’m about to freak I could feel my knees shaking as she opens this basement door !!!!!

Here I’m standing at my moms skirt side peaking around her and oh geese
here there are no steps down to the basement none, none what so ever they were gone no steps just a big drop down. With a ladder propped up…. The old woman that lived there just said to Arlene my moms girlfriend oh yes dear we need to replace the stairs as the wood was very old bla bla bla yeah right I thought

Arlene never did buy that house and as years went by I grew older and it was a house that I often passed by when I went to this one farmers market fair .. The people in that house just left no one lived in it and I don’t believe it ever got sold. It was a vacant house and I don’t know what ever happened to it but they tore it down and it ended up on the news.

This was years later I grew up and have kids of my own now well it hit the paper even,
that they found baby bodies buried there. The story went that it was a nun who roomed there long ago maybe even before I was there as a kid. As this house was really old looking ..

There was a seminary not to far from that house Im thinking this nun had gotten pregnant from a young priest to be… and she had his child out of wedlock and she buried it in that house .. God these stories/experiences get long don’t they?? that’s why I shy away from doing this cause Im not the best writer in explaining things. So read instead of talk I d like to do tapes instead ..

Ok so call this anything you like I say premonition but this premonition actually turned out to be something real not exactly how I thought it out to be as a kid I thought the bodies were Adult bodies buried there here it was two birth babies

Ok it’s just weird things like this happening to me as I was growing up .. Really strange stuff happened even as a teenager really weird stuff .. I was at Arlene’s house watching TV with her daughter Patty who was about 2 years older than me we were on the floor on our stomachs and they had this rocking chair well this rocking chair started rocking all by itself yeah right this is no BS. I was 12 at this time

So see I don’t know if it is just the kid thing they say children are more acceptable to stuff only because the evil spirits prey on the young?? that’s why we have monsters in our dreams or the boogie man or weird dreams ????

I would just like to ad this .. People might say or think.... Oh this is nothing unusual this happens all the time why such the fuss about having a dream or reoccurring premonitions or the feelings of
Deja Vu ???

For those who are maybe wondering about me here ..I am not seeking any physic development at this time
or to become what my father was ...but only out of self curiosity and just a bit of discussion to back up my claims that in fact there are people out in the world who have had these unexplainable experiences since they were young or maybe in their teens or even as a late adult.

It's just a way to get it off your mind so to speak express your experiences an if one or both of your parents had any ablilities I am going to elaborate my father and mothers experiences because they both have told me. My father admitted to me his when I was way older mother told me of her childhood experiences oh about when I was in my 20's but I will get inot that later

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:09 PM
Wow NorthStargal! That story is eerily creepy! I don't have dreams about places but if i encounter places with a bad vibe or a person with a bad vibe I hightail it out of there! I got shivers from your experience though! wow

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 07:41 PM
Awesome thread, please don't let it die off!

I believe that ESP, Psychic abilities, Mental abilities, what have you, can be inherited. My mother and I never truly talked about it because we didn't have that kind of relationship growing up. We joked about it but never a SERIOUS conversation/discussion. It just wasn't something we were brought up with. Lemme 'splain...

I'm a Cajun from Down Da Bayou, Bruh! (sorry, a little in-joke for my So, being Cajun, I was raised Catholic but with some, shall we say, unorthodox beliefs. Against popular perceptions, no, Cajuns are NOT Voodoo Queens. Though there may be a few that choose to practice certain beliefs such as Voodoo and what not WE are not the ones who are truly known for it. That would be the Creoles mainly, such as Madam Laveau, etc...

Cajun culture has what we call Treaters (roll the r's and it's pronounced: thray-tuhrs, not tree-ters) but apart from the pronunciation, they are treaters. They are the Cajun version of Medicine Men/Women or Shamans. Cajuns, when we arrived in Southern Louisiana assimilated with the local indian tribes (such as the Houma and Biloxi-Chitimacha, etc...) very well (or so I'm told) and we picked up some of their local native beliefs and superstitions and they picked up some of our "old country" French superstitions.

Ok, that was just to set the stage so you understand that we're not die hard religious nuts (well, not all of

First I'll tell you about my mother (well, secondly I My mom is pretty psychic. Not "Crossing Over" John Edwards scam artist psychic but she does have a pretty good intuition. When I was younger I just chalked it up to "mom's frikkin know EVERYTHING!!!!", I'm pretty sure many of you can But as I got older and moved away she would call when I was hurt or sad or down in the dumps or whatever as if she KNEW I needed some consoling...or a good stern talking

My mom calls herself the Louisiana Voodoo Queen (well, actually, her out of state friends call her that for reasons I'll explain directly). My mom's friend's son (friend and son live out of state) always joke with her about being a voodoo priestess because she's from Louisiana. Well, the son and his wife have a couple of kids already and weren't planning on having anymore. Something happened on one of her trips to visit her friend and the son/wife that "pissed her off" (playfully, not really upset so she said "just for that, I'm gonna put a voodoo curse on you and you're gonna have another kid!!!!" Of course the Son/wife were like "OMG, please don't!" Well, about a month later, my mom's friend called up and said she was really mad at my mom because her son/wife were pregnant again. (of course, she really wasn't mad, she LOVES grandkids and was a little down because they decided not to have Well, her son was there at the time so he got on the phone and was begging my mom to take the curse off, haha, jokey jokey when he said something silly about my mom (I don't remember what she said he so she joked back "Oh, so that's how it is? Well then, it's gonna be twins!!!...LMAO" (obviously she didn't say the letters Guess what, Twins. 8 months later two beautiful baby girls were Needless to say my mom's stopped joking about voodoo curses.

There are other stories about her "famous voodoo curses" but I'd rather not list them here because people actually were negatively affected by them. My mom doesn't believe that they were HER fault and she MAY be right but just in case I'd rather not say too much in a public

As for my Dad, he left when I was two but we still lived in the same town so he wasn't GONE gone. He has abilities too but I don't think he believes in psychic powers. He's a holy roly born again christian (not that there is anything wrong with that, I'm just saying that anything that he does he chalks up to God/Jesus, not that he's wrong about that either). One of the things that happened with him was when I had just graduated from high school. I had my girlfriend over one day, mom was out of town so of course there was hanky We were in the shower together. I'm a paranoid son-of-a-gun at the time because, well, I was a teenage boy about to get a home run, at HOME!!! So I made triply sure that every door, window, attic access was locked. I even locked the bathroom door just in case. My mom didn't have keys to her own house (no one did) because my step-dad changed all the locks when the front door handle broke and was stupid enough to use second hand locks from his dad's collection of random

Well, after our "shower" when I turned the water off, there was a knock at the bathroom door and my dad calling to me to say he was here to fix the A/C on my truck! WTF?!?!? how'd he get inside? I know he couldn't have the key because my MOM didn't have a key, neither did my step-dad! No spares under the mat, no way to have stolen one or copied one. To this day I don't know how to explain it, when I went to meet him outside, the doors were still locked!!!!!!!! I'll never know because I don't have the...ahem, cojones to ask

As for me, well, first I've never melted through walls or opened doors without a so I think I got whatever I have from mom. I've never cursed/blessed someone with kids though! I've moved objects with my mind (kinda like poltergeist activity vice Uri Geller spoon bending telekinesis) and I've been more than just "intuitive" at times. I've had the old answer the phone and there was someone on the line I was about to call or was thinking of trick happen too many times. I've felt distinct vibes about someone that turned out to be true. I've known when people were hurt or died. Nothing really spectacular in that department though. Once, my mom and step-dad were out taking my little brother somewhere. I must have been 14 or so, so I stayed home by myself. I was in the living room eating a bowl of cereal (lucky charms to be exact) and watching Home Alone. At a commercial break I got up to go rinse out my bowl and put it in the sink. When I got about 3 feet away from the sink the faucet turned on. I saw the handle rise and the water pour out. I was freaked a little but I convinced myself it was just an over-pressure in the pipes (never happens in my home town) So, later, the movie ended and I decided to go read in bed. I was waiting for my mom to come home so I could tell her about the sink when I heard the clink of the chain switch for the light on her ceiling fan. I looked up and saw the light in her room was on. Her door and my door were directly across from each other and I thought it weird that I didn't see or hear them come in. So I got up and checked her room, one in the whole house. So, again I rationalized it as the chain must have stuck and finally slipped back flicking the switch. I turned the light off (again, paranoid teen, I didn't want her to think I was digging in her room) and went back to reading. When I pulled the chain, I made sure it went back all the way in. About 5 minutes later, "chink!" lights on. No one home but me. Needless to say I waited outside for my family to get

Other things have happened since then but since this is only a forum thread and not a write your own novel thread I'll stop for Sorry about the long-windedness of this post! I just haven't told anyone about this for a while. If you want to know the rest of the stories I'm willing to tell but I'll wait for that.

-- Apex

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Apex Predator

Thank you so much for posting this .. and I only know of maybe two people who are also Cajun .. and I will get to that later..

First off you seem to have exactly what Im trying to get across to people who may have similar experiences as you do and others do hope I said that in the right way. I never knew when I was young how to explain my inner thoughts that I had .. not that I couldn’t talk to my mom about it but I didn’t know how to bring it up.. for one I was baffled by it myself .. just to young to really know why it was I was feeling different about certain people ,, I know that when I was really young my mom said I disliked men who had dark hair strangers or people I was not all that familiar with.

You definitely have some strong energies going on and you probably have done better than me as to fully understanding it .. or maybe it was that I was in denial .. always saying to myself why me why do I feel these unknown feelings about things .. and as I was really young I was never scared to death just a bit freaked out .. like when we went to that house.

Voodoo is a very strong power of energies and my mom was very aware of this in her culture not voo doo but Native spirit walkers and doers as I will call them for now in this forum.. there was a woman she was a Nickaboine (Native Name) who lived in the village up in MN on the WE reservation ..well my mom and all of her sisters were really sort of leery of this woman she had these powers or spells she would use on people .. and it's really not that freaky if you understand it .. I had to laugh at the stories they use to tell me about this woman ,, some were really weird as I was in my teens when I first overheard them my mom and her sisters talking about it at the kitchen table omg MY aunt Evey she really told the story good ,, one time all the sisters my mom and 3 of her sisters and one brother at night seen the lights on in this woman’s house and people coming an going into this house well after it all calmed down they snuck over to a window and they were have dinner with this dead person sitting in a chair this was some type of funeral and this was normal to have your kin overnight in the house its traditional to do this til this day
But not have them actually sitting up at a table lol .. Anyways they all seen this and got freaked an ran home .. But they never went to this woman’s house my moms mom told the kids to stay away

You mention phone calls from your mom .. now this is really interesting cause I too would get these calls from y Dad .. he was a Medium and Healer .. through the NSAC for years but he was also in his younger years a very devout Christian .. any ways he would call me out of the blue and know exactly what was going on he could read my mind I swear it .. I could never lie to him ever he would know right away .. I mean even little white lies .. yeah my father was really something as far as his energy and powers I know I will never be that good at it but I am not after to do that kind of stuff .. But in away it has happened because I too can sense when someone is about to die . Well now he my dad is gone and my step mother who was married to him for over 35 years has told me that I should consider taking classes to improve my abilities and I don’t want to do this ..

I’m not out for it in that way .. maybe deep inside I need to make up my mind as to how to deal with this .. If I do really pursue this in such away where I am at this everyday it wont be right now .. I’m in my 50's and I think it may be something I may do in the future but I’m not ready .. for opening up myself all the way .. right now I just go with the flow like you ... I haven’t rally moved things but I have done table tapings .. and I have shadow people around me at times and I can communicate through telepathy I have had many out of body experiences .. when I read what you said about the cereal bowl .. this reminds me of the times my cupboard doors would close and my daughter wittiness this also my TV has gone all by itself same with my clock radio actually its my dads clock radio in his bedroom bedside his bed as I now live in his condo where he lived before he passed on...

Yes his radio just goes on at weird times all by it self and its not programmed to do that it does have the alarm set for 7am and that’s the only time the radio should go on . And to tell you the truth when I first moved in to his condo I never slept in his bedroom it took me over a month to sleep in his bed and the radio would come on at 7am and then turn off after a certain time it worked just like it should but now it goes on when it wants .. I have not been in the bedroom lately and now it sort of stopped only once in awhile it does this.

yes even windows would be open when I never opened them and tapings on the wall of this condo late at night.

I never have any lights on I like it pitch dark at night when I’m sleeping .. I have felt my bed shake or like something walking around in the living room or knocking on my front door at night .. but these things don’t bother me I pray for guidance and I know how to protect myself ..

Ok you mentioned about lights on and off this has happened also flickering lights I use to think I had some type of power problem and checked it all out why would this happen the same time every day in one week then stop and time would go by and it starts up again ?? maybe that’s debatable so I make nothing of that to much..

but when you can feel that there is something strange or you feel that how can I say this its like a feeling of a connection to some unknown phenomena that you can see feel and experience .. I don’t know how this happens maybe its not all connected to your parents entirely but those who have this ability like you and many other maybe some where down the line a grand parent may have had this ability inheriting powers or the ability may bounce from generation to generation .. many of old old people from the old countries use to be very suppositious like your voo doo that your mom has .. it was very secretive from what I hear ..only the village people knew who was a shaman ,, And as for your post being long never mind about that .. I appreciate you telling your experience

I come to realize over the years and from help from certain people that have lots of insight to all of this is how I have been able to understand .. I was 28 when I met this man of 47 who explained to me the different dimensions and as I had time I would talk with those who actually knew what it was I was experiencing .. My dad helped me out on this later on in my life but even then when he suggested I go and study it I never did ,, So basically I’m not trying to push this on anyone its just telling my side of the experience and I have messed around with hand readings but no longer really do that .. I don’t feel comfortable doing this .. So for now I guess I am just a tool of some sort that I can at least sense certain things and see certain things .. I know I can identify portals and vortex’s I am aware of the gibi’s that run around in the woods .. Its just stuff .. Like energies from the past and some from the future its strange and really hard to write down … but I think were stuck with it it don’t go away … or at least mine has never ..

Also for those who just have these abilities its not all about the parents anyone who can feel a connection to some phenomena or has had experiences that can relate to anything in this thread I welcome you to share it .. After all there are those who don’t seem to think this stuff actually happens and it really does ..

Ok about the two people that I knew who were into voo doo were from the "bayou they mentioned this lake Pontchartrain where this is I have no idea but all I know is that they had wooden carved dolls statutes kind of and this woman spoke about certain stuff .. I don’t know if I want to mention all of it here so I think you know what I mean about that part of it .. It was like rituals or ceremonies kind of like the Native peoples have well there is medicine involved and the rest I think you know what I’m saying or talking about but she was a very old woman and her daughter also was into this … you know I don’t want to give the impression that its some type of devil stuff and many think it is and really it’s not.
Thank you so much for sharing NSG52

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by illuminatitanimulli

Thank you for your response .. even tho its been awhile .. I only really talk about this when the time is right or I feel that I can express it better it is a flowing thing with me .. and it comes and goes sometimes months go by and I just have this pause as to not talkng about stuff .. sorry but thats just me and not anything to do with you

.. I know what your saying and I have been told something simular to this time and time again .. I guess what I mean to say is that I dont make a big deal of this where as some carrie it out to the fullness becoming a healer and such .. I never felt that sort of need to do that .. my phenomena experiences are more of a personal experience with me and the things that interreact with my senses .. geese I'm not the best at explaining it . but your so right on as to what yo said I agree with you on it .. thanks for sharing your input

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 09:47 PM
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Your so right on the negativity .. I find it easier to keep a positive note but when you have a family member who is in constant turmoil it is so hard .. I find it hard to be around negativity ..people who are so down on life .. but its everywhere now a days no jobs constant problems money or lots of money problems makes one want to just live in a tent city .. and live off the land .
I would like to do that but I’m older now have medical problems and I cant so I just hang on to the spirituality that I have .. and hope for the best not just for me but for everyone .. by the way keep in the positive its bound to get better some day ..


posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 10:11 PM
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Thank you for sharing

posted by nithaiah
Heredity only accounts for some of the people born with paranormal abilities. Dion Fortune theorizes that a soul who was experienced in the occult in a previous life may carry over certain abilities into its next incarnation in some cases. As confirmed by Woodwytch in her thread about past lives, there are also certain magical workings which will allow a person to retain more thoroughly their magical training from one life to the next, without leaving it to chance.

Further, parents with occult training may either subconsciously or consciously influence their children to hold certain beliefs about reality, and many, many children are born with the potential for flipping those switches on easily and at a young age.
NSG52 replies :
I understand exactly what your saying .. also I wonder if it is culture related or ethnic because tribal people and certain ethnic peoples have ways they talked about for years like my grandma and she was a devout Roman Catholic from Sicily but yet she had this other side .. she was Precautious about the dark side they were use to doing certain things cause they knew some how about intuition and used preventive medicine and potions and just stuff .. I dont know I think from all that I have read its in many cultures .. so there is something to this and even if like you say it may not be directly inheritied but some how the switchs are sommehow flipped on and its possible even through generation past tense in the family .. very interesting as to how people just have this ability tho....

and I have to laugh because when I was very young my grandma would get so ticked at me for doing stuff like bringing home a doll that I found or something like that .. she didnt like me to bring stuff to her home even stray animals .. wierd stuff like that
.. but yes you make a very good point!!!!

I have just now had the chance here on ATS to read some of Woodys threads and such and I think she has a very good understanding of these things ... I was not online for a number of months due to the loss of my phone line so It really has been just recently that I have been on and I have much to deal with in the real world .. so I am finding more time to read the threads and sort of get back inot the areas of stuff that affects my mind

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