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Greetings. I bear a important message for you all.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by b3l13v3
reply to post by mblahnikluver

But the main goal is you must activate your mind. You must make your reality, and if you're doing that I'm glad. I can't explain yet what I'm really trying to convey by "making your reality" because I don't know how to, I just know it can be done and I've done it before.

I figured this out a long time ago, I even thought I was happy for a few years - then I realized the reality I created was conforming to societal standards. It wasn't really making me happy, it was dumbing me down... and we all know ignorance is bliss. Then I looked outside myself and saw the world still in chaos, and it all crashed down around me.

So I still believe the ultimate way to happiness is to create the reality that works for you - however - what does one do if they dont know what they want? I mean yeah I can dumb down again by doing what everyone else claims happiness is, but I think I'd rather be awake and questioning, even if the trade off is misery.

One of my favorite things to tell people is that all the answers to life can be found in the movies "The Matrix" and "Men in Black"

But I'm not looking for the existential answers, I have those - I'm looking for personal ones - as I believe many are. And this theory doesn't work in that prospect

If you believe it, then its true, but then something happens and you'll change your mind, and you're back to questioning, and wonder if it was ever true in the first place.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by InnerPeace2012

You get a star from me just for your insanely wonderful avatar photo!

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:22 PM
Spelling Nazi's publicservice lesson for the day:

"bear& bare"
Hey! That fat girl down the block just ran out of the house completely bare (i.e."naked")

The lack of grammar on the internet is almost too much to" bear" (i.e carry")

We have the right to keep and "bear" arms.
Today I got a sun burn on my "bare" arms.
I come bearing bad news. You may "tellme" bad news; but you still don't"bare" bad news
(and that last sentence strikes me as "odd" so there's probably an error in english grammar there also.
Afriendly Public service announcement:just sayin'...
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by Divine Strake

Fortunately, I'm doing my best to make my rounds and assure that I get to answer as many questions and reflect on as many alternative theories as possible, because I know mine alone is not 100% correct, and it requires more than just one person to get the fire started.

Although I don't feel confident posting my name on the board, I will tell you it starts with a C.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:24 PM
"There is a war on you for your mind, right now this very second, and unfortunately you're never, ever going to figure out why, who or what the enemy is, ......."

You are exactly right. There IS a war on for your mind.

But you are wrong about one thing. Long ago I figured out the "why", the "who", and the "what" of the enemy.

Think about it. Think about the average human lifespan. 70, 80, 90 years tops? How have these evil groups, with these evil agendas continued for over a hundred years the way they have? And make no mistake, they DO exist.

They are working together, but they are not INTENTIONALLY working together.

No one, human person could be "in control" and organizing it. It involves "like-think". It involves evil, supernatural influences.

The war is not only on for your mind, but more importantly, for your soul.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Starling

And will in return give you a star with a smile.

Peace and smile

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Forevever

Why wasn't it working? Because you'd rather accept others negativity than continue with your own positivity and understanding?

There's no answer in figuring out every conspiracy, believe me I've tried it and it doesn't work. It won't work. Ever.

What are you gaining from twisting your brain into a knot with the Bilderbergers, 9/11, tyranny and NWO? Not a god damn thing.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Frater210

Frater.. From what I have noticed, you seem to be turning into a 'fanatic' of sorts by all this talk that going it alone (which is needed in the beginning, true beginning, to figure yourself out before helping out your 'neighbours') is evil and heretic and all that jazz. It's only perceived as evil because you let it be. Some enjoy isolation to get back in tune with themselves before having fun with others.

And Jesus never said to pray in group. He even condemned the church because over time, the lower ego will pervert everything if you don't realize it, such as when you think you're doing good or evil, or just general thinking over your actions, asking yourself if this is right or wrong rather then doing it, knowing it.

Look within before condemning whole masses of people just because from time to time they decide to walk through the woods alone, unseen and unnoticed.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by Frater210
reply to post by LosLobos

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Anything that we experienced, we decided ourselves before incarnating here on earth for the purpose of experiencing it. Earth is like a school house and we are here only for the experience. When we die physically, we do not bring anything with us except the experience. Then we reincarnate again to experience another set of challenges/circumstances that we think we need to experience in our next life on earth. Whether you are good or bad, you will have your own unique experiences that will help you on your path of evolution in consciousness. Even the good and the bad personality, we chose it before coming to earth. When all is said and done, all of us are equal but we chose different experiences. Some chose to be rich, some chose to be poor. Some chose to be athletic, some chose to be asthmatic and so on.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by b3l13v3

Although I have thought about your theory many times while enjoying this earths great green bud, I never seemed to have the intellectual vocabulary to spell it all out as you have done here. I applaud you sir, although expecting our brothers and sisters to suddenly turn off the tv and focus this energy for the better good of man seems like a long shot as of this writing. What would it take?
Over the years, I think technology has given us the ability to live life easily, too easily. When once we had books to seek out the knowledge we craved, we now have it instantly at our finger tips. Don't get me wrong, I google everything, but I also read as much as possible as often as possible. Just finishing up a biography on Edgar Cayce, and I must say, we have come a long way but for the better, I don't truly believe.
I guess what I am trying to say is, what you propose takes effort, not much mind you, but effort non the less. Are we as a society ready to put all of our given powers to this effort? Sadly, I think not. Thank you for putting in writing what I believe is the way....

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by b3l13v3

Thanks for the motivation. We can literally bend ojects with our minds, and change our world for the better

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:47 PM
Hello b3l13v3. I know that was you say is true. I have awakened myself and try very hard to get that "initial spark" into peoples minds but it almost seems to me that alot of people don't want to be woken up. It's not that they can't like some say but instead they seem to feel something to what I say but choose to turn the other way. Almost like they are afraid.

And that brings me to one of the biggest beliefs I have. In order to believe in yourself and start consciously creating your reality you have to let go of fear. Fear is the #1 barrier.

Which, comes to another point. No matter how much proof you might have, a person will not truly believe something until they realize it on their own.

With fear; a person cannot let go of it until they themselves realize there is nothing to fear.

But this is just the surface of what I know to be true. There is so much I have experience prior to and after my mind opened in 2007.

And as far as the ego goes; I have been ego-less for a couple days and almost a week in one case. It appears to me that the ego is like an addiction in that when you let go of it, and "relapse" it comes back even worse than before.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:49 PM

Originally posted by seekingtruths
reply to post by b3l13v3

What would it take?

A whole lot less than you think. If I had a guess.... maybe 10 people, 10 of your friends, family(although harder to convince) all together individually enlightened to the level of activation I speak of, around each other is enough to make other people question the fabric of the reality they live in, and then begin living in their own.

(not to spark a revolution of worldly proportion, but to at least make others around you start turning their heads.)

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by Midyew

You sir are EXACTLY where I am talking about. You are activated, I can tell and it's *explicitandcensored* beautiful.

FEAR is (I assume) the negative elements last stand

Once you've conquered everything, once you start believing, once you are activated THEN fear sets in.

You begin fearing being activated, you begin fearing living a life outside of the rest, you begin fearing it and then you revert back to where you were before.

Why? Because, you're AFRAID you cannot live being enlightened/activated and do normal humanly things such as a job, work, school at the same thing - but the fact is is YOU CAN.

I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible.

Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:00 PM
Wait what?

Everything I've read is wrong and serves no purpose? How can you be so certain to know what exactly is right and what is an illusion?

How can you tell people to awaken or create their own realilty when you really have no solid base to start from? Did you take into account that everything you've ever known/read/heard/seen/thought has come from outside of yourself, and that its very likely you've never once had a truly original thought or idea?

Its kind of like computer programming, you write bad code you get bad software. Or to put it bluntly s**t in s**t out.

You get me?

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:02 PM
Speaking of activated. I sometimes feel like an agent of some higher power. There's been too many coincidences where I've been in the right place at the right time to help people who are in trouble.

It's downright strange. And the scariest part is that I have the nagging suspicion that when I die god is going to ask me to do more work for him. And it's not going to be easy.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by Frater210

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Because nothing is random in this universe. We started at a pin point and we will end at a pin point. The only way for that to happen is by design.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:13 PM
I'm not really sure what 'make your own reality' some of you are talking about. If it's the whole 'secret' kind of create the world you want, then I will shake my head in pity and move on.

I hear what you are saying OP. Let me add a little something to it though. If there is no 'conspiracy' then we are all boned. Things are so bad on their own, beyond repair even if every light suddenly turned on.

If there ARE conspiracies, then although we are probably boned, there is a small sliver of hope that something beyond humanity, or a true miracle within will save us.

I don't really believe in any saving factor for it all, so from my point of view, we are all ROYALLY boned. So kick back, have some libations and enjoy the ride down feeling fortunate you were there to see the end of it all.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:14 PM
I just realized something. Do conspiracy theorists think they can change fate? By knowing if the government is involved in grand conspiracies do you think that will change your FATE?

What you would be doing is changing the future if you figured that out. Do you guys honestly think you can change the future by uncovering grand conspiracies?

The future can not be changed. If 2012 is going to happen then its going to happen. You guys are fickel. On the one hand...2012 is going to happen because the Mayans, Stitchin, and Nostrodamus all predicted it. On the other hand, 2012 won't happen because we uncovered the grand conspiracy by the government to cover it up.

How can something be predicted if you guys uncover it?
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by grey580

Just remember that as long as you can steer clear of grandiose feelings you will be able to center in and define, create and employ yourself into the work of individuality. Help as many as you can but first you must hack into your own brain, and search through and continue learning more about yourself.

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