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It's official, GOD was a space alien, and NOT our real creator

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:12 PM
There are over a million different types of species living in a million different types of climates(including no sun)right here on earth but....only humans exist!..yeahh..okay!

If we exist,then why not aliens?And if aliens exist,then why not God?

What if aliens aren't aliens..but demons or Gods?Where do the myths come from?Wayyyy back that's where..were they trying to sell dvds wayy back then?What reason to lie?Back then such talk could get you killed..not rich!

How were humans created?I don't believe our bodies and minds of intelligent designs just happened by accident!If you believe that then you are a fool!Look at how technical the human brain is.It's a computer for crying out-loud.We are like robots made of flesh and blood.

Maybe we were put here by aliens to take care of the planet?

But where did those aliens come from?Something had to create it all,things just don't appear!Can that be said for God?I don't think so.God has always been.And if you believe in God then you more than likely believe in Satan!

Satan represents everything that is evil!God doesn't let bad things happen to good people..Satan does.Satan is the reason for every bad action and God is the reason for the good actions!Ever have really good days where everything just seem to go perfect,and you just felt like being nice to everybody?It's a sign!

Ever be somewhere at the right moment where a friend needed you?Isn't that proof?

Isn't life..proof of God? God does work in mysterious ways and you'll see it if you pay attention!

Does anyone else notice the rise of Devil worshipers?All the sex and violence Devil worshiping being force fed to human society through the boobtube is proof of the Devil if you ask me!

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
Very interesting, and I almost believe most of it. It least in the idea that it's possible. I have learned in my age you have to be open to understand without prejudice. When I was younger I wasn't like that. In your case I might of said to myself, I don't understand it therefore it cant be true. I learned the hard way that often times people are right on track and its at least worth a little effort to try to see other views. Frankly the whole idea of spirit in ghost realm scares the hell out of me trying to understand it. Spirit in the telepathic sense is easy to understand but also scary. I like your views, and I have nothing that says Greys didn't create us. It is an open possibility. Of course there questions, like why, and why put us on earth, and what did they get out of it. My only concern is the blue laminate. You are also saying they have somehow managed to figure out how to copy that master element that is so dear. Keep in mind that copying DNA again DOES NOT make you a creator, but a mad scientist. If they programmed that DNA manually then why do we also have 2nd hand lab alterations as well? Something is amiss here. As a joke, I like to tell hardcore religious folk that don't accept the facts of the DNA that what must have happened is GOD created us but at the last minute while dumping us off here on earth, he realized some changes needed to be made but didn't have his MASTER GOD DNA equipment readilly available so had to use his ACME pocket DNA kit which does not result in genuine appearance. They grays do have unfair abilities, by no means do I think they are the master creators of everything as a result. Your example of them having to alter us because of mind conflicts, is a contradiction in design. It's like saying they made us, just not originally how they wanted to. I guess there could be reasons, like they copied us from another race, again, making them not the creator. I find it very easy to find ways to dismiss things that most likely aren't the genuine creator. And it's not hard to do, because there would be not a single way to disprove the real thing.

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I think this response was meant for me... it would be helpful if you used the 'reply to' button, eh?

To be clear, the greys are just beings like us and the rest of the aliens. They aren't the 'creator'. So they did indeed keep adjusting us genetically as they realized what they needed. With their hive mind, they don't think ahead very well. But their 'specialty' to work with energy is on the micro level, which allows them to manipulate things like DNA and other 'growth' focused things quite effectively. They don't have 'unfair' abilities at all though. That is just what they do, working with energy. Most of the aliens don't use hard technology like we do, because they can work with raw energy directly with their minds, as we should be able to, but the greys blocked us.

And the NWO bunch (their current face) aka the Illuminati aka the ex-high priests of Isreal and originally the alien species, the Jue-sah, (mispronounced by us as Jews to whom the greys promised ownership of humanity to as part of the payment for 'managing' us for them back near the beginning of our sentience) have been doing their best to reinforce that lack of awareness of what remains of our natural abilities as well as prevent us from using them.

That is what witch hunts were actually about. It justified a way for them to get rid of humans that were breaking thru the grey created muffling. Then they've been continuously propagandizing the subject and pounding into our heads that anything we sense coming from the right brain is just our imaginations, instead of letting us be aware that our connection to the racial unconscious is also in the right brain. That connection is the source of our 'hunches' and 'instincts' and provides completely valid information albeit it often is 'encoded' in symbolism and such.

And the greys didn't put us here on earth.. they found us here. They were here helping the E-l*th (mispronounced by us as Elves) make this the beautiful world it is by modifying the flora and fauna that is from both here and from the elven home world as well as a few other planets. So they knew about us, down there in northern africa and when they decided to try to solve this 'extinction' problem, we were a handy semi-sentient species to use. The elves didn't mind. The environment in that area of the world wasn't something they enjoyed, so they figured a harmless little experiment by the greys wouldn't be any problem.

The 'why us humans' is because they still wanted their little grey spirits back in bodies that they could put to work until they got the whole 'not wanting to reincarnate' thing figured out. A spirit, clinging to the side of the 'bliss' state, was worthless, in their opinion. So putting their grey spirits in human bodies kept those spirits off the side of the 'bliss' state and still able to work.

But what I see as to the 'creator'? I see that there is an overarching sentience of the universe that did orchestrate all the processes by which life is formed--by which, we, the human race in particular was formed... That sentience was the source of the 'big bang' as it pushed into this previously non-existent universe and started the ball rolling.. I think it works best on the 'create galaxies' level. The fine details of the solar systems and worlds are given over to smaller parts of itself (it is actually a coalition of assorted spirits that's coalesced into a single sentience) that are came over from the old universe in the big bang.

And of course, as the various species became sentient, they developed their own overarching sentience of their racial unconsciouses. That is the level that the universal consciousness communicates on.. it deals with the racial unconscious of each species who then act to meet it's goals. Trying to 'talk' with a single human would be the equivalent of us trying to talk to something on the subatomic level. Possible perhaps but very difficult and better and more easily done by the overarching sentience of that particular species.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:40 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I have removed myself from the current beliefs of sin, and going to hell. I'm sorry but it all looks like gods plan to control us. Honestly, ask yourself, why would our creator be trying to control us? Because it's not easy for him? Or is it because he made us with flaws? Are you questioning his abilities? God and the creator are not one in the same to me. God was someone that tried to convince us (or we possibly misunderstood) that he was our creator. There are a plethora of things that make it so.

And that bunch, the Jue-sah, are the ones who wrote all of the religious crap of the world, in their on-going efforts to control and enslave us. Buying out of it is the smartest and most enlightened thing anybody can do.

Nothing like the unanswerable fear of what happens to us when we die to hook us humans and make us do their bidding, phrased as it is in " DO AS WE SAY (because we know GOD better than you) OR YOU WILL GO TO HELL..." or 'reincarnate as a bug' or fill in your favorite spiritual 'punishment' as desired. That bunch has been here since the beginning of our sentience, manipulating and controlling us as per the grey's request, but taken waaaaaaay too far beyond that. And we are all so afraid and uncertain, being cut off from our past life memories as we are, that we will believe them with only the slightest amount of 'truth' sprinkled into their mix of lies.

They've actually been planning for when they become our owners. All of the 'love is the only way' crap is their foremost tool for disarming and defanging/declawing us. They've done everything in their power to make us feel guilty and ashamed if we feel angry. No, you must learn to turn the other cheek... uh huh. What abusive dictator wouldn't love a population so weak and unwilling to lift a hand in it's own defense. The Jue-sah aren't rocket scientists for sure, but with a couple hundred thousand years of dealing with us humans under their belt, they've gotten a lot better at controlling us.

All the bad stuff you say 'god' is doing.. or the 'god' plan? It's all the Jue-sah's plan for enslaving humanity. We are the only species with less ability to work with energy than them, and they see that as proof they should own and control us, added to the fact that the greys were supposed to 'give' us humans to them. The greys, needless to say, still haven't gotten that whole going extinct thing figured out, so the Jue-sah have just decided to take us anyway.

They also know, once we start being able to make full enlightenment and can shift into our spirit/light bodies, we'll be able to unmuffle and reconnect to our natural abilities to work with energy. And with the assorted alien DNA we have in us, we may very well end up every bit as powerful or more so than the Elves and dragons, the two most powerful energy working species in this area of space (including a couple of next door galaxies).

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by googolplex

Have you spoke with these Aliens, and they told you they are really God.

What if he told you that he had? Would that be enough to convince you?

I doubt it.

The OP's research, much like Zecharia Sitchin's, draws some conclusions that make more sense than evolution or the traditional interpretations of The Bible. These ideas are hard for many to grasp or accept because they are such a departure from what we've been taught throughout our lives. We are a hopelessly brainwashed species. Until we allow ourselves to break away from these belief systems we've been indoctrinated with, we have no chance of learning the truth about our origins.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Your reasoning stands firm, however my belief that God is my Heavenly Father does not waver. I do believe that he's there but not to hurt or make afraid. If you have the chance, you might want to turn to another book, "The Book Of Mormon." The bible has been translated a lot of times, this one, only once.

True, you might say that God killed these people for doing this and that, that was only for the greater good, and true he made mistakes that he will never do again.

The Tower of Babel incident had another factor that played in it. It's in the Book of Mormon. The brother of Jared saw the finger of God and soon the body of god. To me that is no illusion because I believe that God doesn't play sick jokes.

As well, haven't you thought that maybe another entity wanted to keep us dumb down? God isn't a bad guy as you stated. Lucifer, now that is our fallen bad brother. He wants us dumb down and not to know there is life out there. Because if we contacted them, made relations, then God (the Good father) has more to add in the ranks of righteousness and glory. Lucifer wants us in his grip. Now tell me who's the mad scientist now?

God only provides opportunities, he doesn't crush them or plays mad scientist. Remember the Bible has been translated over the course of time, and over that course, Satan/Lucifer tried to get his name out of that book.

Now if you have read the entire bible, which includes the book of Enoch, then you might except that the Book of Mormon is true. Because All I read out of this book is that God withdrew his spirit and didn't do anything to provoke anyone else. Now God, once again, provides opportunities to get t.back on the path of the straight and narrow. He wants the best for us, that is why he's called Heavenly Father.

You talk about Powers such as Telepathy, and mind probing, and how we don't have it. Has the game "Bioshock" taught anyone anything? Power corrupts, power absolute corrupts absolutely. And the power they found has slaughtered and killed millions of people. Soon it tore out the persons spirit and replace it with something thinking to kill anything. God locked it so we can learn it, control it, and live to tell the tale. He has provided ways for it. You don't need to be born with it, those that are born with it are just saying they got a head start.

And you forgot something else. We haven't "heard" about any space exploration missions that were conducted by actual humans. But I have though this site, which lead me to a Project Mannequin and underground bases. Satan has his armies in place, right under your feet. But God has his armies in place as well but they won't show themselves unless we want to see them and put to effort to see them. They are pros, they can hide in plain site, and many other things. But as for Satan armies, they are only good at destruction and killing. And there are bases on the Moon as well as Mars, along with other undocumented bases on other planets.

Now you tell me, if this was really God and you say how mean he is, then why would he let this site stay up and reveal documents that Lucifer/Satan don't want anyone to see? Who's the good guys?

I'm siding with Heavenly Father.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

They've done everything in their power to make us feel guilty and ashamed if we feel angry. No, you must learn to turn the other cheek... uh huh. What abusive dictator wouldn't love a population so weak and unwilling to lift a hand in it's own defense.

A good point, DragonriderGal.

This is exactly why mankind has wandered this Earth in a state of confusion and dissolution....not understanding why we have such inner conflict.....

It's because what we've been taught makes no damn sense. Everything that has been shoved down our throats is a complete and total contradiction! It doesn't doesn't have a ring of truth. Only the truth can set us free from this turmoil.

People tell us we shouldn't question why so many horrible things happen in this world. We're not supposed to question God's ways. We're supposed to look at the world as a beautiful place.

The Earth is, indeed, beautiful, but the Earth with the human species populating it is not. This world has much more potential for beauty, but we have made it an ugly place. This world is not beautiful because we are a very confused, despondent species who has a higher intelligence, but who appears to have been manipulated and deceived by an outside force for reasons we have yet to understand.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 07:59 PM
Well, thank god, I mean er... Zorgon or whomever, that this has finally be revealed. My life will change drastically!

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by FreedomCommander
reply to post by itsthetooth

Your reasoning stands firm, however my belief that God is my Heavenly Father does not waver. I do believe that he's there but not to hurt or make afraid. If you have the chance, you might want to turn to another book, "The Book Of Mormon." The bible has been translated a lot of times, this one, only once.

*snip* (so I don't get another smack on the hand for excessive quoting)

The Jue-sah keep creating or taking over any religious movement. If they see a group of people getting dissatisfied with the old religions, they analyze why and create a new religion they think will get those people hooked again. Mormonism is one of those created tools. The Jue-sah so don't want us really finding our way to the truth about the overarching sentience of humanity, nor about the spirit realm in general.

Like I said... the Jue-sah aren't rocket scientists (I mean they've had around 350,000 years to enslave us and still are failing!) but they've learned a few tricks, especially with the knowledge of what really happens when we die. They can spin and manipulate and keep creating 'religions/spiritual belief systems' that will hook those who aren't buying the old religions anymore but still basing it all, underneath, on our fear of dying.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by iterationzero
reply to post by itsthetooth

It seems that your definition of "official" is vastly different from the norm.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by the following two statements:

MTDNA only holds a very limited portion of all mothers of your lineage. A baseline was easy to determine on how many are present.

Limited how? Limited based on the fact that it's just matrilineal? And a baseline of what? And how many of what?
Limited in its just matrilineal.

The 50,000 year variance stems from us making assumptions in the length of lives. Living in the year 2011 there is simply no logical excuse that explains the missing time on earth.

No, the discrepancy was due to imprecise molecular dating methods. The method has been further refined and it's known to be closer to 200kya than 150kya. So there's no "missing time", it's just an imprecise measurement.

Sooo, your saying the year we live in now 2011 minus BC years adds up 200,000?

Biblical reference isn’t even close to explaining this.

Agreed. Literal interpretations of Genesis have done an inordinate amount of damage to the progress of our understanding of the world around us and our own evolution.

I agree but not on the idea that heaven is a spiritual place. It would appear to be more of a physical place. Another planet.

I think the people that wrote the Bible would disagree with your interpretation.

I know they would disagree, its the why I was trying to expose it. I find NOTHING that states it isn't physical.

This also explains a time difference as well as there is probably a different time line in the rotation of the planet. It could also explain the circadian rhythm disorder.

There's a pretty wide range of circadian rhythm disorders, and they're not shared by the entire population. If we had a genetic relation back to another planet, as you suggest, shouldn't a larger portion of the population, if not the entire population, be experiencing essentially the same disorder? It depends on other health factors and environment. At the same time thats not to say everyone on the home planet always gets perfect sleep. I think its more of an issue of percentage in contrast. It's not proof, just an observation.

If you have any doubts when someone says earth is not your home, I start an 8 thousand paragraph that wouldn't even be the beginning. In comparison to saying god was an alien I could present you with probably 12 profound elements that make it so. The difference here is how much we know about aliens. We know very little, probably 25 things about them. If I'm able to tie 12 of those to the start of our existence here on earth, that is truly amazing. The problem is that they are profound elements and not everyone believes in these things.

If it is true that we aren’t living on our home planet, our lives would be filled with adaptation, sickness and disease. We would also not know our purpose in life and spend a lot of time studying our planet as it would be new to us. The planet would seem to not fit us in many ways and we would probably rely greatly on doctors in our attempts to try to survive on the wrong planet. After careful thought, I realize it’s more than obvious this isn’t our home. People have mentioned this to me in the past and I just took in passing but never really thought about it in detail. It would appear that we have been placed in a compromising position. What has been done to us is cruelty in epic proportions.

I would argue that all of these "symptoms" that you're describing would be featured in any species, particularly one that has self-awareness. We're not the only organisms that experience "adaptation, sickness and disease". Most of the universe is incapable of sustaining life, and our own planet consists of a wide range of environments. It seems as though you're asserting that an organism that evolved on this planet would be adapted for every possible condition that exists on this planet. Basic understanding of the theory of evolution would suggest that this is not the case.

Of course its not the case. Cause of anything does not trigger adaptation. seriously your making me laugh on this part. Walk down the pharmacy isles in stores and look at how much we are adapting because of how sick we are. Make a list of sickness and disease for humans compared to animals. I would venture to say that humans get more their fair share. The day animal and plant life adopt medics and pharmaceuticals to survive is the day I will consider differently. In fact just take the "A's" of what we deal with by alphabet and compare. Otherwise you in for a long find, on the human side anyhow.

Adam and Eve were supposedly the first to start our race. If this is true than we would have a gross amount of defects in our genes, and we do. Over 4000 defect genes, 1000% above the normal observed amount compared to other life here on earth. Incest could be one cause for this. If not, then there had to be other people to start us as a new race. The bible makes no reference but there are missing pages. It hasn’t been mentioned before but gross defects could also stem from us not being on our correct planet and eating the correct diet. Humans will forever suffer while on earth. From what we understand about genetics, it would take a lot of people to start out a race, to avoid defects. It doesn’t matter; MTDNA tells us we didn’t start according to when the bible says we did. We are missing over 192,000 years of our lineage and we didn’t live it here on earth. Something is very wrong.

You seem to be at odds with yourself in this paragraph. First you're stating that the Bible must be wrong about how long we've been in existence because we know we've been here as H. sapiens for ca. 200k years. But then you try to say that we're "missing" 96% of our time here based on the young Earth creationist view that we've only been here since 6000 BC. We have a paleontological/archaeological record that is essentially free of gaps in terms of the evolution of modern humans. Why try to suggest that we were somewhere else for 192k years when we have evidence that we weren't?

Oh but we do have proof. Zacaria sitchian even points it out. Anyhow. There is contradictions even in the bible about able being sent to town after murdering his brother. It would appear there might have been other races here before, so it becomes an issue of race. Your choice, either god wasn't the creator, or he wasn't the creator.

Over three decades of study of the paranormal tell me that super powers of the mind, holds, TGA (amnesia), paralysis, telepathy, mind probing, thought control and emotion control, as well as other odd things seem to be normal and common place in reports. I accept most reports I have viewed as valid based on there being over 4 million of them, and they are consistent in details. If they are hallucinations then 4 million people around the globe that don’t know each other are all having the same hallucinations. Some reports are presented by hard core religious folks, as well as other avid non believers of paranormal life. Interviews from contacts that reveal a person in shambles, not understanding what, why, and how things have happened.

Can you cite sources for what you're claiming here? First, 4M reports spread out over, currently, 7B people living on this planet isn't much. Internal consistency isn't a substitute for real validation of the claims made in those reports. And you're only assuming that all of these people live in isolation from each other in terms of the content of those reports.

No some of them don't even speak the same language. It's not a percentage idea based on our count, its a percentage based on probability. Now just explain how they are all having the same hallucinations. Why not paul bunion, why not witches, why not wizards, why not monkeys, giants, talking pigs, or pixies?

As with all of them, the experience is never positive. There are also reports of people claiming contacts that seem happy with the outcome, yet have nothing positive to say about the details. It’s as though they were brain washed to believe it was a good experience, even though they explain invasive painful procedures that have nothing positive. I make this observation because there is simply never anything positive behind the details. If I have reviewed over 10,000 reports, I feel confident to say that ET is not our friend.

See above.

I’m finding stories from people claiming to be abducted that don’t believe in ET. At the same time I’m finding it hard to find an atheist claiming they were recently saved by Jesus. One author claims that religious folks are hallucinating. based on the fact they believe they will get to go to heaven, I can see the connection. People that get abducted get nothing positive out of the experience. It seems to add credibility to the reports. Anyone can lie or claim to believe in something not real. When there is nothing to gain from it, it could add validity.

I fail to see how this supports your thesis.

Well I honestly don't see it as a thesis. I think some people tell the truth. So even if only one out of 4 million was telling the truth, its real. Or do we ignore it because it was only one person? People don't lie, the person lies.

If Adam and Eve, or any others, were abducted and brought to earth, it surly fits the description of what aliens do, they abduct people. Adam and Eve not realizing what has happened to them also fits the third most common element known about aliens, they erase memory (TGA). TGA is real and must be aggressively recognized. TGA is also what has, and what will continue to keep most people from believing in other life. Interviews simply make the victim look stupid as they unravel an abduction story that appears to be riddled full of holes. It doesn’t mean people don’t lie or make up abductions, but it sure explains the holes of memory in credible cases. Some people get back there memory days later.

Which Adam and Eve are you referring to: Y-chromosome Adam and mitochondrial Eve or Biblical Adam and Eve? I'm assuming it's the former, because you've seemingly already stated that the Bible is wrong in terms of timing. Further, you've made the point that we can trace back to our matrilineal MRCA existing about 200kya. If that ancestor, along with the patrilineal MRCA, were brought to this planet, then why do we share as much DNA as we do with other species?

We don't. We have 2 less chromosomes than primates. Doesn't sound like much but that adds up to 3 million proteins, which is a lot. I think its so stupid how people miss whats going on with the comparison. Our DNA better be close, we are very similar.

This is because it’s a well known fact that exposing someone to familiar surroundings is the best chance at them getting back there memory.

Do you have a citation for this?

I don't have a link, but any search will do on amnesia, or any doctor will agree. Your kidding, you never heard this. I first new about this like 35 years ago. It hasn't changed.

Not all of it comes back in some cases. While this might sound like a sci-fi, we can induce large amounts of alcohol and get the same effect. There is also a PTSD clause in here as well. It’s a known fact that some victims of PTSD can exhibit TGA signs. Being abducted is no doubt a traumatic experience, but I don’t think that’s what causes this in abductions, it seems to be induced, or it’s a power.

It seems like you're asserting some kind of PTSD/TGA combination via racial memory here. Or are you asserting that we've all been abducted? This is a confusing paragraph in terms of your thesis.

Neither. Being abducted can cause TGA. Just like being in a bad car or motorcycle accident. While the symptoms are the same, I'm trying to clarify that its not how the TGA is being generated in an abduction, it's induced.

There are also sections of the bible that support this as well. One part, God is asking “Where are you?” Assuming a slight translation or writing error, it makes total sense if he had asked “Do you know where you are?” As though he was confirming that his memory had been erased. After much research, the old belief of god being all mighty and omnipotent and everything as unexplainable magic, has now turned to almost always explainable technology with ever so slightly rearranged wording.

Can you provide a citation for this as well as the original Hebrew for comparison? Assuming mistranslations is dubious when you're not providing a comparison of the modern vs. the original.

Sorry, it was actually a question I got off this site.

Other study I did was on life in general. It would appear that whoever or whatever created us, and all life, seems to have a pattern. Most things have two eyes, two ears, a brain, arms, legs, limbs etc. On a rare occasion we find similarities that are to close to explain. Evolving from primates has been ruled out. There are simply too many holes in the theory. If God was a space alien and not our real creator, I’m having one heck of a time finding a single clue that proves it wrong. I’m digging deep and can’t seem to find anything, but in more attempts seem to prove more that he was an alien.

What "study" have you done, precisely? Why has "evolving from primates" been ruled out? Common ancestry going back much much farther than 200kya has been proven genetically, so why would we, as beings from another planet, have such similar DNA to species that evolved on a totally different planet?

Well as you can see, this is why having 3 decades of looking at this could not be condensed into one page.
The biggest problem is evidence of transgression. There simply is none. A handful of bones have been presented but simply can't account for an entire race evolving. In addition to an excuse of a virus destroying remains, then destroying itself. Just the biggest bull I have ever heard. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. , if you agree we evolved, we did a sucky job. We are sick, weak, do nothing but adapt to survive, and don't fit in. Honestly we would be better to go back to primates. We are also missing two chromosomes so that means we DE - evolved. Those two are fused which is a lab technique. Probably the biggest hole is primates are still here. Why didn't they evolve. The day I can have sex with a primate and make a baby is the day evolution will stick. Until then I don't ever get the urge to swing on trees or throw poo.

This was actually the starting section that made me wonder about humans. Something seemed odd, in that almost every report about other life, always involved powers like telepathy. It seemed as though the creator had another common pattern amongst humanoid creations in general. They always seem to have telepathy. I wondered, why don’t humans. I pondered the idea that maybe we did and they were disabled or removed. We do have several vestigial organs and supposedly only use 10% of the capacity of our brains, but that is simply not proof. I wanted multiple things before I would call it proof. One thing funny about vestigial organs is that science is actually unsure in a lot of ways what their purpose is. In addition, some things could be labeled as such but might do a lot more than we know.

Many species have vestigial organs, and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that we only use 10% of our brains.

You are correct. We don't use 10% of our brains, we only use 10% of the capacity or ability of our brains. I know its hard to imagine that our big fat heads (and vestigial organs) do anything other then basic physical and basic mental work. If your right, then we are the only oddballs by comparison to noticed elements about other humanoid life. So what do you think the pineal gland does ?

I wanted to set some ground rules to get to the bottom of any findings. A creator should be a creator and not a destroyer. Too many times in the bible, there are events of god punishing us inhumanely. Killing mass amounts of people. It made no sense to me that a creator would do such a thing for ANY reason. It always falls back on respecting the design. We are of an intelligent design, more so than we realize.

I think you're totally overlooking the sociopolitical aspect of the Bible as a tool for control of a populace by an elite in power. The elite use the tenets of a religion to control the masses under threat of divine retribution. Why assume that the Bible is factually correct with regard to the powers of a creator when there is no objective evidence to support that?

Well its corrupt, but that doesn't mean its not fact.

I have absolute confidence believing whoever or whatever created us, knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t make a mistake. Religious views challenge this and use the excuse that god gave us free will but wanted us to conform to his desires. Another words he was smart enough to make us but not smart enough to make us exactly the way he wanted. I can’t accept this for some reason. Maybe it’s because we have over 5 million species on earth alone, and it just seems like very few if any errors were made. We might laugh or ridicule some designs but it’s all in the limits of our understanding.

You're presupposing the existence of a creator when there is no objective evidence for one. Very few errors were made? There are more extinct species than currently exist. How is that "very few errors"?

So dying is not normal?

One assumption I made, that I stand firm on, is the love of life. Whoever made us must have a fondness for life. All the species just on earth alone add up to a crazy amount. To make it more complicated, if you cut any of us open, there is more life inside, even in our blood, life made up of life, made up of more life. Stranger yet, is everything is given the ability to reproduce, to make ongoing life. There is no question about it, the creator loves life. Anytime god would punish us and kill people, it goes against the very idea of a creator. There also seems to be a large grace period since the last time god has made a physical appearance here on earth. I don’t think it’s because we are being perfect angels either. Believing god had good reason to ever punish us is also like saying we were the only mistake out of all the other life here. It just doesn’t make any sense.

See above.

In Sodom and Gamora, god appears to drop an atomic bomb on the city. It has the flash, the explosion, the same heat that turns the sand to glass and even the radiation. Why is our alleged creator dropping atomic bombs on us? It’s looking like he’s not our creator. Another observation is that god never showed his face anywhere in the bible. It’s as though he was hiding. From what, is the question. The best answer I could find is that we knew him, well his race anyhow. Showing his face could have restored memory to all of the TGA victims and expose his doings.

"Fire and brimstone" is idiomatic, not literal, based on the original text. In fact, nothing you mention regarding a nuclear weapon is mentioned in the Bible.

Do you honestly think they would have had the words nuclear weapon or atomic bomb back then. Are you not placing yourself in the right mindset when you honestly look at these things? Aside, its sounds like the wrong version. Where did you take ground to think or assume it's not literal?

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground. But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. ( ya shes toast )And Abraham gat up early in the morning to the place where he stood before the Lord: And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace. And it came to pass, when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when he overthrew the cities in the which Lot dwelt.

No flash, no explosion, no "sand to glass", no radiation. And these are just the issues with the first 40% of your post. You seem to be at odds with yourself over whether the Bible is factually correct, allegorical, an "ancient alien hypothesis" kind of record, or factually incorrect. You're making an extraordinary claim, and that requires extraordinary evidence to support it. You're simply not meeting the burden of evidence and this is so far off of being "official" it's not even funny.

I'm not sure which version you need in this. Possibly check out eric von danikens take on it. It's pretty clear.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:12 PM
But, you have no proof that God even exists let alone an Alien. Why is it Official? Because you believe it? Give me a break. There's no proof, none whatsoever and if you're going by the Bible then Harry Potter must exist and is a real Wizard.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:12 PM
Great post! S&F I just wanted to add that the God of the old testament wasn't hiding from humans, he actually interacted with them. There's a common belief in most if not all Abrahamic religions that God is a spirit, but that is not what the old testament Bible says so, they are FLESH AND BLOOD just like us, (he)they eat bread and meat.

Genesis 18 - God ate bread and meat with Abraham under a tree

Genesis 32:24-30 God was defeated in a Wrestling Match with Jacob and was forced to Blessed Him

There are many other parts of the Bible that shows that the God of the Old Testament is just like us, there is nothing "Divine" about him, he is just more technologically advance. Thre are many "Gods" in the old testament Bible and the "Main God" there is not even the "Highest God" as stated in Deuteronomy 32:8-12

Just my 2 cents

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:19 PM

Originally posted by NightGypsy

A good point, DragonriderGal.

This is exactly why mankind has wandered this Earth in a state of confusion and dissolution....not understanding why we have such inner conflict.....

It's because what we've been taught makes no damn sense. Everything that has been shoved down our throats is a complete and total contradiction! It doesn't doesn't have a ring of truth. Only the truth can set us free from this turmoil.

People tell us we shouldn't question why so many horrible things happen in this world. We're not supposed to question God's ways. We're supposed to look at the world as a beautiful place.

The Earth is, indeed, beautiful, but the Earth with the human species populating it is not. This world has much more potential for beauty, but we have made it an ugly place. This world is not beautiful because we are a very confused, despondent species who has a higher intelligence, but who appears to have been manipulated and deceived by an outside force for reasons we have yet to understand.

Without the Jue-sah here, we humans wouldn't be nearly so prone to bad behavior. We just see the uber rich (read Jue-sah/Illuminati flunkies) getting away with it, not realizing their karma is being held in abeyance as per our racial unconscious's contract with them. If we knew that, there would be a LOT less human meanness because we'd know WE don't have that abeyance, and that we pay, and pay dearly for being mean and nasty karmically.

It is the Jue-sah manipulating us. It is their control tool that tells us not to question. It is their ugliness you see. Once they're kicked off the planet after the contract expires, this world will once again be as lovely as it was. We, who make full enlightenment plus the returned E-l*th will get things back to normal and beautiful pretty quick.
And the humans who don't make enlightenment will be much nicer without the abusive Jue-sah always trying to enslave us and strip us of what is rightfully ours.

And it is quite understandable. The Jue-sah think they have the right to own us, and do with us what they will. Since we've outsmarted them and made them look like fools to the galactic community way too many times, and slipped out of their control in the process, they've gotten to where they really hate us humans, and making us suffer is one of the only things left that makes them happy.

Frankly they've gotten pretty darn twisted during their time here, trying to manage us. They weren't the kindest species to begin with, being low man on the energy working pole as they were, but this experience with us (theoretically lower on the pole even still) has pushed them over the edge, I'm afraid. But they'll pay.. 350,000 years worth of karma coming due is going to hurt; and the Elves are going to deliver a LOT of it when they boot the Jue-sah's ugly butts off the planet.

And that is the clearest and brightest future I see in the racial unconscious. The other possible futures aren't nearly so well defined, and many are just wishful thinking with the attendant efforts to manifest them on the part of the Jue-sah and their flunkies.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by boniknik

The man Jacob wrestled DID NOT claim to be God. The passage you highlighted about multiple Gods only states he was not with a strange God. The only one of the three is the one were God came and ate with them. Anyways nothing is official about this thread. Nothing proves God is or isn't a space alien. Just another ATS poster who has their tinfoil hat on too tight.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
Adam and Eve were supposedly the first to start our race. If this is true than we would have a gross amount of defects in our genes, and we do.

Would it surprise you to know that I am a Christian, and I do not believe Adam and Eve were to first two human beings? Since I see things from a literary, scientific, biblical, philosophical, and psychological perspective, I can take your entire theory and blow it out of the water. Adam and Eve were 'the first two human beings to have evolved into full awareness'. Now, don't read that statement wrongfully. What I am simply saying is that humanity evolved through many generations until they hit Adam and Eve. Once mankind became fully aware (the biting into the apple moment), God thought it was a perfect time to introduce himself to the species. Everything in the Book of Genesis is based upon fundamentalism and 'symbolism'.

When it comes to your alien theory, you are pointing at the wrong section in the book of Genesis. Between humanity's fall from the garden and Noah's ark, one specific event change the genetic structure of humanity. Although people point to Noah's ark as God's way of removing sin 'from humanity', there is a MAJOR event in which they completely miss.

Clink: Genesis 6

1 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

5 The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.

God flooded the Earth because a species alien to Earth had mated with humanity. As a result of the new species blending with humanity, the offspring they produced became corrupt. Other words, the DNA of angels mixed with humanity, and created a more sinful species. What is rather interesting is - If you read the book "Gilgamesh", the Great Flood was recorded in ancient Sumerian. If Noah's family were the only survivors, how was it written with another set of characters? Do you see the conundrum?

Did God allow some of the hybrid species to survive; thus, he created the BIGGEST conundrum in biblical literary history?

Descendants of Adam and Eve and the descendants of Adam and Eve and Sons of God.

At this point in human history, the genetic lines between them all would be 100% blended. Other words, no one on Earth can claim to be a 100% descendant of Adam and Eve.

Get it?

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:28 PM
You are just BEGINNING to wake up, but your awakening is LOPSIDED !!!

You need to watch this almost old History Channel episode, the scientific view of Eden ...

History Channel - Mysteries of the Garden of Eden Pt 1of2

This resolves your timing issues, GODs creation of Man is more about a GREAT DNA based Awakening as opposed to an INSTANT synthesis of the species of MAN. And this also resolves the many confusing issues of the Nephilim and Cain's offspring.

As far as the abduction phenomena goes, if you pay close attention to ALL of the information on this with a little bit of skepticism it is pretty obvious that it is all about a large on going military black op. The drug that they use to weaken the senses and create amnesia would be LORAZEPAM, more commonly known as horse tranquilizer or the date rape drug.

Take the cattle mutilation phenomena, these strange events were first implicated to be of alien origin because of the very strange CLEAN wounds from removed organs of the animal carcasses left behind. I do not know exactly when the cattle mutilations started but I know it is a recent phenomena and probably came into common media in the early 1980s, about 30 years ago, perhaps 40 years ago.

There are two new surgical tools that were recently patented and made public, the laser scalpel which cuts and cauterizes very cleanly and instantly and the laser stitcher which melts and binds skin. It is said that military technology is 50 years ahead of domestic, so in this case it was more like 35 years ahead, the military is definitely SLIPPING !!!

So now with the knowledge that it was LIKELY that the military could make the types of incisions first seen in cattle mutilations and then if we REEXAMINE the old information new again, it is clear that these were military operations where the military is creating and testing either manufactured diseases or new vaccines, although it is even very possible they were just testing the toxicity of compounds like radioactive materials that are too expensive and socially volatile to test domestically.

Now for the final big topic of alien life, the entire modern concept of extra-terrestrials is rather childish and primitive based in superstition rather then objective science based possibilities. The concept that aliens are coming here though interstellar travel is severely flawed by the difficulty of accomplishing such an advanced technology. And I would always argue that we are in no position to postulate objectively the likely hood or means of interstellar travel as we are still primarily moving stuff around in local space with rockets, once we move on to a more advanced engine for travel only then do we being to gain experience, for now we CLAIM to know how to do time travel, SORT OF, but this is highly speculative, arrogant, and ignorant !

Now, as far as I know the above explanations actually do a good job of covering ALL of the ET phenomena, these simple ideas could explain it ALL, as for the abduction numbers they are certainly highly exaggerated, but another point of view needs to be exposed because just as believing in intelligent life in the universe is logical, this new concept is also, LOGICAL !!!

There is a conventional explanation for intelligent advanced alien species, conventional explanations for anything are ALWAYS much more likely to REALLY EXIST. The human species and its origin species the increasing size and complexity of the Human brain has been going on for about 165,000 years, how long were the dinosaurs here, Wikipedia says 165 million years ?


If the simple physical mechanisms of Evolution was the means of GODs creation of life on Earth then it is NOT possible for those mechanisms to function DIFFERENTLY in the time of the dinosaurs, the rules of their creation would be EXACTLY THE SAME as the rules of our creation, thus, it is impossible for me to NOT believe something that is very simple ...

... during the time of dinosaurs multiple intelligent species with a brain similar to ours and beyond evolved and created many advanced civilizations, WELL OVER 1 MILLION YEARS OLD FAR FAR FAR MORE ADVANCED THEN WE ARE NOW, which could have easily survived the cataclysms since then and still live on this planet with us, NOW, and have cities deep in the ocean.

Thus, the USA military having the first and by far most advanced naval submarine fleet would know of these species and have some information on them, but their cities would have very advanced cloaking technology, thus, the information on them could be quite superficial, but it would explain why Men in Black debriefing enlisted men after a nuke base was shut down by saucers would start out by telling these men, "THEY have been here for a VERY LONG TIME !"

AND it would explain ALL of the propaganda which convinces everyone they come here from other planets, IF they come from THIS PLANET, that creates quite a different perspective and gives THEM THE RIGHT AND CERTAINLY THE POWER TO TELL US WHAT TO DO, they could even have created US, although I still believe GOD from the Protestant Christian view is the most enlightened point of view and consciousness is the prevailing phenomena in our universe.

AND an advanced species like this could EASILY have bases on the dark side of the Moon and Mars, HELL, they might have even built the Moon !!!


I BELIEVE that the prevailing phenomena in this universe is NOT DUST but CONSCIOUSNESS !!!

Now consider a primordial universe a place where only original species are evolving for the FIRST LIFE !

Those species could very well have evolved in a physics a little or substantially different then ours, this is not a vital point, it is just very possible that things were quite different back then. There would have been interstellar wars similar to the vision of Starwars and eventually a superior intelligence of supreme power would have emerged as the Great ALL Powerful Leader.

This scenario is almost required as our galaxy and universe is soo much older then Earth, the Earth is soo young, we could NOT POSSIBLY BE THE FIRST AND WE ARE NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE BEGINNING !!!

Thus, with the emergence of a great leader with great power through technology would then commence to recreate the universe with a reality that would ALWAYS follow his rules and maintain his dominance. It has been said and evidence documented that we are wired to believe in God, WELL, DOESN'T THIS PROVE THAT THERE IS A GOD !?!?!?

If this GREATEST consciousness rules then we would live in a reality that constantly reminds us of his existence and MAINTAINS his dominance, and enforces his rules.

New Agers are convinced that WE should be able to walk through walls, their own logic PROVES THAT THERE IS A GOD, because they can NOT walk through walls. They believe that they should be the prevailing consciousness and be able to dictate over unconscious matter, BUT THEY CAN NOT, this is because GOD's CONSCIOUSNESS PREVAILS !!!

That was a great rebuttal but too bad it is ALL NONSENSE people that believe they can transmutative matter need to abandon their beliefs in DUST and understand that electron shells have a very STRONG WAVE character that is one of the most powerful forces in nature.

The more important point is that IF a GOD created the physics that we exist in NOW, and HE controls our reality daily without our knowledge or detection by, TINKERING THE MACRO THROUGH THE QUANTUM, then our knowledge of him would be imparted to us through the ages, through his desire that we know of him, thus ...



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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:39 PM
DEAR ALL... PLEASE FIND AND READ THE URANTIA BOOK. There are answers to all your questions. The link for the online version is

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:44 PM
Thank you for making this thread. I had the same idea that Jesus or God or whatever was an alien. I made a thread about it but definitely not to the extent of your post!

Here's the link to mine.

Anyway, you make a great argument so well done. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever truly find out the truth, will we? I don't think we'll ever get the truth handed out to us on a silver platter. It'll always be speculation to some extent.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Dear itsthetooth,

Have you heard of the Urantia Book? It's a book that combines Science, Philosophy and Religion. The book talks about God, the history of the universe and our planet, the development and evolution of man and ends with the life and teachings of Jesus. The story of man on this planet according to the Urantia Book started nearly 1 million years ago.

Here are just a few papers to give you an idea of the content. I think you will find the story of creation makes more sense than the Christian version, or any other religion.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

If you want proof that god is real, then please provide us with proof of alien existance.

Its called Faith me amigo... belief in things unseen.

without faith, we are nothing.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Well for starters...idk what to believe anymore. So many other things make scense and i do believe our "Bible" Has been tampered with. All i know and feel inside that i need to know is that:

#1 There is a creator whom ever he/she/it is

#2 All we need is Love

Good thread though! Give people some things to think about!
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