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It's official, GOD was a space alien, and NOT our real creator

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by abaraikenshi
reply to post by itsthetooth

This was a VERY fascinating read. Truly incredible, and well thought out! I'm just curious as to why our God would abduct us and put us here? (I'm not saying you are wrong, just curiosity). I'll def. show this to a few friends.

I'll admit, however, that I follow my own beliefs, but I'm very open-minded towards others. As stated, great read, possibly the best I've seen on this site.

Well not to push, but based on several things all pointing in this direction backed up with multiple findings in our DNA, I call it official. We were tricked. Not that I have checked it out, but Zacaria sitchin claims we were brought here, powers removed, and turned into slaves for mining gold, needed to repair the athmosphere for another planet (the annunakies) I guess the times all line up and its all over the summarian scripts as well as others. We went awol and didn't want to work anymore (imagine that) and here we are. Powerless, rogue, decommisioned slaves. Suffering on a planet that wasn't made for us.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by REalBEL

I totally agree.

Please see most post for my input into this topic.

We are on the same page brother.

Is this amazing or what. Are we really part of alien. Could they come down and announce themselves soon. I hope so.

My input below

They do it everyday, and if your lucky you might see something in your life time. After 3 decades of study in this field, and strong belief in other existance, I gave up. I thought to myself I will NEVER see anything.

For the first time in my life I actually got to see a UFO on April 9th at 5:15 pm in Spokane WA. I happened to be looking up. I figured out thats a big part to most people never seeing anything. How many of us actually ever look up in the sky. If you don't look, you wont see, its that simple.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by amraj1982
I really appreciate your work and research on the matter. All the matters mentioned in the above work is splendid. If you could get to read Dr.Zecheria Sitchin's work then you will get most of your work pretty easily as well..

I do feel that what you have mentioned is a question which I never thought about, that there is a difference between a creator and God.
But if you as you said, the God is supposed to be the ET's who alter the DNA and modifies it in such a way to suit their needs.
So the next question being whose the Creator ? I remember a good un-explainable experiment which was taught to us in early schools - The double Slit experiment, where the light passes through and they understand that Light has life and it has the ability to alter the energy and some of the experiments done by various scientist passing lights and altering the DNA's producing lizards from Frog eggs, and almost a duck from hen eggs.
David Wilcock in one of the lectures said that just the light produces life.
So thats how animals and plants and men was created. And the Gods altered it to suit there needs.

Physical existence is in Human form but life exists in Soul form, completing journey after journey, finishing works one by one and coming to life to and fro from different planets to earth is the duty of our soul. In that case, your second point of from where Human's came to Earth will be also solved.

These are just my thoughts. As in Meditation and Transcendental yoga teachings they say about life after death and about past life and the farthest I could reach is about 200,000 yrs.

Anyways, Power of mind could not be underestimated. At this point- time travel as well as soul- astral travel is so possible and getting enlightened and finding answers to questions are such possible effortless things for Humans who activates their chakras and understand the real meaning of love in this "Age of Ascention" .

Great to meet you.

Great reply RAJ, thank you for reading but moreso thank you for understanding. I'm probably not the best with my explanation and writing skills, you got it right. The whole soul thing scares the hell out of me. As you can tell I'm science mostly. Scientists have proven years ago that the soul actually has a weight to as it leaves the body of a dying person. Again, I don't understand the whole concept. If someone is making souls, where do they come from, where do they go. This is what scares me. Dont be blown away by space travel we can't do. It's just technology and only a matter of time. If I told you 1000 years ago I made something that is now the television, and showed it to you, you would think I'm a god, or nuts. But at least now, you know its a reality.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by DragonriderGal

Originally posted by MasterKaman
hello ItsDaTruth
very interesting conclusions youve come to. very similar to my own, based on years of telepathic combat with those viperous aliens (spirits) that invariably call themselves just "god" when they appear within human consciousness. "they" do not like being argued with, and can become very violent in covert ways. in summary 20% of them are "good", and 80% of them collossal dominating egos prepared to sink to evil. im not talking about traditional "devils", but about the supposedly good "gods"/administrators OF the devils. in other words one hardly needs a "devil" to explain the state of earth at all, only a bunch of half-evil mal-administrators can explain the 80%. unfortunately the good 20% are very difficult to find, so in general dont bother looking for "gods" at all, just get on with your own common-sense ideas about what to do with life. as the famous professor dawkins rightly said, jehovah seems closer to a butchering psychopath than any "loving creator". i went up hitlers control tower near salzberg and stood thinking IF any god/spirit had WANTED to they could very easily have killed him (heart attack / trip him over the edge etc), but "god" did NOT stop hitler SO either 1. "he" doesnt exist 2. he is not "powerful" after all (maybe was once but scurried back to other planet long ago) 3. he /"they" thought it CONVENIENT if humans left to kill each other by the million in the joke of "free will". why ? because the aliens /"god" were the original CAUSE of evil, not (originally) "the" devil. god in effect OWES each human (say) 1000000$ but multiply that by 7trillion souls, and the "karmic" DEBT becomes impossible for the gods /"god" to pay, SO "he" /they devised their scheme of great deception (SGD, kamanism), to try make humans think "it was all your own fault due to being sinners". evil on a collossal scale, "in the name" of proclaimed "perfect love". anyway the BOTTOM LINE, is that even if you conclude /decide god was /is a maniac, so what ? we cant stop him/it, and still have to survive /make a living. many top cia thought bush was a maniac determined to bomb iraq, but they eventually all decided to shutup to protect their families etc. we just have to all hope that the 20% good gods (mostly female) will soon get control of the evil (Mostly male) ones. kaman.

You're talking about the Jue-sah here. They've been running the religion scam for millenia; but they've had to keep from getting too carried away because the E-l*th have been watching. The E-l*th were the gods of rome and greece and scandinavia before their rescue ships arrived, but the ones who remained after the ships left began running under the guise of angels so they could still use their power but not get in the way of the Jue-sah's demand for no more alien intervention based on the contract our overarching sentience has with them. But that contract also holds the karma for whatever Jue-sah and their chosen flunkies do in abayence until the end of it, so yah, they've eluded their karma, and if they succeed in enslaving us, they'll never have to have it come due.

But they are some twisted sick puppies... they've gotten so angry with humanity making fools out of them, it's eating them alive. And they are increasing in their push to enslave us, since the contract ends in 2012, so the bad stuff is escalating. But we humans are going to be making full enlightenment with the attendant restoration of what should have been our natural psychic and energy working abilities, and the E-l*th are returning as per the book of revelations, which is really about them punishing the Jue-sah and their human flunkies for being such horrid and abusive manipulators, while in the process of digging them out of their hidy holes so our racial unconscious can send them back in time to do it again. It's their tribulation, not ours.

The only way the Jue-sah can really say they succeeded is to be able to say they've enslaved 80% or more of humanity. And they can only count the ones who are firm believers in whatever religion, or science or other limiting thought structure which trap the thinker into a non-aware state that was created by the Jue-sah. There are just too many of us for that to happen though, so they are going to try to convince the E-l*th and our over arching sentience that by taking over all the governments of the world, that should count as the 80% needed. It won't fly of course, but that is why they are trying so hard to break america right now.. they planned to use our armies to take over the rest of the world that they don't already own.

Sure the Jue-sah have been stockpiling and creating super weapons (you hear rumors about them) with the intention of using them against the e-l*th, and it will get messy for a while, but in the end, the Jue-sah will fail and this world will become a much better place. Our overarching sentience planned this journey for humanity out a long time ago, and everything's pretty much happened as per the plan.

I can see it all possible. only names have been changed.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by ramtheprince
reply to post by itsthetooth

Firstly I should say that this is one of the very few articles that I have read even when I have realized that its TOO long.
Secondly, I am in total agreement with all what you are saying. Thank you for taking time to put it all together.
I, being a Hindu, know very little about Bible writings. In Hindu scriptures, a form of god exists, Hanuman, the monkey god. He forgot all his knowledge when he was young for some reason and was able to recollect only when other gods told him that he possessed such a knowledge. This is in sync with we forgetting what we know.

I also agree with the 'disabling' some of our abilities, which make us not realize and understand even simple (for other races) things about life and the universe. There is a particular DNA shape that we pray, which resembles two snakes spirally joined together. Don't know what it really means but there is something related to our DNA.

Yes, its also true that we have been here since very long long time. The Indian epics dates backs the existence of humans on earth to over millions of years and I am not in agreement with 'Theory of evolution by CD'. (My personal opinion). Interestingly, in those epics we can see very high end technology at work and now we are far from close to that level. What happened and why did it so happen, HE only knows.

And regarding having an arc on a mountain, yea 'God' should have been in close range. But, i believe that there is one dimension where space or distance is not a constraint. Don't remember exactly where, but I have read something saying, 2 particles traveling in different directions (in a particular dimension) and that are light years away, change direction at the same time, when one changes its direction. i.e., when one turns, the other also turns at the very same instant, as if they were traveling together. The omni presence of God also tells me that there may exist a similar or same dimension where you can see / listen everything happening in this universe as if it is happening out of your window.

I have been interested in learning such things, but unable to find any legitimate source. I believe there exists such a knowledge in the 4 Hindu vedas but i am not sure if any one is still alive with such an intelligence to understand and decode what is written in them. since the time i came to know about Billy Miers, I always wondered why he is not posing such questions to Quitzal and others and try to know 'Who we actually are and why we are here, why are we so dumb with no true knowledge' and why is he interested in knowing who is going to die tomorrow or what is going to happen to earth in 2012.

I am sorry, i am not able to frame all the 1001 points in an order but there are many such questions in my quest for knowledge. Wish someone enlightens me and makes me realize the real purpose of life.

Well I'm glad to enlighten you, and the whole idea that your hindu but able to see this is fascinating. Was he really a monkey ??? Wow, shows you what I know. Anyhow, the DNA is not conclusive in the sense that We know for a fact that powers are disabled. It is however proof that God, or prior to god, our DNA was no longer pure. Eliminating him from possibly being our true creator 100% . Check a recent reply where I laid out mass points to us having powers. I'm sorry to say, there are just to many things that say its true. ): we are enslaved drones ): or were slaves, now just drones.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 03:10 PM
Based on my own experiences and the reading I have done over the years I have come up with a few probable truths and reasons for the who's, what, when's and why's.

These Greys and Reptilian beings do not have souls. We were granted our souls long before these entities began tampering with creation. Where those souls came from I can only assume are a higher being that created ALL.The counterfeit Gods are trying to gain a soul for themselves thru creating a new being, one that is a mix of them and a mix of us.

They are jealous, they do not like we were created to be powerful.In this particular dimension we are made to forget everything about ourselves. I do not think my abductions have been from evil entities, if that were the case I doubt I would be alive still. However, they are very self important and without any care for what we think about their actions. In this density we would define this as evil, but they do not operate by our definitions and rules here on Earth. We are beneath them because we cannot remember or reclaim our own power.

I do not believe humans started on earth but were brought here by another race to seed it and possibly be slaves to those self proclaimed Gods.

I've mentioned this a few times before, but during one one of my abductions I asked my takers who they were? I was told "the creators".They really believe this. Maybe they are but why are they trying to hard to change what they already made? Are they evolution or are they taking credit for something they do not deserve and are tampering with things they needn't be?

My soul tells me they aren't God but my rational mind still leaves things to ponder. This is a faith game here folks. I've heard of being tested, but come on this is ridiculous.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

There is one thing that I definitely agree on. I have always felt that we were suppose to be able to do more with our brain than we are capable of now. I had assumed that over the thousands of years we lost the ability to do these things and it was a mutation for the worse instead of the better...if that makes sense.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

The bottom line here is that there is no one answer to this thread. I believe that there is in fact a deity but not one of epic proportion like christianity tells us. I have read the bible and looked at it in the same way that you are describing.

I wish to speak with you more, pick your brain and what not, I crave the knowledge you are speaking of. I do not know if putting an email on here is wrong or against the rules but i really would like to contact you off site and discuss various things having to do with this topic as I am very inquisitive.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 05:51 PM
Simply put, the Gods of myths were aliens, divine entities, nature spirits, and advanced humans from pre-Flood times, many Christians then try to say that you're saying there is no God, especially if you point out the Hebrew god was an alien. But that's just an MSM-quality fallacy, God is not a white-bearded man, God is all that exists, all that has, and all that will. As well, God did his big duality flip and broke itself into many different selves, it's those selves which are our individual soul-selves that continue to evolve through reincarnation, back into our full God-selves. The aliens in our myths were connected with their God-selves, that's what gave them their god-like abilities along with their technology, it's what's going to give us our god-like abilities once we pop into the 5th dimension, generally known as ascension. The Sumerian myths are the best evidence, especially considering most all other Western myths are based on these.

Here are some great threads about this, here are Serbsta's overview of ancient cultures, The Ancients Series - Sumer - India - Egypt. Then there are the more directly ancient alien threads by SkyFloating, entitled - Of Emperors and Skygods - Of Flying Dragons and Metallic Discs - Of Ancient Wars and Spacecraft.

Of course there are also all of the Ancient Aliens episodes on youtube, but the narrator's ignorant comments really bothered me, but the second season gets much easier to handle.
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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

IMHO, you must be on the right track.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth

Originally posted by AQuestion
reply to post by itsthetooth

Dear itsthetooth,

Too many things to respond to so I will pick one. You summarize what the aliens do, how it is harmful and mean. Jacque Vallee stated that they resembled the story of demons. Jacque Vallee has determined that their machines seem interdemensional rather than alien. That creates a problem. If you accept alternate universes as being real then you have already accepted that there can be a spiritual realm. If you do not know of Mr. Vallee, he is the French scientist being imitated in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and worked with Hyneck on project Blue Book.

Who would have guessed, wow. It's a scary thing for me to understand and to be honest I'm not sure if my pea brain can grasp it. It's just to deep for me.

Dear itsthetooth,

I hope you were being sarcastic. I want to say that I am very impressed by your willingness to respond to so many posts. I think it is very admirable. Let me try again. If we accept Einstein than nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. That sort of prevents aliens from coming here. If we accept the idea of warping time and space then we have a physics problem. If we attempt to solve it using quantum physics then it has to contradict the laws of physics on an atomic level. None of this works.

I absolutely believe there are other living beings in the universe. As one man said, it would be an awful waste of space if there wasn't. The "String Theory" hypothesizes alternate universes and this is used by some to account for a way that aliens might get here. Mind you there is absolutely no evidence for the alternate universes and no agreement on how many there might be, Hawkings believes there are 21 others have numbers in the hundreds, the original theory believed there would be one.

As soon as one accepts the possibility of an alternate universe then you must accept that the alternate universe could be the spiritual realms (heaven, hell become very real possibilities). Jacque Vallee accepts the alternate universes might exist, recognizes that the "alien" phenomenom resembles stories of demons from the past and does as far as I know has not put forth a God explanation as a possibility. You yourself pointed out that the aliens seem cruel to those they interact with and conduct bizarre experiments. Why would an advanced race need to do such experiments, it makes no sense and that is what was bothering Jacque Vallee.

There is a chemical called '___' that is produced by the Pineal gland. It is believed to be responsible for the Near Death Experience, it can also be taken from certain plants. When someone takes '___' they experience what they believe to be an alternate universe filled with dreadful little alien type creatures that act like demons frequently, some experience oneness with the universe; but, that is rare and eogtistical. The experience is nothing like '___' or any other drug according to those who have tried them all. If you meet someone who had a Near Death Experience or has taken a large dose of '___', they are changed for life and often convinced that there experience was real, perhaps it is and if one believes in alternate universes then heaven becomes a real possibility. Be well.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 10:27 PM
i was an athiest for 28 yrs i was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT 11 yrs ago walking down the street when a lady came up to me and asked me did i want JESUS to fix my life i laughed and said "OK" ill test GOD and prove you wrong. its been 11 yrs of MIRACLES, HEALINGS,CANCER DISSOLVING POWERFUL PRAYER, IVE SEEN BROKEN BONES GO BACK IN PLACE IVE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED DEMONS RIPP OUT OF MYSELF AND OTHERS, IVE HAD DREAMS AND VISIONS THAT COME TO PASS AND SEEN BAREN WOMAN RECIVE BABIES AFTER PRAYER!!! all i can say is GOD predestined me i was a weed head gangtter girl from jersey and moved to colorado springs (i dont know why, no family six kids grey hound bus looser boyfriend) and got saved a week after, i am now a licensed minister with a powerful ministry just like the BOOK OF ACTS!!!! i am married with 9 children and BLESSED more than you can imagen, i talk to GOD like you talk to your family members, ill say it again i was an atheiest i cursed GOD and said he was not real, lucifer had me decived only becuse GOD let him i wasnt supposed to see the light until that perfect time GOD predestined, i couldnt refuse the light once it was my time now THE LORD uses me to cast out demons heal the sick preform miracles and preach the gospel, i am his daughter and you are all his children and we he wants you he will come get you even if you pretened he inst there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE YAHWEH!!!!!

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by FIFIGI
Also, humans did NOT evolve from primates.

Humans and primates have a common ancestor.

I think whats going on here is your mistaking the sharp similarity between humans and primates as reason to believe we share an ancestor. It's not that, I don't believe. You need to look at this from a much more simplistic view. They look a lot like us, their DNA should look pretty close. Your view on this is easy to understand in how you would think the way you do. It reminds me of the video with Lloyd Pye and the DNA findings of the start child. It turns out to have alien father DNA and alien mother DNA and HUMAN mitocondria DNA. So WTF. Well it proves that either aliens made a baby with a human ( I don't think is as genetically easy as sex) or they zygoated the host. It's a classic case of what aliens like to do. Play the creator, and appear to be proud of the process. This poor sap (star child) makes you wonder what the hell he was doing here. His mtdna proves he was here in the past or possibly a human was on another planet and used for a zygoat. Aliens like us for this purpose so our baby package must be healthy compared to some other life out there.

Anyhow I got off track. The DNA tests on the star child had some base sections that were not in the known data base, but were coherent. Then some actually matched human DNA. Lloyd Pye and even the scientists I feel missed the idea of what I'm trying to point out to you. It is possible that sections of DNA from aliens could match ours simply based on the fact that they (specific ones anyhow) are humanoid in design. There should be some similarity's but we assume otherwise. Another words just because an alien has some sections that match human DNA does not necessarily mean that there is any human in that alien. It's like saying a dog must be related to humans because he has two eyes just like us. It's complex, and I have no basis to assume it correct, I'm just saying its a possibility and I believe it.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by marriah3330
To say "What has been done to us is cruelty" is saying that God is cruel. Is it possible we CHOSE to come here?
No, because he erased our memorys and reversed sections of our DNA. Why we would submitt to such a deal I dunno.

In the beginning it was always supposed to be in 'his image' according to the Bible, (since you used it as a reference I will as well), which when translated to the original Hebrew, comes to mean his logos or likeness.
How do you not know he ended up inverting our DNA to his likeness?

How do you know that we didn't want to be like Him? We were designed perfect to begin with, filled with the Holy Spirit (telepathy from god) and able to live here well. If we wanted to be like him, then we would want to experience what he has, and what if that means He has experienced pain and suffering too. It was the introduction of something else, another force that interrupted the progress of our race. The fall of Adam and Eve or rather when they lost the holy spirit, was not done by themselves. Also, In Genesis, chapter six, it talks about the introduction of foreign DNA from angels that came down, or ascended down, in original translation, and mated with the human woman, Further changing us, making a violent and hateful breed.
Let me know when you can successfully mate with a foreign race without DNA intervention.

Then in one of the lost gospels, it goes into more detail on how they begged God to forgive them, that they made a mistake,they were sent to protect us, if God was cruel, why would he send them to protect us? These are what I believe are fallen angels, the aliens most people speak about in the abductions, in the sumerian, egyptian, greek and other polytheistic religions. They want to be worshiped because they could gain the control of us that way. To mislead us away from the true God. They pretend to be gods because they feel that they have more knowledge than us, and they can manipulate us through that knowledge.
I never said all other life out there is trust worthy.

What if it was them that performed the 'memory erasing' that you talk about. You already said you believe they are responsible for demon possession. Since their interruption into our lives, our years of life have gone down as well if you see the timeline of how many years humans used to live. (incest because he didn't transplant our entire race) That is when we became the virus to the Earth that you mentioned, which I too have viewed as that. But it is also technology that has done that, ( but your failing to see that technology was only introduced becuase of problems to begin with, thus compounded) this type of knowledge has changed us in not such great ways. You think technology is progress? Our true selves is supposed to be a loving, caring, healthy, race. Since technology, and the introduction of these forces, or influences, we as a race have destroyed the earth and in turn it comes back to destroy ourselves and our connection to spirituality and connectedness to this planet, our connection to God. God wants us to shy away from them, because they lead us into destruction of our true selves. Does that sound like a cruel God? Not to me.
Well your confusing the basics of life with someone that pretended or mislead us into believing he was our creator. I agree with your findings, just that god didn't create us.

What if the only way to get back to our original place, our home, is through being who God desires us to be? Is it possible that technology could take us to the wrong place? If technology is being influenced by anything other than for good, then it is probably not a good path to take.
Well your 100% correct on this part, er.. well that was suppose to be the idea. Obey, serve god, mine gold, and you will get your powers back and get put back home.

What IS worshiping God? ( it was just a way for him to try to keep control of us, it failed, and he left) Worshiping God is not a bad thing in my opinion. (hes an imposter, so I see differently) Truly worshiping God is how he desires us to be and how to live life, which is a life of Love, generosity, kindness, forgiveness, discipline, soberness and to shy away from the wrong and evil in this world. A father also disciplines their children when they are not doing the right thing. Is it out of Love or Hate? I think it is out of love. ( so you would kill your child to prove a point and make the other children obey?) Have you ever seen children, babies that grew up having no discipline whatsoever? What do you think that child would be like when being influenced by the outside world, the influence of this world. If we let ourselves follow the bad of this world, then we head down the wrong path, we shy away from what we are trying to be like, and what our true selves are trying to accomplish while spending time here on Earth. If God made this earth, ( god did not make this earth, and the bible says that, and DNA from other life proves it, including ours) and the disciplines brought upon us or punishments as you call them; are usually from natural phenomena such as floods, comets, diseases, plagues, ( ya, remember, your god put you in this, your loving god) then one could say that technically that is how the punishment works, it is a natural cycle that happens on this earth and He is responsible since he made the Earth. Creation and destruction is a natural cycle of this planet according to the biology of the matter. Or one could say that the original culprits to humans doing wrong followed by punishment, are always the ones that mislead us to begin with and influenced us by the dark, why aren't you placing the blame on them?

The Good I have mentioned above, that is God. Jesus was sent here to show us how happy we could be here, it wasn't to punish us and torture us as you put it. It was to save us. The real church, is what is meant to come together and have fellowship with one another in homes, break bread with each other, show your humility to one another. Speak only of love and good things, Pray and read the word of God. The Bible says that we are not to worship in His name in Temples made by mans hands, because he is not there, but when two or more gather,(speaking of fellowship), I Am There. So who is there in these temples aka "churches."? Not the true God IMO.

My bottom line is that God is not the alien you speak of, ( so you contest the part in ezekiel where he comes to us in a space craft? ) He is not our enemy, ( so you are on your home planet?) we have another enemy. He is not the one that made us slaves to this world, it is and was something else, sumerian gods are not God, they are fallen angels or demons IMO. And you can't pick and choose what you believe and what you don't believe out of the Holy Bible, either you believe it or not. ( so why don't you believe ezekiel?) ( I believe it all, you just believe it in your own chosen context) Try praying ( why would I pray when the bible says he can't hear me) for understanding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit before you read the bible, then maybe there will be better discernment and understanding of it. I think you contradict yourself when you use the Bible as a reference of what you believe is proof yet you don't believe in the God that is the whole basis of the book itself? ( it depends on what you think of mean by belief, I think what he did to us was wrong and he is not our creator) You think God of this universe is not our creator, well he is the creator of our physical form here at least. ( there is nothing that says that) And if there is anything beyond him then he is still that which is beyond, whether it is a part, its a connection, and many of us can find that connection within ourself by living well, living how we were told how and had a given example of how we should live. Besides, physical death here does not mean its the end of our life, but there is a promise to us that if we put to death our flesh and earthly desires and follow the good, God, then we can have everlasting life spiritually in a more beautiful place then Earth itself. We should work to be good and loving and caring, then we can spiritually grow and learn what we were meant to learn.


posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:48 PM

Originally posted by eyespying

Very detailed analysis. Thanks.

Believe it or not there is way more depth to some of this but as you can see, it was hard to run it so long.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by WhoTheCapFit
Eat shrooms, sit in the sun or look in a mirror. its not a puzzle. The "God" has been misinterpreted. God is everything, we are IN IT and MADE OF IT. its everything and God's language is vibration, frequency.. if anything your tempting yourself. UNI-VERSE = ONE-SONG. granted its fun to think complicated conspiracies but thinking too hard and analyzing it starting a certain perception, think bigger.. hyperdemsional cellular mitosis at its best. homo erectus, homo sapien, homo luminous. we just kinda "pop" there isnt a missing link. the waves are ages. enjoy yourself your individual destiny is secured period.

searching many lives for the experience, and when you are completed and awakened, you cant tell anyone what you know anyway, they cant hear you and cant see what their mind cant comprehend, get out of your mind. even if you could tell everyone the truth you cant and wouldnt it interferes with the free will that you are to find out what some already know but beautifully in your own way, discover and rediscover god through many lives. duality is almost over. hang in there....

I think that not understanding, compounded by not wanting to understand, can cause your statement. well throw in some misguided understanding and then I'm correct.

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You tell me, what were you thinking, cause it doesn't make sense.

You’re the one doing this crazy math where you’re subtracting the assumed amount of time since Adam and Eve were created from the 200ky that we know H. sapiens have been around for no apparent reason. Maybe you need to explicitly state your reasons for doing so a little better.

So what your saying is when you read something about a place you instinctively assume its of a spiritual nature and not physical? Wow, Map quest must drive you crazy. I disagree with you simply because I think the bible was written by a physical person and not a ghost.

Nice strawman argument. Mapquest, and other online mapping tools, are atlases. Are you asserting that the Bible is an atlas? If not, then your analogy is meaningless. You’re claiming that “heaven” is a planet. The original Hebrew has three different words that have been translated into English as “heaven”. Can you tell me which of those three would denote a planet?

I'm not, its simply a life problem, and I attribute any if not all to the fact that we are not on our home planet.

So you don’t have any good reason for drawing that conclusion from that observation other than it would support your thesis. Good to know.

I explained in a prior reply about being official. Here are some examples...

Great! Observable things! That I’m sure you have adequate citations and sources for so other people can check them out.

DNA alterations,

What DNA alterations?

Advanced technology,

What advanced technology?

supernatural powers,

What supernatural powers?

DNA mutations,

What DNA mutations?

and you will have to watch my vid on youtube to get more. I have about 12 but called the video the 7 elements god.

If you can’t post the information in your own thread, you shouldn’t even bother bringing it up.

Either way, your missing the point.

I can’t miss what’s not there.

Even if we do cause most of our own problems, your not digging deep enough to realize why. It's because we have to. and we have to because we are trying to adapt.

Why? Because in an effort to preserve quality of life for other members of our species, we create tools (e.g. pharmaceuticals) that remove the need for natural selection. In other species, the sick either get better or die. We load the dice so that they tend to get better.

Take a look at the label on milk. pasteurized, homogenize, and fortified. Why are we processing the hell out of milk.

Because we’re the only species that drinks the milk of another species.

Most say because of demands, which is is true. Why is milk in such demand.

Who is “most”? Got a citation for that?

Some say we could get what we need from OJ. So why don't we? Because the supply and demand aren't met.

Who is “some”? Got a citation for that?

We process the hell out of milk because we need it. Or you believe we were all suppose to own our own cow and drink straight from the teat. Point is, you probably missed the big picture. The reason why we are processing the hell out of milk is because we are lacking something here on earth needed in our intended diet. Earth is NOT our home, it even says so in the bible.

No, we don’t need it. Do you know who cow milk is really good for? Baby cows. Do you know who human milk is good for? Baby humans. You can’t see the forest for the trees with this “we’re not of the planet” nonsense. Milk is processed so it can be stored longer. Why? Because we’re not an agrarian society. Seriously, you’re just making stuff up as you go now with absolutely no backing.

I didn't say I agreed with his take on that. I haven't read everything by him. Your stereotyping me.

Why would you cite him as evidence for your thesis if you didn’t agree with him? And don’t play the martyr after trying to use him as evidence when he’s clearly a sham.

Are you serious ???? please google videos on aliens, abduction, proof, ufos, and be as skeptical as you want. I have done it for years.

Yeah, because I can’t make my own video or website on how all of those things are mass delusion and have it be just as valid as your sources. Again, you are presenting zero objective evidence of your claims. I think you lost your skepticism and critical thinking skills along the way at some point.

No I had asserted he was not one that's delusional. Do you think the world is flat?

And I’m asserting that it’s a folie a deux. And you’re the deux. No, the world isn’t flat. How do we know that? Because there’s objective evidence that it’s an oblate spheroid.

Yes but because the fusing is a lab technique, what does that tell you?

No, because the telomeres are on in the middle instead of at the ends. Nothing to do with lab techniques and it’s something that’s observable in other species. Again, you’re woefully out of date on the “science” you’re trying to use to prove your point.

I don't have a link, but any search will do on amnesia, or any doctor will agree. Your kidding, you never heard this. I first new about this like 35 years ago. It hasn't changed.

I’ll take that as a no.

Google, learn. I'm sorry but I have never had amnesia, I have only studied reports of such.

OK, I’ll take it as a no twice.

why I have a vid link that explains it, he even says we came into existance all of a sudden.

Sorry, but if you’re using Youtube videos as evidence, you have a long way to go. Provide some citations of objective evidence or peer-reviewed research or just admit that this all speculation at best.

Well I do find arguments about it. Again if you feel our big fat heads simply work our muscles and solve basic problems, your welcome to believe that. Whats your take on vestigial organs?

So still no citation for your 10% number.

Possibly because there is a virus on earth called humans, destroying the planet.

Species went extinct before we got here. Again, if the creator made very few mistakes, why are so many species extinct?

Well I think there is a big difference between believing, wanting to believe, and going out of your not want to believe. I tell people to have an open mind, but not open enough so their brain falls out.

You conveniently leave out the other option which is not believing because no unequivocal evidence has been presented. Since you’re so very fond of videos, here’s one on open mindedness. I think you checked your critical thinking skills at the door because you want to believe in something.

Unraveal the seatbelt and re read what you said here. Fire and brimstone could be the explanation. The version I read didn't leave me guessing.

What version? No version of the Bible mentions sand turning into glass or radiation. You’re either delusional or making it up. I’m not sure which would be worse.

I do, I have the bible.

Which claims the Earth is flat and pi is equal to 3. Not a very good choice for an objective source about anything other than what a bunch of goatherders believed a few millennia ago.

I actually saw that video a while back, I would think its more suited for me to present it to you. You have to understand, I believe whats in the bible, you just understand it differently. My understanding is supported by findings from reports of ET encounters for over 3 decades, science, DNA, and redundant findings in the bible.

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I have also wondered how humans dont really fit into earth. The point about viruses standing out. But, so do animals. Animals also suffer viruses, and are only adapted to their enviornment. In your theory you completely left out all of earths life, and how they are adapted only to their specific enviornment, and how they too suffer from bacteria and viruses.

Adaptation is life for all lifeforms. So the theory of how we dont fit in doesnt make much sense.

Also, the bible took from other religions that predate it. I would apply your theory to the first, being the Sumerian bible. In this text you find noah and his ark, and many other things the bible took from it. Same goes for the Egyptian religion. With the Sumerian bible, and the belief in annnakis, there is way more to draw from, and its startling since it was the first.

My interest pre dates the bible as well. Anyhow, I'm glad someone finally fessed up that they are unsure on the idea earth is not our home.

Lets set aside the fact that it tells us so in the bible, which it does, and lets set aside the fact its all over the summarian scripts as well.

Please review back for some reply I gave about milk just as an example.
Now you can pick anything, I don't care, anything, aside from certain parts of technology because it's not applicable.

Lets start with the basics. Air, and water.
We breath air, and drink water so an assumption is made we must be home.
The fact is we can't even drink the water here without processing it, and while there are a few places here on earth where the water is safe, you would be saying we should all live there. It's just not possible. It's like saying we weren't suppose to grow. If we weren't clever, we would be dead.

Look at how we live in shelter, because the outside elements would kill us. So we have heat, and AC. You creator, would not place you in such a hard position. In essence we are in buildings to create our own environment because the natural one is not for us. I could guess and say that our home planet keeps a nice 70 to 90 degrees to accommodate us. We do have parts of earth that do as well, but again, limited space, means we weren't suppose to grow, or your saying we outgrew our planet. In only 3,000 years ??????

Here is a simple one. The indoor living quarters. We even had to plumb water in so its livable. It's just not fees-able otherwise.

You don't see it, but all we do is adapt. It's such a problem that often times our adaptation is compounded.
Look at shoes, we made them because the terrain was to harsh for our feet. Mother nature kicked back by giving us fungus, so we adapted yet again by making socks to soak up the sweat that creates the fungus. Then we have to wash the socks. If your creator wanted you to wear clothing, he would have affixed them to your body.

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I feel Jesus in my body

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That is quite perverted

Agreed but I would kill to get a hold of that DNA.

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Toooo long! I dnt know what we are even discussing after paragraph three...seems like a bad dream

It is, and we have been living it for over 3,000 years. Thats why its so long, sorry.

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