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It's official, GOD was a space alien, and NOT our real creator

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong. And don't say you feel Jesus in your heart. This is a work in progress people.

Our starting path of theology in rough draft.
The abduction theory:
Our mitochondria DNA tells us that we are 150,000 to 200,000 years old. MTDNA only holds a very limited portion of all mothers of your lineage. A baseline was easy to determine on how many are present. The 50,000 year variance stems from us making assumptions in the length of lives. Living in the year 2011 there is simply no logical excuse that explains the missing time on earth.

Biblical reference isn’t even close to explaining this. Religious folks have commented to me, that this could stem from a section that mentions a conversion difference of time between Earth and heaven. I agree but not on the idea that heaven is a spiritual place. It would appear to be more of a physical place. Another planet. This also explains a time difference as well as there is probably a different time line in the rotation of the planet. It could also explain the circadian rhythm disorder.

If it is true that we aren’t living on our home planet, our lives would be filled with adaptation, sickness and disease. We would also not know our purpose in life and spend a lot of time studying our planet as it would be new to us. The planet would seem to not fit us in many ways and we would probably rely greatly on doctors in our attempts to try to survive on the wrong planet. After careful thought, I realize it’s more than obvious this isn’t our home. People have mentioned this to me in the past and I just took in passing but never really thought about it in detail. It would appear that we have been placed in a compromising position. What has been done to us is cruelty in epic proportions.

Adam and Eve were supposedly the first to start our race. If this is true than we would have a gross amount of defects in our genes, and we do. Over 4000 defect genes, 1000% above the normal observed amount compared to other life here on earth. Incest could be one cause for this. If not, then there had to be other people to start us as a new race. The bible makes no reference but there are missing pages. It hasn’t been mentioned before but gross defects could also stem from us not being on our correct planet and eating the correct diet. Humans will forever suffer while on earth. From what we understand about genetics, it would take a lot of people to start out a race, to avoid defects. It doesn’t matter; MTDNA tells us we didn’t start according to when the bible says we did. We are missing over 192,000 years of our lineage and we didn’t live it here on earth. Something is very wrong.

Over three decades of study of the paranormal tell me that super powers of the mind, holds, TGA (amnesia), paralysis, telepathy, mind probing, thought control and emotion control, as well as other odd things seem to be normal and common place in reports. I accept most reports I have viewed as valid based on there being over 4 million of them, and they are consistent in details. If they are hallucinations then 4 million people around the globe that don’t know each other are all having the same hallucinations. Some reports are presented by hard core religious folks, as well as other avid non believers of paranormal life. Interviews from contacts that reveal a person in shambles, not understanding what, why, and how things have happened.

As with all of them, the experience is never positive. There are also reports of people claiming contacts that seem happy with the outcome, yet have nothing positive to say about the details. It’s as though they were brain washed to believe it was a good experience, even though they explain invasive painful procedures that have nothing positive. I make this observation because there is simply never anything positive behind the details. If I have reviewed over 10,000 reports, I feel confident to say that ET is not our friend.

I’m finding stories from people claiming to be abducted that don’t believe in ET. At the same time I’m finding it hard to find an atheist claiming they were recently saved by Jesus. One author claims that religious folks are hallucinating. based on the fact they believe they will get to go to heaven, I can see the connection. People that get abducted get nothing positive out of the experience. It seems to add credibility to the reports. Anyone can lie or claim to believe in something not real. When there is nothing to gain from it, it could add validity.

If Adam and Eve, or any others, were abducted and brought to earth, it surly fits the description of what aliens do, they abduct people. Adam and Eve not realizing what has happened to them also fits the third most common element known about aliens, they erase memory (TGA). TGA is real and must be aggressively recognized. TGA is also what has, and what will continue to keep most people from believing in other life. Interviews simply make the victim look stupid as they unravel an abduction story that appears to be riddled full of holes. It doesn’t mean people don’t lie or make up abductions, but it sure explains the holes of memory in credible cases. Some people get back there memory days later.

This is because it’s a well known fact that exposing someone to familiar surroundings is the best chance at them getting back there memory. Not all of it comes back in some cases. While this might sound like a sci-fi, we can induce large amounts of alcohol and get the same effect. There is also a PTSD clause in here as well. It’s a known fact that some victims of PTSD can exhibit TGA signs. Being abducted is no doubt a traumatic experience, but I don’t think that’s what causes this in abductions, it seems to be induced, or it’s a power.

There are also sections of the bible that support this as well. One part, God is asking “Where are you?” Assuming a slight translation or writing error, it makes total sense if he had asked “Do you know where you are?” As though he was confirming that his memory had been erased. After much research, the old belief of god being all mighty and omnipotent and everything as unexplainable magic, has now turned to almost always explainable technology with ever so slightly rearranged wording.

Other study I did was on life in general. It would appear that whoever or whatever created us, and all life, seems to have a pattern. Most things have two eyes, two ears, a brain, arms, legs, limbs etc. On a rare occasion we find similarities that are to close to explain. Evolving from primates has been ruled out. There are simply too many holes in the theory. If God was a space alien and not our real creator, I’m having one heck of a time finding a single clue that proves it wrong. I’m digging deep and can’t seem to find anything, but in more attempts seem to prove more that he was an alien.

This was actually the starting section that made me wonder about humans. Something seemed odd, in that almost every report about other life, always involved powers like telepathy. It seemed as though the creator had another common pattern amongst humanoid creations in general. They always seem to have telepathy. I wondered, why don’t humans. I pondered the idea that maybe we did and they were disabled or removed. We do have several vestigial organs and supposedly only use 10% of the capacity of our brains, but that is simply not proof. I wanted multiple things before I would call it proof. One thing funny about vestigial organs is that science is actually unsure in a lot of ways what their purpose is. In addition, some things could be labeled as such but might do a lot more than we know.

I wanted to set some ground rules to get to the bottom of any findings. A creator should be a creator and not a destroyer. Too many times in the bible, there are events of god punishing us inhumanely. Killing mass amounts of people. It made no sense to me that a creator would do such a thing for ANY reason. It always falls back on respecting the design. We are of an intelligent design, more so than we realize.

I have absolute confidence believing whoever or whatever created us, knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t make a mistake. Religious views challenge this and use the excuse that god gave us free will but wanted us to conform to his desires. Another words he was smart enough to make us but not smart enough to make us exactly the way he wanted. I can’t accept this for some reason. Maybe it’s because we have over 5 million species on earth alone, and it just seems like very few if any errors were made. We might laugh or ridicule some designs but it’s all in the limits of our understanding.

One assumption I made, that I stand firm on, is the love of life. Whoever made us must have a fondness for life. All the species just on earth alone add up to a crazy amount. To make it more complicated, if you cut any of us open, there is more life inside, even in our blood, life made up of life, made up of more life. Stranger yet, is everything is given the ability to reproduce, to make ongoing life. There is no question about it, the creator loves life. Anytime god would punish us and kill people, it goes against the very idea of a creator. There also seems to be a large grace period since the last time god has made a physical appearance here on earth. I don’t think it’s because we are being perfect angels either. Believing god had good reason to ever punish us is also like saying we were the only mistake out of all the other life here. It just doesn’t make any sense.

In Sodom and Gamora, god appears to drop an atomic bomb on the city. It has the flash, the explosion, the same heat that turns the sand to glass and even the radiation. Why is our alleged creator dropping atomic bombs on us? It’s looking like he’s not our creator. Another observation is that god never showed his face anywhere in the bible. It’s as though he was hiding. From what, is the question. The best answer I could find is that we knew him, well his race anyhow. Showing his face could have restored memory to all of the TGA victims and expose his doings.

We could have additionally undone all of his efforts and let our home planet know what he did to us and invoke a war. I’m assuming of course that abducing, erasing memory, enslaving us, and dumping us off on another planet could be a bad thing. I guess it helps that the bible clearly states we were exiled to earth, and that earth looks nothing like heaven. Why would he have to explain that? Because he erased our memory. I think anytime an alien has to erase your memory, they are hiding something, plain and simple. I have a feeling we are not the only race that has had this done to them. The Ezekiel chapter clearly indicates god coming down from the heavens to visit us in a space craft along with a four headed creature of lion, ox, eagle, and man.

So now he’s also looking like someone that likes to play with DNA. A mad scientist. These are two profound clues that basically change the entire structure, belief and understanding of the bible, not to mention who god really is. Understanding this you have to switch from religious loving faith to caution, research, science, paranormal mode. One bible I found even says in the very beginning that the book deals with supernatural elements. Most never realize that could include aliens and powers.

God was hiding from us and used technology to do so. The arc of the covenant was nothing more than a hard build of a radio device. It was to hold the tablets of Gilgamesh and specifically so Moses could talk to god. What’s not making sense is if god can hear our thoughts and prayers, why would Moses need this arc. It’s because there are two different things going on here.

First off telepathy would appear to have a limited range. Possibly a few dozen to few hundred feet. This is also why god lost control of us. You can’t mind control an entire planet when everyone is not in the same place. This is why it was always like, love me, obey me, serve me, but make sure to spread the word so others obey. He lost control of people. So you see, if god is close to you, than yes he can hear your thoughts and prayers.

Of course he has to be in the physical form. It seems like when spirits and holy ghosts are mentioned in the bible, it’s referring to telepathy and other alien races. God had help for what he did to us. I always think about that saying that all men are created equal. What’s funny is that there might be some truth in that even along the scale of other races by comparison. There might be differences in powers, but there could be some fairness overall. More and more in abduction reports I’m seeing races teaming up together to abduct us. It’s a scary reality because they have learned that combining powers gives them an unfair advantage. Not that we have any defenses against any of them anyhow.

There is more proof of misdirection with the arc. The arc was placed on the top of Mount Sinai, which also supports the theory of it being a radio device. Even today we place our radio transmitters on the top of mountains. There is one major problem. To talk to someone on the moon, there would be a 1.3 second delay, and someone on Pluto would have a 4 hour delay. When you have a space craft you can fly half way around earth in four minutes. God had to still be close when talking to Moses. Its misdirection and he’s using technology to hide. Just like the burning bush, another radio device to hide behind. There doesn’t seem to be any clues of long delayed replies when Moses talked to god using the arc which means he was most likely here on earth the whole time.

Victimology was used to look for any possible Modus operandi. The big question is WHY! Why would someone go though such trouble and do something so horrible to us. We are after all stuck here and suffering. I was only able to establish 4 possibilities:
A punishment of sorts.
Rescued from a dying planet.

The tree of knowledge seems to be a starting place for understanding. The best I could figure, god simply made up a bogus rule, saying, take from that tree and you will be punished. It could have been a test to see if we would stay compliant with his demands. The problem here is that if we had super intelligent capabilities, and god took that from us, of course we will want to learn. It’s in our design to want to learn.

We can spend our entire life in school and never quench that thirst. I think with our intended intelligence working, Einstein would seem like an idiot. We might be able to do multi level quadrant equations in a fraction of a second. Our slow brains that show a few random neuro sparks here and there would be more like a brightly lit up light bulb. Speaking with our mouths seems to be a form of adaptation because telepathy is common place with other humanoids. Our powers could replace things like the telephone, and internet. We might have a collective thought process that makes us even smarter with collective memory and thought. Also eliminating loneliness. You could no longer lie. This is just an idea of one out of six powers we might have disabled.

While I have no basis to prove ideas on vestigial Oregon’s, I have some ideas. The pineal gland which is often referred to as the third eye, has a pretty good nick name. Very close in definition. Looking at the location and connection in the brain it appears to be responsible for some type of connection between the cerebral cortex and cerebellum. This small gland the size of a grain of rice has been studied for years with no results. At best they have managed to extract hormone from it, into another test subject to get nothing but hallucinations. Keep in mind however that if our DNA is inverted, it is possible that nothing will activate that gland until that is fixed.
I ruled out punishment because erasing the memory of someone to serve out a sentence makes no sense. We were however told we were exiled for a sin.

Nothing was ever mentioned about our planet being destroyed and again why erase our memories. Erasing memory always seems to add up to deceit.
Experimentation was possible but it seemed like a lot of work for just that. God did set us up with various things to eat. It’s apparent that he wanted us to live (well barley) and not have to fend for us.
Slavery was the only thing left. Of course we were to serve god. Very few people know that there is actually a historical period where the Sumerians seem to appear out of nowhere, at the same time the bible places us here, and are mining slaves for gold. Some other race called the annunaki needed the gold because it would help them repair their atmosphere, and we were the slaves that mined it.

This went on for some time and people rebelled and quit. Which leaves us in the position we are in today, rogue slaves with disabled powers. This is what was meant to serve god. I also noticed a possible spelling error / similarity between god and gold, but maybe it’s nothing. There is only one thing better than a slave you don’t have to pay, one you don’t have to take care of, and god did set us up with the ability to get by. It is possible that our race is actually Samarian. Either way, we are castaways and powerless. The offer is clear that if you serve god, you would get to go back to heaven. I think that offer and flight are no longer available.

Jesus is what solved this for me. Jesus is suppose to be our savior, and for me he is but not in any religious sense. Some believe that god made a baby with the virgin Mary. Yes, no, and yes. Because he appears to be more of a mad scientist and appears to play with DNA, I instantly got a different picture of what happened. If we have disabled powers, but god abducted a healthy human from our home planet, and stole some sperm, put it up inside Mary, you have a normal human. Possibly ½ normal at worst.

We have done this for years, it’s called artificial insemination. This is why no one has ever figured any of this out. We have always looked at it backwards like Jesus was super. He wasn’t super he was normal, and his powers are in line with all my research of other life. Once again we are the oddballs. I shared my views with a Russian lady today that actually believes God made a baby with Mary. The problem is that if he did in fact do that, for redemption, its conflicting in design. God is basically saying I made you but I could have made you better, let me show you how much better. That’s not our creator.

If he used a turkey baster to impregnate Mary, again he’s not the creator. Either way you slice it, he’s a mad scientist. Appearing in the Ezekiel chapter with a four headed creature of lion, ox, eagle and man, sums it up for me. Now if that mutation was composed of life we had never seen before, things could be different. Making mutated life from existing life does not make you the creator. It’s also funny how he retrieved Jesus’ body, because he didn’t want to leave that DNA here. He knew exactly what he was doing. It’s a classic scenario of one of the things that aliens like to do, they love to play “The creator.” A large percentage of contact stories proves it.

There is a fine line between being a father and being a creator, and I can see how people in that time could have easily not known the difference. It’s funny how god presented himself as though he was our creator. But did he? Things might have simply been taken out of context. Making us in his image could mean altering our DNA. Performing the act of artificial insemination could have been misinterpreted as him being the father. It makes more sense that the people in that time simply couldn’t grasp the idea of what was going on, and this was simply the best explanation they could offer. After all of this I knew that if I was right with us having powers disabled, there was only one sure way to prove it, DNA

Something else comes into vision after realizing all of this at this point. God made us weak and stupid to prevent us from leaving this planet. Because we are 200,000 years old there is no way our race is primitive. God put us in the dumb down factor. It’s another element that doesn’t allow people to accept much less understand what I’m laying out in all this. We have always thought of ourselves to be highly intelligent, yet we are actually very dumb by comparison. I could guess and say that our race is possibly even more advanced than god’s race. It makes you wonder how it is he got the jump on us. It’s an act of war in my eyes.

There are some exceptions in our intelligence however. It’s clear that our medical background is very high. I have always felt that but never understood why. It’s because he placed us on a planet that was not made for us, we were forced to adapt. In fact that’s all we do to survive here. We probably spend about 95 to 98% of our time adapting. Almost everything we come into contact with on a moment to moment basis is a form of adaptation. And we had to. It’s either go home (which we don’t have the ability) or stay and adapt. Of course Mother Nature will continue to push us off as we do so. We are a virus on this planet, that’s stuck here. Our need for adaptation is so apparent that often times we have compounded adaptation.

The flip side of this is our adaptation in the medical field. Half of the yellow pages of a phone book is comprised of medical related genre. The medical field is always and will always be in demand as we struggle as castaways. So we had to ramp up our medical knowledge or die. It’s not only what has kept us alive but also brought what I’m explaining, to light. In a weird twisted way, the real creator might have thought about the possibilities of what has happened to us, and after a few thousand years, we have figured it out. It’s not like we have fixed it however.

I found a few websites on a guy named Lloyd Pye. He’s very forthcoming with DNA, and findings in the human genome. I watched in horror as one by one, all of my findings and other related issues are confirmed in the proof of the DNA. It was only possible because of methylation. Gene splicing is the commonly known term but methylation means using chemicals to alter DNA, and it’s the only process we know at this time. All living things with DNA have one common fact about them, Blue laminate.

When scientists alter DNA, they can do almost anything, even take you apart and put you back together but the laminate will be orange showing proof of changes. This does not affect the DNA itself but is a form of trace evidence of tampering or alterations. All humans new and old, including biblical bones, test positive for tampering. We all have 6 segments that appear to be removed, inverted and reinserted. If god did this to us, it proves yet again he’s not the real creator.

We have a section of genes that are fused which is also only possible in a lab. Also a plethora of junk (dormant) genes that don’t appear to match anything they have ever seen before (must be our powers). In addition to the gross amount of defect genes that have been explained as though someone had to do this to us on purpose. 12 of them won’t allow you to live past puberty. Someone tried suggesting to me those sections could be proof of evolution. Since nothing else here on earth has those alterations, it’s like saying we are the only thing on earth that has evolved.

Pye believes we were engineered by aliens. That could be taken two different ways. The fact that our MTDNA tells us we are 200,000 years old, I think squashes that idea. We were moved here from another planet. The bible concurs with that. I believe there is a lot of truth in the bible. I stick by the rule that people don’t lie, the person lies, and there are too many involved. God took away our powers making us slow and stupid and powerless, turning us into sheep is one way it’s worded in the bible. It was so bad that he had to issue us the 10 commandments so we could survive and not kill each other.

There might be hope. If we fix our DNA and ramp up our abilities we might be able to get home. At this time, our relatives could visit our planet looking for us and not see us or accept us relatives because we are disabled. God was bent on making sure we were stuck on this rock. The tower of babble was a good example. Punishing us for the idea of trying to get off this rock. It might have only taken us a few thousand years to figure this out but all the other life has grown so much faster than us that I’m sure they are laughing.

My understanding of other life is so keen that often times I can go into a story and realize things that those involved are clueless about. I’m very impressed with my findings. A good example is a video I watched about a man that gets a visit while he was sleeping, and was instantly put into a paralysis state. He was a strong hearted Christian and believed very much in the power of Jesus.

Apparently in the few seconds that this alien was standing at the foot of his bed, he mustered up just enough strength to pray out loud, and envision Jesus coming down from the skies to help him. The alien vanished and never returned. Religious people would instantly say it’s the power of Jesus that saved him. What actually happened is in the few seconds this alien was at the foot of his bed, the connection he had with the man also allowed him to see his thoughts, and he didn’t like what he saw and left. So in a twisted way, you could say, Jesus saved him.

I wondered if there was anything else we deal with on an alien level and don’t realize it. Demonic possession. It is possible that a craft hovers, close overhead invisible with an alien that has mind controlling capabilities. Like the bible says “Satan entered him”. The pastor that read that to me admitted he was unsure what it meant, but it was all to clear to me. Invading someone’s mind with unwanted circumstances is truly a form of terrorism, and not farfetched. I would suggest in these circumstances to possibly get some form of aircraft to fly the area possibly scarring them off, or getting the person underground several feet to try to break the link.

You also might be able to place them in a situation known to block mind waves or some type of helmet to block the waves. Where things get weird is the church handles religion, which I think I have proven without a doubt stemmed from alien activity. If demonic possessions are also from alien activity, it’s interesting how the church also handles exorcisms. Is it possible the church knows exactly what’s going on. Do they choose to not share the truth with us, or do they not see it themselves. It’s possible that the understanding of spirit (spirit in the definition of telepathy just like in the bible) activity is synonymous with alien activity but they just don’t realize it.

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yep ~!! and we're all gonna die .. ~~~!!! and yes.. GOD is multidimentional LOL .. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

I hate to say this, but if our DNA wasn't screwed with, and we had our powers, not only would we probably know how life comes into play, but we wouldn't be lonely to the point that we need imaginary friends.

Your assuming we had powers...this shows a desire about 'you' personally. What you, your ego, the 'I' of you....wishes for.

Also you show that you think there is something wrong because we dont 'know' how life comes into play.

Your ideals are based on what you desire and think/assume 'should' be.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

You can't use a You Tube video as evidence, good sir/ma'am. It is very, very easy to edit videos with all sorts of effects and acting combined to make something seem/feel/look very believable. Be careful to not want to believe something so badly that you brush aside looking at all angles.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by 1Mind1Soul
If GOD is a space alien then what was Jesus Christ? just an alien?

Jesus was a NORMAL human. This is why no one has ever figured this out. It's upside down. He wasn't special or powerful, we are disabled, and our DNA proves it. Trust me if god didn't retrieve his body, we wouldn't be having this chat right now.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by 1Mind1Soul
If GOD is a space alien then what was Jesus Christ? just an alien?

oh and I forgot to say, God used artificial insemination to make Jesus. Of course people back then assumed god was the father. Its a classical case of aliens playing the creator, they love to do it. So the bible did not lie, Mary was still a virgin.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:31 PM
allow me to raise the BS flag

i love you, but your thread is not true

you say things that are just completely false, how do i know? God told me so
better yet, i told myself


people can believe whatever they want, but i know what i know and i know that ALL is well

i can attempt to break down human/earth history, but that would take a while....

i will say that the human body is just a vehicle for our spirt/true experience this reality, we are more than these bodies...

these human bodies were created, we all came together to create them...lots of DNA from throughout the cosmos...

earth is not our first home as the entire universe is our home

we have family throughout the cosmos...

would you like to know more?

keep in touch...

or just remember

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by Bixxi3
ok so wow i had quite a few questions for you but i read your whole post and forgot them all except a couple. btw i haven't read all of the posts as the op tired me out lol
Do you have any sources for the missing timeline in our history? i've never heard that we (todays homo) was around 300,000 years ago. And i would also like your source on that our junk dna isn't from here.
btw the we only use 10% of our brain originates from some author in the 70s i believe. there no truth to it a google search we show that.(no big deal just thought i'd share.)
not to be a pest just without sources were just taking your word and that isn't a option on a forum like this. you might as well be saying your J.C and you've only just figured out how get AOL dial up to work

P.S i have tried to read the bible so many times and i've never really got past the first bit, so i can say with confidence that our race(according to the bible) didn;t just start with adam and eve they had children and god put down more people to mate with.
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just incase it got missed

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by daynight42
reply to post by majormojo500

One more thing though, it doesn't mean they'll want to read it.

After seeing what looked like biblical fluff rehashed and spit up for new consumption, I will kindly walk away.

Sorry, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. Maybe you would rather read another one I'm going to do on how to turn an unwanted toilet paper roll into a fancy food processor.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Well...I don't trust you, and that's not a slight on your personal character. I still don't understand it I don't have any proof. None that I can see, anyhow. I've heard others say that we have "a lot" of mess-ups in our DNA...can anyone link to a credible source that talks/shows this? Just curious.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by ELahrairah

Originally posted by itsthetooth

Well thats a good point. It also helps that all DNA is like made up of only 4 proteins. The problem is that scientists are saying that the line up of our junk DNA is weird in that it doesn't look like anything else they have seen here on earth. Were not from earth which is why, and they are not earthly DNA..

No dna is not made up of protein

It is made up of four sugar molecules Andemine Thymine Guanine and Thymine

The backbone of the DNA strand is made from alternating phosphate and sugar residues.[10] The sugar in DNA is 2-deoxyribose, which is a pentose (five-carbon) sugar. The sugars are joined together by phosphate groups that form phosphodiester bonds between the third and fifth carbon atoms of adjacent sugar rings. These asymmetric bonds mean a strand of DNA has a direction. In a double helix the direction of the nucleotides in one strand is opposite to their direction in the other strand: the strands are antiparallel. The asymmetric ends of DNA strands are called the 5′ (five prime) and 3′ (three prime) ends, with the 5' end having a terminal phosphate group and the 3' end a terminal hydroxyl group. One major difference between DNA and RNA is the sugar, with the 2-deoxyribose in DNA being replaced by the alternative pentose sugar ribose in RNA.

DNA transcribes to RNA and along with ribosomes and several amino acids create protein polypeptide chains that form the various structures through out the organism
here is a nice picture to show you the process it's in most biology books

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sorry, I meant chromosomes, your right.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

You dont have to read any books to understand truth.

You can take away all the books in the world, all the things passed down through time, all the things another person has ever told you....

and you could still figure out, the truth.

Man searches books and things of material...while the keys are right under our noses every day, every hour, every the very design of the universe.

All the stories really dont matter...but some of the figures can influence us to be better people.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:37 PM
I was stuck in religion not too long ago. It's a dead end. It's a closed loop. You won't get anywhere so long as you're stuck in your faith. Science. Get smart. Right now I'm stuck on mortality anxiety and a sense of helplessness. But I still believe despite everything that science and perseverance have our answers. I may not live to see what the answers are, in fact I sometimes wonder if death is just around the corner, but I have faith that other people out there GET IT and humanity will recover from any slumps it's experiencing right now.

One day humans will study our civilization. They'll look back on us and wonder what life was like. I look on them with wonder as well. Will they live on other planets? What will they know?

So much of life is spent worrying, waiting, fearing. We waste a lot of time doing those things.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by Common Scarecrow
"Our mitochondria DNA tells us that we are 150,000 to 200,000 years old."

When was the last time your DNA said ANYTHING to you?

Many "facts" in science have been proven wrong over the years.

Recently carbon dating has been shown to not be reliable.

Science and scientific tests are a good starting point, but do not make science your god.

It will lead to disappointment

Well then brace yourself because its that same DNA that helped determine who your kids and parents are, and who was guilty for committing that murder last year in your neighborhood.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:37 PM
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so called junk DNA is multidemnsional and frequency activated...

as your body can hold a certain frequency and/or your consciousness reaches a cretain stage your DNA will be activated according to your guides/higher self..yourself and your situation..

we do have telepathy and many other abilities..

i know

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:39 PM

Originally posted by 1Mind1Soul
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You stated that entire thread like you were an elve from prehistoric times and know exactly what happened.

Stop watching Star Treck so much and begin with FOX news, it might suit you better.

Its funny you say that... I was so bent on understanding what happened back then, that I put myself in a metaphysical state as though I was back in that time. Understand, I don't do things like that, I don't associate with out of body experiences let alone understand them. It worked, at least from what your telling me.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by BLV12

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong. And don't say you feel Jesus in your heart. This is a work in progress people.

It's up to you to provide one shred of evidence that God was an alien, and not our creator, since it is YOUR theory.

You have simply posted one very long winded post with your theory.

Where is your evidence? Scientific facts? Historical facts? You have none.

Don't worry, the thought has crossed many minds, including mine.
But like so many other possibilities, it's just a theory backed up by no real solid facts or evidence.

And for you to claim that YOU are correct, while others have to provide proof that God wasn't an alien, is ridiculous. YOU are making the claim, therefore YOU PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE THAT HE WAS/IS.

Why do people keep saying prove MY theory. It's not mine, and its not a theory, just read the ezikiel chapter in the bible, the kj version. If you can read, its in black and white. I simply believe it to be accurate, is that ok for proof?

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:41 PM
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what number am i thinking of?
and OP i think i asked some simple questions shouldn't be to hard to since this is 30 years of work im sure you have some evidence other then a youtube video thats been edited...
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by cornucopia
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so called junk DNA is multidemnsional and frequency activated...

as your body can hold a certain frequency and/or your consciousness reaches a cretain stage your DNA will be activated according to your guides/higher self..yourself and your situation..

we do have telepathy and many other abilities..

i know

Can you tell me what Im looking at right now?

Ive always wanted to test such a thing.

Sure, when we are around people we can sometimes 'read' their energy and know what they are thinking, what they want, what is worrying them....but I would not call such telepathy...I would call it being in tune to those around us.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by gimme_some_truth

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong.

Ok, first of all, something about proof... You are the one making the claim here. With all due respect, the burden of proof lies on you. We don't disprove your claim. You prove it.

If you want me to believe that God is a space alien, prove it.

Now, let me say, I do believe in God and an after life, but I do not follow any religion. I have my own personal set of beliefs that feel right, in my heart. I believe that we are all one. God is we and we are God and God is Love. So to speak. So, in a sense, sure, God is a space alien, but he is also a cowgirl, a lawyer, a quarterback, a homeless man, every bit of energy in this Universe.

Now, the definition of the word God, is that of a creator of all in which you see.

the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

So by definition to say God was a space alien and not our real creator... Well, you are not really making sense...

So all that said, please do feel free to prove your claim.

Read your bible, see my last reply.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by cornucopia

Well I do hope you are right. I think it'd be pretty dang neat to have the abilities that you described. I wish for one that I could communicate better with my animal companions. I can pick up on body language, but you know, "words" or the sense of them would be nice. Sorry, random diversion.

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