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It's official, GOD was a space alien, and NOT our real creator

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by DragonriderGal

Originally posted by NightGypsy

A good point, DragonriderGal.

This is exactly why mankind has wandered this Earth in a state of confusion and dissolution....not understanding why we have such inner conflict.....

It's because what we've been taught makes no damn sense. Everything that has been shoved down our throats is a complete and total contradiction! It doesn't doesn't have a ring of truth. Only the truth can set us free from this turmoil.

People tell us we shouldn't question why so many horrible things happen in this world. We're not supposed to question God's ways. We're supposed to look at the world as a beautiful place.

The Earth is, indeed, beautiful, but the Earth with the human species populating it is not. This world has much more potential for beauty, but we have made it an ugly place. This world is not beautiful because we are a very confused, despondent species who has a higher intelligence, but who appears to have been manipulated and deceived by an outside force for reasons we have yet to understand.

Without the Jue-sah here, we humans wouldn't be nearly so prone to bad behavior. We just see the uber rich (read Jue-sah/Illuminati flunkies) getting away with it, not realizing their karma is being held in abeyance as per our racial unconscious's contract with them. If we knew that, there would be a LOT less human meanness because we'd know WE don't have that abeyance, and that we pay, and pay dearly for being mean and nasty karmically.

It is the Jue-sah manipulating us. It is their control tool that tells us not to question. It is their ugliness you see. Once they're kicked off the planet after the contract expires, this world will once again be as lovely as it was. We, who make full enlightenment plus the returned E-l*th will get things back to normal and beautiful pretty quick.
And the humans who don't make enlightenment will be much nicer without the abusive Jue-sah always trying to enslave us and strip us of what is rightfully ours.

And it is quite understandable. The Jue-sah think they have the right to own us, and do with us what they will. Since we've outsmarted them and made them look like fools to the galactic community way too many times, and slipped out of their control in the process, they've gotten to where they really hate us humans, and making us suffer is one of the only things left that makes them happy.

Frankly they've gotten pretty darn twisted during their time here, trying to manage us. They weren't the kindest species to begin with, being low man on the energy working pole as they were, but this experience with us (theoretically lower on the pole even still) has pushed them over the edge, I'm afraid. But they'll pay.. 350,000 years worth of karma coming due is going to hurt; and the Elves are going to deliver a LOT of it when they boot the Jue-sah's ugly butts off the planet.

And that is the clearest and brightest future I see in the racial unconscious. The other possible futures aren't nearly so well defined, and many are just wishful thinking with the attendant efforts to manifest them on the part of the Jue-sah and their flunkies.

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For some reason though, I don't think we have a connection any longer. Maybe its because god has never appeared in a hell of a long time.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong. And don't say you feel Jesus in your heart. This is a work in progress people.

I invite YOU to give me *one* shred of evidence that you're right. Just one. That is all.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by w810i
reply to post by boniknik

The man Jacob wrestled DID NOT claim to be God. The passage you highlighted about multiple Gods only states he was not with a strange God. The only one of the three is the one were God came and ate with them. Anyways nothing is official about this thread. Nothing proves God is or isn't a space alien. Just another ATS poster who has their tinfoil hat on too tight.

Oh crap I forgot to put mine on today. That cracks me up.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:49 PM
itsthetooth, up for some discussion on the post I left? Yes or no? I see you're still here so I'm just curious if you still want to talk about stuff.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Dear itsthetooth,

Too many things to respond to so I will pick one. You summarize what the aliens do, how it is harmful and mean. Jacque Vallee stated that they resembled the story of demons. Jacque Vallee has determined that their machines seem interdemensional rather than alien. That creates a problem. If you accept alternate universes as being real then you have already accepted that there can be a spiritual realm. If you do not know of Mr. Vallee, he is the French scientist being imitated in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and worked with Hyneck on project Blue Book.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:56 PM
ok so wow i had quite a few questions for you but i read your whole post and forgot them all except a couple. btw i haven't read all of the posts as the op tired me out lol
Do you have any sources for the missing timeline in our history? i've never heard that we (todays homo) was around 300,000 years ago. And i would also like your source on that our junk dna isn't from here.
btw the we only use 10% of our brain originates from some author in the 70s i believe. there no truth to it a google search we show that.(no big deal just thought i'd share.)
not to be a pest just without sources were just taking your word and that isn't a option on a forum like this. you might as well be saying your J.C and you've only just figured out how get AOL dial up to work

P.S i have tried to read the bible so many times and i've never really got past the first bit, so i can say with confidence that our race(according to the bible) didn;t just start with adam and eve they had children and god put down more people to mate with.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by Section31

Originally posted by itsthetooth
Adam and Eve were supposedly the first to start our race. If this is true than we would have a gross amount of defects in our genes, and we do.

Would it surprise you to know that I am a Christian, and I do not believe Adam and Eve were to first two human beings? Since I see things from a literary, scientific, biblical, philosophical, and psychological perspective, I can take your entire theory and blow it out of the water. Adam and Eve were 'the first two human beings to have evolved into full awareness'. Now, don't read that statement wrongfully. What I am simply saying is that humanity evolved through many generations until they hit Adam and Eve. Once mankind became fully aware (the biting into the apple moment), God thought it was a perfect time to introduce himself to the species. Everything in the Book of Genesis is based upon fundamentalism and 'symbolism'.

When it comes to your alien theory, you are pointing at the wrong section in the book of Genesis. Between humanity's fall from the garden and Noah's ark, one specific event change the genetic structure of humanity. Although people point to Noah's ark as God's way of removing sin 'from humanity', there is a MAJOR event in which they completely miss.

Clink: Genesis 6

1 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

5 The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.

God flooded the Earth because a species alien to Earth had mated with humanity. As a result of the new species blending with humanity, the offspring they produced became corrupt. Other words, the DNA of angels mixed with humanity, and created a more sinful species. What is rather interesting is - If you read the book "Gilgamesh", the Great Flood was recorded in ancient Sumerian. If Noah's family were the only survivors, how was it written with another set of characters? Do you see the conundrum?

Did God allow some of the hybrid species to survive; thus, he created the BIGGEST conundrum in biblical literary history?

Descendants of Adam and Eve and the descendants of Adam and Eve and Sons of God.

At this point in human history, the genetic lines between them all would be 100% blended. Other words, no one on Earth can claim to be a 100% descendant of Adam and Eve.

Get it?

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Very nice. I think I get it. But some problems you missed.....
Humanity evolved into full awareness, all the way up to Adam and eve. What the hell I need to eat every four hours. Did we evolve on a mass level before we ate the apple, or was it just mentioned for no specific reason. Evolving into full awareness in my opinion is a classic case of TGA. The problem is that I have never heard of it used in the length of evolution, not that it can't. It's just an observation, I don't accept my views that easy, FYI. On the mixing of races I can totally see whats going on, Racial cleansing. Sounds like an alien capability for sure. The problem is that its a mixing of races. Normally you cant just mix races, or er rather species. I'm assuming they were alien is my point. Anyhow, my point is if we mate with an alien, just like an animal, I don't think that will produce a baby. The problem is that its a well know fact based on abductions that they know how to make it work. So all possible. Just like god showing up in the ezekiel chapter with the four headed mutation of lion, ox, eagle and man.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:00 PM
Lets define "official". It, by most people (which makes it official), is the common acceptance of something for a organisation or group. So what in the original post is commonly accepted to everyone on this website to make it official? Being it is posted on this website then the majority here would have to accept the original post as fact to make it official.

So unless we take a pole and the majority accept God not only exists but is also an alien then it cannot be official on this website.

God is supposed to be the creator so how can God be defined as an alien to begin with if God created everything.... Or is there more definitions of God that are "official".

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:08 PM
One theory why we have thousands of genetic defects while most other living organisms on Earth has a few or none between them is because we were engineered using various alien races with native Earthlings because our 'Gods' needed a more intelligent species to mine gold from the Earth.

Our 'Gods' lacked technology to build complex robots but it was easier for them to perform genetic engineering and the 'product' would be able to replicate.

There may have been power struggles as it is hinted in the Bible and our 'Gods' were sent away packing, paving the way for other alien races to exploit Earth.

I find the theory that states the reptilians have since taken over Earth and the reason why Earth seems to be such a messed up place of negativity is because reptilians feed off negative energies, an interesting theory, with certain lightweight evidence existing of this.

Perhaps the reptilians have always been here, long before the 'Gods' from Orion or Sirius came.

Could be complete rubbish though. I have a feeling that only those who are in the highest of security clearances know the truth though- if we can get it from them.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by MACchine
You are just BEGINNING to wake up, but your awakening is LOPSIDED !!!

OMG thats funny LOL lopsided.

You need to watch this almost old History Channel episode, the scientific view of Eden ...

History Channel - Mysteries of the Garden of Eden Pt 1of2

This resolves your timing issues, GODs creation of Man is more about a GREAT DNA based Awakening as opposed to an INSTANT synthesis of the species of MAN. And this also resolves the many confusing issues of the Nephilim and Cain's offspring.

As far as the abduction phenomena goes, if you pay close attention to ALL of the information on this with a little bit of skepticism it is pretty obvious that it is all about a large on going military black op. The drug that they use to weaken the senses and create amnesia would be LORAZEPAM, more commonly known as horse tranquilizer or the date rape drug.

Wow, so they had horse tranquilizer in biblical days? Wait, Lorazepam ????? I'm not taking it anymore.

Take the cattle mutilation phenomena, these strange events were first implicated to be of alien origin because of the very strange CLEAN wounds from removed organs of the animal carcasses left behind. I do not know exactly when the cattle mutilations started but I know it is a recent phenomena and probably came into common media in the early 1980s, about 30 years ago, perhaps 40 years ago.

There are two new surgical tools that were recently patented and made public, the laser scalpel which cuts and cauterizes very cleanly and instantly and the laser stitcher which melts and binds skin. It is said that military technology is 50 years ahead of domestic, so in this case it was more like 35 years ahead, the military is definitely SLIPPING !!!

So now with the knowledge that it was LIKELY that the military could make the types of incisions first seen in cattle mutilations and then if we REEXAMINE the old information new again, it is clear that these were military operations where the military is creating and testing either manufactured diseases or new vaccines, although it is even very possible they were just testing the toxicity of compounds like radioactive materials that are too expensive and socially volatile to test domestically.

I know a tad about this, and have to tell you there is just one big hole in this. While I totally know mutilations happen, and feel strongly about them, you and most thinking the military is behind them is just weird.

Come on people I know our country is bankrupt and cows are expensive but Can't the military afford their own cattle.

Now for the final big topic of alien life, the entire modern concept of extra-terrestrials is rather childish and primitive based in superstition rather then objective science based possibilities. The concept that aliens are coming here though interstellar travel is severely flawed by the difficulty of accomplishing such an advanced technology. And I would always argue that we are in no position to postulate objectively the likely hood or means of interstellar travel as we are still primarily moving stuff around in local space with rockets, once we move on to a more advanced engine for travel only then do we being to gain experience, for now we CLAIM to know how to do time travel, SORT OF, but this is highly speculative, arrogant, and ignorant !

Well maybe its because we just aren't that smart, maybe because of god putting us in the dumb down factor. We are 200,000 years old, we do have a fascination with travel. Hum, ya, he screwed us. Keep in mind also that our inability to accept the idea of intelligent life is simply based not on what we know, but what we choose to ignore.

Now, as far as I know the above explanations actually do a good job of covering ALL of the ET phenomena, these simple ideas could explain it ALL, as for the abduction numbers they are certainly highly exaggerated, but another point of view needs to be exposed because just as believing in intelligent life in the universe is logical, this new concept is also, LOGICAL !!!

There is a conventional explanation for intelligent advanced alien species, conventional explanations for anything are ALWAYS much more likely to REALLY EXIST. The human species and its origin species the increasing size and complexity of the Human brain has been going on for about 165,000 years, how long were the dinosaurs here, Wikipedia says 165 million years ? Ya, isn't it weird how we were late comers to earth.


If the simple physical mechanisms of Evolution was the means of GODs creation of life on Earth then it is NOT possible for those mechanisms to function DIFFERENTLY in the time of the dinosaurs, the rules of their creation would be EXACTLY THE SAME as the rules of our creation, thus, it is impossible for me to NOT believe something that is very simple ...

... during the time of dinosaurs multiple intelligent species with a brain similar to ours and beyond evolved and created many advanced civilizations, WELL OVER 1 MILLION YEARS OLD FAR FAR FAR MORE ADVANCED THEN WE ARE NOW, which could have easily survived the cataclysms since then and still live on this planet with us, NOW, and have cities deep in the ocean.

Thus, the USA military having the first and by far most advanced naval submarine fleet would know of these species and have some information on them, but their cities would have very advanced cloaking technology, thus, the information on them could be quite superficial, but it would explain why Men in Black debriefing enlisted men after a nuke base was shut down by saucers would start out by telling these men, "THEY have been here for a VERY LONG TIME !"

AND it would explain ALL of the propaganda which convinces everyone they come here from other planets, IF they come from THIS PLANET, that creates quite a different perspective and gives THEM THE RIGHT AND CERTAINLY THE POWER TO TELL US WHAT TO DO, they could even have created US, although I still believe GOD from the Protestant Christian view is the most enlightened point of view and consciousness is the prevailing phenomena in our universe.

AND an advanced species like this could EASILY have bases on the dark side of the Moon and Mars, HELL, they might have even built the Moon !!!


I BELIEVE that the prevailing phenomena in this universe is NOT DUST but CONSCIOUSNESS !!!

Now consider a primordial universe a place where only original species are evolving for the FIRST LIFE !

Those species could very well have evolved in a physics a little or substantially different then ours, this is not a vital point, it is just very possible that things were quite different back then. There would have been interstellar wars similar to the vision of Starwars and eventually a superior intelligence of supreme power would have emerged as the Great ALL Powerful Leader.

This scenario is almost required as our galaxy and universe is soo much older then Earth, the Earth is soo young, we could NOT POSSIBLY BE THE FIRST AND WE ARE NOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE BEGINNING !!!

Thus, with the emergence of a great leader with great power through technology would then commence to recreate the universe with a reality that would ALWAYS follow his rules and maintain his dominance. It has been said and evidence documented that we are wired to believe in God, WELL, DOESN'T THIS PROVE THAT THERE IS A GOD !?!?!?

If this GREATEST consciousness rules then we would live in a reality that constantly reminds us of his existence and MAINTAINS his dominance, and enforces his rules.

New Agers are convinced that WE should be able to walk through walls, their own logic PROVES THAT THERE IS A GOD, because they can NOT walk through walls. They believe that they should be the prevailing consciousness and be able to dictate over unconscious matter, BUT THEY CAN NOT, this is because GOD's CONSCIOUSNESS PREVAILS !!!

That was a great rebuttal but too bad it is ALL NONSENSE people that believe they can transmutative matter need to abandon their beliefs in DUST and understand that electron shells have a very STRONG WAVE character that is one of the most powerful forces in nature.

The more important point is that IF a GOD created the physics that we exist in NOW, and HE controls our reality daily without our knowledge or detection by, TINKERING THE MACRO THROUGH THE QUANTUM, then our knowledge of him would be imparted to us through the ages, through his desire that we know of him, thus ...



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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:11 PM
well i couldn't be bothered to wait so heres what i found about junk dna and alien life. the only evidence i can find is from art bell and other conspiracy sites. and i also found this

Then the story began to unravel. For one thing, the professor alleged to have been the guiding hand behind the discover, Dr. Sam Chang, turned out to be fictitious, at least, as far as the Human Genome Project was concerned:

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by zadkiel
DEAR ALL... PLEASE FIND AND READ THE URANTIA BOOK. There are answers to all your questions. The link for the online version is

That looks interesting, I will have to look deeper. I don't like the take on Jesus. I think Jesus was our personal savior because he was going to give us back our powers. It's common sense, he had original DNA, ours has 7 altered sections so even by evolution, we eventually would have become normal. Of course it didn't happen that way.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by shadowland8
Thank you for making this thread. I had the same idea that Jesus or God or whatever was an alien. I made a thread about it but definitely not to the extent of your post!

Here's the link to mine.

Anyway, you make a great argument so well done. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever truly find out the truth, will we? I don't think we'll ever get the truth handed out to us on a silver platter. It'll always be speculation to some extent.

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Hey, don't feel bad, I'm just overworked and was unemployed for two years. We don't all have that type of time. Your on the right path, thats whats important. You are Awake and Aware.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:18 PM
The mind is a curious and powerful thing and we know this for a fact from our dreams and our need to express through imagination/art. We have a need, to create, through expressions, of ourselves, of our desires, of our fears, of our ideals. The mind, us as beings, must express.

OP you may ask yourself...why is it that in that a few thousand years ago...the ones that took on the belief of angels, was able to see angels. Have angels now gone extinct? Or could there be a deeply conscious connection through what we believe, what we desire, ways we use to relieve stress or feelings, to us creating a experience similar to the way we experience things in our dreams.

Did you know that one can dream, while awake? That the brain can act in the same ways it does during dream state, while we are awake? There is a name for it...I will have to look it up.

What I find strange is that the group of people that experience aliens...have similar personality types, are open to 'new age' kind of thinking, and this is similar to the idea of when people used to see angels, they had a 'preconceived idea or belief' or was at least open to it....before the experience happened.

How do we really know that our brain/mind does not create things for reasons we just dont understand yet?

When someone experiences a traumatic experience...they are more likely to have a spiritual experience out of the blue. It seems to be related to their need of being comforted or loved. Can we really say the experience is as real as the world we see with our eyes and feel with our hands? Can we really say that this is not our mind 'creating'....doing what it does please our desires, our needs, even to challenge or feed, our fears?

To to express...and I think the mind expresses itself in many ways.

I think when we look at a unique experience of a individual...we are actually looking into them, their desires, their fears, their ideals.

I think we naturally evolved here on this earth and are very much of this earth and I also dont think this leaves out room for a 'spirit' of all things.

Maybe we just need to relook at our common definition of 'god'. Maybe God is not something that is separate from us at all...maybe its not something that sits around making decisions or choices...maybe its as natural as a seed that blooms in spring and then hibernates through winter.

Im not saying I dont think there is not other life out there some where....but I dont think they are visiting us.

Dreams and experiences have one thing in common...they are built upon 'preconceived images or ideas' in ones mind. Built upon a belief, something they read, something they watched on tv or movie, something someone else has mentioned to them.

It could be that we create remain...dreamers. If we could not would we ever create anything or improve anything?

I think we limit imagination and the need to express...way too much. Dreaming and creating is what makes us so amazing amongst the kingdom of creatures.

I find it no happenstance either that once one has a experience...if they liked it...they can keep inducing experiences when they seek them.

There is a majority that enjoys having an experience because it makes them fill like there is some sort of worth to they have been able to have something that others do not have...some have the need to 'be different'. Its known in eastern mystics that experiences can be addictive and that many cant get past the level of having experiences because its so fulfilling to the 'self' that they would rather keep having the experiences then try to understand the messages going on between their unconsciousness and consciousness. It is a spiritual thing...experiences...but its not from something outside of us or separate from us....its from within us.

But those who are enjoying the 'experiences' wont be able to even consider that this could be the case. I know...because I was one of them. Experiences were filling me, the self, with some sort of 'worth'. Facing the psychological issue of it all was not easy...but thankfully, it helped me in spirit, understand me as a being of spirit and understand the oneness we are all of.

You can tap into anything. Depends though what you are in need of and how open you can let your mind be.

Just all relates to 'you' on a deeper level then what meets the 'minds eye'. The question is...can you stand outside of the experience and see the message, see what the unconsciousness is relaying to the consciousness...what does it show about yourself, about your desires, your ideals, your fears.

Angels are becoming extinct in the 'minds eye' while aliens are the 'new image' mankinds 'eye' seems to relate to for translating 'messages' to itself.

My best

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by Xcathdra
reply to post by itsthetooth

If you want proof that god is real, then please provide us with proof of alien existance.

Its called Faith me amigo... belief in things unseen.

without faith, we are nothing.

ok, ok, I keep getting these prove it replies. Oh wow, where to start. I know, how about a video that actually shows someone getting abducted and actually being plucked out of thin air ???? It's real. It's been analyzed and appears to be the real macoy. I can also get you a link to an abduction recreation that is proven from reports of two groups that didn't know each other but were abducted.
If you pause it just right, you can see where he steps outside into the dark, and instantly realizes there is something right above him, look up, jolts back in posture, bright light hits him and hes gone. Comes back two hours later sick, disoriented, and staggers away.
Here is a woman that doesn't believe in aliens, yet she gets abducted.

I'm still looking for an atheists that tells me he feels Jesus in his heart.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

Jesus was not concerned about powers...that is what man wanted him to be.

Man doesnt like the idea that he taught under trees, on the side of the road, didnt want any money, and had no need for fancy things.

He taught humility...not power.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:25 PM

Originally posted by dizzie_lizzie79
reply to post by itsthetooth

Well for starters...idk what to believe anymore. So many other things make scense and i do believe our "Bible" Has been tampered with. All i know and feel inside that i need to know is that:

#1 There is a creator whom ever he/she/it is

#2 All we need is Love

Good thread though! Give people some things to think about!
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I hate to say this, but if our DNA wasn't screwed with, and we had our powers, not only would we probably know how life comes into play, but we wouldn't be lonely to the point that we need imaginary friends.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by itsthetooth

You dont have to believe in them...

All you need is a preconceived a movie or book that stuck a cord of fear or desire in you.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:28 PM
Another '' official '' GOD has been finally unmasked to us all thread. Give me a break, take a look around you everyday you awake, look around, stop and stare, you'll see God and the Devil everyday.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by daynight42
reply to post by majormojo500

Ignore the people who are so used to things taking hundreds of hours to create and put into video format so that they don't get bored and the matter at hand cannot hold their attention.

If your message is important enough, people will be able to read through what you typed up.

I have a video on youtube, search "the 7 elements god" and its a two part, total like 21 minutes. However, my purpose on why we were here was based on current events, not biblical, so I assumed we must be lab rats. It's clear we were actually mining slaves for gold. I was wrong.

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