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It's official, GOD was a space alien, and NOT our real creator

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:51 PM
Dumbest thread all day..

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by MACchine

Uh.. no, the bible is a bunch of stories strung together by the Jue-sah with the control and manipulation of humanity in mind. Period.

And yes, the aliens are here, and the E-l*th (aka elves) were here long before us, starting around the end of the dinosaur era, since they were the ones to direct the asteroid into the earth to killed the dinos off. They wanted the planet for one of their vacation worlds, and big reptiles are too dangerous to have around---especially the T-rex type. The E-l*th use a lot of illusions in their defense and the reptilian brain isn't vulnerable to that kind of manipulation, lacking the more advanced sections found in a mammal brain. (Part of why the dragons and elves so don't get along.)

And no, the alien races rarely if ever used ships. They would travel the energy pathways of which the stargates are a part. A trip from their home world was a couple days casual stroll for them, versus a multi-million year star ship journey. Nobody used ships in those days, but with the energy pathways ripped out as Atlantis went down, any travel to here has had to be in ships, although they do come from the closest energy portal, so it is only a couple hundred thousand years worth of travel. And I can see that the energy pathways are being restored by the E-l*th even as we speak. I see one is fully functional again and two more are coming on line soon. That's how the elves are coming back to kick the Jue-sah's butts off this planet.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by majormojo500

Ignore the people who are so used to things taking hundreds of hours to create and put into video format so that they don't get bored and the matter at hand cannot hold their attention.

If your message is important enough, people will be able to read through what you typed up.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:59 PM
If GOD is a space alien then what was Jesus Christ? just an alien?

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by majormojo500

One more thing though, it doesn't mean they'll want to read it.

After seeing what looked like biblical fluff rehashed and spit up for new consumption, I will kindly walk away.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth

Well thats a good point. It also helps that all DNA is like made up of only 4 proteins. The problem is that scientists are saying that the line up of our junk DNA is weird in that it doesn't look like anything else they have seen here on earth. Were not from earth which is why, and they are not earthly DNA..

No dna is not made up of protein

It is made up of four sugar molecules Andemine Thymine Guanine and Thymine

The backbone of the DNA strand is made from alternating phosphate and sugar residues.[10] The sugar in DNA is 2-deoxyribose, which is a pentose (five-carbon) sugar. The sugars are joined together by phosphate groups that form phosphodiester bonds between the third and fifth carbon atoms of adjacent sugar rings. These asymmetric bonds mean a strand of DNA has a direction. In a double helix the direction of the nucleotides in one strand is opposite to their direction in the other strand: the strands are antiparallel. The asymmetric ends of DNA strands are called the 5′ (five prime) and 3′ (three prime) ends, with the 5' end having a terminal phosphate group and the 3' end a terminal hydroxyl group. One major difference between DNA and RNA is the sugar, with the 2-deoxyribose in DNA being replaced by the alternative pentose sugar ribose in RNA.

DNA transcribes to RNA and along with ribosomes and several amino acids create protein polypeptide chains that form the various structures through out the organism
here is a nice picture to show you the process it's in most biology books

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:01 PM
"Our mitochondria DNA tells us that we are 150,000 to 200,000 years old."

When was the last time your DNA said ANYTHING to you?

Many "facts" in science have been proven wrong over the years.

Recently carbon dating has been shown to not be reliable.

Science and scientific tests are a good starting point, but do not make science your god.

It will lead to disappointment

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

You stated that entire thread like you were an elve from prehistoric times and know exactly what happened.

Stop watching Star Treck so much and begin with FOX news, it might suit you better.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong. And don't say you feel Jesus in your heart. This is a work in progress people.

It's up to you to provide one shred of evidence that God was an alien, and not our creator, since it is YOUR theory.

You have simply posted one very long winded post with your theory.

Where is your evidence? Scientific facts? Historical facts? You have none.

Don't worry, the thought has crossed many minds, including mine.
But like so many other possibilities, it's just a theory backed up by no real solid facts or evidence.

And for you to claim that YOU are correct, while others have to provide proof that God wasn't an alien, is ridiculous. YOU are making the claim, therefore YOU PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE THAT HE WAS/IS.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
I invite ANYONE to give me one shred of evidence, please prove me wrong.

Ok, first of all, something about proof... You are the one making the claim here. With all due respect, the burden of proof lies on you. We don't disprove your claim. You prove it.

If you want me to believe that God is a space alien, prove it.

Now, let me say, I do believe in God and an after life, but I do not follow any religion. I have my own personal set of beliefs that feel right, in my heart. I believe that we are all one. God is we and we are God and God is Love. So to speak. So, in a sense, sure, God is a space alien, but he is also a cowgirl, a lawyer, a quarterback, a homeless man, every bit of energy in this Universe.

Now, the definition of the word God, is that of a creator of all in which you see.

the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

So by definition to say God was a space alien and not our real creator... Well, you are not really making sense...

So all that said, please do feel free to prove your claim.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:14 PM
Oh, this again

No comment on the title, let's get into your claims:
1. Because we aren't perfect and don't understand EVERYTHING about the world from the getgo we must not belong here.
2. It is clear by the *fact* that we have supposedly existed for 200,000 years (most scientists believe humans are only 50,000 years old) according to our dna, which if Darwinism is correct, is inherited from older species (nevermind that bit) we must not be from this Earth
3. Because our DNA is so different from other species in spite of similarities we must not belong to this planet. Nevermind the traditional line of thought that mankind was a creation set apart which this evidence can also corroborate. That's what the MAN wants you to think.
4. So based on all previous leaps in logic let's move on to the crux of the suppositions: God is a meany and an alien who created us as slaves and unfairly demanded a moral code from us.
5. Since God is an ET and not supernatural, the Ark was a walkie talkie with the tablets of Gilgamesh even though it actually held the tablets of the law, but shhhh! shhhh! CONTEXT IS FOR CONFORMISTS
6. Why would God ask Adam and Eve where they were after they ate the forbidden fruit? Nevermind rhetorical questions, this proves he isn't omnipotent. Oh, and get this, if you take the sentence “Where are you?” and change the words around and add some in it changes the meaning entirely! So after I edit it so it meets my expectations (it's ok, they had no translation standards or reverence and they messed it up) we get “Do you know where you are?” which means that HE WIPED THEIR MEMORY!!11!1
7. Now to give you an idea of what God is, I'm going to operate within the confines of post 1950's thought and use a concept that grew out of sensationalism and apply it to a God I already don't like. [I'm going to break the tongue and cheek diatribe for a moment to address those who have had real UFO experiences (you know who you are). You can make huge leaps in logic to apply ETs to Biblical events, but they are quite different aren't they? First you have to assume that a very erudite and philosophical group of people (the Israelites) could not accurately describe a space craft or flying saucer (how sophisticated is that description?) in the way they are described today. Next you have to assume that there is absolutely no spiritual explanation to anything and make huge leaps in logic to apply specific biblical terms to vague new agey UFO terminology as opposed to the specific UFO terminology such as greys and space craft. Another point of interest is that this poster neither has extensive knowledge or experience in Judeo-Christian thought and history nor has he ever seen an ET, let alone be abducted. Final point: UFO sitings and abductions are often specific and don't pop up in history unless you stretch imagery to a breaking point until the 1950's when the abductions began. Consider the possibility that demons exist. They know our culture is becoming more secular and a traditional spiritual demonic attack would lead that person to God or more likely Christ because you can't be an atheist after that. Bearing this in mind wouldn't it be reasonable to surmise that they are intelligent enough to alter their attacks to appear more materialistic than spiritual, by hallucinations and such?] This is reasonable because we are so much more sophisticated and intelligent than the ancients who continue to baffle scientists with their archaeological leavings. When the Israelites described the "Cherubim" (pshaw) as "spinning wheels filled with eyes and on fire with the glory of the LORD" (can't provide an accurate quote, I don't have to read the Bible or get context to make leaps in logic) what they really meant was "flying saucer" and "doohickey". When they spoke of the "shining white raiment of the angels" they meant "tinfoilish suits that the greys wear". How far we've come.
8. By this point I'm sure you've guessed I'm Marcion and I came up with this idea over a millennia ago. You see, I didn't like God very much so I decided to take the Bible and write my own scriptures to turn Biblical themes and entities on their head through huge leaps of logic. I couldn't be bothered to read all of the Bible in context to see why God would punish anyone perpetuating the curse of sin and death and trying to lead the Israelites away from their Lord and Savior. God should never punish anyone right? He should just let us all roam away from the source of life and never CORRECT anyone. So I started writing inverted Biblical fanfiction and came to the conclusion by my own writings and select writings that agreed with me, that the God of the Israelites was not our creator and was really the evil demiurge who enslaved us and trapped us in the prison of this world. I was cruelly surpressed by the Christian Church Fathers who showed that I had no succession from the apostles and was just a layman writing fan fiction. As it would turn out, my vague ideas can easily be applied to equally vague UFO terminology to make the idea seem fresh and relevant to the times. Eventually my ideas will fade out when they are debunked and will pass like all fads. In the mean time, I'm going to milk it for what it's worth before the discerning arrive. But don't worry, I'll be back, all heresies have comebacks and reapplications. The Arians came back as the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Manichaeans came back to some extent with the Mormons, the Chilliasts came back as both fundies pining for a theocracy and the Utopians like those of the Venus Project.

Interesting, but this song has been covered more than Gloria and Louie Louie.

Thank you to all of the discerning, stuff like this just burns like wildfires on ATS.
Al Maseeh Qam! Christ is risen!
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:17 PM
You contradict yourself. You say at the beginning that you have verified 4 million reports of human ESP and then later ask why humans don't have it.

Then I stopped reading somewhere around Sodom and Gomorah.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:19 PM

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:27 PM

Originally posted by 1Mind1Soul
reply to post by DragonriderGal

You stated that entire thread like you were an elve from prehistoric times and know exactly what happened.

Stop watching Star Treck so much and begin with FOX news, it might suit you better.

All this information is in the racial unconscious, stored in the memories of those beings/people who actually lived thru those events, ex-elves included; I can very clearly see what happened because I'm accessing those actual memories. It's often like watching the history channel without the Leonard Nimoy voice overs.

And from what I can tell, Roddenberry was probably accessing the racial unconscious for a lot of his stuff as well, especially when he got to ST: DS9. The Vulcans are the high elves, the Romulans are the lesser elves, the Klingons, the true humans (kinda funny that he made the true humans 'aliens'! *lol*), the Jue-sah are the Ferengi and so on. These are some of the correlations I've made so far. I think he was insulting the tall skinny blue people by portraying them as those short blue beings with small fleshy antenna that were tech-savvy but in general were never portrayed in a kindly light.

And FOX news is one of the NWO bunch's (current face of the Jue-sah/illuminati) biggest spin tools. I wouldn't believe a single word anyone said on that station except for those they 'interview' with the intention of making them look like fools because they are going against the NWO's party line. Like those who are decrying the 9-11 thing as a musilum plot for instance, when it is clear to the rest of the world that it so was an inside job. Anything the employees of that station say is never going to be the actual plain truth. It is always going to be spun like the propaganda that it is.

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:29 PM

Originally posted by itsthetooth
Limited in its just matrilineal.

You said, "MTDNA only holds a very limited portion of all mothers of your lineage," so it seemed you were saying something different.

Sooo, your saying the year we live in now 2011 minus BC years adds up 200,000?

Minus what BC years?

I know they would disagree, its the why I was trying to expose it. I find NOTHING that states it isn't physical.

I find nothing that states it isn't a giant anthropomorphic marshmallow. Your reasoning is ass-backward.

It depends on other health factors and environment. At the same time thats not to say everyone on the home planet always gets perfect sleep. I think its more of an issue of percentage in contrast. It's not proof, just an observation.

So how are you separating the signal from the noise in that observation? What statistical methods are you using to determine that we, as a species, experience more circadian rhythm disorders that we "should"? And what are you using as a baseline case to test that against?

If you have any doubts when someone says earth is not your home, I start an 8 thousand paragraph that wouldn't even be the beginning. In comparison to saying god was an alien I could present you with probably 12 profound elements that make it so. The difference here is how much we know about aliens. We know very little, probably 25 things about them. If I'm able to tie 12 of those to the start of our existence here on earth, that is truly amazing. The problem is that they are profound elements and not everyone believes in these things.

Then present them. "I could" is meaningless when you're claiming to be official and authoritative.

Of course its not the case. Cause of anything does not trigger adaptation. seriously your making me laugh on this part. Walk down the pharmacy isles in stores and look at how much we are adapting because of how sick we are. Make a list of sickness and disease for humans compared to animals. I would venture to say that humans get more their fair share. The day animal and plant life adopt medics and pharmaceuticals to survive is the day I will consider differently. In fact just take the "A's" of what we deal with by alphabet and compare. Otherwise you in for a long find, on the human side anyhow.

And I'd venture to say that most of the things in the pharmacy dept of my local grocery store are there to cover things that are self-inflicted. Either way, both of our claims are anecdotal, unless you have something more solid to back that up. Further, we're not the only thing that evolves. Microorganisms that cause disease and illness evolve rapidly to develop resistances to antibiotics, for example. Again, no compelling evidence for your hypothesis that we came from another planet.

Oh but we do have proof. Zacaria sitchian even points it out. Anyhow. There is contradictions even in the bible about able being sent to town after murdering his brother. It would appear there might have been other races here before, so it becomes an issue of race. Your choice, either god wasn't the creator, or he wasn't the creator.

Sitchin's translations are worse than amateur and typically far overreaching, his hypothesis for the creation of the solar system is completely inconsistant with modern observation, and his literalism in translating mythology is laughable. If you're basing your argument on Sitchin, you got problems.

No some of them don't even speak the same language. It's not a percentage idea based on our count, its a percentage based on probability. Now just explain how they are all having the same hallucinations. Why not paul bunion, why not witches, why not wizards, why not monkeys, giants, talking pigs, or pixies?

Upon what are you basing that probability? Can you cite a source for these reports so they can be reviewed?

Well I honestly don't see it as a thesis. I think some people tell the truth. So even if only one out of 4 million was telling the truth, its real. Or do we ignore it because it was only one person? People don't lie, the person lies.

I'd assert that the one person out of 4M thinks he was telling the truth. Delusions can be powerful.

We don't. We have 2 less chromosomes than primates. Doesn't sound like much but that adds up to 3 million proteins, which is a lot. I think its so stupid how people miss whats going on with the comparison. Our DNA better be close, we are very similar.

You do realize that the "missing" chromosomes aren't really missing, right? You can actually see the telomeres in the middle of one of our chromosomes where the ape chromosomes fused. I mean, this is pretty basic and well-reported scientific information from 2005.

I don't have a link, but any search will do on amnesia, or any doctor will agree. Your kidding, you never heard this. I first new about this like 35 years ago. It hasn't changed.

You say you know this to be fact. I'm asking for proof.

Sorry, it was actually a question I got off this site.

I'll take that as a no.

Well as you can see, this is why having 3 decades of looking at this could not be condensed into one page. The biggest problem is evidence of transgression. There simply is none. A handful of bones have been presented but simply can't account for an entire race evolving. In addition to an excuse of a virus destroying remains, then destroying itself. Just the biggest bull I have ever heard. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. , if you agree we evolved, we did a sucky job. We are sick, weak, do nothing but adapt to survive, and don't fit in. Honestly we would be better to go back to primates. We are also missing two chromosomes so that means we DE - evolved. Those two are fused which is a lab technique. Probably the biggest hole is primates are still here. Why didn't they evolve. The day I can have sex with a primate and make a baby is the day evolution will stick. Until then I don't ever get the urge to swing on trees or throw poo.

No offense, but you continuing assertion that we're "missing two chromosomes" only hurts your credibility and calls into question your understanding of the evolutionary process. Seriously, go look up "Generation and annotation of the DNA sequences of human chromosomes 2 and 4" by Hillier et al. Then start wondering what else you don't know that pokes some serious holes in your hypotheses.

You are correct. We don't use 10% of our brains, we only use 10% of the capacity or ability of our brains. I know its hard to imagine that our big fat heads (and vestigial organs) do anything other then basic physical and basic mental work. If your right, then we are the only oddballs by comparison to noticed elements about other humanoid life. So what do you think the pineal gland does ?

Again, unless you have a citation for that 10% number, it's anecdotal at best.

Well its corrupt, but that doesn't mean its not fact.

It also doesn't mean it is fact. Again, provide positive proof for the events in the Bible. If you understood science, you'd understand that "prove me wrong" isn't how science works. All I'm seeing so far is anecdote, misunderstanding, and relying on nonexistent or dubious sources here.

So dying is not normal?

An organism dying and a species ceasing to exist are two different things. If the creator made very few mistakes, why do entire species die off?

Do you honestly think they would have had the words nuclear weapon or atomic bomb back then. Are you not placing yourself in the right mindset when you honestly look at these things? Aside, its sounds like the wrong version. Where did you take ground to think or assume it's not literal?

No, I'm not assuming it would be literal. It's just that even if I give you that a flash and an explosion are "fire and brimstone", there's still absolutely no mention of sand turning to glass or anything consistent with radiation mentioned in the Bible in relation to Sodom and Gomorrah. You're literally just jamming words in there to make your case.

I'm not sure which version you need in this. Possibly check out eric von danikens take on it. It's pretty clear.

So instead of looking at the source material, where there's no mention of sand turning into glass or radiation and where "fire and brimstone" is an idiomatic expression equivalent to the wrath of God, you'd have me go back to Sitchin's main competition as "Debunked Charlatan of the Century" for an honest and reliable source? Seriously? Van Däniken has admitted to putting forward fraudulent evidence to support his claims and heavily plagiarized H. P. Lovecraft when he wrote "The Morning of the Magicians".

Please tell me you have more than anecdote, Sitchin/Van Däniken charlatanism, and ignorance of scientific developments to support your thesis.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:38 PM
Very nice post. Well said. No argument here.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by tetsuoatx
reply to post by itsthetooth

Wow, great post. My thoughts exactly. I've been an avid ancient astronaut theorist for a long time now. I've read "Fingerprints of The Gods" "Charriots of the Gods" "The Orion Mystery" I've also watched both History Channel's 2 seasons of Ancient Aliens. Seriously if you can make 2 seasons with 10-15 one hour episodes of evidence that we possibly mis-interpreted our past, and also the bible. Then thats got to be convincing enough. Our ancient races had a fine tuned understanding of the stars and our universe all these ancient civilizations got wiped out or just vanished. Sometime between then and now someone messed up our understanding of our real past.

The church. Just like any organization it eventually becomes corrupt mostley for monetary reasons. Im sure the church has known all along. And, are keeping it a secret for reasons of mass histera or the fact that we tainted our knowlege of history and origin and there is no turning back. I think the church knows somehow that we are about to come a new realization of our origin from an ancient race. The pope just said recently that he would be happy to baptize, and convert aliens to christianity. Really? So arrogant to claim that a race of aliens need to be converted to our supposed belief of religion and origin. A race that is 1000 fold more advanced than us, and probably had thousand to million years of jump start. I'm pretty sure they know where the origins of life are and who or what created them.

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OMG... what a cool reply, and of course I agree with you. The whole baptize thing is funny. What do you feel on my thoughts on Demonic possession and how just like religion, that obviously stemmed from aliens are both handled by the church. What an odd coincidence. It's paramount to me.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by gimpy327
Very well thought out and written. This hits on Aliens, Religion and so many books and theories all at once. I myself have felt that we are the ant farm and someones pulling the strings. If God was all knowing and all seeing then he must have knowns Satan was a bad apple and should not have created him. So God himself either does not know or is a sick and twisted individual and just likes to see people suffer for his own amusement. Theres so much evidence out there on human kind coming monthly with new discoveries that we as Humans have been around for a hundreds of thousands of years with either being more advanced then , then we are now, or there was an outside intervention. I spend my time studying religions, Aliens, History and the like and have come to some conclusions myself. The way you have put everything into context with the DNA is very interesting and another possibility as everything is a possibility. I could spend hours having conversations with you debating all of our own little theories,, good job!

Thank you and thanks for the reply. Good eye to see my direction. It's funny because I have people on here just saying anything is not proof. You know we can choose to accept or not accept anything in our own realm. The problem is when there are to many things pointing in the same direction, its hard to argue. When I tell people I believe in the bible they instantly take a side, based on what most currently believe in. However my beliefs are way different from those common today. Fortunately my understanding not only explains the belief, but its backed up with science and understanding. It's hard to dispute. In conversations with normal religious folks we quickly reach a point where they give in because I have an easy answer for everything and they say, well I believe in the bible. I do too 100%, only I understand it, and have science to back it up and I believe in all of it, not just the parts I want to. Our conversation usually ends there.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by D1Useek
I'll give you evidence! I just read in a thread down from your's that Ra El is the one and only. He's gunna tell everybody on May 21st. You tube and tweet! What cha think about that, huh?

Well if it's like any other predicted coming I wont hold my breath. OK, who the hell is Ra El?

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by syrinx high priest
isn't skunk works for speculative topics ? and who gets to decide when it's official ?

who created the aliens ? god ? that's the problem with transpermia solutions, they just pass the buck to another planet
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Ok I feel stupid all of a sudden, wtf is transpermia ????????????

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