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California Tap Water; What's in it???

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 12:55 PM
You shouldn't even drink bottled water, just because you are not feeling sick from it doesn't mean it isn't bad for you. A lot of bottled water companies have been caught using tap water, instead of spring water, and not too mention all bottled water companies pretty much have fluoride and gender benders in it. Go for the gerber pure water, it is distilled water with minerals added to it. No fluoride. 1 gallon is 1 buck, not too bad considering what you are doing for your health.

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:12 PM
I live in the Southern US and I drink only water, no soda, etc. Here I drink water from a local spring and it is so pure and wonderful. I don't drink tap water unless I have to for some reason.

I recently visited California for the first time and I stayed with a friend in Oakland. He asked if I wanted something to drink and I said water without thinking about him getting if from the tap. I drank a few sips and said "dude, this smells like she-i-tee and tastes this tap water?" and he said yes. I refused to drink any more and ended up with a stomach ache and trots to to the john. Perhaps it was just foreign bacteria to my system as if one were to visit Mexico or other areas where you are warned the consequences of drinking local water. Either way, it was nasty and I suffered the same effects as you.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by Wildbob77

Well they have not posted the reports on the testing of the water for 2011, in San Diego.

Heres the link to there past tests if anyone is interested.
I am looking forward in seeing the 2011 report.

I am sure whatever the government says is acceptable is probably far from acceptable.

reply to post by sliceNodice

Yeah, unfortunately I have heard that sad news; that some bottled water companies have been caught using tap water. What a shame, this happens.

Did a quick search on the gerber pure water and found someone who worked for a company testing water and said that sometimes the water tested in water's like gerber's pure water was just as bad or sometimes worse than bottled water.

reply to post by dreampsi

Yeah, ours does not come from a local spring. I would love to be drinking water like that, again.
Perhaps it was just foreign bacteria and maybe I would get used to it after awhile; however with the symptoms I experienced from drinking it I will never try and get used to it. Nasty, indeed.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by theUNKNOWNawaits

First off, your fridge doesnt' have a filter to speak off, so you are already getting tap water.

Secondly, if you move to a new water supply, it can takes months of adjustments. The water meets standards, but the change in mineral content can make new residents sick.

Get a Pur or Brita filter, and you will be fine.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by nixie_nox

Thanks for the advice!

I am leaning that way right now.

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 12:12 AM
Hello my name is Brenda and I am a journalist and UC Irvine. I am writing an article about the the water supply in California and how our government lacks regulations and as a result our tap water becomes contaminated. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions since you mentioned you and your father became sink after drinking the tap water. Please let me know if you would be willing to do this and I could give you my email. Have a good day.


Brenda Franco.

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 12:31 AM
I don't care for fluoridated water as it has a negative impact on the brain and bone health (yeah, it even causes dental fluorosis!) Besides, tap water contains pharmaceuticals, heavy metals (and now radioactive isotope particles, which are technically heavy metals), amoeba (don't ever use it in a neti pot as there have been cases of brain eating bacteria easily entering the brain through the sinus cavities.) Ask you local water district if they fluoridate your water (and then for God's sake don't drink it, use it for cleaning.

Get yourself a reverse osmosis, distiller or water ionizer (preferably with a zeolite filter) or at least treat it with the same or adya clarity! Here is a recent study I found on this here:

And another article about water filters, adya clarity and even portable water filters. I have the steri pen (which uses UV to remove pathogens) combined with the Katadyn water filter, which is a manual type which removes the heavy metals and particles.

Or just go to your local water store and make sure they use at least reverse osmosis filtration and hopefully they use uv or some other method to remove pathogens too.

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 01:48 AM
Invest in an RO/DI unit!

Whats in CA water? Flouride, Chlorine, Chloramine, Toxins, Carcinogens, Radiation, and lots of parasitic cysts that survive chlorination!

Before we know it, having a fresh glass of LA tap water will be like getting 100 x-rays or so!

posted on Feb, 3 2014 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by gardener

Why did they use black balls? Maybe heat also causes the cancer related toxins. The water will be even warmer and they should have used white balls.

eta: I'm disappointed that the article is from 2012 and the links sourced in the article are from data collected in 2009
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