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My not so fun Adventure at put-in-bay/middle bass Islands

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 09:54 AM
I visited put in bay island for the first time with my friends over the weekend and it was alright, people told me before how great it was ect...

We rented a golf cart to get around the island, there was only two street that had everything on them, food, stores, ect...

We went parasailing (fking SCARY) I thought i'd be ok, but once I was up 350 ft, I realised if something went wrong I was #ed, we almost # ourselves up there. it was 70.00 for 10-15 mins but it felt like 2 hrs being up there.

I tried doing some snorkelling but we couldn't see #... It was very foggy...

Our stay was at St.Hazard's, it was supposed to be this tropical paradise which it was around the pool area, but the cooks were drunk, 3 of us ordered pasta and they threw like 5 lbs of butter in it, the waitress was from poland she was very nice and gave us all free beer to make up for it, our stay was supposed to be in a "villa" yes tropical apparantly, the only thing tropical about it was the colored paint on the outside...

You know what the villa was??? A TRAILOR!! No bed sheets, no towels, they apparantly tell everybody to bring them but no, not us. then when I get back home, I get the confirmation in the mail and they say that while they don't have them on the beds ect, they do rent sheets and towels for 20.00....

This tropical paradise was supposed to to be villas condo's ect... It was a #ing trailor park!! When we left we saw all the trailors behind the "tropical" brush, I guess thats there to hide what it really was...

This was on middle bass island ok... not put in bay... St.Hazard's was on middle bass, that was like the only thing to do on that island... man, we got hosed... The air conditioning didn't work, if you put it below 70 apparantly it would freeze, but we didn't and it didn't work anyway.

the trailor was cheesy, light wood, gold trim around the ceiling, a chandelier with missing glass, dirty couches and a chair, the loft was so tiny poor nick and elysha couldn't even fit up there, they were 6 ft tall, it was horrible.

Put in bay had good food, it was fun to hang out there but not much to do.

I guess the only thing i'll ever remember vividly was parasailing, because I almost scared myself to death.

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