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One day I was thinking a lot and wrote this::::::::: It has some fallacies, and also some plain mist

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:18 PM
Ok guys, I know this one isn't perfect, but I wrote it in one sitting just thinking.

I know I mess up a few times here guys, say a few things that I don't even mean, but here is what I am thinking!

Yes, the nothingness is only a representation or a symbol of the infinite; if infinite time passes then nothingness exists. there can be another side, where infinite has already passed and infinity is no longer present/infinitly present, infinity in a non finite representation of infinite linear direction/movement, a time wormhole where time moves backward and forward. yes this is what zero point time is. inside a singularity all possibilities are possible; inside a infinite super magnent, directions are not there, but energy exists. dark matter. what is it, what does it do? it pushes on the nothingness. it does all work possible: fast slow, north south, backward and forward. energy has limits in it's curent state, it can only move so fast, it can only do certain work. if you are dark matter, you can do all work. now comes the question of conscious matter, is dark matter consciousness of the infinite: does it do work when it wants to? well dual movement states that a will must exist, if something moves in two ways, which way does it move? up or down? fast or slow? and why does it do work when it does? it appears that there is no equation to dark matter, there is no rhyme or reason, it does work when it is "told" to. dark matter is God playing dice. well, this just begs the question, do we play dice? or are we predestined to do the things we do? we are predestined, however, the singularity did not exist in destiny, it existed in probability. it existed as a horizon of events, possibly also predestined to exist as a horizon of events: unpredictably so. it would appear dark matter is possiblities representation of dual possiblities happening at the same point in infinity.

this means: there are things outside destiny. things work independently of finite matter, while also being finite. this means two types of probabilities exist. probability where an event happens, and probability where an event does not happen. what is the probability you were born? the same probability if you didn't exist. but the andromina princible, you do exist! it did happen, and we are here. the two possiblities were not two possibilities, because one possibility happened, thus there was only ever one possiblitiy, only one thing that could ever happen.

however, dark matter could only happen, if the finite existed, so the possiblity of not existing, is the same probability as existing! they are the same probability, thus there is only one path. this is the way it should/could be, the only way that makes sense! so, if we understand the andromina princible we can understand God. there is something working that is greater then us, something greater then numbers even. the numbers make "stuff". the stuff is going on, the stuff is happening. is nothingness and nirvana probable/will it happen? no, is it possible, YES. if something is possible, it has to have a triggering event. even if there was no triggering event of "this" and "this" is random probability, there is random probablility an outside force will come into the picture. there are means for an end. there are means for a alpha omega universe. things can happen outside the event horizon, but they do not. why? because there is no outside force changing the direction of movement.

there may even be a way inside destiny for destiny to shut off.

say, if all possiblities happen!

This is what I believe, and hold true to my heart. I believe nirvana will exist after all possiblities happen. I believe this, because there is a finite amount of possiblities to happen in an infinite amount of time. thus, after an infinite amount of time, an infinite amount of possibilities will happen. or all possibilities.

This is why I believe many of us symbolise and communicate. to show the path to enlightenment. "this" can end, but it wont. and because it can, I wouldn't rule out the possiblity that it will.

I mean, there was no outside force that made this happen... is this the only way it can happen??? no, it happened because it can not exist in another state. nothingness can not exist without somethingness, and somethingness can not exist without nothingness(singularity did not really exist as a state) so what do you think, can solmething happen for no reason? can reason exist as possiblity?

I wonder why there is an electron. I believe it is to aid us in understanding the beginning. the beginning happened so fast, it wasn't really there....

perhaps, there was a point in time>> when you graph a parabola and it never touches 0 and it never touches infinity, you have created half of a circle! this is most likely the state we are in. we most likely repeat "this" over and over again. we most likely never end and never begin. and if we realize this in terms of symbols, we would realise that the nothingness is symbolizing the 0, or the beginning(beginning is the end though don't forget) and yes the parabola aproaches it indefinitly, but never reaches it. and the energy is symbolizing the infinite point on the graph, but it never reaches the end/beginning. and thus, because it never reaches the extremes of duality(0 and infinity), it is singular in nature, and dual in nature at the exact same time. thus, a circle is singular, and thus undefinable numbers are singular through the power of infinity(which is held inside the finite)

yes, the infinite and the finite hold eachother. they make eachother. they are eachother. the devil is god and god is the devil. however, through infinity, god is god, and the devil is the devil! only through infinity are things dual, two numbers can make infinity, and infinity can make 1 number and it is all circular. all things reside in/on the circle, and that is the way it is!

it seems like the finite creates the shape to the bubble(through finitely infinite points) and the nothingness fulls it up. thus the nothingness is just a symbol of infinity, and the energy is just a symbol of finite. they share characteristics, and they share a common destiny, but they are not the same.

and although my brain tells me I am wrong, there may be something more then ~symbols~ behind these two symbols, there may be a form us inside the infinite-finite. we might have an after life.

plato believed in forms of everything "existing" outside of everything... a whole different place for us to reside. a place where laws don't apply, where finite doesn't move infinitely, and infinite does not represent finite things(nothingness)

I believe it! or would like it...


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