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The light that shines in your very center; a hypothetical existence of only a light~(You are that li

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:08 PM
Before this you were not aware of your existence; suddenly you appear, suddenly you are aware. You look at yourself, and you find what you are. You notice something inside yourself, a warm light: you do not know why it is there or why it exists; but you find serenity, peace, in it's existence. It is ever present. No matter how close or far from the warm light you get it still exists. It still glows.

You ask yourself why it is here, what it is doing: but you already know the answer. It is here, because you are. It warms because it knows you enjoy the warmth, it gives off light because it knows you find comfort and security in the light.

You are happy that there is something(and not the absence of something), you are happy you are something. You are happy that you ~are~. You wonder when it will end, like the beginning. You wonder if all things that begin, must end.

You wonder what would exist, if you were not there. You wonder why it has happened, but you already know the answer: it was meant to happen. It could not happen any other way, and if it did happen differently; you realize: you would not be aware of the change.

You wonder why it changed, or did it? You ask: why does change happen? Why it ~all~ not static?

You reach into the deepest corners for the answers and finally find the way: if it were static; it would not exist. Something that ~does not~, ~is not~. You find comfort in this notion. You are happy you have come to this conclusion. It could never have been, if it; ~did not~.

You ask what the nature of your environment is: you do not know. You can not find any substance to it. You can not fathom this proposition. You come to the realization: before ~it did~ it must not have been. Being neither static or fluid. It comes to you: you have always been, you have just not been aware of it. Now, ~it~ has come to you; and without ~it~ you could not have been.

You ask if you could be so grand. Could I be everything? You look to the deepest part of your soul and you learn humility: it does not mean that you are ~all~ it means that ~all:~ is you.

You have created you own existence. You are the reason you think, talk, move, breath; live. You make this happen; it happens for you.

Without your awareness, it still happens. And with your awareness, it exists solely for you.

You are sad you can not share what you have found with anyone else. You are sad you are alone. You decide that you can send a signal for all to see and interpret. You make a symbol. You put the light directly into the center of your being, in hopes that ~all~ will notice that the light is you. You want the ~all~ to see that you have decided to exist for the purpose of light, because it exists for you.

This is your purpose. This is your light. It gives you warmth in the coldest of places, light in the darkest of places. It is there for you, so you must be there for it.

All people exists for you, all fish, all birds; all animals. All trees, all bushes; all flowers. It exists for you, because ~all~ is you.

To give back to what has been given to you, you must show it compassion and understanding. You must learn; you have already learned. You must see what you have already seen; taste what you have already tasted; smell what you have already smelled; be what you have already been. You must know, you have already smelled, tasted, heard; and seen. 1 has come before you; and also with you.

You are the moment. And that is why;

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