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A good reason why advanced alien civilizations may not exist.

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:59 PM
"The fact that we humans have no hard evidence at all that there is proof of such advanced aliens got me thinking." Well not only do we have a considerable amount of proof, we also have many of our religions based on worshipping aliens. These "gods" are a perfect example of a an imperfect race, they're highly evolved, but many of their royalty had serious issues with jealousy and control. Our history and present time is a result of Enlil trying to keep us as a slave race and Enki trying to make us equals, it's the Garden of Eden story, which comes from Sumer, which is chockful of aliens. From the Popul Vuh, "Perchance are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods?...Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves their Makers who can see afar who know all and see all?" The Epic of Gilgamesh describes him trying to reach the spaceship in space, he enlists Ishtar's help getting spaceship fuel, he gets up there, then gets told he can't be immortal like the other aliens, even though he was part alien, there is also the flood myth aspects of this too.

But back to your point, the many pieces of art we can see with the battles between the gods' flaming sky chariots and their powerful weapons are evidence of advanced races being irresponsible with their technology. Other examples would be the various atomic-esque weaponry used, the fire and brimstone city destroying like Sodom and Gommorah. I'm just saying that even if they're highly advanced and a little trigger happy, they can manage to not destory themselves, though they also did plenty of that. What has happened to Venus, Mars, and what some people suggest was another planet, Marduk (asteroid belt), are good examples of them destroying whole worlds. But I've also heard of many races that have a history of being peaceful and far more spiritual, many of the short Humans are considered to be this way. Many know about how we live in the third dimension while many aliens live in the fifth dimension, which restores our connection to God and our individual God-selves and allows for manifestation and astral travel. Well some speak about those on the 2nd dimension, usually these are child-like races who are deeply spiritual and connected to their planet, once they meet the requirements to be introduced into the Universe they receive high technology, but they definitely don't end up destroying themselves.

Our myths clearly tell us we were created by an alien race to help them mine gold, generally assumed to be used to help their planet retain their atmosphere and such to keep the large amount of radiation from space harming them. A Golden Age occured with the two major nations generally known as Atlantis and Lemuria, eventually those in Atlantis got power and technology hungry and screwed everything up, leading to the Flood. This gave us the fertile crescent Gods which were mostly Enlil's progeny, while Enki took those in the Americas and such. This eventually gives us YHWH and the abrahamic traditions which turned alien gods into the Creator, the All that Is and made all other reports into "myths". Once the Illuminati are thrown out, we will get to meet our Space Brothers soon after, likely before the end of this year as the Illuminati shouldn't make it through this summer, then you'll have all of the hard evidence you could want.

Your theory sounds similar to Hawking's "If they exist we won't want anything to do with them because they'll be terrible and greedy, just like us." Shoeshiner says it perfectly, why should aliens be like us? I really like that you're open to aliens, but try not to limit them to our extremely unique experience here on Earth, we are a very rare specimen, created by aliens, controlled by them, destroyed by them, rebuilt by them, partially ruled over by them, then suddenly left by them, then seriously controlled by a group of them, then controlled by secret societies and royalty determined by an alien bloodline, now we're at the point where these monsters want to create a totalitarian global state. The average human would not be responsible for a species being wiped out, not even 95% would be like this, it's a tiny fraction of monsters who rule our world that have made us believe that our greedy and controlled world is a product of "human nature" when it's a product of elitist eugenecists and propaganda/indoctrination. So to try to compare all alien races to our history which has been ruled by sadistic occult monsters is a bit of a stretch for me, but I'm very glad that you're thinking, that you're open minded, and you're willing to throw out your ideas for discussion.

Plus, most of those with extremely high technology are also in a higher dimension, which makes them naturally far more peaceful and loving. But those who founded our world, generally seen as the Pleiadians, were still straddling this fence, it's why we got a group of them known as the Fallen Angels, who wanted to sex up the womenfolk and basically treat us as slaves. The Muslim devil, known as a jinn (clearly Reptilians), was kicked out for not kneeling before humans. A major problem was that many of the royalty were hybrids, part Human and part Reptilian, we even have Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl switching between these two, and many Reptilians were also involved. These guys have been the root of many problems in our galaxy, these are the ones you'd wish would just destroy themselves, yet even they've managed to not do that. Then there is Marduk who is a hybrid and the son of Enki, angry about his father not being leader, considering he legitimately should have been since he was older, he caused tremendous problems in the name of his father being wronged, yet his dad was our biggest champion and nothing like his son. So the higher dimensions solve many problems, it gets rid of MLK's we've guided missiles and misguided men problem, it solves the balancing the spiritual with the technological, which is at the root of all species development, no doubt some have blown themselves off their planet, but to assume they all have is a bit of a stretch for me.
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:00 PM
Havn't gone through the whole topic but..

Why should aliens be like us? Surely there is a way to get technologically advanced peacefully? Sure, kill each other for a long time, but unite for the greater good eventually? Maybe there is such a planet where everybody walks around happy. We can't picture it...we advance through war and conquer.

The universe is a bit big to doubt the existence of other intelligent life. If there is a god, or should i say, the god you believe in, then why make an infinite universe just for our little spec of mud and our generation that seems at its height which can only walk on the moon?

Also which do you think is better? The incentive to advance to explore other galaxies and planets, or the incentive to advance and take natural resources from other planets because yours are running low due to your un-ethical ways?
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:19 PM
According to the indian vedas which is the oldest of literature and predates all other civilizations ,other advance civilizations to exist ,below is the universe as per the vedas.

All the universes are clustered together up and down, and each and every one of them is separately sevenfold-covered. The watery portion is beyond the sevenfold coverings, and each covering is ten times more expansive than the previous covering.
The extent of the cosmic phenomenon is calculated to be diametrically (both ways) four billion miles. Then the coverings of the universe begin. The first stratum of the covering (earth) is calculated to extend eighty million miles, and the subsequent coverings of the universe are respectively of fire, effulgence, air and ether, one after another, each extending ten times further than the previous. (SB 2.2.28 p.)

1 yojan = 8 miles = 12,8 km

Dhruvaloka, the polestar, is 3,800,000 yojanas above the sun. Above Dhruvaloka by 10,000,000 yojanas is Maharloka, above Maharloka by 20,000,000 yojanas is Janaloka, above Janaloka by 80,000,000 yojanas is Tapoloka, and above Tapoloka by 120,000,000 yojanas is Satyaloka. Thus the distance from the sun to Satyaloka is 233,800,000 yojanas, or 1,870,400,000 miles. The Vaikuntha planets begin 26,200,000 yojanas (209,600,000 miles) above Satyaloka. Thus the Visnu Purana describes that the covering of the universe is 260,000,000 yojanas (2,080,000,000 miles) away from the sun. (SB 5.23.9 p.)

Satyaloka, the topmost dimensional level in this world.


Muniloka is the general name of the abodes of great sages: Tapoloka, Janaloka, Maharloka.


group of seven stars

Sanaiscara -saturn

Brihaspati-graha -jupiter

Angaraka -mars

Budha -mercury

Sukra -venus

Group of stars


Cosmic Ocean

The moon is situated 100,000 yojanas above the rays of the sunshine. Day and night on the heavenly planets and Pitrloka are calculated according to its waning and waxing. Above the moon by a distance of 200,000 yojanas are some stars, and above these stars is Sukra-graha (Venus), whose influence is always auspicious for the inhabitants of the entire universe. Above Sukra-graha by 200,000 yojanas is Budha-graha (Mercury), whose influence is sometimes auspicious and sometimes inauspicious. Next, above Budha-graha by 200,000 yojanas, is Angaraka (Mars), which almost always has an unfavorable influence. Above Angaraka by another 200,000 yojanas is the planet called Brhaspati-graha (Jupiter), which is always very favorable for qualified brahmanas. Above Brhaspati-graha is the planet Sanaiscara (Saturn), which is very inauspicious, and above Saturn is a group of seven stars occupied by great saintly beings who are always thinking of the welfare of the entire universe. These seven stars circumambulate Dhruvaloka, which is the residence of the Lord within this universe.

Svargaloka is the abode of demigods


Bhuvarloka - the level of semi-demigods (Carana, Vidyadhara, Kinnara, Kimpurusa etc.)

Below Rahu by 10,000 yojanas [80,000 miles] are the planets known as Siddhaloka, Caranaloka and Vidyadhara-loka." (SB 5.24.4)








Hellish planets
Garbhodaka Cosmic ocean

Rahu is situated 10,000 yojanas below the sun. Below Rahu by another 10,000 yojanas are the planets of the Siddhas, Caranas and Vidyadharas, and below these are planets such as Yaksaloka and Raksaloka. Below these planets is the earth, and 70,000 yojanas below the earth are the lower planetary systems Bila-svarga: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. Demons and Raksasas live in these lower planetary systems

The distance from the sun to the earth is lower planetary systems called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. Below these lower planets by 30,000 yojanas, Sesa Naga is lying on the Garbhodaka Ocean or Milky Way. That ocean is 249,800,000 yojanas deep. Thus the total diameter of the universe is approximately 500,000,000 yojanas, or 4,000,000,000 miles. (SB 5.23.9 p.)

Between Bhuvarloka and Bhurloka is antariksa, an interplanetary space where the Sun is situated. Here live beings like Raksasas, Yaksas, Pisacas and ghosts. They often descend on earth and are generally inimical to humans.

Ghosts - They are situated in the sky between the earthly planets and the heavenly planets."

"Beneath Vidyadhara-loka, Caranaloka and Siddhaloka, in the sky called antariksa, are the places of enjoyment for the Yaksas, Raksasas, Pisacas, ghosts and so on. Antariksa extends as far as the wind blows and the clouds float in the sky. Above this there is no more air." (SB 5.24.5)


Bhurloka, or Bhu-mandala is the earthly level consisting of seven spheres (dvipas) - Jambudvipa, Plaksadvipa, Salmalidvipa, Kusadvipa, Krauncadvipa, Sakadvipa, Puskaradvipa - which are inhabited by various human beings.

"The planetary system known as Bhu-mandala resembles a lotus flower, and its seven islands resemble the whorl of that flower. The length and breadth of the island known as Jambudvipa, which is situated in the middle of the whorl, are one million yojanas [eight million miles]. Jambudvipa is round like the leaf of a lotus flower." (SB 5.16.5)

The planet Earth where a human being is situated is within Jambudvipa.


Bila-svarga is the name of subterranean 'heavens' inhabited by the asuras and the Nagas. Bhagavata Purana lists seven of them, one below another: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala.

Bila-svarga - "In these seven planetary systems, which are also known as the subterranean heavens there are very beautiful houses, gardens and places of sense enjoyment, which are even more opulent than those in the higher planets

"Beneath Mahatala is the planetary system known as Rasatala They are called Panis. and they reside in holes like snakes. From birth they are extremely powerful and cruel
Nagas - "Beneath Rasatala is another planetary system, known as Patala or Nagaloka, where there are many serpents, the masters of Nagaloka, These hoods are bedecked with valuable gems, and the light emanating from the gems illuminates the entire planetary system of bila-svarga."

Hells (Naraka) star canopus - the lowest levels in the universe, places to suffer for committing specific
karmas for a determined time.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:20 PM
The variables are just too massive to either confirm or deny your theory. There are many, many factors as to both why it would happen and why it wouldn't.

Check out the Drake equation. It may help you (further) ponder the possibility of intelligent life beyond this wonderful blue marble.

R* = 10/year (10 stars formed per year, on the average over the life of the galaxy)
fp = 0.5 (half of all stars formed will have planets)
ne = 2 (stars with planets will have 2 planets capable of developing life)
fl = 1 (100% of these planets will develop life)
fi = 0.01 (1% of which will be intelligent life)
fc = 0.01 (1% of which will be able to communicate)
L = 10,000 years (which will last 10,000 years)


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

I have had this feeling since I was little that Mars had a civilization a long time ago...long time. I have a theory that they destroyed themselves with war and weapons, much like the path we are on if we don't stop. I could be wrong but it's one of my Mars theories

I too have long thought that and it may be the truth:

They called it a "naturally occurring nuclear reaction" but how could such a thing happen?

A comet filled with Uranium?...No I think the most likely (and logical) explanation would be an advanced civilisation using a nuclear weapon. Who knows perhaps it was us human.


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by CharterZZ
The fact that we humans have no hard evidence at all that there is proof of such advanced aliens got me thinking.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Fermi Paradox which is, if there's other intelligent life out there, where is everybody?

The possibility you suggest is one of many possible answers, in fact it's in section 5.1.2 of the Wikipedia article:

    Explaining the paradox theoretically

    5.1 Few, if any, other civilizations currently exist
    5.1.1 No other civilizations have arisen
    5.1.2 It is the nature of intelligent life to destroy itself
    5.1.3 It is the nature of intelligent life to destroy others
    5.1.4 Life is periodically destroyed by naturally occurring events
    5.1.5 Human beings were created alone
    5.1.6 Inflation theory and the Youngness Argument

    5.2 They do exist, but we see no evidence

    5.2.1 Communication is impossible due to problems of scale Intelligent civilizations are too far apart in space or time It is too expensive to spread physically throughout the galaxy Human beings have not been searching long enough

    5.2.2 Communication is impossible for technical reasons Humans are not listening properly Civilizations only broadcast detectable radio signals for a brief period of time They tend to experience a technological singularity The evidence is being suppressed

    5.2.3 They choose not to interact with us It is the nature of intelligent life to keep silent Earth is purposely isolated (The zoo hypothesis) It is dangerous to communicate The Fermi paradox itself is what prevents communication They are too alien They are non-technological

    5.2.4 They are here unobserved

As you can see there are many other possible explanations. You can read all about them at the link.

Even on Earth, life is common but intelligent life is extremely rare, and the evolution of intelligence doesn't seem to be an inevitable course of evolution. As far as we know, in over a hundred million years, none of the dinosaurs built any radio transmitters. So even if there are other intelligences out there, they may be rare, like in Even if there were 10 other intelligences in the Milky Way Galaxy, if they are spread apart randomly, the nearest could be so far away we'd never know of their existence, even if we looked in that direction. The distances are simply too great even for SETI. In other words, we couldn't even detect our own broadcasts at the same distance.

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:33 PM
Allow me to.. insert a small paragraph of Copernicus.

Copernicus was a Polish astronomer and mathematician who was a proponent of the view of an Earth in daily motion about its axis and in yearly motion around a stationary sun. This theory profoundly altered later workers' view of the universe, but was rejected by the Catholic church.

Just with that and many other examples, it shows that the Human race can't look past the current viewpoint until we get out of the age of skepticism.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 02:14 AM
I suspect that there's plenty of extraterrestrial civilizations out there. Even if we were the only one in the Milky Way galaxy, you've still got millions of galaxies. Extrapolate that, and you'll get millions of civilizations. I think having a discussion about an "advanced" species is kind of hard to have because it's really hard to define what "advanced" is. Is it FTL travel? A world without divisions of any kind or wars? Does it have to do with just technology, or does it have to do with the morals and ethics of the species themselves?

I think there's plenty of intelligent life out there. I think the levels of "intelligence" vary. Some may have advanced millions of years ahead of us, or even billions, just as the universe was being born. It's also very important to realize that just because an extraterrestrial species may be older than us, it doesn't mean they have higher technology, or can travel between the stars. My bet is, just like countries and peoples of Earth, some have advanced faster than others. But since we haven't made contact yet, we don't have anything to serve as a reference point.

It seems like everyone assumes that if there are UFOs visiting Earth and they do come from other planets, the species must be highly advanced. Watch the movie "District 9". A giant mother ship decends on South Africa. However, the ETs that are found inside cannot operate the ship, and end up becoming wards of the state.

It's also possible that we may NEVER meet ET. I think everyone has an assumption here that eventually, even if it's thousands of years into the future, that we'll invent a "warp" drive, allowing FTL travel. The science around that even being possible is fuzzy. Light travel may be possible--but then it's 21 years to even our next closest star outside of Sol! The distances required for interstellar communication are stunning. While I do think that someone will find a way to make it work, I also can fully believe that it may NEVER work. Maybe there are millions of civilizations out there--and no one has ever made contact.

With that being said, I lean towards the side of optimism. We'll make contact (in the official sense) eventually. I think sooner rather than later. We may have made "secret" or accidental contact already. But who knows. I just hope that I can live for the day that we get our first message from ET so I can say "I TOLD YOU SO".

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 11:46 AM
The idea that all extraterrestrial races destroy themselves, shortly after the technology to do so becomes available is highly questionable. Even the human race seems far less likely to do so than during the 'cold war' between The United States and the Soviet Union. If we can markedly reduce the danger of nuclear holocaust within a few decades, who is to say what we may accomplish in this same line in the coming centuries? And who is to say that civilizations millions or billions of years older than ours could not have learned to live in peace? &&& A high technology may not seem to confer social advancement and peace, but learning to cope with the dangers that such a technology poses, in response to the drive toward self preservation, common to all life, may do just that. &&& Mass extinction events that could wipe out a whole species are rare. We've only known of the existence of asteroids for a couple of centuries, and are already tracking many of these, watching that they do do not threaten our planet. We are already drawing plans to divert any that pose a danger. More technically advanced races will doubtless be able to cope with this, and even greater challenges to their continued existence. Ross

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by CharterZZ

No, it doesn't take technology. I suspect we were all born with the tools we need to perform this task.

But we prefer to spend our time being programmed by the world around us.

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 04:46 AM

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posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by CharterZZ

It's stupid to think we are the most advanced. By saying so you deny the fact that a lot in physics we don't understand. Some talk about dimensions... There is NO MAGIC, all is science. Even dimensions, so this automatically tells you if someone uses that, they are more advnanced than us... Fact is, the UFO reports talk about propulsion more advanced than the one we use, so I don't know what you're up to OP, all points there are entities more advanced.

It's really dumb to think we are the most advanced, not to say very arrogant. With the current technology to reach our Moon or Mars, good luck reaching planets in Andromeda if any, not to say more distant galaxies. See you in 1000 years of travel.. NOT

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 05:54 AM
maybe some are peaceful............
just maybe...........

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 06:34 AM
Actually going with your reasoning OP your title should read, a good reason why advanced alien civilization may not exist anymore. They would have to existed in order the create the weapons that ended they're existence. Right?

I believe us humans have a bad habit of assuming that everything we dont understand relates to us somehow Like, we create so we must have been created or as an advanced being we kill so all advanced beings kill.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 06:55 AM
I mean, if you look at our society and existence from afar - we're a culture of war, haterid, oppression, and violence. We advance ourselves in weapons of death and not furthering our species. I wouldn't want to land my shuttle here and start shaking hands. I'd rather watch from afar, and try what I may to help better the situation if I could.

Originally posted by Yfactor1980
When I think of aliens I do not think of extraterrestrial, I think of multidimensional. What I mean by this is that if there is a being capable of traversing the Universe, then those beings have reached a higher dimension than we have. It doesn't matter how much technology we have, until the human race advances to the next level of consciousness, we will never be able to travel to distance galaxies.

I believe a lot that the alien races that have visited us are of a much higher consciousness than us. I couldn't really have put it better than the above quote.

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 07:09 AM
There is no proof of alien involvement anywhere. However, there is proof that several ancient civilisations became quite technically advanced - possibly to where we are currently - then those civilizations were destroyed. By what, take your pick -cyclical cataclysms, solar flares, past nuclear wars, pole flips, or yes, even Gods wrath.

Or maybe because - like today- Another group of billionaires and trillionaires believe that they alone hold the secret "mysteries" that they erroneously believe gives them the belief that they are God or God like.

Is it not so incredible to believe that many civilisations have existed on Earth, and yet each has been wiped clean from this planet? Without the help of any alien "intervention"?

When you see the "bad aliens" attacking in the near future, and the "good aliens" coming to offer their "solution", then this campaign to convince you that aliens existed in our past has worked. Sadly.

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 07:25 AM
And in my upper post I said why there are indeed other civilizations (alien or hiding underground?) that are technologically more advanced.

Here is another way of being more advanced: As some above posted, we create weapons to kill each other, we are basically like animals. We are more developed than animals and can create lots of good things, yet we use this to lie to each other, destroy, etc. So we act NO Diffrently from animals! War over some country's Petrol/Oil as one 'United States' country is doing, is no different from two predators fighting over the prey/meat.

So not only can there be more technologically advanced species, but spiritually more advanced as well. Some who are higher than the crimes, self destruction, greed, corruption.

So again I find the claim that we are ZE BEST CREASHUN! in the universe as extremely stupid.

posted on Jul, 8 2011 @ 07:51 AM
I agree, and people ask the question such as 'if they exist, why haven't they visited us?' and then there like haha got you. But, do they have a reason to even know we exist? No, we don't know where advanced civilizations are, so why should they know? They have no reason to know where here. Although, we probably have been visited but covered up by gov.

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

How many alien ufo videos do you need to see. perhaps were the closest "earth" planet, meaning a planet with such biodiversity. This ocean creates our planet life from the atomspheres to plant and animal life great place for aliens to doctor up gentic breeding. lol

posted on Jul, 9 2011 @ 05:21 PM
I believe, the late Carl Sagan, proposed a theory- That any race, that has achieved the technology of interstellar travel, would be a inherently peaceful race. Thats because, an inherently violent race, would have destroyed themselves, long before they achieved the feat of interstellar travel.

So, "what me worry."


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