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daughters abilities: help and guidance required

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:04 PM
hi there everyone,
firstly, so glad i have found ATS. it sounds like just the place i need for some help, guidance, and fresh ideas for a matter i am very unsure about.
it is regarding my 4 yr old daughter, and various powers that she has been showing from a very early age.
before she could talk, she always seemed to follow things around the room that we could not see.
there was also occurances of things being moved or dropped that would not possibly have been touched, like items on her cot mobile would be found untied and laying in the cot with her, or books falling off a shelf when she was in her cot in the room on her own.
we didnt think anything unusual at this point, but it really started to become clear that she either had others unseen around her, or she had contact with people from somewhere else.
I am very open minded, and feel that what she has been given is a gift. i really dont want her to lose these gifts she has, and would be curious to hear what people think, and any ideas on what we could do to encourage her to continue their use. please be constructive in replys, as i really am not opening this thread up to discuss if this is fake, or to discuss if these gifts are real or something else. i just want to hear back from people that can give constructive advise on what we can do to encourage her.
here is a few examples of the many many occurances we have had.

1. while driving down a road which has a lot of traffic lights down it, we seemed to get caught at everyone on red. she was 2 years old at the time, and was just getting to grips with how traffic lights control the traffic, asking questions about the order of the lights, and what they mean. (she is intelligent for her age by the way). she then told me to go, and sure enough, at that exact moment, the traffic light turned to green... nothing unusual there, bit of a fluke. then at the next set of lights, we caught it again on red, and after about 5 seconds, she shouted GO and again, at that moment, the light changed again to green... this happened 5 times in a row at every traffic light we got stopped at. nothing much on its own, but when linked in with everything else, becomes freaky.

2. she always talks about her nanny, who comes to visit her in her bedroom. you will sometimes hear her laugh at bedtime, and when we ask her what she is laughing at, she will tell us nanny was playing with her. she also tells us that nanny tells her stories, and also looks after her at night time.... we have also been told of others that come and talk with her, but nanny is the dominant one. oh, and nanny died 10 years before she was born.

3. when we were once looking through some old family photos, she was sat on our knee, also looking. when a picture of her nanny came up, she instantly recognised her. this would have been the first time she would have seen a pic of her nan, and we have no pics of her around the house. this made us stop and think.

4. one time, when she was in the bath, she started telling me the story of a boy called billy. i always remember her exact words on this, as it came so out of the blue. here is her story while sat in the bath.
abigail - i'm pretending to be Billy...
me - who's Billy
abigail - he is a boy that works in the fields
me - how old is billy?
abigail - he is 9 years old. he works in the fields where it is very hot
me - is billys parents with him?
abigail - only his mum.. but then the bad men came along at put billy in a ditch like this...
(at this point she then rolled onto her front in the bath, face just above the water, arms still at her side, just laying as still as anything)
i then decided it was maybe time to change the subject. it sounded very much like some kind of slavery story, but this is not the sort of thing we allowe her to watch on telly or such like, so this is something she has been fed, or has made up. coming from a very innocent 4 year old, i would not think this is something she could imagine.

5. going back to nanny, we were once at my partners sisters house, and we were talking about the visits she gets from nanny, and abigail came walking into the room. now nanny is not normally a topic of discussion, as she passed away ten years ago, and she is not in thoughts so much as a topic to discuss. abigail then just offered up some proof that it is nanny she talks to. "she only has 4 fingers" she said... is that right said her mum.. "yes... she has a finger missing on this hand (holding up her right hand)"... my partner and her sister looked at each other and went white. nanny lost a finger on her right hand in a machine accident at work a few years before she passed away. even i didnt know this fact. its not the sort of thing you talk about.

6... one night, my partner and i were both on our laptops, telly on some drivel in the background, and abigail came down after not being able to sleep. she just sat down on the sofa next to me, watching the TV. it was some TV phone in betting show that was on, with a roulette game. 2 said my daughter, and after about 30 seconds of the ball rolling around, the number 2 came out. then on the next game she says 7, and sure enough the number 7 dropped into place... this freaked us out, and made us pay attention... on the next roll, she says 3... and the number 19 came out, so we thought to ourselves, hmmm, not that good then lol. next number started to roll, and she called out 5....... then the number 35 came out... that was both her previous calls put together. our chins hit the floor. she then decided it was time for bed, and off she toddled.

there has been so many cases and examples, and i would be here all night giving all the details of what has happened.
she is also a very polite, caring loving child. always forgiving, and always concerned about others. we have even had people cross the street to us, or approach us in shops just to tell us how beautiful she is. this isnt that normal is it?
anyway, i did a little research into things on the net, and came accross the terminology for crystal children. she does fit into this in nearly every way, but we are not sure for certain, or even if this is a credible line of thought.
we feel that what she has is a gift, and we want to encourage her to explore things to any length she feels comfy with, but with no pressure.

so, this is where you lot come into it.....
should we approach anyone for advice or for a meeting?
how can we encourage her without pressure?
is this common or rare to this extent?

any thoughts or input greatly appreciated, as we really do not know what to do, and could do with some clear unbiased thinking on this matter.

many thanks, and i look forward to discussing this with you all


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:08 PM
I believe contacting Charles Xavier would be your best bet. She sounds like she has special mutant powers and his school could definetly help her understand her talents.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by kro32


thats cold, man. cold.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:22 PM
I have a friend that I've known for a very long time since he was a kid.
His story is pretty similar.
He would see things and experience things that are paranormal in nature.

Now that he's an adult these things don't happen any more.

I have a feeling that as a child your brain is wired differently and more attuned to the paranormal.

My advice is to provide a safe, supportive and loving environment. And eventually she should grow out of this as she gets older. I wouldn't talk to anyone. It's not worth the hassle.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

Just let the poor kid be.
Psychic kids need lots of love, understanding and stability. Trying to encourage her gifts will make her sensitive about them, and be likely to stop them.

All you need to do is take her seriously when she shows her talents, but no more seriously than you would any other talent. Don't make a fuss, and don't let her feel that her abilities are unusual.

As she gets older you'll have to explain to her that most people don't understand about this stuff, and that she should be careful who she talks to about it.

If you can bring her up in one area, without having to move around, she is likely to develop friends who are used to her being a bit different, and think nothing of it. In that setting abilities can grow. However it's likely that, whatever you do, her abilities will gradually fade as the influence of the material world draws her away from anything she's alone in.

Just stay cool and be patient. The longer she can go without knowing this is unusual, the more likely she will be to be able to access it again some day as an adult.

- Psychic kids are not all that rare.
Parents who accept it in their kids are.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by djyorkie
how can we encourage her without pressure?

Teach her how to approach and explore on her own. She will be doing that anyway, and individually, it is hard to actually relay information from the experience to another, much less give advice back. However, to be blunt, do not expect this website to give you any answers. Even if it points you in what you deem to be the "right" direction, it will be of your own volition. The same concept applies to your daughter.

is this common or rare to this extent?

It is a whole lot more common than one might think.. i have very, very rarely seen a young child that didnt exhibit such qualities (cant even remember a single one, though i am sure there probably was) in various degrees, most being about what you are describing. Perhaps that is just my own experience, but as the "sample pool" grows, it continues to be how i see it.

Being able to do such things is seen by me to be completely natural, but because we can choose to exclude anything we want from our perspective, most "grow out of it," as their parents tell them things like that are delusions based on their own limited assumptions about the world around them. You have not done this (apparently), so you have allowed your daughter to explore such things for herself. Good job, you already have been successful
However, seeing such things as "supernatural" or "special" et al may be misleading. Most here have chosen to reside exclusively in their physical senses, even though such things are not even capable enough to perceive themselves in totality.

They might be mere "dreams and delusions," but if thats the case, no more than everything else
Most try to put their own experience on such things to understand what another is going through, but the best thing to do is help your daughter "learn how to learn," not what "facts" are the ones to be accepted or discarded without second thought. To explain my own standpoint, i see that our senses are quite limited in what they can perceive, but that our "body" (not just the physical) is capable of perceiving things beyond the physical senses alone. Whether or not that occurs and how it is "explained," like everything else in ones perspective, will be a matter of choice and free will. But if we start trying to explain everything in ways that our mind can understand, we limit the universe around us, though only in our own perspective. Most will approach such things through the programming that has been ingrained since birth. The trick is to teach ourselves how to break beyond that, and "learn how to learn," instead of forcing everything we know into our limited understanding.

Like every other post on the internet, this is just how my own limited perspective views it.
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

My advice would be to not make her feel like she is weird, different, or strange with the things she says and does.

My girlfriend has a 6 year old daughter who was born in 2006.

My girlfriend told me that when her daughter was younger she would tell her stories about how "When I was your age we drank coke out of big glass bottles..."

Or " When I was your age girls only wear dresses..."

And other things such as that. The way she described these time periods reminds you of the 1940's and 50's

This stuff happens, and particularly with children.

I have a very good friend of mine, who's Mother told me stories about when my friend was around the age of three. She would ask him a question like "where is daddy" in the hopes that he would go running to his father...but instead he would reply with "father is off fighting in the war."

Upon further questioning, they would ask him "what does your father look like" and he would describe the manner of clothing that his "father" wore...which turned out to be the Union soldier's uniform.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:33 PM
I would not worry about it to much. At least its a loved one visiting her and watching over her.

I would not personal have her look more into her own abilities. I myself have a small sence of the spirt world and when i started looking into my abilities i started seeing things that were evil. it took me along time to "un see them" if you can understand what i mean by that. I now no longer look into and try to find it.

They say younger children tend to see the spirt world and they lose the ability when they get older.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:40 PM
First, it is great that you believe your daughter and I hope that you will continue to believe in her, as you will no doubt encounter many skeptics and critics along the way -- starting, of course, with this forum.

Please watch a few episodes of the documentary series: Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal to see the experiences that kids with similar abilities have undergone and how their parents deal (or don't deal) with it. It's very painful for these kids when the parents and friends don't support them. They seem to respond well when they can validate their abilities and reach out to other psychics -- both kids and adults. They also need to develop a sense of control and empowerment so that they can decide when and where communications with spirits occur, instead of being bombarded by them.

Edy Nathan is a licensed therapist on the Psychic Kids program who helps kids with abilities such as your child has. Edy's bio and info is on the web site above. If you're not in her area, maybe she can refer you to another person.

Good luck to you and your family. Your story is amazing, and I hope that you'll keep us updated on your daughter's progress and experiences.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by grey580
I have a friend that I've known for a very long time since he was a kid.
His story is pretty similar.
He would see things and experience things that are paranormal in nature.

Now that he's an adult these things don't happen any more.

I have a feeling that as a child your brain is wired differently and more attuned to the paranormal.

My advice is to provide a safe, supportive and loving environment. And eventually she should grow out of this as she gets older. I wouldn't talk to anyone. It's not worth the hassle.

I agree with this. My family has told me stories and shown me videos of myself when I was a toddler, and it's just like this. We lived in a house where an older fella had killed himself because he hated his wife, but didn't want to divorce here, and I used to "see" him, describe him, and chat with him... freaking my folks out to the point where they filmed me talking with the "ghost". From when I have been told, they'd hear footsteps in the kitchen at dinner and I would tell them he was there (I would even knew his real name), or they'd hear me giggling in my bedroom as I talked with him and played with toys.

I began walking early and started asking questions at about a year old. I find it rather interesting, because since then (and I don't remember it, really, just fuzzy bits and pieces) the only paranormal events I have experience are via dreams or weird feelings.

I would say not to worry about it. In my case, I stopped talking to and seeing folks who passed away and eventually became incredibly spiritual - the most that occurs now is seeing "shadow people". As she grows up she my ask some questions, but the important thing is to let her decide on her own and she will be alright.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:54 PM
A lot of children grow up "gifted" but are discouraged by their parents and society in general. By the time they are teens they have shut this gift down because of disapproval. It sounds like you are not one of those parents, and I applaud you for being open minded. Your child has given you information that you yourself did not know about her nanny, which proves she is psychically in tune. This is very important, as it verifies her natural ability. My own experience with spirits is that this is how they let you know they are there and real.

Although there are many websites out there who will tell you this or that about "indigo children" etc, be wary.
labels are just that, labels, and to define and put what your child has into a box is to limit her potential.

The only website I can suggest to you is The James Van Praagh Website

They have a chat that is heavily moderated,safe and very friendly. If you go explain what your daughter is experiencing you will most likely get some great pointers on what you can do. If you prefer not to chat, they also have a message board.

The site deals with mediumship and psychic abilities, and is extremely supportive and safe.

I hope this helps you out a little, I am a mod there, and can say with all certainty, you will not find better support or advice on what you can do or should do with your daughter and her potential as she grows up. These abilities are hard and sometimes scary for a child to cope with, but as they get older with the proper support, they become great assets to their lives and the lives of the people they touch.

That is, if they so choose to go that path. As a parent you will have to kind of be open to them, but also be cautious of what they see and say, because with these kinds of abilities,sometimes there is a lot of fear, and very strange images that your child will not understand. It can be downright scary to a kid as they begin to see more and more. Night terrors, spooky images and people that only they can see, it is not all fun and games, but with the proper guidance from you, she could very well turn out to be something way beyond "special", not that all kids are not special, but you get my meaning. Good luck!

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 04:56 PM
wow, thank you everyone for such great input.
many many things for us to think about and mull over.
i didnt really expect to get so many replies in such a short period of time, and they are all so helpfull.
like most of you have suggested, we do at the moment, let her explore things at her own pace. we try not to look too freaked out when something new or different happens, and we let her just carry on as if nothing is strange to us.
its good to hear that some of you have also experienced this kind of thing, either in yourself, or through others, and it is reassuring to hear that this isnt that out of the ordinary.
we do not pressure her in any way to "perform" and when she does give us examples like "nannys missing finger" it is almost as if she is just putting it forward to us to get confirmation, rather than to try and shock.
she is, after all, such a loving child, and spends at least a quarter of the day enjoying cuddles on the sofa with either or both of us.
again, thanks for all the input so far. i wish i had the whole night to respond to each and every one of you personally, to discuss your own thoughts/ideas. we have certainly got plenty there to start a little more research for ourselves, and giving us the confidence that we are currently doing the right thing.

many many thanks everyone

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:10 PM
I have two crystal children by the definitions online.
Look after her, she is a gift to mankind. I myself was one of the first indigo children. TPTB are scared of them and they will try to kill them if they could.

As a non talking toddler, I could tell what my mum needed to change my sister's nappy, even if she needed something my mum didn't usually need, I was mind reading. I remember I hated being dirty and I am extremely sensitive skin wise and still can't stand labels bed wrinkles etc.
I and my children, can pick up what people are thinking and feeling.
We have had a three way telepathic conversation.
Look at yourselves, do you have any abilities, they are not evil as the Church has made out. Jesus used them all the time but the Church have bamboozled us all and denied us the way of having a life and life more abundantly.
I have seen demons and angels. Astral projected to India (still no idea why) and Heaven (it exists). My children have seen angles and my youngest has seen a slyph up close.
Seen loads of UFOs and not all are bad. I can sense when they are flying overhead. I even saw one 4 feet away.

I was a kind child until there was injustice and then I lost it. I have blown up a light bulb as I was so angry and many people have lost their mind, when they have treated me with injustice. One man nearly died as he was mistreating my mum. Thank your lucky stars you didn't have me. LOL

Both my children are too kind and they get hurt by the inconsiderate nature of others, this you are going to have to explain to her sooner or later and then explain tough love.
Precognition is the right brain's ability to see the time difference we are all experiencing. This has been proved by science so don't worry about that.
Also as her right brain is more developed and switched on, encourage her in all the arts and get her to use her left hand. Get her to use her imagination, make up stories that have good morals. If you believe in the WAY then read her the Bible, especially what Jesus said. As He was the first Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow/Angel child.
These are the levels in that order and I am nearly a crystal child. I have too much anger still at injustice and 4D entities.
You have been given her to look after her and to help her develop her gifts, the main one should be love.

Get her a rabbit as they are very empathic and you have to use love and psychic abilities to bond with them.
Just padlock it if it goes outside. If the thread is still there, look up the RANT forum under AriesJedi and you will understand why I say padlock.

My psychic abilities have stopped us getting killed on so many occasions, so listen to her, she will save your life someday.
-Black ops have tried to kill us twice that I know of.
-I have moved a 2 ton Land Rover back onto the path with a 200 ft drop that we were one inch away from falling to our death.

And do not ever lie to her, if she asks if Santa Claus exists etc, ask her what she would like to be told, or find a way so you do not lie. She needs to be able to trust you or she will get angry.

She is more then likely very intelligent (I have an IQ of 156 top 3%) so encourage anything she wants to do. But be strong in the discipline area but I don't think she will have an issue there. My eldest used to tell me off if I broke the family rules LOL My youngest was a bit more of a challenge, she soon learnt to not bite when a child bit her though.
So far we have not had telekinesis problems, but as a baby in her cot my eldest could see someone which she later described as an angel. She can also remember being in the womb. So a really good memory goes with it.

Can't think of anything else but I can not stress the importance of keeping her abilities secret, else they will kill her or worse take her and mind control her.
People think I am paranoid, NO I just know!
Peace and love.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

wow, again, so much to take in from another perspective.
when you say keep her ability a secret, does that mean i have commited a big no-no by seeking help on this forum?
its funny that you say get her a rabbit, she has recently been asking for a pet, and the choice is either a small breed of dog, or a rabbit. if she had her way, she would have both, as she just loves animals. all of her imaginative play is with her small toy animals, we get her a couple every time we go shopping lol. ends up costing us a fortune.
as for "the way", we are not a religous family, we have both had our own experiences with religion, from different angles, and we both feel it is not something for us. not really a path we wish to travel down again i am affraid.
a lot of what you say sounds right though, and yes, i totally agree about the lying. we already follow that rule. she has never once asked us if santa is real, and she does really enjoy the festive season (not about the presents though, she enjoys the atmosphere, the carols, and the decorations)
thanks for your contribution. my partner and i have more to chew over lol

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

No worries friend, such things are not rare or special enough to garner such attention
It is the natural state of a human, but "Mother Culture" tells us that those who perceive a connection to the things around them are different than others (either with a positive or negative notation, which i refer to as the yea/nay phenomena). It is only our physical senses that belay a sensation of separation, even if we look at it with just our thought processes, we realize the co-dependent nature of things. At the scale of our perspective, we seem to have created this illusion of separation, though even at the edges of the scales we can understand, things become "one." The idea of "psychic ability" is seen by me to more likely be a manifestation of the true nature of the universe beyond our own constructed walls (perspective) than some supernatural, special ability. i see it more as simply being observant of what is already happening all around us, all the time. i also think the idea of a dog is a good one. For this one, the dogs in my life kept my heart open during some tough years as i was growing up. i am forever thankful to them for that...

To some, the idea that some are more connected to all that is than others is simply a trick of ones own mind. The only place such things are true are in an individuals perspective, but we are all equal parts of what "is."

Aries, i am not sure if you are misinterpreting events that have happened to you, or if such things have actually occurred as per your perspective. Either way though, it was unlikely to be because of "psychic" abilities. The only reasons why such things are perceived by anyone to be "rare" is because society, as a whole, maintains that the physical senses are the only way we perceive the world. It is a choice to see things this way, but as i said, the senses themselves are not even capable enough to perceive themselves in totality, only in facets. However, if we so choose, we can certainly block such things out like muzak in an elevator
Personally, the idea of indigo children, etc tends to be based strongly in pride and ones own thought processes exclusively (what is largely perceived as the "ego"). That is not saying you specifically are, but your post might lead one in that direction. Regardless of that though, i feel such labels are inevitable limitations that we choose to place on what "is," and completely irrelevant to what one will actually do with their life. Whether or not a child is thought of as "special," we should encourage and teach them to always try to reach their goals and dreams. i think we should always best equip them to think critically and "learn how to learn" for themselves regardless of if we personally think they are an "indigo" or not.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

Umm , im pretty sure you dont have an IQ of 156 , you would be higher than Einstein. I have an IQ of 151 , the test was given to me by my recruiter. After this my IQ was registered with the Federal government , if you take an IQ test and you score above 140 in any Federal government institution , they are required to register your score. I was then contacted by Minsa a intellectual society. I went to 2 meetings and was approached by a beautiful woman that worked for the NSA. Literally holywood style , fit and in shape 5'9 130ish pure black hair with green eyes , and a just above the knee dress , and tight fitting womanly dress top. Was gorgeous , she spoke to me about an Internship for CIA and asked me about my grades and so and so on. Basically i sucked in school it was boring a total waste of time , i hate this #in life its pointless you cant anything you want to do because your held by stupid un written laws you have to follow but those thoughts are me pretty much being an idiot any way. After our hour and a half discussion , i got a call from my recruiter and met a gentlemen named Joris Porter in his office and i was offered a Intern program for the CIA , i told him my grades sucked but i love my country , im bored with life , i might as well use it for something good. He said good , just keep your grades above a 2.5 (miniumaly required a 3.0 in general but they were lenient with me) now they are paying for my schooling.

In short ..if you had above a 145 , you get noticed , if your young , mid 20s to early 30s , they will probably give you call and survey you like they did me. They will probably speak to you about them paying for your college and you going to college as they did me. They will ask you to become a proffesional soldier as they did me , the United States Marine Corps is my sponor into the program. ( Of course this depends on the speciality they need you for)

You dont have a 156 IQ. You get noticed if you take a real IQ test.

By the way , they dont kill people because you have psychic abilites. There are only about 50 black ops personel in this entire country (that actually fight) the rest support their missions. They have several more things they are concerned about than psychics. Considering psychics used for military weapons only worked about a Quarter of the time in the Cold War so they can just depend on satalites.

You in terms of reading people's minds. You dont actually read their mines. You can feel their emotion Happy, Anger frusrtated. Because you pick up things that others do not if you have a High IQ , you ahve a sort of ESP. I do not develope this as i suggest you do not. I have been warned against focusing on it for now by my instructor. You also learn to read their eyes , hear their voice , and learn what questions to ask to understand what is going on in their head and if your good you can do this in 2 Sentences.

IF you have an high IQ. Which i doubt you have a 156.
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:42 PM
Yes she has special gifts, highly spiritually evolved. You don't really need to do anything, she knows what to do.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by djyorkie

As she grows older the experiences will intensify. She will need someone she trusts with her experiences. This is crucial for her to feel safe. Not all experiences will be positive so she will need to be loved through them and speak about them. This is coming from someone who did not have anyone to go to.

The fact that she is a conduit for far more than what most people will ever see or know, means that she will also suffer through some difficult experiences. She will learn about the forces of this universe for her purpose. You must make her feel safe and help train her for what is to come. It's not all flowers and pussy willows when you are born with such gifts. It is wisdom gained through hardship too. I don't mean to scare you but she will also be a target for the negative forces. You cannot have one without the other and such beings as your little girl are a bright beacon to be seen by many forces both light and dark. You will need to train her in spiritual awareness and warfare to protect her. She will need to learn the laws that reign in the universe as she grows older.

With such wonderful gifts comes responsibility for more.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:22 PM
When she is a little bit older, or whenever you think she'll be capable of doing it mentally, which could be now if she's a bright girl, start her out meditating for five or ten minutes at a stretch. When she's older, she WILL want (and even need) to have control over the abilities she has, and the sooner she learns the foundational practices for controlling them, the better it will be for her in the long run. Meditation will help her hone the abilities she has, figure out their mechanism within herself, and how to actively work that mechanism, on her own and at her own pace. Mindfulness is the meditation flavor you'd want to start her on, giving her the ability to quietly look both inward and outward. Most mindfulness meditations are also quite simple enough for a young child to do.

When she seems to have it under control, when it's not random firing for her, and you know that she is ready, you could probably start giving her exercises to do, of various sorts that are appropriate for developing a proper arsenal of "psychic" gifts and abilities. You will have a lot of reading to do. You will need to become a kind of expert on such phenomena, even if you don't wind up practicing yourself.

When she's a teenager, start giving her appropriate reading to further give her perspectives and opportunity to develop her gifts. Always, always pre-read what you give her to study, because you will know better than anyone but her what her comprehension level is, and you will know by then what information is useful and constructive and what isn't, if you study up on these things yourself.

Be supportive of her, because hardly anybody else will be. When she gets around other kids, she WILL be singled out. The other kids, and sometimes even the teachers, will do all they can to make her feel like a freak. They will succeed, at least partially, but you can mitigate some of the damage by always reinforcing to her that she is not the monster in that situation, that sometimes normally decent people can be monsters at times, and that it is better to be superb at something and rejected, than average or worse and accepted. It's good to be different. Let her know that taking the high road is never wrong, and taking the low road almost always is. Teach her to think for herself, and, as much as you can, that she shouldn't be bothered by what other people think of her, because at the end of the day what they think of her doesn't matter. What matters is that she is happy with who she is. Be proud of her, and let her know that you are, and why you are.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:49 PM
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I agree they need love and care but if THEY want to pursue their gifts then I would help them along. My little brother was/is a psychic. He has the ability to sense spirits and read auras. My mom helped him along by nurturing his gift and letting him know that he is special. Ignoring it or not working with the child can cause some psychological damage. Kids don't need to feel "different" they need to know that they're special.

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