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After 9/11 the Desfence department wanted to poison Afghanistan's food supply!

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 05:44 AM
Apparently a small part of the eight day series "10 days in September" which ran in the Washington post, described events six days after 9/11. Bush and National Security advisor Condoleezza Rice headed to the Pentagon to be briefed on action against Afghanistan. The article reads:

Rice and Frank Miller, the snior NSC staffer for defence, went with the president to the Pentagon. Before briefing, Miller reviewed the classified slide presentation prepared for Bush and got a big suprise.

One slide about special operations in Afghanistan said: Thinking outside the Box - Poisoning Food Supply. Miller was shocked and showed it to Rice. The United States doesn't know how to do this, Miller reminded her, and we're not allowed. It would effectively be a chemical or biological attack - clearly banned by treties that the United States had signed, including the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

Rice too the slide to Rumsfeld. "This slide is not going to be shown to the President of the United States", she said.

Rumsfeld agreed. "You're right", he said.

Pentagon officials said later that their own internal review had caught the offending slide and that it never would have been shown to the president or to Rumsfeld.

I find this highly disturbing. Nothing was said about the individual who came up with this proposal. It sounds like the "pentagon officials" brushed it off as a joke. Whats scary is that the individulas involved in this proposal have the opportunity to create more radical scemes that will possibly go through next time, and im sure they have.

I found this in a book named "50 things you are not supposed to know by author Russ Kick".

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 05:17 PM
no one has any views on this?

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 06:22 PM
Here's a link to the Washington Post article:
Washington Post, Combating Terrorism: 'It Starts Today'

I'm sure ideas like that get tossed around frequently.
The important thing is that suggestion didn't get acted upon.

I think I did hear about the US poisoning Milk before in another country or at least proposing to do so.
I'll go through my documents and movies and see if I can locate information on it.

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 06:31 PM
Found it.
It happened in Cuba.
They either put cement powder in milk destined for schoolchildren or wanted to do it.
I couldn't ell whether they went through with it or not

It's from a documentary called Secrets of the CIA.

I'll see if I can extract that part of the movie and post it.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 06:52 PM
OK, I extracted that portion of the documentary but it's too big to upload here.
I put it on a yahoo group.
You can download it from there.

Here's a site that mentions the incident:
How can the U.S. overlook infamous operations like JM Wave and Mongoose that killed innocent Cuban civilians, with operations that included the placing of cement powder by U.S. agents operating in Cuba in the tankers transporting milk from the countryside to Havana?"

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 08:02 PM
I think there is an information overload pertaining to how inept and devious the Bush administration is. Like my thread Secret Proposals: Fighting Terror by Attacking ... South America? there is just so much damning evidence, I think people might be getting desensitized, and there are some who just refuse to see how terrible the Bush administration is, no matter how much we learn about them.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 08:12 PM
The US poisoned Cuban children's milk? That is awful!!

And, I wonder if maybe they did go thru with the poisoning in Afghanistan. We may never know for sure.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 08:56 PM

Originally posted by AmethystWolf
The US poisoned Cuban children's milk? That is awful!!

I doubt if they intended it to be consumed by the children.
They just wanted to make the milk and other foods inconsumable.
They wanted to disrupt the lives of the Cuban people and incite them to rise up against Castro.
It is still despicable though.

Here's a transcript I made of the clip I posted:

After the October crisis of 1962, Kennedy said that we would never physically invade the Island if Khrushchev would remove the, uhh, ballistic missiles.
So that's where the United States was frozen into a policy of trying to bring Castro down from within, which meant disrupting the average lifestyle of the Cuban citizen. Doing whatever we could to sabotage the economy, uhh, to discredit the revolution.

One way of doing that of course, was to, uhh, try to control the amount of food coming into Havana for distribution to the public and if we could do that by... puncturing tires on a truck loaded with tomatoes for the market or if we could cause, uh, a truckload of, uhh, whatever, onions or..or, fresh fruit or meat, um, to become putrid or become stolen or contaminated on the way into town, we would do that. And I remember one particular instance, uhh, a brand new secondary school that had opened in the countryside, uhh, was going to receive it's weeks supply of fresh milk and we bribed the driver of the truck, uhh, we knew where he stopped to, to, have breakfast on his route, uhh, we wanted him to take a few extra minutes so we could put cement powder into the milk.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 09:03 PM
Check out this thread

It details some of the assassination projects of the former Special Operations Division, Fort Detrick.

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