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Introduction and theory of Oneness and Christ

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:05 AM
Hello ATS, my name is Bdizzl3 and I just wanted to give a formal introduction which I now have and share an experience I had while meditating and praying for understanding of God and life and the sort and I started to feel a deep relaxed state and was taken on a journey that really has now helped me understand my faith more strongly and given me an epipheny on what seems to me the only way to live. Thanks for reading and if you want to get off this train now before I try to make sense of my thoughts I wouldn't blame you

I have always struggled with trying to understand religion especially from a logical and realistic point of view and one day it hit me that religion is bunk and a man made thing that was constructed out of greed from the get go. When Jesus went into his temple and found the "den of thieves" trying to make profit that was obviously just man sticking his greedy little hand into everyones pockets because they are the ones with the resources, supply and demand of course.

But I can understand Jesus' fury when he saw what they were doing, and to date nothing has changed, and religion is what has steered so many away from true faith because of the Churchers that go to church just to be seen, if worshiping God is ever ego driven then you're lost from the start.

Through the experience I had it was sort of me understanding that I am body and soul and then connected to God because the bible says that I am one with the whole so I must be connected to the whole which I know everyone to be, simply because we had to have come from somewhere regardless of how it was, and whatever the cause of our life and existence I consider to be God. I was visualizing sacred geometry, what I think to be called fractals and how if you take any piece of it you contain the whole in the piece.

So this brought me to trying then to understand what our purpose is and if we are one with the whole why did Jesus have to come and die for our sins? My understanding is that however God brought Jesus into being (I'm not here to argue that, I just want to get to my thoughts on His purpose) Jesus wanted to show us the true meaning of life.

Jesus' words in the Bible are the most important to me, because if you simply live how He did, you will come to understand God whether you want to or not. Jesus stood for the message that our bodies are the temple of God because We are part of the Whole meaning if God is everything, we have to be part of God as is everyone on Earth.

Greed and the desire to have a "one up" on someone has to have been the separating factor, the wedge between our spiritual nature and why we are actually here. I believe we are actually here willingly coming from the source wherever God is to experience life and of course to return to him, One in the Whole. I think the depths of that realization and to really experience and believe and live that Truth was Christs message, We are all equal no matter what, no matter how hard our ego wants to make us important in this short existence. ("left over monkey #")

I know a lot of people have had very similar experiences and every religion just tries to explain the same thing a different way but when it comes to brass tax, whoever gave life to us and created us no matter who or what it is by definition, can only be summed up by the title God. Jesus wanted us to know that we are eternal and don't need to live in strife, the Earth was a gift along with life and we should own every experience and hold onto that knowledge that if we are all equal theres no reason we shouldn't try to love and respect each other, and if you're really not capable of genuine kind heartedness, fake it till ya make it.

I really want to treat every moment with that realization and like anything through practice I know that can be attained for anyone.

Quick recap: We are all people of the Human species who were all created by whatever created everything thats ever created, and whatever that is, is God, and Jesus wanted you to know that and know we are equal and One of the Whole and that if you truly believe that and live it, theres no reason for sin or at least no reason to harm one another if the abundance that is a God given right was rightfully put back in our hands.Granted the greedy # faces ruining the party for the rest of us would stop their ego driven-mid life crisis.

Also if you watch the movie The Adjustment Bureau, SPOILER ALERT***

(it proves the point that if you really realize what and who you are, and you fight for it tooth and nail because you know its meant to be, you can have the reality you desire by being the change you want to see in the world. Also think about this from the movie, Body: represented by matt damon Soul: The cool guy who helped him out, he is the over soul, our connection to God and the source he can see the overall plan but cant change it expect through the actions of his body. God: represented by "The chairman" and it says in the movie something to the effect "we all see the chairman, no one really knows what he looks like because he takes on many forms but not everyone recognizes him" IE: the people who have realized Oneness. Above God: the main characters fought so hard for what they wanted even though they knew the truth and they were tested all along the way, and their pure hearts and intentions or whatever moved the chairmans boss to letting them write their story from then on because they are no longer part of the heard *and the heard in the movie are the ones being brainwashed if you notice. to be whoever the bureau, aka TPTB want them to be, molding them like clay until you finally break out and see what you are and what they are doing*

Thanks for your time, wishing everyone the best on their spiritual path wherever you feel it should lead you.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by Bdizzl3

Welcome Bdizzl3, sounds like you have a good handle on things in the spiritual department. Look forward to reading your posts.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:38 AM
You might consider an entirely different perspective on the Oneness.

Consider that the Oneness one finds in deep meditation is simply "what is." It certainly seems to be a real, honest experience to those that truly find it, so let us leave it at that without manufactured attachments.

Unfortunately, mankind has worked up all manner of arguments and practices to explain the Oneness. These hinderances are called religiions. By and large, they tend to support the various practices and attendent beliefs they self-invent.

Worse, rather than accepting the Oneness as the full, complete destination, the concept of God has been invented to explain the existence of the Oneness! This doesn't really make much sense unless you MUST have a reason for the existence of the Oneness rather than it just being the final solution to mankind's quest as some practices claim. In other words, God is an artifact of the Oneness, the product, not the creator of it.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by Aliensun

Thanks for the replies!

I totally agree that God is a definition for us to try to allow our brains to comprehend because we only see things on a time line of beginning the in between and the end. I try to interpret the words of Jesus as best I can to get an understanding of what he described for our Heaven, he was such a powerful teacher and was trying to describe something to us that we can't possibly comprehend so he spoke in parables.

Thanks for the input

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