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Police: 68 killed in bombings in NW Pakistan

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 10:52 PM

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Two explosions struck a paramilitary training center in northwestern Pakistan on Friday, killing at least 68 people — nearly all recruits — in the bloodiest attack in the country since a U.S. raid killed al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.

The article says no group has claimed responsibility yet. There has been talks of revenge since the OBL raid, so maybe this could be related?

Could this lead to more possible raids or drone strikes inside Pakistan?

Edit - Heres a link from reuters with a bit more information

(Reuters) - A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed at least 69 people at a paramilitary force academy in northwest Pakistan on Friday, a police official said, in the first major attack since Osama bin Laden was killed in the country.

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