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the ATS Dictionary

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 08:25 PM
i think a structured dictionary would be useful to members
of course with a conspiracy twist,
and common subjects could have a quick reference guide to best information
it would work like this

i know little of transendental meditation
an if an alpha index for conspiracy theorists could summerize and link revevent info
kinda like ATSapedia

the highest rated threads, ongoing ect

as well as having maby picture media
atscompendia of phenomonon lol and definitions so that standard definitions have a formal context in the site and the conspiracy language can be more effectivly studied by subject tittle

the idea is to use the knowledge here in a alphabetical index of all things conspiracy

the most comprehensive conspiracy index ever
in an alphbetical list, as a resource for members to link to for previous studies, picture ect
a centeralized database by subject by ratings in an interactive page
i think alot of browsers would love the ability to harvest previous threads on interesting subjects "alphabetically"

transindental meditetion



ATS threads
link to current search results

ask ats
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