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One Man Protest, halts 4 Million people.

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by PrinceDreamer

Originally posted by just_julie

Originally posted by Caji316
If we all would do this we could end this rule of evil and madness over us.

Which brings me to my point. Nobody really has the 'nads to stand up anymore. It grinds my gears reading threads on here day after day with keyboard warriors telling the world from the safety of anonymity behind an avatar and a computer screen that "they are sick of the government" or they are sick of this or that, yet they slip back into their almost comatose state of apathy almost immediately after. If people want change, they have to make it happen themselves.

Sometimes I think they should rename this site to

And you are doing what exactly? Let me guess, you are sitting at your keyboard leaving messages on boards whilst doing nothing in the real world, can you say the word hypocrisy...

It is alright sitting here complaining about people doing nothing when you are doing nothing yourself, if YOU are not prepared to act then why should anyone else? Don't get me wrong, you are right nothing will get done while people just sit around and complain, but you can't call others out on it while you yourself are doing nothing

Having said that, good OP and thanks for bringing it to our attention sadly nothing will come of it, by next week it will be forgotten, we have similar stunts here from a group called Fathers4Justice, they perform high profile stunts, often dressed in costume to get media attention, and it works, for a day or two at least, but although this has been going on since 2003 they have actually not made any difference or changed any laws/ And that is why you have apathy.

Fathers 4 Justice was founded in the UK by Matt O'Connor, a marketing consultant and father.[1] Following separation from his wife in 2000, O'Connor became a prominent critic of UK family law after a court barred him from seeing his young sons outside of a contact centre. F4J's stated aim is to champion the cause of equal parenting, family law reform and equal contact for divorced parents with children. It is well-known for its campaigning techniques of dramatic protest stunts, usually dressed as comic book superheroes and frequently scaling public buildings, bridges and monuments. Stunts have included supporters storming courts dressed in Father Christmas outfits, clapping the Government's ‘Children’s Minister’ in handcuffs, and most notably group member Jason Hatch climbing onto Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman. They have also protested by handcuffing two government ministers.[2] Fathers 4 Justice founded branches in the Netherlands and Canada in 2004, and in the USA and Italy during 2005, and in Germany during December 2006. On 19 February 2009 Jamil Jabr, president of F4J and Families 4 Justice USA, resigned. F4J directors unanimously voted long-time member and activist Donald Tenn to the position of President and Secretary. The Greek Professor Nicolas Spitalas ( formed the F4J in Greece - Thessaloniki ( who between 2004 and 2009 provoked many activities and demonstrations in Greece.


Unless you get mass protests in the streets, almost mob rule the government will just ignore you or anyone else, the individual is not recognised by government, and governments know full well how fickle people are, today's news is tomorrows anecdote, and without revolution any change will be very slow to happen if happens at all, besides governments don't have time to change things for us, they are far to busy working for the corporations and bankers to even notice us.

But anyway, back on point, you can't call others for being armchair warriors while all along you are just the same


Did I ever mention once that I am protesting something? As far as I can read I have made it pretty clear that I am pretty much ragging on the people who come online and make empty threats. Where have I made any threats?
Mass protests will get change as well, but what Mick accomplished today was AWARENESS, he made people aware to problems, that myself, and a lot of Australians wouldn't have a clue otherwise to. I have no idea how DOCS works, I have never had children, but now I'm aware that certain kids are missing out, and that makes me want to know more, and how the government is going to fix it. The more people start talking, the more the ball gets rolling. Who knows where this will lead? Totally reformed DOCS legislation? Nothing? Who cares! The point is that this guy got up and did something about it.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by zazzafrazz
reply to post by just_julie

Yes terrorism is a lie, will never happen
ur right its all fear mongering.

I feel sad that you let such fear rule your life...

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:49 AM
i lived in Sydney for 26 years. About time someone done something like this. This is awesome. I cant wait for the day of mass meaningful protests there.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by rabzdguy
i lived in Sydney for 26 years. About time someone done something like this. This is awesome. I cant wait for the day of mass meaningful protests there.

One day we might, if we ever have anything worth protesting that hard over. Who knows how far out of hand this carbon tax will go? There are already dozens of large local protests. I am even myself, in my tiny little town of 400 people, have been protesting against gas wells being built in our area, and so far we have managed to stop the global mining giants from doing so!

You can make yourself heard!!!

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