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Magnetic Kids That Speak Foreign Languages! This is strange....*Videos*

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by Mercurio

they are most likely not magnetic at all.

take a look at the magnetic man of malaysia.

Liew's ability is not due to any source of magnetism. Scientists from Malaysia's University of Technology found no magnetic field in Lin's body, but did determine that his skin exhibits very high levels of friction,[2] providing a "suction effect".[

it's some skin condition we don't fully understand yet. it is indeed incredible, but it's not magnetic.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by Mercurio
Um, the boy can stick cooking pans to his chest. Possibly even non-stick pans.

He is not Magneto. But still mildly magnetic enough.

Actually I just tried it myself in the kitchen with a pan just like the one in the video.
Like the cutlery, a slightly damp pan "stuck" perfectly well. I think the large surface area actually made it easier than the cutlery.
I once again suggest you people give it a try yourselves. It really is just the old "spoon on the nose" trick.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:08 AM
Mhhh, i wounder if they have a negative blood type, he,he.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:28 AM
Aluminum frying pans aren't magnetic.

Still not convinced.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 10:21 AM
I'd hate to have this condition.

Must be impossible to play electric guitar.. Unless you use some kind of isolating gloves maybe..

Actually, that could be fun. Play with gloves and use your forearm to do some weird effect with the pickups.

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