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It's Time for Me to Come Clean: I Saw Santa Clause

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by Raven_Heart

3 questions:

Was she really tall? Almost 7 feet?
Was she black?
Was it after dark?


posted on May, 19 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Raven_Heart

That may have been real. I saw a witch like creature in my house one night. In the middle of the night, I woke up and the hallway light came on...I was in bed, frozen...and then I saw the is shadowy witch like creature stalk its way into my brother's room. It scared the hell out of me...but I did not move a muscle.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by The Old American

The one I saw was, and it was night time. What are you referring to? Please tell me more!

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 06:36 PM

Originally posted by MarshMallow_Snake
reply to post by The Old American

The one I saw was, and it was night time. What are you referring to? Please tell me more!

It sounds like a night hag or old hag. They are said to feed on the dreams of sleepers and are what cause sleep paralysis. They're described as tall, thin, blue-black and immensely strong. Some folklore says that if you see one she can't attack you. Looks like you lucked out!

The Night Hag


posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by The Old American

1) I can't say for sure, because it came flying towards me, so I could see only the upper body and head and since I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time, well...I lack the words to describe how scared I was, so I didn't pay much attention to some of the details.

2) Yes, it was black. Almost like the classical witch figure, wearing a long old ragged black cloth. The head was of a very, very dark green/gray. Sorry, I don't know the name for that color between green and gray...that one you can see on some rocks when they have fungus on them. I hope you can understand what I mean.

3) Yes, it was close to midnight.

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by The Old American

I believe it. Regardless of whether or not it is true, I still believe it. I choose to believe it, because it is fun, and hopeful, and interesting, so why mess it up.

Great story!

Santa, I am 37, but I could use a new knife too!

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by The Old American

Phew! Chalk one up to luck there! Thanks for the link.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Sly1one

I'm not going there except to say hope the knife came in handy for something you still have it or did
you say? Did a drunk pick the door with a knife then drop it? Mabye it's just as likely a spirit was playing
santa that night..ya never know. When that child like innocence fades I think we lose something..even Jesus
said suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven..( NoT SURE IF THAT IS
AN EXACT QUOTE ) OKAY? The thing to remember is not to be beguiled by your own imagination or
something pretending to be something it's not. There are other santa stories out there but alas it is dissappointing when you find out the anagram for the letters santa is satan..yep, learned that in my older
adult years..see how we don't see stuff as well as do see stuff? I get corrected quite often almost every day
by some much younger than myself..I am ol grandma to me I guess..right or wrong..sigh...but am expected
to be a lot more mature I think..okay, so I'm not perfect..and it hurts to be told this and that and how your
thinking is all wrong when you are older..word of caution..don't tell 'em everything when you reach that point
in life. Some questions will never be answered in this world..besides, you don't want to know everything do
ya? I would be constantly sad if I knew it all so to speak. Just let it be one of lifes little mysteries for now.
You can't see germs and bacteria and the surface of distant planets with your naked eyes..yet they exist.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:34 AM

Originally posted by The Old American
I know what you're going to say because it's nothing that other people haven't said to me. You'll read this and roll your eyes. You'll give me all the reasons it wasn't Santa. You'll tell me it was my dad, or my brother, or my neighbor. You'll say I was sleepwalking, or was just half awake and my eyes were playing tricks. But I'm going to tell you anyway, because I'm a 44 year-old man that believes in Santa Clause.

I was 6 years old when this happened on Christmas Eve, 1972. I woke up sometime after midnight because I had to go to the bathroom. Up until that time, and since then, I had rarely not slept all the way through the night, even if in the morning I woke with a full bladder. I got out of bed and wandered down the hall to the bathroom, did my thing, and walked to the bathroom door.

I paused because I heard something in the hallway. We had cats so that was my first thought. Thinking I'd be able to startle one of them and make then jump (that's something I still, to this day, never get tired of) I opened the door very slowly and quietly, intending to stomp on the floor to make them scramble.

It was then that movement at the end of the hall caught my eye. I hadn't yet opened the door all the way, so I was able to just see into the living room. We kept the porch light on, so the room just at the front door was illuminated slightly. I could see the Christmas tree (the lights on the tree were off) and standing next to it was a figure. He was adult-sized, large, had big, fluffy clothes on, and a "Santa hat". I could tell he had a big beard, by his outline. I couldn't see details or color because the light was faint, only just enough to let me see silhouettes.

He was bent over slightly and had his arm extended as if he were reaching for the door. My first thought was not "why is he using the door" (we didn't have a fireplace), but was "if he sees me I won't get any presents!" So my 6 year-old mind told me to run quickly to the bedroom, jump in bed and pretend I was asleep! Of course, the act of running to my bedroom would put me in full view of Santa, but...did I mention I was 6 at the time? The most bizarre part is that as I was running to my bedroom I kept an eye on him and just before I got to the door to my bedroom he just...vanished. I stopped and looked, and even (quite bravely, I thought) walked over and turned on the hall light. But nobody was there at the end of the hall.

Christmas morning came we had the normal presents under the tree. Every year "Santa" would leave unwrapped gifts at the end of the hall for my brothers and I (yes, the same hall that opened into the living room). I knew later, of course, that those were left by my parents to appear as presents from St. Nick. I didn't mention seeing him because I was taught that if you saw Santa you would never get any presents. I thought I had just gotten away with the coup of the century, and I was not about to ruin that!

Some years later I did ask my mom if there was ever a time that I or my brothers got a present from Santa that they didn't put there at the end of the hall, and neither knew where it came from.

She said, "Only once, when you were young. You got a knife, and we didn't buy it for you because we thought you were too young for one. But we let you keep it anyway. Why?"

I just smiled at her and said, "Just wondering." Can you guess what year I got my first folding knife?

Nothing like that ever happened again, but to this day I maintain that I saw Santa Clause that night. I've told my wife (who thinks I'm a nutbar), and my son (who believes me...HAH!) I've told other people and they have said pretty much everything I outlined at the beginning. To them, and to you that are saying the same, I say this:

My parents slept with the door open. Both of them were in bed (their bedroom was right next to the bathroom). My two brothers and I shared a bedroom. They had bunk-beds and they were both occupied. The only other person it could have been at the time would be one particular neighbor whom my parents would trust with a key to our house. The problem with that is that he is about 6'5", and the person at the end of the hall was not. I had not before, nor have I ever since sleepwalked. When I wake up, I'm alert have never had my eyes play tricks on me to the extent that I have seen something as real as a person moving around.

You are welcome to give me your reasons as to why I most definitely did not see Santa Clause. Why I should lay off the psychedelics. Why Santa was made up to scare little atheists. Whatever. But I know what I saw that Christmas Eve in 1972. And I still believe in Santa.

But the Tooth Fairy is right out!


I saw Santa when I was around six and I still remember. I saw everything..the sleigh, even Rudolph! My mother saw him when she was three also.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by The Old American

This is so weird, I was just thinking about Santa while composing a post for another thread and then I suddenly come across this! I was imagining that right now, somewhere, in some reality, Santa Claus is sitting in his igloo workshop with his fluffy white beard, eating his cookies and sipping hot cocoa, making gifts.

Well, real or not, what are beautiful story! It may have been one of those times when Lady Reality decided to throw you a bone and allow you to witness something out of this world. I believe that happens from time to time. You're so lucky

By the way, did the knife have an inscription or anything on it? Did it end up getting you out of any sticky situations?

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 09:24 AM
the santa you described is a ficticiouse christmas entity folktale, thats been buffed and fine tuned from the ye old 50s to suit a better market.

the real santa clause is a half demon spiriter who brings wooden toys to good children.
and carries away to whip the bad children in a haul of horror. from some ol ass folklore from some ol ass place.

so what your describing is basically a disembodied, human made, completly fake, absolutly industrial,
scam, you might be teling the truth about what you saw. but i dont think you saw santa.

i think you saw some form of being in you home, leaving you a folding knife, i think it may have taken te form of wich would be most apeasing to your eys. hell it might of been a fat ass grey just trying to get some good karma.

anyway the most likly scenario is that you fornicated this story, somthing anyone with a small imagination can do.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 07:23 AM
Bwahahahahahahahaahhaahaha sorry i couldn't stop laughing my ass out ...

The only thing i can say is: The santa we all know and love that brings us toys, you know the old gray guy with a red jacket and red pants with some white fur on the collar and wrists ... with leather boots .... well sad to say but, he was created by the coca cola company for an advertisment during christmas for Coca Cola ..... so yeah ... i don't remember when he was thought up but i think it was in the 40's ...

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 07:47 AM
I also have seen physical proof that Santa Claus is real.

Every Christmas morning, I wake up to find that he's emptied his sack right under my Christmas tree. I think I'll try to get a DNA sample this year.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 07:55 AM
I'd really like to see a photo of the knife.

Was it a mass manufactured one or something that seemed more out of place?

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