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Maybe tornado coming? Things to do....

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 02:36 PM
We know the typical things to do and places to "hide" when a tornado seems headed out way. I had reason to think about those things late this morning when it got dark enough with an approaching storm to turn on my security lights. I came up with a couple of ideas that may prevent injuries or even save your life during a tornado striking your living quarters.

Sure, hunker down in the bathroom either in the tub if it is a steel tub or between it and the commode if they are fairly close together. Close that bathroom door and lock it and have flashlight in hand.

OK, fairly standard stuff. Let's move back a few minutes to the time you first considered an approaching danger. How were you dressed? Typically, in one fashion or another for being around the house, right? Maybe even flip-flops?

Change that! Think survival mode. Change clothes. Put on two pair of heavy-weight pants. Denium if possible. Yes, two pair, for skin protection. Also, put on a heavy shirt AND a heavy coat or jacket, zipped up and with a hood if possible. Put a bike helmet on your noggin'. Put on ankle-protecting boots, the longer the length the better. Gloves of some type. Got a pair of those handyman safety glasses? Jam them onto your face. A dust mask wouldn't hurt either.

These tips may seem extreme at first thought, but they are all simple precautions that will cost you nothing to be prepared for, and may save you from injury or death. (And if the house blows away, you will at least be dressed for the outdoors!)

There is that old Zen saying that I love to toss about: Expect nothing. Be prepared for anything. That is the basic rule that you see with any professional working in an environment of danger. In your particular instance, the normal safety of your home must be seen as a potential disastor zone that if it starts flying apart, may be very hazardous to your well-being. In its apparent protection are inherent dangers also.

Just don't go walking out in the street dressed that way when the storm blows over and never touched your house. Neighbors will laugh. But maybe next time....

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 02:42 PM
I live in the SE corner of Kansas... Tornado warning are almost a daily thing here...
we have one of those fancy Storm Alert Emergency Weather Radio with NOAA and S.A.M.E. technology...
if it goes off we turn to the local TV station and they have up to the minute reports...

Keeps my fingers crossed... every one of them has passed us by but we keep our eyes open and storm radio turned on

Edit to add... if you got time... turn off your gas main... dont want a fire do you???
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