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Jimmy Carter Had It Right I Think

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 09:18 AM
After recently hearing, to my surprise, Osama Bin Laden recommend Jimmy Carter's book "Peace Not Apartheid"...
Well I was curious, I didn't expect that at all coming from a raving lunatic terrorist as he is painted as.

I had started reading his other book, "Sharing Good Times", and a few chapters in, I gave it back to my aunt. I found it boring, and didn't really have any flow to it, just a mishmash of memories. Not my kind of book at all.

I was worried that this book would have the same style to it. I am pleasantly surprised so far, and to be honest, I agree with what I have read thus far. This right here really sums it up for me, and it is in the first chapter:

Three most basic premises are quite clear:
1)Isreal's right to exist within recognized borders - and to live in peace - must be accepted by palestine.

2)Killing of noncombatants inside Isreal, Palestine, and Lebanon by bombs, missile attacks, assassinations, and other acts of violence cannot be condoned.

3) Palestinians must live in peace and dignity in their own land as specified by international law, unless modified by good-faith negotiations with Isreal.

That right there prettymuch sums it up. Isreal must give back land that was stolen, and stop occupying Palestine property. Land grabs for settlements must be stopped, and reversed to the rightful borders. Both sides need to chill the hell out. That is the only chance they have at peace.

Thank you Osama Bin Laden for recommending this book and piquing my curiosity. Has anyone read this book? Does it stay good throughout the whole thing or fall to mush after the first chapter?

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 09:40 AM
Interesting how they do one thing in reality as president, then after the fact try and paint this warm fuzzy feeling of why they did the things they do, just sickening

Not sure if you were around the time of carter op,but this azz maggot, inflated the dollar on the whim from former fed chairman Greenspan,that crushed many americans hopes and dreams. Which until the time of this movement by carter things were pretty much fine,until his transfer of wealth move

Not a fan of the presidents of this century, more like paid puppets, with hidden agendas, that love to sell a book years later so that hopefully no one realizes their ignorance or just how horrible they were, as it couldn't get any worse than Bush-Obama right?

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by allprowolfy

No sir, I wasn't born till a year after he left office. Perhaps what you say is true, I do not know. All I am going on so far is the first chapter of the book, which is pretty impartial, fair. I am not a fan of any president I was alive to know about, so we share that feeling.
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