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Ever had miraculous escape or experienced a timeslip ?.... There could be a link , but I need your h

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by ButterCookie

Originally posted by Niphredil
This thread is blowing my mind, I believe all of this can be possible because I believe in muti-universes and such. But one thing I really have trouble wrapping my mind around is and I hate to bring this up but... I am a Christin and I can not see how God or heaven and hell fits into all of this? Anyone have any ideas how this can ALL tie together in a nice neat package since they are so far extreme ends from each other? But I really do think they can just hurts the brain to figure out haha, need some in put here please.

I am not religous but I starred this post because it as at least allowing you to peek outside the box......

You are correct.....'Where would a god fit in all of this?'

Very beautiful question......

I am not a man of religious faith either although I do repsect that many people are and I do believe that THEY believe in God (or other respective diety).

Consequently I would like to address this with my own opinion (I apologise if this is off topic, but this bit is settign the stage so-to-speak) which, when it comes to unexplained happenings, people of faith often refer to them as 'miracles'. In life it is safe to say that 'anything is possible' and thus when it comes to God, anything is possible. Xynephadyn mentioned about talking to ghosts or spirits of people who died in car crashes etc suggesting that these 'stime slips' where people have lived when really they should have died, is not realistic.

However, I offer this suggestion (and please remember that this is coming from someone with no religion): what if these 'events' are acts of God / Miracles? For example, a time slip that potentially puts someones conciousness into a different timeline thereby saving their life could be because of the intervention of a higher power; ie it is not their time to go. Whereas the spirits that xynephadyn talked about are of those people whose 'fates' were not intervened in, because their desitinies were supposed to play out that way?

I have often heard people of faith talk about Gods big plan and how we are all in it, could these events just be examples of God exercising his 'omnipitence' to keep his plan on track?

Just an alternative view....

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 10:57 PM
Very interesting topic...

And it's funny you should bring it up because recently I began thinking about death and what the possible outcomes could be. It crossed my mind that I could get into a car accident, get killed but somehow end up in a parallel "universe" where I'm the same person only not dead. And the car accident never took place. My question would be, how could I "take over" my own body in this alternate universe if "I" was already in it?

But, I completely get your train of thought. Like I said, I began thinking about this possibility only recently...I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who ponders such things. Moving to a parallel universe, transparently, like nothing ever happened. I've also considered that perhaps this is where Deja Vu comes from. We actually slip backwards in time slightly only to experience certain things again.

I don't have much else to offer, just that I'm on board with ya...

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 10:58 PM
You may not believe this.....but late one nite out delivering pizza I slowed down for a turn in a housing project. Heard a swish sound like air getting out of a tire but louder. It seemed all around. I slowed down for the turn but didnt feel good about turning so turned very slowly. Suddenly I could make out a large car coming at me in the darkness at high speed with no lights on...when it was about 20 feet away. I stoped but was just to far into the turn to avoid being hit so braced myself and I will be dammed if this car didnt pass right through the front of my car.It didnt even slow down or break even though the driver had to have seen me. As the car passed the hissing swish sound reached a peak. I just stoped there for a second trying to decide if I really believed what I just saw.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:07 PM
Nice thread, OP. star and flag.

I personally have only experienced this twice.

When I was a child of about 12 I left from a friends' house to walk home one night after dark, it was later in the summer. I didn't return home for over two hours, it was a 10 minute walk.

Couldn't explain where I'd been, didn't know anything as to what happened to me. My mother was pretty frantic, as you can imagine. Since that night I have a vivid reocurring dream that is very similar to the stars flashing by that you see in Star Trek shows etc, as well as what might be a memory of being lifted up skywards from a standing position as I got to the end of the street where I live. Possible abduction experience, I dunno.

The kid I had been visiting had been my best friend ever since kindergarten, and we were almost inseperable to that point. We stopped visiting each other soon after that episode cause he thought I was "weird", but couldn't put a finger on why. I've had trouble making close personal friends ever since, and even in my 40's, really only have 1 friend and wouldn't really call him close.

Quite a few relationships, but all have failed in less than 2 years, as I won't let anyone get real close. My mother even had a doctor examine me for sexual trauma at the time as she thought it might have been a "memory blocking" type thing, but no evidence of anything was found.

Also, my mother and I went to the opening night of "Dances with Wolves" at the cinema. According to IMDB would have been 1990, I would have been 20. I completely blacked out (it had never happened before and to my knowledge never since) about 5 minutes into the movie. My mother couldn't wake me up, said I was in some sort of trance, just staring off into space, eyes wide open, didn't breath and didn't blink (for 45 minutes), was apparently like a statue. I came to about 45 minutes later to find paramedics standing around me and the movie theatre cleared out. Turns out that they couldn't move me, they would have had to have carried me out in the sitting position as they couldn't even move me manually to put me on a stretcher, I was absolutely rigid. It worried her a lot at the time. We haven't spoken of it since, and we never told anyone else about this episode before now.

Couple of things to make everyone go "hmm". True stories.

To cap it all off, the 1 person I can really call a friend has been declared legally dead 4 times, woken up in the morgue 3 times, and does some VERY interesting things with electrical power. I've seen him go up to a car with a dead battery, hold his hand over the battery, concentrate, say "try it now, should get you to the battery store" and the car started. Not surprisingly, he thinks death is very overrated. He is also a telekenetic, clauraudient, clairsentient, and can heal through touch (all proven).
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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by AtlantisX99
Very well said. It could totally be possible considering all things are possible, This is what I like, same minded people talking out ideas and possibilities to learn and grow in knowledge. What you said can make sense.
A lot of things do not make sense to us finite humans, and we may never know the answers until we ourselves become one with the universe when we do die. As a Christin I also always struggled with the idea of reincarnation but there are many documented cases of this proven to be true. I hate to keep plugging a book but " The Field" gave me the answers I was looking for, it basically said, we are all tapped into the conscience of the universe "God" a source of energy that is everything past , present and future where anything and everything has already happened, and reincarnation was a person who was on someone eleses frequency wave length and was picking up there life like an antenna there for being able to seemingly think it was them in a different life. This topic with all this phenomena can go on and on just like string theory infinite. Thank you for the post it was intriguing.

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Conflagrated

Alright so here is the basis of the quantum suicide thought. If I put a gun to my head one of two things will happen. I will pull the trigger and die, or i will not pull the trigger and live. These two occurrences break in to two separate realities. One of me lives, on e of me dies. Say i pull the trigger, one of two things can happen. The gun can fire and im dead, or the gun can malfunction and i live. Once again two separate realities where one of me lives and one of me dies. This can go on and on with multiple outcomes to they suicide theory, each leaving me in a different place in life, the changes from one reality to the next may not be big but these branch out forever and with every single decision you make. Then in comes the thought of quantum leaping, or leaping from one reality to the next.In theory you can place yourself in any of the given realities to any of the possible outcomes by knowing that the given outcome took place. The thought of attraction takes a role in this theory, if you believe something and truly KNOW something will happen, then in your given reality it will. With this thought we may jump realities all the time without knowing it, causing a butterfly effect to cause strange anomalies in life. (this is where, if i haven't lost you yet, i may lose you) For example, say you decide one day to commit suicide. reality then branches into two paths, one where you follow through and one where you dont. In the reality where you dont you decide to build a nice house on the corner of a street that multiple people look at on a daily basis. In the reality where you do follow through you go to the store to buy a round of ammunition. You purchase 32 bullets, all that will work and fire perfectly, a man walks in after you planning the same way of suicide. He then buys 32 rounds, three of which wont work and will cause him to reconsider. If you had taken the branch to not kill yourself earlier in life then he would have purchased your rounds and been successful in his suicide. This may branch earlier out when you are leaving to purchase the rounds, if you notice you have to stop and buy gas then the other man will arrive before you and buy your rounds, leaving you with the bullets that dont fire, thus leaving yourself to reconsider, you then go to build the same house, yet it may be in a different spot or a different color then in a separate reality because of a different path taken to the final result. If one of the viewers or your original house notices a change in the position or color, he may have altered his reality in a way that butterfly effects back to your suicide decision, changing the outcome. It is an extremely complex hypothesis that is very difficult to translate from my brain to writing. If you managed to stick with me i give you props, just know that reality is not all what it seems to be. We create our own reality, therefore have the ability to manipulate it in our own liking.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by AtlantisX99

You feeling of having no idea of what happened really fits into the story i posted the link to above, you should check it out and lemme know what you think. theres something really interesting about the accident, and i think it relates to OPs theory.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by tpg65
With all the recent threads regarding timeslips or timeline changes and literally hundreds of ATS members reporting anomolies with time, I think it is about time that the subject be given some serious study.

Firstly , my thanks to ATS member Neon Haze for providing the inspiration behind this thread. I will be quoting him later.

Here are some of the most common anomolies reported by ATS members.
1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.
2) Changes in recent historical events.
3) Changes in movies , books etc.
4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings , roads etc.
5) Changes in location of landmasses.

My theory ( and it's just a theory ) is this.
When we experience an event that should have resulted in death, ie an accident or illness, in this timeline that is exactly what happened . Now what if after death in this timeline , our conciouness, spirit , call it what you will , is placed in a timeline where the outcome was survival , because the the events in that timeline were different. This would explain the following cases.
a) Accidents where the victim miraculously survives , even though he/she knows that there was no way they should be alive afterwards.
b) Miraculous recoveries from illness , even when there was no hope of survival.
c) People experiencing timeslips or changes in the timeline.

Now it's time for a quote from Neon Haze , who I think explains it a lot clearer than myself.

""The universe as you know it is one potential out of literally an infinite number of other potential realities.
The so called flow of time is not what most think and relate to. The concept of time as we have come to know it is an illusion.
Let me quantify...
If there are an infinite number of potential outcomes then each potential exist at the same point.
So there is for example a reality where the challenger accident occurred in 1983 and others where it occurred in 1986.
Movement from one potential to another is what we have become accustomed to think of as time.
But what happens when we die?? The potential for our existence reaches zero within this Reality but what about all the other potential realities??
What I am getting at is that when you cease to be in one reality you don't know it but your consciousness just goes on in a different reality... ""

I have to say that I am a little excited while writing this post , simply because I feel there is a lot more to this subject than meets the eye.

Now this is where you come in .
If you have ever experienced a time anamoly , chances are you have also experienced a miraculous escape , so I need you to write about it .
The more attention this subject recieves , then the more chance of it being taken seriously and hopefully be given some serious scientific study.

Please , no juvenile one line replies .
If you have nothing to offer then please move on .
I will report all off topic replies.

Some useful links

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Ah the Nets (grid) are breaking down, The matrix is coming to an end
We will see how real the illusion was. I like this

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:23 PM

Originally posted by SaturnFX
Odd thread

not the nature of the subject, what is odd is that a few weeks back, I was thinking exactly like this
I wondered if I would continue to skate through life and end up immortal through nanotechnology (which I believe will be realized in my lifetime)...then it got me thinking that maybe nobody truely does die, but rather just "shift"..and their former bodies here are just uninhabited husks.

If anything, it would make for a pretty good sci-fi book or movie.

I just had to pop in regarding this comment, Saturn...

(If you've read thruogh some of my other posts on this thread, you'll see that I've definitely had some experiences lol)

Anyhow... One thought that keeps coming to my mind on a frequent basis is that there are many people in the world that don't actually "exist". They live and breathe, act and eat, but they have no "souls" per se, and are waiting for one to inhabit them.

They're the "robots" to our "humans" and are simply, as you said, unihabited husks.

Maybe those people were experiencers of death at some point or another, but the shell continued on, while the soul vacated to the next "realm" whatever that may be

Just thought I'd toss that in here, sinec you brought it up lol

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by tpg65

My barely informed and barely researched theory on the subject of what is interpreted to be timeslips or lapses in time are actually a person's conscious state being interfered with or remembering an experience from the consciousness of that same person... only from a different timeline/alternate reality/parallel universe/whatever you want to call it.

This theory is largely dependent on the belief that there exist an infinite number of alternate dimensions and realities, etc. There is also a theory that states that anything that happens or is going to happen has already happened. So factoring those things together, I've come to the conclusion that if someone experiences something that seems out of place, then they received interference from their conscious state as they exist in an alternate reality where that something actually did happen.

Kind of like how under certain circumstances raidio frequencies will interfere with each other and will pick up a different station. Some people say that time and space is an illusion, right? So this type of phenomenon is just something that slipped through that illusion.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by ka119

Ouch!!!! That one hurt the brain haha, I got it though. And that is just part of how reality and the universe works.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:30 PM
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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by mudbeed
I get where people are going with this thread. If you die, you swap universes and continue living, but the universe you were a part of keeps changing.

This makes sense because we are multidimensional beings.

One thing I have to ask about this theory is:

What about dying of old age?

If we never die and it seems we never get younger in these experiences then what happens when we die of old age?

Also this seems to insist that if my friend "Joe" dies in my universe then he is alive in another. That I can accept, but to think that when "Joe" dies at 99, then he just keeps skipping from universe to universe until when?

Wouldn't the timeslip phenom be very prevalent in older folks if this was the case as they would be constantly slipping to avoid death from Heart Attack #1 to Stroke #2...etc.

It is all very facinating, but I think what I listed above kinda shoots holes in the validity of something like this happening.

Do I make sense?

You make sense to me because my thinking was pulling up those marks too. I have played with the premise of this thread in my mind for a while and though it has its merits, it all falls down due to the points you put on the table. These issues need to be addressed before the theory can be adopted by the part of me that wants to believe.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:42 PM
If I am off topic then feel free to let me know. I posted earlier and have been thinking about the whole time slip theory. I remember once when I was pregnant with my first son I got a phone call at my house. My ex was there with me, had been with me all day long. The guy on the phone said that he has seen me at a restaurant earlier that day which we had not been to and I had given him my phone number after he offered me and my little boy a ride. I told the guy he had the wrong person because I was not due until the fall and had no older children. I do remember craving food from that restaurant that same day but never got around to going there with my ex. The guy who called said that he got in his car and started driving off, looked back and I was gone....figured I went back into the restaurant. I found out a week later I was having a boy. My cousin also confirmed talking to me at this same restaurant as it was also her favorite place to eat. I know I can't be 2 places at one time, and be pregnant at one and already have the baby as a toddler at the other. As my son got older my cousin swears to this day that the toddler was him. I really don't know if this was a time slip or not, but seems my future self had a craving for my favorite place to eat.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:42 PM
This is exactly the same conclusion I have reached about existence! I hypothesize that death can not be experienced. You cannot talk to someone who has died, because they are dead. NDE don't count, because you are still alive, therefore you are not dead (duh). It's interesting to note that you are the third person I have seen recently hypothesizing this idea, that your consciousness doesn't vanish, but rather moves into a reality where you never died. I think this can even apply to situations where you never even seem to come near death. For example, driving a completely normal trip with no events whatsoever. I was driving home from work one day, a 30 minute commute, and suddenly I just "woke up" from a lack of thinking anything. It was like I had been asleep, and about 10 minutes had passed. I was still in my lane, had turned and everything. But I didn't remember any of it, it was like I had been asleep. It was a loss of 10 minutes. I probably died in another reality, leaving my wife and two sons alone in that universe. There are probably realities where I have committed suicide, because I have been close to it in the past, but as evidenced by this post, I am still among the living.

So the only thing I'm not sure about is death in old age. Do we keep living forever in our own reality? Probably not. Instead, I think you may either reincarnate into a non-chronological point in time (could be the past or the future), or you relive your life again infinite times, making different choices and thus traveling through different realities each time, a form of reincarnation in itself...

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:43 PM
for your theory to make sense we need to think about it in the right way:
well, lets say we have multiple realities ... why? whats the logic behind it?

if we have one reality to each choice, we would have infinite realities, and it wouldnt make sense that our "soul" is divided into all those realities in my opinion

so, the only thing to make sense is that, maybe, each person has its own reality in some way and has control over it, like, you died, but you came back, after you died you just went back, changed something so you could survive and kept going for some reason

I dont know, but thats what makes the most sense if we are considering this to be true. But who knows, this subject is so amazingly unknown that we cant rule out anything.

or maybe all of this is just inside my head

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:54 PM
Upon initially opening this thread, I was excited, believing that some proof of alternate realities had been found. But instead, we end up with pages of intriguing and compelling personal accounts.

Like many human beings, I badly want to believe in something more exciting than tending a garden in "heaven" for eternity, or agonizing in "hell" for eternity. The closer I get to physical death, the more obsessed I become with finding some sort of proof for spirit continuation in a meaningful life at some level.

No proof in this thread, but I hope the O.P. and other theorists on the subject are right!


posted on May, 12 2011 @ 11:55 PM
since im sitting in my car veiwing ATS on the tiny screen on my phone, i'll just make a post so I can come back to this thread..

but wow.. u've got me thinking.. + will add more later..

you may find my thread about my 28 october interesting.. link is in my signature..

I will be back to add more later.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 12:04 AM
I remember being REALLY sick when I was younger for like 5 days. Vomit, diarreah, fever for 5 days. Hardly ate or drank anything. Then I started to get better and eventually turned completely healthy. My mother somehow does not remember this event no matter how many details I bring up about the subject. What if I had died and suddenly was placed in a reality where i was not killed by the sickness? Never thought about that. Weird.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 12:05 AM
Well I have a couple things I can add...

When I was young, around 10 years old I would say, I had an experience that still creeps/trips me out to this day. I remember waking up late at night(still very dark) and my pillow being on the ground beside my bed. I remember lying down thinking ah screw it(at this point closing my eyes), then thinking no i'm gunna grab it, and when I opened my eyes it was daylight. It must of been 6-8 hours but felt like 6-8 seconds.

Another time me and a buddy experienced a time slip or lost time. We were chilling at my place back in high school during lunch and left so we would make it on time for the next class. I knew how long it took to get there but when we got there, it had taken us an hour and a half to walk what usually takes 20 mins...

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