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Ever had miraculous escape or experienced a timeslip ?.... There could be a link , but I need your h

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posted on May, 22 2012 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by dawnprince

I fully agree! Just was really something to go hmmm about!

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 08:20 PM
Sadly cant remember any dead "resurrected celebs" or timeshifts, but it sounds interresting and i have seen alot of posts on the subject... Could it be mr. Doc Brown messing up our time!... i bet it is.

NO CLUE how to link pictures so use your imagination

-Hint Back to the future

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:10 PM
I just remembered reading something about shifting realities but I can't remember where I was reading all this information. Anyway one thing I just remembered was part of the problem with shifting realities is that part of human consciousness resides outside our physical bodies. When our realities shift, that part of our consciousness outside our physical bodies remembers how things used to be. Trying to remember where I was when I read this makes me wonder if I was awake or not. If I'm reading information while asleep, that is interesting. I swear it seems like I remember reading about this and more in a magazine or book or on a computer file. I can not remember where I was though.

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 10:29 PM
I've had my own version of a "miraculous escape" recently - Last winter in fact. What had happened was that I was driving up to my GF's house. Now you have to bear in mind that it was winter, and that it had been snowing the night before.

When I went down the road that I normally take, I failed to realize that on my side, only some parts of the road were cleared of snow (I swear the snow plow driver didn't get his bonus that week, because they conveniently left all the slippery snow around the curves). Anyway, I hit the curve pretty slowly (25-27 mph is pretty slow), and realized that my tires weren't exactly following the road. There was two guys off to the side of the road that watched me go.

I tried to tap the brakes, which caused the car to go into a full spinout (My first one) - I blacked out for about 2 seconds, but remember everything being in slow motion. Somehow, I was able to fully understand that I needed to get off the road (I was in the on-coming traffic lane). My car spun around 2-3 times, and I was able to guide it to the ditch beside the road.

Where this gets interesting is that almost immediately after spinning out (2 minutes at most), I got out and found that the two guys that "watched" me spin out came running to me and were asking when this happened. Even though I said they watched me (I mean, I saw both of them staring at me, and my brakes aren't the quietest in the world). They said they never saw it happen, and that they were out there for another person (Ironically enough, both were mechanics and instead of helping their Aunt, who spun out, they called a truck for her and pulled me out).

Since that incident, I've had small "periods" where it seemed like things were different from when I last remembered them. It's never been anything big, but it might be a store in a different location in the mall, when a movie is being released, locations of parks, stuff like that.

Also, I should note that I am not throwing out the possibility that it's "all in my head", I usually chalk such experiences to a "brain glitch", and let it go.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 11:45 AM
I have had quite a few occasions where I have had evidence of tweaking the simulationor glitches in the matrix as I now see it.
1. I was in a car being driven at 105 miles an hour by my partner at the time. It was raining and the road was a steep downhill shicane (BEND) leading to a very narrow ancient SINGLE traffic bridge in Cornwall UK. It is on the way to Truro, Cornish people will know where I mean.
We hurltled towards this tiny single lane bridge I 'saw' that we were going to hit the bridge wall and overturn into the river below and drown......I was practicing 'lightwork' at that time so put myself in white light and waited ready to die. There was no way we were going to make it.....we that time I was all about the wonders of white light I am more convinced it has to do with this world being a simulated/matrix experience.
2. Another time I was at a protest in Newbury UK, living in the trees attempting to prevent them from being cut down to make way for a road......I watched as these remarkable protestor people were walking along double rope walkways between trees and witnessed the attempts to harm these people by corporate employed tree surgeons who cut the ropes these people were standing on 60-80 foot up in the trees. What should have happened is these amazing people should have through gravity, fallen to the ground resulting in major injury from a fall of that height, instead they gently swung unbelievably down and sideways in what to me was slowmotion and were delivered into the branches of one of the trees the ropes were attached to......I was in a tree house at the time yards from where they were on the ropewalks and saw this the time Iwas again attributing it to a 'spiritual' intervention, I now see this as evidence of a tweak of the simulation/matrix...
3. In a car with my older brother driving down narrow road, a fuel tanker coming towards us, we were having a very in depth conversation about belief systems, he concerned about my interest in things other than Christian,
I noticed he was not looking at the road as I talked and saw that we were headed directly into the tanker if we didnt change our position, I kept thinking he will look and alter the direction, but he didnt I calmly reached over as I carried on talking and moved the wheel to get us out of danger (it was imminent and we should really have died) had I scared him by shouting I believe he would have overcorrected and killed us.......I again at the time considered this a 'spiritual' response but now feel its tweaked or glitches in the simulation / matrix....
4. Driving with an ex, taking my kids to stay with their dad, the ex insisting I use his car and he come along...
all of a sudden with me driving at 80miles an hour along the motorway, he suddenly looses it and slams his hands on the dash then yells he wants his car back and pulls the steering wheel as I am overtaking a tanker in the slow lane, I am in the middle lane and another car is on the other side of me overtaking me in the fast lane...
no way should we have survived that ....he really pulled hard on the wheel and I pulled back....yet the car just found itself driving in the slow lane by the time I looked back at the road after looking at him when he yanked on the wheel..........glitch again????
5. I had a 20foot Motorhome, was driving down a steep VERY NARROW backroad in Cornwall......and I mean very narrow. The hedges at the side of the road are actuall granite stone with foliage growing out of them hiding the granite over the years but the roads are really narrow and I realized too late it was getting narrower and as I was going downhill steeply I could not reverse as there were bends too, I was in a total panic couldn't see how I could manage this and went into some kind of 'thing' as I was into 'breathwork' at the time, and found myself intending that the breath would alter the size of the vehicle and I would get through which I did.......glitch/tweak???

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by goeffy

When I was 16 years old, I lived with my sister and her husband and 3 kids. Both my sister and brother in-law worked at a cotton mill in a another town. My sister worked 2 shift 3 to 11:30 and my brother in-law worked 3 shift 11 to 7. My sister rode to work with next door neighbors who also worked at the same cotton mill. They would leave for work around 2 and get home around 12:15. My brother in-law would leave around 10:20. It was July 1974 when this happen. After my brother in-law left for work I always cleaned the kitchen. I gathered up all the dirty dishes through the house and washed the dishes. I was down to the last pot that had the left overs that I took out to feed the dogs. I remember the 11 o-clock news was on when I added dog food to the pot and took it out the back door, where all the dogs were waiting for me to bring them their food. At that time we had a litter of puppies, so I divided the food out and stood there to make sure the big dogs didn't eat all the food from the puppies.
As I was standing there this car pulled into the driveway of the trailer park, I watch as it came up the driveway, thinking that they are home early (my sister and the neighbors) and wondered why. The car pulled into our driveway instead of theirs and I watched as my sister got out of the car. pulled her sweater over her shoulders and reached back into the car to get her pocketbook. She then closed the car door and walked toward our front door, as the neighbors backed out of the driveway and headed out of the trailer park. I wondered why they were leaving again. Then I looked down at the puppies, they were finishing off the last of their food so I picked the pot up and went back inside. As I walked in I said you are home early, What happened. I put the pot into the sink and washed it still hadn't got an answer so I called out her name, still all was quite. So I picked up the hand towel and was drying my hands as I walked back through the trailer. The 11 o-clock news was still on. My sister was not to be found. I looked in her room, the bathroom,the kids room and my room, there was no where else she could be. She just wasn't there. I went back into the living room and set on the couch, wondering what in the world just happened. The news was still on at that time. I set there until the normal time for them to get home. I went to the door and watch as they pulled into the driveway and my sister got out of the car, pulled her sweater over her shoulders, reached back into the car and got her pocketbook and closed the door and was walking toward the trailer. The neighbors backed out of the driveway and left. I opened the screen door and held it for her as she came in I told her that I had already watched her come home one time tonight and ask where the neighbors were going. She said they forgot to stop and get cigarettes, other than that she didn't say anything about what I had told her. I guess she didn't believe me. I don't think I would have either.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 09:12 PM
We evidently now live in the reality where Refrigerator Perry (American football player) didn't already die years ago. This is news to me.

Perhaps I'm just finally going insane fully.


posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by AceWombat04

I remember hearing on the news years ago that he died. So he is alive? I remember speaking about it to some of my relatives saying all that fat must have clogged up his arteries.

I looked it up. He is still alive. He even lives in the same state as me.

I haven't noticed anything unusual the last few months.

I've speculated that if a random event happens that could possibly by some random stroke of bad luck, terminate your life in one reality, your consciousness might do a body switch into a very similar nearby alternate reality. But if something intentionally happens to you and others, too many alternate realities had the same thing happen and you die or your consciousness becomes disassociated with your body. This would assume there might be an infinite number of alternate realities created every time someone makes a decision and that your consciousness could go out of your body and jump back but in a slightly different reality.

Many people here believe in out of body experiences and some believe in the possibility of alternate parallel realities so this is my idea of what might happen. Now if you could intentionally do an out of body experience in a different reality is a question. I'm not intentionally experimenting with any out of body stuff.
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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by orionthehunter

I've had two other people I know swear they remember discussing him being dead already years ago, too. Possibly just faulty memory, but even that is surreal to me. That something people remember vividly being true can be found to not be so. Whatever the cause, it's still a strange feeling.


posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 08:00 AM
Facinating thread!!

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 09:41 AM
Here is a very personal story of mine that may fit what you are talking about.

This had to have happened 23-24ish years ago.

I was at a friends house when my (at-the-time) girlfriend called me. I had a roommate at the time who had a severe thing for my girlfriend. He had gotten drunk that night and decided since he couldn't have her he was going to kill himself when he heard me come home. He had found my pistol and was going to use it. He was going to kill himself in my bedroom.

Now I know this was a stupid thing to do, I should have called the police and yadda, yadda, yadda, but I really couldn't involve the police and I just had a feeling this was the path I was supposed to take. Kids don't try this at home.

Now I was already living in a house that was not so restful and I didn't want his energy to add to it. So I snuck home and had my girlfriend keep him on the phone. When he was distracted I rushed him and managed to disarm him.

It was during that rush and struggle for the gun where things felt weird to me. It was a standard revolver and loaded with hollow point shells. It was just a .22 though, but he had the hammer cocked back and it had a hairpin trigger because it was originally my mother's pistol and she had very little finger strength.

Time certainly did slow down, just like they show it in the movies. To this day I can still see it in slow motion in my head, how I push his arm away and twist the gun out of his hand and how I put my thumb in between the hammer and the gun.

But there was one instant where he drunkenly jerked up right at the beginning when he heard/saw/felt me rush him and that barrel was pointed point blank at my chest, before I could knock his arm to the side and jerk the gun away. I remember some feeling of energy surrounding me at that very moment -- and then things worked out, time sped back up.

He wasn't my roommate after that (but that's neither here nor there).

During that one instant though, I feel like I died. Or that I should have died (I can't tell which). I've always felt like my life was out of sorts though, from that point on. I still feel that way, like I don't belong, like I am out of time. I've never been able to keep decent track of time since then though. I easily lose track of minutes, hours, days, years.

I had a very good memory up until then too, it was practically eidetic - school was easy for me. From that point on though, memories seemed fuzzy and have always been in some kind of fog in my head. As I've gotten older it feels like that fog has spread through my head and lots of things have gotten fuzzier. Time seems more distorted to me too. I get quite a bit of 'I thought he was dead, I seem to remember...'

I remember things wrongly all the time (maybe I'd just getting senile) and strong feelings of deja vu. I mean things I'd have swore on a stack of bibles and I was absolutely positive of. Street names, places where things have been kept, birth years for people, birthdays, etc. All sorts of things. It seems to have gotten worse as I've gotten older and felt more disconnected from things.

So I've always felt I was protected that day, but that something big changed and I've paid some kind of price for it. I don't know if my experience quite qualifies, but though all the fuzziness and fog in my head, I always seem to remember that one event so clearly out of everything and it's not the only dramatic event that occurred in my life. But that is one is in Hi-Def compared to the rest which aren't. lol.
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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 11:54 PM
I thought about this thread when I saw a movie again I hadn't seen in a while. There were one or two scenes in the movie I didn't remember seeing before. I might have chalked it up to simply not remembering every single little detail about the movie. Then I thought what if there was another reason I didn't remember it? The idea about slipping into an almost identical parallel reality sounds interesting. You would have to look for differences and they might be quite small. I'm thinking those differences would probably be the ones where things were decided upon more randomly.
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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 09:35 AM
a reply to: theknuckler
This guy has figured out (actually deduced) that if we are living specifically in a simulation (as copied people) then you can expect to have impossible glitches in reality happening when simulated people are involved in potential serious accidents - this is explained here: link

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