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Ever had miraculous escape or experienced a timeslip ?.... There could be a link , but I need your h

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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 09:43 AM
I was almost hit by a truck but something told me to look up in the mirror.... it was weird because that is how my dad died.

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 02:09 PM

Originally posted by Phantom traveller
reply to post by ldyserenity

When i was younger i tried a few things that included a mirror and athough the old "Bloody Mary" never worked there is a technic that allows you to see things in the mirror.I'll tell you one thing.Since i tried it ,i never keep a mirror in my bedroom,not even a small one.

This morning i woke up,from a strange dream that has stuck in my head.I already started a research,but since it includes physics,it's gonna take me some time.

The main idea of the dream is that there are no parallell dimensions or alternate realities or different timelines but we all live in the same plain only in different frequencies.The human brain has a certain spectrum that can recognise and the machines allows us to "see" only a certain range of what is invisible to the naked eye.
So in the dream it was that machine that went beyond and below those frequencies and could make visible to the human eye the dwellers of those other frequencies(the person who was with me there didn't call them dimensions).The machine was like an electromagnetic field amplifier(or at least this is the term i have stuck with)

What i'm thinking since is that some experiences can be explained, if somehow we tune in our body to certain frequencies or the ability of some entities to tune in to ours.

I don't know how possible this is,but it has given me a huge headache.I'll get back with this if i make any progress.Your thoughts and help are highly appreciated.

Sounds like string theory a bit, however this and parallel dimensions in theory are non exclusive, meaning that it is theorized that this is how multiple dimensions/alternate realities are functioning at different vibrations. Much like your dream describes. They may be non exclusive in theory, but still can exist without the "alternate timelines". This could be explained by the observer theory, explained in physics by how protons react when observed and also shrodinger's cat, where the observer is the catalyst on the perception of reality. So that Jim Baker being alive is the winning view or perception of this reality, therefore he is now alive, but those that kept the knowledge of him being dead are the minority, so the widely accepted reality is that he is living. Just for an example. I hope you can understand my meaning. This is also where the "Secret" comes into play.

Shrodinger's Cat

Like I stated, these two theories are not non-inclusive, they would be a good TOE (Theory of Everyting) actually.
The simple truth is that we may never know, but the observer phenomena has been tested and documented. We may not even know when we're dead, because there is just no way to prove/disprove alternate realities as of yet.

Your dream may be just a dream. Or it could be insider information. But, for sure the only way (in theory) for time travel to work, is the existence of alternate timelines. But, since we haven't cracked that shell, it may in fact mean there are not alternate timelines.
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posted on May, 17 2011 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by ldyserenity

Me and physics....a sad story.I was never very good at it.Recently i started studying physics again.Thanks for the insight because i didn't know where to begin.
I'm familiar with the Shrondiger cat theory.

As for the dream,yeah it was just a dream,but it's one of those that stick inside your head and won't go away,no matter what.

I was almost hit by a truck but something told me to look up in the mirror.... it was weird because that is how my dad died.

I have heard this before and is quite freaky.I have to ask,if you feel confortable to share:
Were you anywhere near the place where your father died?

posted on May, 17 2011 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

This isn't physics, but this is a story you may find interesting. It kinda goes along with what you were trying to explain with your dream. About the vibrational difference but not "parallel dimensions".

Time Slip and Watermelon Men
by Brandie

One afternoon I was coming home from work. As I was coming over a hill, I noticed several men in a field on the left. They were sitting around eating watermelons out of the field. About 20 or so melons were busted up and scattered over the ground. As I approached them, the men all looked toward my car. One man looked me right in the eye and started running right in my path. I was going pretty fast and when I noticed that this man was going to run right in front of me, I slammed on brakes as hard as I could. The man kept going and I missed hitting him by less than a foot.

I was so angry that the man would pull a stunt like this, I turned and looked at him. He was on my passenger side just at the rear of my car at this time. I flipped him off while expressing my anger pretty loud. My windows were down and I could hear all of his friends laughing at me. Then I noticed that they were all dressed funny – like clothing from the 1920s with hats on and some had scarves tied around there necks.

Time Slip And The Watermelon Men

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 06:14 PM
My friends and I often travel through a forest on our university's campus when we get bored, or are in need of an adventure of sorts. Several days ago we decided to take a path that we had never taken before, which, presumably, led to different areas of the forest than what we had traveled. I say this because most of us, myself included, know the trails like the backs of our hands. Well, we walked this trail for around 45 minutes, give or take a few, and found ourselves inexplicably at a particular fallen log, one of the definite landmarks of the path. This log has been a trusty hangout of ours for a while now. We were perplexed; we knew these paths front and back, but this new one we found and took, which, by the way, was on the opposite side of the huge campus, had taken us to a place that we knew was in the opposite direction that we had been traveling for the past 45 minutes or so. Myself and one of the friends with me have excellent senses of direction. After a few minutes of scratching our heads, we decided to turn around and head back up the exact direction from which we came, to see if we could make it back to the trail from which we came. Coming across all the expected forks and exploring them all, though knowing where they would lead, we eventually came to the conclusion that we didn't have a clue what the hell happened... That trail was nowhere to be found.

And come to think of it, there was a period of silence for us all on that trail; I felt sort of mesmerized during it. It was incredibly weird. We still can't come up with a reason for what happened. Maybe it was a timeslip or something. Maybe we were transported somehow. I dunno.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:45 AM
A few pages to this thread I haven't really read any of the posts but wanted to give my input.

For my timeline... celebrities who were dead and now alive.... charlie sheen i kid you not. Also John Lennon and possibly a few others like Madonna.

I have also experienced twice now where I have died in real life but suddenly wake up as if it were just a dream. Yeah I know how that sounds so take from it what you will, thought i'd mention it anyway.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 06:54 PM
This thread reminds me of how, when I was a kid, I too thought to myself I already had avoided so many accidents, like maybe 20 or 30 times. Well that was from a kid's point of view. Later I went into some medical trouble but never ran into an accident, except once, and it was weird.

I was a teenager and riding on a bike, going fast down a road. A few dozens of meters in front of me, there was a curve and the road would continue down to the right. I could see a car there, after the curve, more than far enough from me, especially since I'd have to slow down at the curve whereas the car would continue at the same speed. Well, the next moment, the car was at the very down of the road, and I was right behind the car ! I had no time to stop and the bike hit the car, I didn't get badly injured, only some bleeding from the nose and the mouth. After that I got a bit shocked, not because of the accident itself, but because I just couldn't figure out how it could have happened, especially since I was very careful with cars on the road. It just looked like some weird time shift.

A few years letter, I wrote a script about a young girl who discovers some strange things, some kind of cycle in the circle of life, with the same human faces reappearing over the centuries. She was investigating and in the end found out what happened and that there was indeed some kind of physics law involved, But at he very moment of her discovery, the universe would just shift itself, turning into another universe where that law would no longer be true. In the last scene, she would drive in the streets, apparently unaffected, until she turns into another street and there are two moons showing up in the sky.

posted on May, 21 2011 @ 03:15 PM
Okay first of all this is a great thread, I love reading stuff like this. I give you star and flag

There are great posts on here, pretty astonishing stuff and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. I think there definitely things in our reality that we can't explain.

By comparison, my little experience doesn't seem as exciting as the other posts
but here goes.

This happened when I was about 12 or 13. My family used to go out on bike rides quite a bit. I was very late getting a bike (compared to other kids) and in fact had only had my bike a year or two and was still wobbly at times (my rubbish sense of balance didn't help).

Anyway on this particular day we were cycling through a small town, it was early morning, not many people around. We were passing some parked cars and as we passed one of them, a red car, I cycled or wobbled too close and my handlebars clipped the wing mirror. I felt the impact, heard clearly the noise of the glass shattering as it broke and fell to the ground. I was horrified at what I'd done and very upset. Momentum somehow carried me forward a little bit then I stopped and turned around to look at the damage...

But there wasn't any. The car was fine, untdamaged, unscratched. No broken glass on the ground. I couldn't understand it. I think I remember saying that I've hit the car, but no one else had seen it happen and thought I was mistaken I guess. But I *know* it happened. I felt it. I heard it. I rejoined my family and carried on cycling, feeling very odd and I could not understand what had happened.

As the years passed I never forgot the incident but I didn't know what it was and I could never think of an explanation. Then as I got older I started getting interested in paranormal stuff and eventually found out about time slips, and I wondered if that was what had happened to me, but I'm not sure. I don't know if it really fits.

Either way, it's odd. It's quite a few years later now (I wont say exactly how many - a lady doesn't reveal her age
) but I still remember the incident, still remember the red car, can still picture in my mind the area of road where it happened. Still remember the feel and sound of the impact.


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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 06:34 AM
After reading the OP and being increasingly intruiged and seeing the OP asking for peoples experiences (I believe?) I'm just going to link a post I made only yesterday in regards to something that happened to me 3yrs ago and which a fellow AST Member linked me to here

I shall now read through this entire thread lol.
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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 09:31 AM
Forgot to mention S&F OP!

Okay so upon reading a lot of the experiences posted here I'm even more intrigued now not just by the 'dimensional slip' but also by this notion of being a "Walk-In" or "Drop-In" as something which constantly haunts me is the following occurrence.

As far as I know through reading/researching, we begin our mental collective function (in other words our brain stores things) from around three-years old, right? My life didn't begin until I was almost five.

I don't recall absolutely anything at all prior to this moment but it was as if I was waking up from a dream, a pure white light as if looking into the sun which misted out in an absolute rush/whoosh of air (imagine the shhhhhhhlooop sound if you will?) and then suddenly I was running about my house at the time and my parents were packing and moving boxes and such into a removal van as we were moving home.

What's strange about this is, growing up I could then suddenly recall things that happened to me and with my family (between the ages of 3-5) but every time I've mentioned this to them they don't recall the incidents or goings-on and think I'm making it up.

I also get these rushes of wind sounds, when I'm about to fall asleep from time to time as well... The best way I could describe it is, imagine you're watching a football/soccer game on mute - A team scores a goal and for 4-5 split seconds you unmute it/mute it again; the sound of the crowd cheering/roaring is the whooshing sound I hear... It's extremely strange.

Would that mean I was a 'drop-in/walk-in' in a sense??

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 09:46 AM
Traveling north on old highway 44 to the four corners region for a fishing trip, a trip I had made many times, from my home to my destination always took 3 hours. This particular time it took 4.5 hours. What happened in that missing time?

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by tpg65

I remember waking up on 9-12-2001 and remembering a world where the attacks on the US didn't happen. Is that what you're talking about? I know it sounds crazy, but I could see a past where that did not happen. I felt so out of place that whole two weeks or so. I literally felt like I was living it two realities.

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 10:59 AM
This is an experience I have had remembrances of off and on and on since it happened, but in the last year I have been thinking about it alot and I still have no explanation for it. It is almost identical thematically to xylophobia's post on

I'd say this happened between 1990 and 1997 because the film this relates to is Donnie Brasco which was released in the latter year.

I think it's relevant to preface this by saying I have always been a cinefile, so the experience relates to a subject I had more than a passing interest in. Mob movies were not yet on my radar and the local video store would not have allowed me to rent an R-rated film at this time, but I recall clearly seeing the Donnie Brasco vhs cover with Johnny Deep and Al Pacino walking down the street. I was at this video store approximately 2-3 times a month, and I don't recall on how many occasions I happened to glance the cover, but in 1997 I was looking in the newspaper movie listings and seen an advertisement for Donnie Brasco. I initially thought "what's the big deal about this movie, it's been out forever", until it dawned on me that it was just being released in theaters.

Not dramatic, or life changing, but unexplained nonetheless. I've been obsessed with the unknown since I was young, and always considered myself a non-experience-er even after 1997. I'd venture a guess that it was a combination of being unaware of timeslips, and the experience itself being so dull that it hadn't occurred to me until recently that it was a paranormal event.

Great thread!

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Biggest Shill Answer Ever!!
How do you know your intelligence even exists? I sure don't. Obviously you've never experienced something out of the norm. Why are you even on this thread?

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 08:24 PM

I was referred to this thread by somebody who emailed me through my website. Usually I don't participate in message board forums anymore, but this is one of the rarest threads I've ever come across in all my forum travels. Seriously. The reason I was referred to come check this thread out is because so much of what I discuss on my website ([gratuitous link removed]) mirrors people's experiences here. I really don't know where to begin, but I do want to say thank you for creating such a thought provoking thread, and thanks to everybody for coming forward to pool your experiences and for your brainstorming efforts. What's being discussed here gets to the core of what I feel are some of the most important issues we could be pondering on.

I would get into detail of my stories, some of which aren't found on my website, but I was leery that the ATS "Terms and Conditions of Use" says this:

17) Rights In Posted Materials: By posting on this message board, you relinquish all exclusive copyrights to any materials you Post and furthermore, you grant TAN non-exclusive, non-revocable worldwide, royalty-free rights to copy, distribute, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works, and publicly perform the materials in perpetuity in all forms. This license applies to all works of authorship including, but not limited to, written materials (e.g., text), audio, audio-visual materials, graphics, and images (including, but not limited to, graphics and images used as avatars). You also grant all third parties the right to copy, distribute, display, reproduces, and publicly perform the materials you post under the terms of the Creative Commons License. TAN has the authority to decide to display your postings or not, and you grant TAN the right to modify your posts, remove offensive material, modify your post title to accurately reflect content, remove vulgar comments, remove insults, or delete any other content deemed inappropriate, all at our discretion.

I don't know....that seems a little weird. That's not a normal thing for forum agreements to say, and most forums I've participated in over the years don't say something like that. So I hesitate to post in explicit detail just yet, feeling like, "hmmmmm....." But in general I will say that I've experienced the following:

- I should be death warmed over more than a dozen times at least, but, I'm still here. I'm still here due to everything from protective shields seeming to have been put around me, to time slowing down, to mysterious voices from nowhere intervening. to what could be termed "glitches in the matrix," where reality does things it's not supposed to do in order to undo a no-no, and then various other forms of intervention. It's led me to conclude that there absolutely are forces at work that seem to own and control some people in this reality, and they make sure that flagrant free will violations of epic proportions don't happen to their personal property. "The earth is a farm, and we are somebody else's property" - Charles Fort.

- Time slips/time jumps. Not too common an occurrence in my life, but I have had them, where time is off. One such incident where time jumped several hours one morning, going from 9:45/10 am to 12 noon was noted by a fellow coworker, which is why I even remembered it in the first place, otherwise I would have forgotten it and moved on in a daze. Makes me wonder how many other things happen that I just......move on in a daze and forget about, because there's nobody there mentioning it and forcing me to focus on it.

- Time loops, where life seems to be on repeat mode. Again, not a common occurrence, but I have experienced it, and it's very disconcerting.

- Glimpsing parallel realities/lives

- All around guidance/intervention and "stuff" being HIGHLY involved in my life, including a "tug of war" as it's been told to me between neg and positive.

- Abductions, many forms of psychic happenings/skills, bizarro synchronicities where things line up and come together in such a way as to be completely impossible and improbable, etc., you name it. Basically all manner of phenomenon showing that reality isn't what they're telling us it is. My life has been the walking woo-woo as reflected by the contents of my website, and yet it's paradoxically oddly very boring and mundane. Not very much exciting going on at the moment.

Anyway, I'm glad I found this thread, because again in all my travels I've yet to see such a huge compilation pooling of so many people's stories all saying the same sorts of things. Not even on the now defunct Noble Realms was there this many stories of this level concentrated together. Makes me wonder where all you people have been all this time!

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 09:22 AM
I, like others have for some time now noted the many threads speaking to such unusual anomalies, it is time to begin a serious discussion that goes beyond all the typical postings and remarks from those that dont give this subject matter enough thought process to derive a sense that something is not quite right.

I will add to this discussion by offering my recent ritualistic findings and my personal explanation regarding my findings as it relates to manipulating time lines to effect changes to our future.

I follow ritualistic and numerological findings as it relates to the calendar and to astrological data.

While this process over the years has kept me very busy, I have recently discovered something that denotes a system of time line manipulations which could explain the time slips, the celebrity deaths that somehow still remain alive after media coverage of their deaths and the many other time anomalies that many have noted and reported about here on ATS and on other sites around the web.

To condense my findings I will repeat the more important data I have found in order to explain my theory.

Astrologically, on 01-01-11 we entered into the 13th astrological sign called Ophiuchus, the snake wrestler on 01-01-11 which to me is evidence of the number "13' having a presence in the future plans of the NWO.

I discovered along the way, that on 10-28-11 which was the ending of the Mayan calendar and a day of great transformation, that a new ritual had been opened by the NWO magicians using 13 as its number code.

10-28-11 adds to 13 and began the new ritual using 13 on this ending date which was also a starting date.

13 days after 10-28-11 brought us to 11-09-11 which began a 13 day window of days that ended on the 13th day, 11-22-11.

11-22-11 is exactly 13 days from 11-09-11 and also happens to be exactly 13 months from 11-22-11 to 12-21-12.

With these findings I was able to infer that the hour and minute associated with this ritual is 13:13 which is military time for 1:13 pm.

This finding of 113 allowed me to then discover that the NASA GCN 11133 big red x in the Pacific Ocean was associated to the ritual by noting that 11133 could be seen with 113 in the middle and with a 1-3 or a 13 serving as book ends to the 113.

This 13 and 113 finding allowed me to see that the NWO was using these numbers in certain people, certain key times and dates associated with their NWO ritual that leads to their NWO success.

When I began researching or reviewing my old material with this new information I discovered that Japan Fukushima occurred on 03-11-11 which is 11113 in reverse. The date of the Japan Fukushima disaster is noted as happening on 03-11 and if looked at in reverse, it shows a clear 113.

After reviewing my data I found that many ritual events and dates had been missed as to when something was going to happen. I looked at 11-09-11 and while the United Nations was conducting an exercise called Pacific Wave 11 at the site of GTCN11133 on this date, this date also showed us the failed EAS emergency broadcast failure.

On 11-11-11 the 13 Mayan skulls had completed a tour across the nation that began from New York on 10-28-11 and ended on 11-11-11 with a 13 skull ceremony.

Ritual events planned for 11-11-11 at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt were cancelled at the last moments by Egyptian authorities.

This is when my research allowed me to find that on 09-10-11 NASA blasted off with a mission to the moon called the Grail mission. When both satellites were released and orbited to gain momentum for the slingshot to the moon, both satellites were declared officially underway on 09-11-11.

"Twin" satellites will survey the moon and use radar to denote interior composition upon their arrival.

The arrival for the first NASA Grail is scheduled for 12-31-11 and the second Grail is scheduled to arrive on 01-01-12. This is when I discovered that it is exactly 113 days from 09-10-11 to 01-01-12.

I provide this data to help you better understand my posting, because since I have found 13 and 113 imbedded into many social and global events. I have personally seen 13 and 113 numbers in my own life and I now contend that those with time travel technology, are using a super computer coded with 13 and 113 to denote that anyone with this number coding is being manipulated by a super computer from the future to bring about the end result that the NWO seeks.

Anyone finding these numbers in their own lives or in personal events should see that every person with such numbers in their lives is being used by a super computer from the future to move us along in time in a way that supports the end result the NWO seeks.

This NWO future super computer time line manipulation leads to visible clues that we have seen talked about and this is why seeing 13 and 113 anomalies to me proves a super computer is tracking millions of humans needed to effect the future time line changes needed by the NWO to succeed.

Thanks for the thread.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 10:59 PM
I'm not sure if this counts or anything, but I do have a similar experience. Sometimes I see what I like to call "tv shows from the future". At different points in my life I turn on the idiot box and watch a random tv show, but then a couple of days later I see comericals of the said show as "New" or "Premier show". This happened to me twice, I thought that there was a slip up in the cable (or whoever is incharge of releasing the signal of a show) or that there was an error in the comercial (the old commercials poping up after the show had been released). Now that I think of it I do see really old commercials on tv from time to time, but I get that could be a slip up in the brodcasting station as well :/

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by xxblackoctoberxx
I'm Christian, with a fundamentalist uncle who insists everything in the bible is true, while I myself try and keep an open mind -- including that ALL these different opinions may be true. So, what if reincarnation is real, and that indeed it had been included in the bible but was taken out by Constantine (it was supposedly Constantine, right?). And that, according to the bible, man only lives and dies once. And that, in tune with many of these posts, every decision results in a reality where you acted upon it and another reality where you abandoned that same decision for another. So then, according to reincarnation rules, while you were choosing your parents/life, you ended up having multiple lives at once. Since time is not linear, you could explain choosing a life as a peasant while at the same time choosing your modern life plus many more that splintered off from your pre-birth choice. That instead of having past life memories, you are tapping into your current life consciousness, and that's why so many people have emotional problems from their past, because it's not their past, it's a collective consciousness of your selves going through your concurrent life problems?

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:12 PM
Hello to everyone,
This is the second time I am replying to this thread.
I dont know what I can call this that I am expieriencing the past 3 or 4 months,
but 99% of the time when I look at the time, its 12:12, 17:17, 20:20, 13:13 and so on.
In this time period a lot of things have been happening to me a short time after this time thing began.
I dont know what to think of it, but from when I noticed it, I have the notion of a warning.

Any thoughts are welcome...
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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by mikepopy
Hello to everyone,
This is the second time I am replying to this thread.
I dont know what I can call this that I am expieriencing the past 3 or 4 months,
but 99% of the time when I look at the time, its 12:12, 17:17, 20:20, 13:13 and so on.
In this time period a lot of things have been happening to me a short time after this time thing began.
I dont know what to think of it, but from when I noticed it, I have the notion of a warning.

Any thoughts are welcome...
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Hi Mikepopy
The numbers you see are connected with the 11:11 phenomenon.
There are many theories on why this is happens,some say it's a message from higher beings,others that it's just the ability of the human mind to recognise patterns(or something like that) and some say that only the enlighted are seeing this.
So as you understand noone has a real answer,just theories.

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