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Ever had miraculous escape or experienced a timeslip ?.... There could be a link , but I need your h

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by trust_no_one

Thank you for the well wishes. Everthing that happened did leave me with a sense of invincibility that is unhealthy! lol

It may interest you to read the book The Secret. I think you may enjoy it. I have been reading up on indigo children as well and that is just interesting to say the least. I am curious if that will ever be truly studied.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:44 AM
Like many posters have mentioned I should have been dead a many times over having so many miraculous escapes it almost seems comical. If interested here we go - my first memorable dice with death being in the passenger seat of my fathers aging 'Hillman avenger' If anybody knows of the 'Hillman avenger' you will probably understand why, allow me to explain. The car was finished in a sort of dark red either burgundy or maroon and being an estate model looked a bit evil just something about the way the headlights sort of looked at you in a narky way. To cut along story shorter the car was not exactly hot on performance 0-60 took almost a week and father worked a fair old distance away. So being mechanically minded he felt it a good idea to up the performance by dropping in a small volvo truck engine, replacing a small box of junk with a good strong heavy V8. Sounds like a great idea right? cutting the commuting times bettering your fuel consumption and having a 'reliable' engine.

New engine fitted and tuned it was off to the river bank for testing, I say river bank as we lived in a small village and the local river banks were basically the un-official proving ground for testing your motors. The bank was raised in two places with the road spanning the top bank, below that being a public footpath which ran along the river. On the opposite side of the road was farmland down a shear embankment, the farmland must have sat easily 50feet or more below the road level. My father requests that I huddle down in the passenger seat to inform him if and when I could feel the air blowers in the foot wells and side vents operating. Being the English countryside of a wintertime those blowers are all that prevents you literally freezing inside the car and of course helping with the demisting to an extent. So there I am huddled down expecting a blast of warm air at any second as I raise my head just above the dash I notice the river looking at me? Yes indeed Pa had somehow came off the road and was now heading towards a very fast flowing and deep river. What happened next is one of my first miraculous escapes the car thumped down hard making a big farting sound, resting on the river bank itself. The bank was extremely steep and covered in very deep soft sinking mud as the tide was ebbing outwards. We were not able to leave the car as we would have simply sunk into the riverbank becoming stuck or worse still sunk into it, the car itself was very slowly slipping down the bank further into the depth of the river. Mercifully a tractor driving along the embankment spotted us protruding out of the river bank and we were eventually pulled out.

My next escape happened in Johannesburg South Africa, I had moved over in 97' staying in the renowned 'Hillbrow' area not far from the famous Rockey Street. I was sat in a bar called 'Time Out' in Rockey Street the bar at the time ran by British Ex-Pats from Wimbledon London so I was in a good mood enjoying the local hospitality. Now my drinking buddy for the day being a monster of a man he was half Hungarian and half South African 'Carlos' big bloke with a big gun carrying around his 357 making dirty harry seem like a little old man. All was going well and the bar was rather quite being a weekday afternoon we had already sunk a skin full when Carlos needed the gents. I am sat there drinking my Castle larger and this voice creeps along the bar... "I don't $ucking like you" I sit there with Mr Charles Glass enjoying his gold medal award winning larger and again this voice creeps along the bar "I don't $ucking like you & whats more I am going to shoot you". So I place my bottle of beer on the bar and look over to my right hand side, a small old man of about 55 is sat with his eyes locked onto mine. Looking at him up and down I thought your joking he looks like a haggard old farmer, but no he then slips his shirt up displaying his 38 revolver. Now I am like starting to get that feeling thinking to myself how the did he get this past security which by the way was very good? Anyway before I could say anything to the chap he pitches up again "I don't $ucking like you & whats more I am going to take you outside and shoot you". I thought sodding great Carlos has bogged off probably getting some oral relief from one of the waitresses, so I said to the nice old man "Ok mate I hear you, let me just finish this beer and we can pop outside" Blessed be at that point Carlos returns with that smile on his face. Before I could say anything Carlos and the old man start shouting in Africans at each other in a heavy accent. I am still sat there with my Castle larger thinking holy mother things are about to kick off big time somebody better get the ambulance here. Carlos then sit back down next to me and the old man asking him how he knows me. Carlos explains who I am and the old man buys me a beer, turns out he was my fathers drinking buddy!

My last exploit for you being the French Alps while mastering the art of skiing. We had a family holiday in Val Thorens the 3 valleys where the winter Olympics had recently been held. It was mine my brothers and sisters first time on the slopes and day 1 was as you can imagine an experience of pleasure and pain so well merged it was addictive. A long story short the day had gone well and I managed not just to ski but do little jumps weaving in and out of the markers feeling well pleased with myself. So when my mothers boyfriend mentions one last run before the lifts close I jump at the chance... It was a blue or red run the kind of run just a notch under black. As the two of us climbed up in the lift me on skis and my mums boyfriend on a board I noticed the weather coming in. After disembarking it was hard not to notice visibility worsening and blizzard like conditions setting in so I set off down the slope with toes pointing in slowly but surely making my way down. I noticed a clearing and went for it making a proper spectacle of myself flipping over rolling and rolling almost into a human snowball. Back up I get and some plonker knocks me off my feet, this continues and on the fourth time I find myself eating the white stuff suffering the most enjoyable pain ever I say next time I come off I am going to walk down a bit. So it happens again I am flying face first into the snow and my ski comes off and slides down in front of me, concerned that its not fitting my boot anymore as it was a bit loose I take off the skis and try navigating my way down. Now walking down with skis underarm I get about 10 feet from when I last came off and the track starts to narrow down to about 4-5 feet in width then turns dead sharp hairpin bend to my right. Visibility at this point being about 2 feet in front of you I know without any shadow of doubt that if I had not removed my skis I would not have seen or made the hairpin bend to the right. My mums boyfriend had already got half way down the run and he then saw me walking down with my skis. The first thing he says being the reason I am waiting is that bend is up in front of me and I honestly expected you to go over the top. The shear drop from that bend was hundreds of feet onto jagged rocks and to this day I admit hand on heart somebody upstairs must like me.

I have many more experiences but feel I should leave it there as for the OP's mention of time slips some of the strange encounters I have had in the countryside of both England and Africa have left me scratching my head still to this day. It is hard to place into words, your in a place and you are all alone for miles and miles around and it feels as if your the last person on Earth. I have noticed when I am alone and off the beaten track I get a strange feeling that comes over me almost an electrifying feeling. I feel a static charge and notice no noise at all no birds singing and animals sounds, no wind or breeze, the sky is always clear and bright very sunny. I would not say a time slip has occurred but I am in a place where time has stood still. I could look for discarded items looking for signs of life a crisp packet and empty can of coke anything from the civilized modern world. I would only ever find old bottles form the 18hundreds looking like brand new.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by tpg65

Firstly, this post made me join to reply.

I recently became conscious that something concrete and measurable within reality changed, causing me to question the moment to moment.

There is a large statue of an obelisk on top of a tiny cart being pulled by a young boy with a look of tired grimace on his face that adorns the corner outside Toronto's Metro Police Headquarters. To make this clearly bizarre image downright disturbing was the text engraved in the side of the obelisk, one word on each side : TO SERVE AND OBEY (looked at from one angle it would say OBEY TO SERVE

The word OBEY faced south on Bay street. Or at least it was that way until a month ago.

To clarify I have had several long discussions with my room mates over the months about the statue and two of my room mates independently know it and walk by it all of the time. We talked about how weird it was that it had the word obey on it, especially as that is also a very popular graffiti tag (andre the giant face with OBEY written over it). In fact, at one point in the last year, shortly after G20, the statue was tagged with an Andre the Giant OBEY, next to the engraved OBEY, and it was hilarious for about two weeks as they attempted to scrape it off before succeeding.

Flash forwards to last month when I went with my girlfriend to the area and walking by the statue she noticed that it did not say OBEY. It says PROTECT. She was totally confused because it was the first time she saw the statue and I had told her about it before, about OBEY. She first said that something was wrong and I must have made it all up or something. I assured her that while I was confused as to what had happened, something had changed. I still haven't talked about it with my room mates who had seen the statue. The engraving obviously is the same for all letters, looking like it is 20 years old or so (smoothed, dirty). I swear to God it used to say OBEY.

One other instance was when I cooked two tortillas, ate the one, looked down and the second had vanished in an instant, and there was a witness in the room to it disappearing. At the time my intuition was "ball lightning"

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 06:30 AM
I already wrote about one my time slip in other thread here -

I was reading this thread about movies being different when people watch them for the second time and remembered one event not so long ago. My husband likes to sit at his computer till the late night and since I have to wake up very early I usually went to sleep first. That night he downloaded some fresh movie and was going to watch it, but I was too sleepy and decided not to watch it with him... After maybe 10 minutes of sleep I was waken up by the sound of the movie and looked at the screen... And understood that I actually watched this earlier and could say what will happen next... But after some time unknown characters appeared and the plot turned out to be completely different.. I asked what the name of the movie is and said the we actually watched it a year ago or so, but he said that this movie is absolutely new and we couldn't watch it earlier. But I do remember the cinema (it was the only time we went there), a cafe there were we had lunch and a few moments of the movie, but my hubby says that in spite of some parts of this movie do look familiar to him we watched absolutely different film in that cinema. I do not remember the name of the movie we watched there... Tried to find anything by description of the moments I remember, but failed. But the existence of two different movies with same characters and same piece of plot is impossible...
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 06:34 AM
What about a near miss in the death of a friendship? Or when two or more people experience deja vu simultaneously?

While experiencing a strong sense of deja vu (timeslip?), on numerous occasions, I've seemed to have been able to avoid language that would disrupt the balance of the relationship.

I'm not speaking in terms of having the common sense to avoid a nasty argument or having psychic powers, just experiencing a "moment" in "time". That is to say seeming to be able to know which specific words, tones, and gestures would bring about which specific response... and subsequently being able to alter the course of preconceived events. (while experiencing "deja vu" or the 'someone stepped on your grave' feeling.)

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 06:42 AM
I'm gonna post again because this brings up a near-traumatic experience I had myself as a child, when I was about 7 it was the 4th of July and we were doing fireworks in the backyard. We had this long stick that was only supposed to smoke out of one end, and my brother went across the yard and back with it leaving a trail of smoke.

He handed it to me and I went across the yard once and made it back halfway when the firework exploded in my hand. I don't know why I didn't lose a finger or my entire hand! I didn't even have a burn. It was loud and scared the crap out of me and my folks, though.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:03 AM
This is a great thread. I think someone needs to get these items into a database, and people who have posted also update their posts to include relevant facts surrounding the incidents. It could turn into a great research project, and not be relegated into an obscure thread that eventually is just archived!!

A database would show some commonalities and maybe answer some interesting questions. I have no doubt a lot of NDE and OBE links would add to the discussion (as a few posters have alluded to).

A searchable database that folks could post to would really be useful as there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people that could add their facts to (hopefully not made up, but there's really no way to prove that either), and even get folks with multiple instances showing how interesting yet common these scenarios are.

Anyone up for creating an internet accessible database? I suspect it's great data for a research paper/book too, for those aspiring writers out there.


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:28 AM
I have a simple question which troubles me whenever i try to wrap my head around this. Suppose i have a near death experience and survive. From what I understand, I actually die in one reality and my consciousness is transfered to some other reality where i continue to live, albeat with small changes in surroundings etc.

But what happens to my previous consciousness in this new reality. Does it get replaced ? Does it move onto somethere reality as well etc? I find this very confusing....

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:30 AM
I haven't had experiences quite as impressive as some have posted here, but I can think of three somewhat weird things that have happened.
When I was about 4 or 5 so around 1994, my mom and I were at a store - a two storey building with a few small shops on the first floor and the 2nd floor was just a big open space, where you could buy anything from toys and books to clothing and kitchen ware, etc. This took place in a safe, good suburb area in one of the European capitals and back in 94 it was quite safe. As we went upstairs, my attention of course was immediately caught by all the toys placed in shelves in one corner of the room and I wanted to stay there. My mom had the intention to shop for something else so she let me look at the toys, told me not to go anywhere else while she went a little further looking for whatever it was she needed. The upstairs shop was arranged in a way that most of the stuff was placed in shelves and in counters along the four walls and there were low isles in the middle - a grown-up could see over them, so it meant my mother could keep an eye on me. There were almost no other people in the shop.
All I remember is after having looked at all those stuffed animals and other toys worth staring at, I got bored and turned around to see what my mom is doing. And at that moment I see her running towards me, face red from crying and a worried sales person with her. She just hugged me, still scared and asked me where I had disappeared, what had happened to me and told me she was so worried and sorry she had lost me... I was just confused and didn't understand what she was talking about - I had stood there all the time as she had told me and hadn't gone to any other shelves. My mom told me she had looked all around the shop, called my name countless times, couldn't find me and I just didn't answer.She felt like she was looking for me for a really long time and had asked the sales lady for help. As I mentioned earlier, the shopping area is big, but open and if someone said something at one side of the room, it could easily be heard on the other- so i just can not understand how I didn't hear her or how they didn't see me. My moms theory to this day is that I was kidnapped, but still am afraid to admit it.
To me it feels more like I just disappeared into another dimension or time or whatever, but I was certainly not kidnapped, hurt, raped, got my memory erased and returned perfectly to the same spot within a couple of minutes. Whether something paranormal happened or both of our minds and nerves played tricks on us and our sense of time, I don't know, but it was a weird experience and I remember clearly to this day.
Another one was silly me at age 7 climbing in a tall,narrow cardboard box. Don't even ask why. I climbed in, there was little space for my feet and it was way above my knees in height, so my movement was totally limited. I also pushed my hands in to pretend I'm a robot or a tree - man, I must have been bored
! After the stupid and completely useless action I was ready to climb out, but the box slipped on the tile floor and I was falling directly face down, hands still pushed inside the box. Wouldn't be that bad, but there was a big stock of tiles that had to be laid on the hallway floor in the coming days, right in the spot where my head should land. As mentioned before in the posts, the time just seemed to slow down, I was aware how close my face already is to the tiles and of the trajectory of the fall and understood what is about to happen - I will either smash my chin right in the sharp corners of the stack of tiles or it will be my nose that is destroyed or even worse, so I just closed my eyes and waited. And the next thing I know I landed quite softly about 5 feet from the pile. Again - could be physics, could be something else, but I was saved.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:44 AM
Great thread OP

I've enjoyed reading all the personal stories.

In the cases of land masses moving and celebrity deaths, along with other examples, of which so many, including myself all share the same belief/memory, I'm not clear on how these can apply to your theory of the time slip coinciding with what should have been a death of the person having this memory changed.

The suggestion that a select special few get another shot at living, while other innocents must die, just doesn't fly.
It could well be the reason for some of the stories posted, but not all.

I do wonder if these alternate realities or timelines co-exist, which may explain arguments or debates, where we remember the details of an incident so adamantly, while others have no recollection of it whatsoever.

Yes I've definitely had these so called timeslips, one did include a close call by drowning, I don't have time to write it out right now. I do not for one minute think I died in that incident. I call it a close call because I could have died, not should have.

None of the others included close calls though.

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:46 AM
When I was five years old, I was walking home from school and saw my cousin across the road. I just ran into the road to go to him. I heard the loud horn of a car to my left and saw the horrified face of the car driver and the car right up to my leg still going at full speed and then, I swear, TIME STOPPED. All I remember that i had to run as fast as I could and the car was frozen in time with drive, mouth open in horror, people all around were frozen in shock, including my cousin, and I ran faster than possible time. One thing I know and remember vividly, as if yesterday (now 42 years ago) was that everything around me, not only stopped and froze but I was the only one still moving and, I made it! At least I think I made it.
What makes me wonder if I did make it in that reality. Two things that do not exist in this reality. I used to watch a children's programme called 'The Time Machine' with a wacky tune. The words were:

'The Time Machine, The Time Machine, the wonderful, wonderful Time Machine' etc but no one I know or have asked can remember it. Also, from being very little I used to have a magazine delivered called 'Once Upon a Time' but no one I know ever had this magazine or heard of it. If anyone out there has heard of either of these things I would be very happy to hear of it.

Also, before this near death road accident, I had many near misses. My mother dropped me down a flight of stone steps at age one. She let go of my pram on a very steep hill, with a very busy road at the bottom. I was apparantly rescued at the bottom of the hill by a vigilant lorry driver who saw a crazed woman running after a pram in her high heeled stillettos and tight green pencil skirt suit! When newborn, my father's drunk friend sat on me for several minutes before anyone noticed I was missing!

I also had a potentially fatal arrythmia all my life with many attacks of sudden illness from it and I have always KNOWN...What have I always known? That everything will be all right? What does that mean? Maybe that no matter what happens, we really do have nothing to fear as death does not exist, or at least not as we fear it does.

Whilst lying heamorraging to death in a hospital theatre after an emergency cesarean in which all hell broke lose, I heard again that all would be all right and not to be afraid and immeadiate peace came over me as I slipped away. But when I woke, all was well and I was in a HDU recovering.

I forgot to mention that my parents did manage to let me fall out of a car on a high speed motorway in France when I was two years old and they thought I had been hit and killed........was I?

Sometimes you can start to wonder if we leap from one world to another.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:59 AM

Originally posted by Ghost375

Basically there's many an infinite number of universes or realities. I've been thinking that after you "die", you(read soul or spirit) switch to the closest reality, and the closer a reality is to another reality, the more similar these realities are to each other. That's why things are pretty much the same, yet have slight differences. Then when you truly "die," you're reincarnated in a completely different "body."

What a fascinating topic! But is it correct to assume that we actually do die in the one dimension / alternate reality when this kind of switch takes place? What if the emotional / mental discharge that happens when one is facing a life-threatening situation (perhaps even accentuated by an adrenaline-rush) can actually create a merge or break through the dimensional membrane seperating our reality from the next (especially in places where this so-called veil is very thin and close to ours). What if the person actually experiencing this event is "transposed" into the other reality?

One can assume that the realities closest to each other would be the most similar. They would not be exactly identical - i.e. the car that is about to crush one in this reality would be 2 meters ahead of you in the other. This can perhaps account for the "close-call" and the survival of an event that should have rendered one dead.

If this is the case, it would mean that one has simply disappeared from the original reality. Perhaps an explanation for the thousands of mysterious disappearances every year?

Also, it is possible that the reality that one has been transposed into has a slightly different "vibrational-rate" or "temporal-rate", which could explain the slower rate of aging in this "new reality", and the experience of time standing still whilst experiencing the near-death event and doing the actual dimensional transition.

Anyhow - this discussion has really got me thinking. If one does indeed make a transition into the closest dimension, what becomes of the version of oneself that was in that dimension originally? Does one merge with your other self?

My two cents for what it is worth.


posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by mudbeed

What about dying of old age?

We are not immortal we eventually die.I thing that jumping from one universe to another needs a lot of energy and effort.That's why most of the experiences(at least those i read) happened in a young age.As we grow older the body needs bigger amount of energy to fanction and therefore cannot spend that energy to the "jumps".

Another thought i had is there is some mechanism which allows an individual a certain amount of jumps/survivals.

And finally the same way we grow old in this universe,we do in all the others too.Except if there is a universe that times runs slower than ours.

Originally posted by seanizle
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Both of your experiences sound like walk-ins, ie the soul that was previously in your body bailed out. Although its difficult to tell when your a kid, ask your parents if your personality changed after the accidents.

Some good reading material on the subject of afterlife processes and things dealing with this nature are Michael Newtons books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. They're not the infinite truth, but its as close as you could get to understanding the other side from here.

That's another interesting theory.So if i understood correctly,the original soul occupied the body left and went ,wherever the souls go,while i was waiting in the "corner" for the body to become availabe....In a way i possessed myself.I'll check the books you mentioned.Thanks

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:36 AM
Just one important question/remark:

If this inter-demensional jumping exsists how can it be explained that more that one person can have the same starting point and in-between stops? What I mean is that if for example if I can remember a certain person to have died (celebrity) and he miraclously came back to life and somebody else has the exact same experience, would this mean that this other person jumped from the same origin environment to the current one as I did? so did we "die" at the same time?

It has to be, otherwise we could not have noticed this same "change"?

any thoughts?

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:57 AM
Recent events in history that have been changed: Demjanuk trial happening again... when this has already occured years ago. Celebeties dying and redying: Latest- Jackie Cooper.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by saturnus1962

Everybody participating in this thread is assuming that one "dies" when doing a reality-shift. But what if one simply goes missing in the one reality and physically steps over the threshold into the closest-lying reality due to a "wormhole" (for lack of a better word) opening up? As per my previous post, an electrical or magnetic discharge from our bodies due to emotional /mental / adrenaline stress can definately work in on the environment's magnetics and maybe create a dimensional-opening of some kind.

There is definately enough "unsolved missing persons" cases - perhaps they have just stepped over into another realm...

In the case of a certain person (celebrity) dying: what if this person really died in our reality, and coincidentally his other-reality "doppelganger" made a transition into our reality due to a traumatic near-death event on his side... most people in our reality would have experienced the exit and the entry events of this celebrity. So he has in reality died. And he has in another reality nearly died and stepped into ours.

The question remains - what happens if two people meet each other in one reality? Do they merge? Would that account for deja vu or different memory sets?

Gosh - one can think oneself completely dumb on this topic!!! It all started good in my head, and went downhill from there as soon as I started writing down my thoughts...

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:36 AM
Was hanging at someones place with friends one night when I was 18. Anyway, something happened ( Argument with his girlfriend who lived in the same big house, which was divided into flats). Me & another friend got turfed out by his landlady since he was tied up having a shouting match.... Didn't matter anyways since my BF was due to pick us up at 1.30 am & checking the video clock before we left the flat the time was 1.11. Bare in mind this was in the time before I had a notion of any such strange phenomenons, the only thing that crossed my mind at the time was thanking god I'd thought to wear my duffle coat since it was bloody freezing outside....

We sat on the wall of the Mosque while waiting for our lift to arrive & had a ciggy - roll ups being poor student types - not the easiest or fastest way to have a smoke when yer fingers are dropping off.

Brass monkeys like it was we wandered down the road a little to the 24 hour garage to check the time and grab a hot drink to thaw our fingers out. The time in the garage was 1.11am, we even double checked with the attendants watch. Didn't think anything particularly strange at that point since I figured the clock must have been wrong in the flat we had been in.

We walked back up the road to the wall, drank our coffee & made /smoked ciggy. After rapidly getting cold again we decided to wander further up the road to the church, fella would see us on the main road if he turned up anyway & we needed to keep moving to stop freezing up altogether. Low and behold the church clock said 1.11am...

My mate suddenly laughed nervously while I sported my best WTF face, realising that since we'd left the flat, 2 rollups a hot coffee and a good meander ago, we'd not seen a single car on one of the busiest roads in the city or a single soul other than the garage attendant. Bollox to this I said, let go alllllllll the way down the road into the city and get a damn kebab, theres clocks we'll walk past anyway..this being a good half hour walk there and back to the mosque wall, not counting kebab cooking time... I was now past giving a major toss about my fella turning up now hungry and disgruntled.

Every single bloody arsing church we went past the time was stuck at 1.11am. The kebab shop was open, though we seemed to be the only people walking around the city streets that night, but the clock never budged from 1.11am while we were there...

We wandered slowly back, kebab in hand, sullen confused and ever so slightly scared, back past the stuck church clocks up the deadly silent street, sat back on the mosque wall and rolled up another fag. Matter of fact we were wound up enough to smoke ourselves half to death, my mate seriously having a breakdown at the weirdness of it...

Eventually - thankfully, my fella DID pick us up, confused as to why we were both gibbering wrecks. The time on his car clock was 1.15am and he'd decided to come for us earlier to save us hanging about in the cold.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:29 AM

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by roti34
everyone on ATS is a wack job i knew that signing up, only reason i come on here is to have a fun read. I dont actually believe any of the things posted on this site...

We all float down ere Georgie...
Thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by Suspiria

Please tell me you just changed your avatar? I stepped away from the comp for a second and bam your avatar is different. Kinda freaked me out considering the thread we are on

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