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An Introduction

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 11:53 PM
although i created my account a fair few months ago infact, it was on the day of the christchurch quake, I thought
I'de best actually introduce myself now while i have some free time.

I myself am an avid believer in the alien & UFO phenomenon and i believe i've seen a few ufo's and felt the presence of other beings, be it ghosts, spirits, entities whatever. I can mainly tell when there's a presence around me as my eyes well up with tears.

I come to ATS today troubled,
the last few nights my head has been racing with theories and it has impacted my life severly.
i suppose i will start from the beginning.

With all the disaters that are occuring across the world, I am under the impression that there may be something behind the 2012 theory i dont believe it will be "The End" but possibly something HUGE will occur what i dont know but after watching the events in Japan as they happened struck me to the core.

Mighty mother nature strikes me as being p***ed off!

anyway back on track
the last few nights i havent been able to sleep my mind is racing its like my brains trying to prepare me or warn me of something, i thought it was just stress caused by my mother being hospitalised and almost dying, but it isnt.
I'm frightened that something is going to happen and it send shock waves through all of our lives.

i've been having this dream that i'm alone in my office at work its dead silent all the people are hiding under desks or locked in their office, in my dream i had to go out to my car to make it back home something huge was happening and it was going to change everything.

i know i sound like a rambling psycho but well my minds in a million different places
im not making any predictions
im just coming here to seek guidance.
am i just being paranoid?
should i just leave ATS because its all going to my head?
or are these theories of natural disaters and hostile takeovers for real?

I recently had a conversation with my girlfriend where she brought up the aspect of kids and after flicking through the Tv and watching the news we both agreed that its inhuman to bring up a child at this point in time.
With the way the world is
full of monsters, psychopaths, morbid politicians & constant denial and corruption we feel its not right.

i regularly discuss my theorys on the illuminati and masons and what they can control and how they may monitor your every movement if your a person of interest and she just says im paranoid.
if i tell her i believe JFK was shot to shut him up because he was going to reveal the truth to the world of secret societies and other beings on our planet again im told im being paranoid.
her view on Masons however changed recently when i showed her various symbols and claimed that these just cant be coincidence.
i also had my mum tell her that when my mum was in her early teens her grandfather came home IRATE with rage he grabbed a knife and swore to go out and kill a Mason, when he was asked what happened he refused to talk about it im not sure if he ever did what he swore he did because its never been spoken past that point and he took the rest of that story to his grave.

strikes me as odd that he hated freemasons and was intrigued by them at the same time
and now i am too.

in highschool i would regularly voice my opinions on things as controversial as they were and i was surprised of how many people actually felt the same way mainly teachers they would agree that certain "conspiracies" are indeed fact or contain some fact.

at the time sept. 11 was still the biggest thing that we had all seen, various kids in my year either bought the story or didnt care whereas i believed it was an inside deal a false flag to justify a false war.
i was told i was paranoid and i wasnt a politician so i shouldnt worry about things that dont concern me.
and then some months before my year 12 exams and after atleast 3 years of 9/11 research and research on JFK, OBL and countless other "controversial" issues, i happened to look out our front window after leaving the computer and sighted a white van across the road, ( now i would have brushed this off but i live across from a cemetary that my dad has the key to and it was 9 at night) i reported this white van to dad who looked a little startled 9 at night white van, no visable plates hmm, we rushed outside and approached the van and shined our torches into it, we couldnt see anything unusual in the cockpit but we couldnt see into the back of the van.

so we assumed it had been abandoned and dad grabbed the phone and notified the local police who mind you took it very seriously, not 30 seconds after the call the van started up and drove off in a rush!

we were stunned and as the van turned down the main street and sped off the police arrived and were dumbstruck at what we had told them though the skid marks on the road provided some evidence.
nothing more come of what happened that night but ill never forget it.
weeks later the van returned and the same thing happened and that was the last of it.

around my 17th bday,
i witnessed what looked like the kind of lights u see atop a light post in a parking lot and at a glance i brushed it off thinking just that a lightpost it was dark and me and my mum were driving home from my friends place, where we live its pretty hilly so you can see random lights in the darkness, but as we approached a slight left bend i saw this thing was floating over an empty field!
no trickery of vision and distances etc. it was there! I even pointed it out to mum who was startled by it,
the day of my 18th i witnessed what looked like a balloon floating between clouds and thought my god thats a long way up!
but as i watched on it wasnt floating between clouds it appreared to be blinking andon each blink it would dart between them!
i filmed it but the extraordinarily poor quality showed nothing!
after witnessing these ufo's i suffered sleep paralysis and years of disturbed sleep i woke up once midair like ide been hurled into my bed! i thought ok i just sat up in my sleep and threw myself down but after a moment or two of laying still i realised i should have been in an L shape if that had occured or even slightly on a tilt diagonally accross the bed but i wasnt and the height at which i awoke i was atleast 1.5m above the bed!

i layed there freaking out and eventually fell back to sleep.

this isnt everything but i feel a bit better now
i am so sorry that this post just appears to be everywhere its kind of like my head at the moment,
thank you ATS for letting me clear my chest on these weird events that have boggled my mind
and thank you anyone that reads them

I Phantom.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 12:07 AM
Take a deep'll be alright

Oh and welcome to the asylum

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by PhantomSnake

I know the feeling, because even if most or all of the theories about impending natural disasters or alien invasions are false, we have deindustrialization and worldwide compound usury, and Fukushima, the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the development of a generation of armed nihilists in uniform to fill in for any supernatural disaster unless/until one gets here.
I know one thing, I feel better since I returned to Christianity. The bad guys sure do hate that. They have spared no effort to wipe it out. Not even Islam is so hated by those in power. The conspiracy theorists who are Christians, and who get far in reaching the public, are either assassinated or framed for hard prison time. Look what happened to Edgar Steele, William Cooper and Fritz Springmeier, among others.

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