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True Crazy News Stories

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 04:05 PM
Here are a few short news stories I found while searching the internet today. Some of them are really funny!

In Oslo, Norway, Jermund Skogstad, fifty, was moving into his new apartment when he took a break to get something to eat. He went to a nearby cafe but forgot to take his wallet, which contained his new address. He was unable to find his way home. "This is embarrassing," he told a newspaper a month later, hoping word of his plight would reach his new landlady, whom he had paid a month's rent in advance

Poor guy! That would suck!

In Duluth Minnesota, carpenter Lanace Grangruth accidentally shot a nail an inch and a half into his head from his nail gun, tacking his cap to his head. Said Grangruth, "I didn't actually feel it go in. I tried to take my had off, and it wouldn't come off." The nail penetrataed relatively harmlessly at a crevasse between the two lobes.

How do you not notice you shot a nail into your head?!

Two men, aged 16 and 18, after an attempted burglary in Larkspur, CA, in 1989, scaled a chain-link fence outside town to evade police who were following them, only to discover later that the fence was the outer perimiter of San Quentin Prison, where guards soon arrested them.


A transient unable to leave a tip for a waitress at a Salt Lake City restaurant told her, "I'm going to go rob a bank and I'll be right back." Police arrested him after he walked out of the First Interstate Bank with $1200 and walked back across the street to leave a $2 tip.

Wow this guy really keeps his word! Crazy..

There are more here
Also there are few more funny ones here
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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 04:17 PM
LMAO...oddly enough I can "almost" sympathize with the lost man. I once moved into a new apt and was unfamiliar with the neighbourhood. I knew the moving truck had passed a plaza on the way and decided to run to get some cleaning supplies. I got so seriously lost both on the way to the plaza and then on the way back and was going in circles for almost an hour before I recognized a landmark. This was many years ago...before my husband and I had cell phones and as it was a Saturday, the landline wasn't going to be hooked up until monday. I could just picture my poor husband sitting in the apt all alone thinking I'd left him for someone else with the excuse of "just buying paper towels hon!"

Oh and the head/nail thing..although made me shudder I guess they are correct when they say that it didn't/wouldn't hurt. My son was 2 at the time and had pulled a dresser down on top of himself. he had to get 5 staples in his head and seriously barely even whimpered as they did it! And they don't use freezing for that area...I think I cried more than him!

I found a few others that made me laugh

(Reuters) - An Australian Rules footballer sporting a spiky mohawk was sent off for having a dangerous haircut in a minor league match near Melbourne last weekend.

Remember mom's old saying "you could poke someone's eye out with that!!"

Authorities in Florida said a would-be bank robber failed in his attempt because he did not bring his own money bag to the heist.

The lack of a bag made me laugh my butt in every store they recently passed a law that you have to pay $.05 for a bag...i'm picturing him asking the lady for a bag and her charging him $.05

Authorities say a Tampa Bay couple woke up to find a drunk intruder passed out on their couch -- next to a plate of food he apparently cooked for himself.

LMAO..well at least he's a good guest. Mine always demand I cook for them


posted on May, 11 2011 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by Michelle129th

"just buying paper towels hon!" That had me cracking up
Thank you!! I love reading little stories like this to lighten the mood! I was feeling a little low today until I came across that website. I'm reading other areas of it now. It's a good one to go to if you want some laughs!

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