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DOJ wants wireless providers to store user info

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Ok, first off, I searched for this 5 different ways, so I apologize if some version of my keyword searching didnt land on the doorstep of this already being discussed.

With that said, here we go with more of this tracking and invasion of privacy nonsense. The government is not going to be happy until it knows your heart rate and blood pressure and every single step you take in this world.

The U.S. Department of Justice today called for new laws requiring mobile providers to collect and store information about their customers, a proposal that pits it against privacy advocates and even other federal agencies...

Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division...

"Many wireless providers do not retain records that would enable law enforcement to identify a suspect's smartphone based on the IP addresses collected by Web sites that the suspect visited,"


More reading:
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You get the point, this is a pretty big deal. Googie and the Igods, along with Minnesota's Al Franken seem to be taking a stand against it, with Microsoft taking no part in this debate. All three companies collect data, its how they are able to offer location services that many find convenient and how they provide "you are here" maps to smartphones and such. However, they do not have a policy of retaining your little breadcrumb trail, nor do they retain your search and website traffic information. Currently, its all being used for passive services and is later flushed away.

But the Obamanites in Washington dont like that. They need to know where you are, when you are there, how long you were there and where you went later. The NSA needs to be able to triangulate your postion, past and present, to see if you went to the grocery store, hardware store, and feed supply place all in the same day. And, if they find a side trip to Wal Mart or a Guns Imporium, then they can close the book on you, because you must be building bombs and stockpiling weapons/ammo. TERRORIST!!!

This is where its going folks. Knock Knock at the door, FBI/ATF (or whatever alphabet b**ghole shows up) and you are no longer just running errands, you are now a terrorist.

But, as with other threads linking the insanity of our gavernment and its current grab for world domination and enslavement, if you are a "them", you are a threat.


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