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Oneness. Experiences?

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Please read my 3rd installment of "Oneness. Experiences?" here.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by Tayesin
The typical Oneness scenario occurs when you become blasted into nothingness and then have the experience of Being One with this Universe. You are no longer the observer but the Knower of all that exists within the Universe... you are all things, everywhere.

This is typically arrived at by raising the Kundalini (Base Chakra Red Energy) up through all the energy centres until it reaches the Crown chakra.. at this point White Light floods you and blasts you into a gazillion bits throughout the Universe. This is the Initial Enlightenment Experience... finding you can Open Up to The Light with ease and at will.

Once you have experienced this your life will never be the same, ever. You can try to circulate in the mundane, try to fit in again, but you will fail because all Truth is Against the World... as the Druids recorded. The reason being is that we Humans base everything on BELIEF.. and as always our Beliefs are far less realistic than the bigger picture reality.

Once you have this initial enlightenment experience you will be tested in every moment.. tested to see if you will maintain Awareness in every moment in order to make more effective choices.. tested to see if you will use the Inner Power you found for effective and beneficial outcomes.. and tested to see if you will walk this rocky little path without complaint.. which is the hardest road you could possibly take in this western culture of our's.

You will become a fringe dweller, you will learn to accept and even like your own company to that of most others who's energies will make you feel off-side or out of balance. You will learn how to energise yourself when the energy within you is drained off to all thoe other people who are low in energy.. for that is how energy in the universe flows.. from places of high energy to places of low energy.

One of the biggest things to learn is that when you feel Anger strongly... you can refocus by simply breathing without counting in order to become master of your actions rather than allowing that strong Base Chakra Energy to control your Reactions. And in doing this you find how easily you can then use that deep well of Power Within.

Despite the growing BELIEF that Gnosticism.. Knowing Your Self.. is a Satanic ploy to fool you, you will walk the path before you and try to find the Balance point in Life... and it will not be easy for you to do so in each and every moment.

I would like to finish off with a quote...

“We priests must live in two worlds, the world of form and the otherworld of force, for true enlightenment lies balanced between them. Let our goal therefore be: To live and thrive amid form and force, being in the world but not of it.” - St. Cornneille , ‘ The Yellow Book of Ferns’.

Some dude I just talked to right now said that sounds a lot more like '___' than enlightenment.
Mainly the part where you are blasted into a gazillion bits throughout the universe.

From what he understands, this is a little more what enlightenment is like (he particularly likes the part when the speaker in the video says "enlightenment is the unaltered state of consciousness").:

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by sliceNodice

To bypass the ego is to observe oneness. To observe reality without the "lens" of the ego is observing oneness.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 11:27 PM
Perhaps oneness is "as is," and only our perspectives change on what is occurring. Meaning, there is no where to go, except realizing what is going on all around us. The experience of oneness is felt whether or not one consciously perceives it though, as if it is all "one," then products of something like a brain will inevitably be part of that, regardless of what direction they happen to point. Now, of course, all things i say are just my own limited perspective. i think that should be obvious since a human is speaking
i only know what i went through, but i think some of the internal questions i asked myself probably have similes amongst ats so that internal battle is how this is presented. After typing it, it looked like i was specifically talking to people in this thread (as i said, similes
). Anyway, i have been seeing many of these type of threads lately and have been remembering some of the things i thought about might be of interest to someone.

i always see talk about "ego" and "self," and it is usually speaking of "getting rid of" them. However, this presents an interesting issue. If it is something that can be bypassed, that means it is also a part of the whole, the one, and therefore the egos presence/existence alone should not hinder one from understanding that which contains all of these things.

So, how exactly would i define the ego? i see it as the collective result of perception of the physical body, though i also see many define it exclusively as their thought processes. As they are natural results of our body, i see that destroying the ego is quite literally impossible as long as our body lives. We can certainly make ourselves believe such things, but that is not relevant to what "is." "i" still move "my" arms, and "you" still move "yours." There is an individuality there, like our heart and our lungs. Most understand it solely through the notion of thought processes (which themselves are frequently limited to words). Regardless of context though, it is in understanding the ego is only a part of our being that we can slowly grow. It is the product of the physical system of our body, which is an individual (but not separate) part of the whole. Frequently, the ego is understood strictly from a standpoint based in our thought processes, though it is a bit more encompassing than that, as it can apply to any resultant system of our individual human body (such as breathing, circulatory, etc). "i" am not "you," we are both part of the same thing. Just like my heart is not my lungs, but they are both parts of the same thing, and they themselves have many individual parts within.

Thinking we can individually understand oneness in totality is a bit overzealous from such a system as ours. However, searching to understand our individual part in oneness is not only a method of growth, but a natural state. This involves understanding how one is an individual part of the self and if one has told themselves there is no such thing, it can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack (if one didnt know they were looking for a needle). One who has walked down this path will likely still be contained entirely within their thought processes, or just a part of the ego. i am speaking from my own experience on this one as i said. So, basically, if you think at all, you still have an ego! Your thought processes are still your own no matter which way you want to slice it, but i do not feel we need to base our perspective in such things alone. To slowly break out of this, one can become aware of multiple systems in their body existing as individual, but not separate, parts of the same thing. This is the very basis behind breathing meditations, to understand their sovereign simultaneous existence with everything from our heart beating to our toes wiggling. Oneness, as such, can never be understood by the mind/thought processes alone. It is in understanding say, my lungs breathing by actually breathing with my lungs instead of using a different individual system, the mind and its thought processes, to "think" about my lungs breathing. So, once we can start to see the true.. extent of the nature of "oneness" within just ourselves, we can start to understand and incorporate other parts of the "self," though only to an extent. This can be done in a myriad of ways, but the result is that one is simultaneously, and fully, aware of the individual systems and movement in ones body as well as beyond it (to an extent). Doing so is an experiential journey, and not one of philosophy though. If all one does is think about it, i think nothing will ever move. It can also be done in micro or macro scales from the base systems, once again, to an extent

The ego itself is not seen to be a problem, it is in choosing to base our perspective in the ego solely that problems arise. However, the body and its resultant ego are a tool of "translation" to make movement within this universe. They are an undeniable part of us as humans and all that is. As far as "self," all that is needed is a redefinition from me to we, but it might not be as misplaced of a concept as many might believe. If one perceives themselves to be selfless, then they can not truly see themselves in others. What "self" would be seen?

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