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Oneness. Experiences?

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:06 PM
This thread is only for people who have experienced the oneness of all that is. If you have seen yourself in other people and in the world around you, I have a question. Is oneness good or bad?

It all makes sense that oneness might be the best thing for everyone, as if you saw others as yourself, you would not harm them, etc. It looks like a good idea on the outside. But in my experience, I seem to have lost my sence of identity, up to the point of becoming narcississtic. Is it okay to lose your identity and accept yourself as being larger than you are? Oneness has seemed like a good idea, but is it a trick crafted by demonic spirits to allow demonic spirits to have more control over your body and open the gates for possession? At first it seemed like a good idea, but now it seems like I have opened a spiritual gate that I'm not sure is a good idea to have open. I am very confused now as it seemed like I unlocked the ultimate secret of the universe, but now I am in a state of fear and doubt.

Has anyone had continuously positive experiences with oneness? Has anyone had experiences similar to mine? Should I stay on the path to oneness and not doubt the path, or am I being mislead?

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

All is One. It seems to me you've discovered the great paradox which is this. If everything is one then everything matters because whatever I do to another I do to myself. BUT... If everything is One then nothing matters, because I'm only doing it to myself.

You haven't been deceived, you've seen the truth and what you do with it is up to you.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by Buddha1098

Thank you. Maybe I just need to try harder to be of service to others.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:51 PM
The typical Oneness scenario occurs when you become blasted into nothingness and then have the experience of Being One with this Universe. You are no longer the observer but the Knower of all that exists within the Universe... you are all things, everywhere.

This is typically arrived at by raising the Kundalini (Base Chakra Red Energy) up through all the energy centres until it reaches the Crown chakra.. at this point White Light floods you and blasts you into a gazillion bits throughout the Universe. This is the Initial Enlightenment Experience... finding you can Open Up to The Light with ease and at will.

Once you have experienced this your life will never be the same, ever. You can try to circulate in the mundane, try to fit in again, but you will fail because all Truth is Against the World... as the Druids recorded. The reason being is that we Humans base everything on BELIEF.. and as always our Beliefs are far less realistic than the bigger picture reality.

Once you have this initial enlightenment experience you will be tested in every moment.. tested to see if you will maintain Awareness in every moment in order to make more effective choices.. tested to see if you will use the Inner Power you found for effective and beneficial outcomes.. and tested to see if you will walk this rocky little path without complaint.. which is the hardest road you could possibly take in this western culture of our's.

You will become a fringe dweller, you will learn to accept and even like your own company to that of most others who's energies will make you feel off-side or out of balance. You will learn how to energise yourself when the energy within you is drained off to all thoe other people who are low in energy.. for that is how energy in the universe flows.. from places of high energy to places of low energy.

One of the biggest things to learn is that when you feel Anger strongly... you can refocus by simply breathing without counting in order to become master of your actions rather than allowing that strong Base Chakra Energy to control your Reactions. And in doing this you find how easily you can then use that deep well of Power Within.

Despite the growing BELIEF that Gnosticism.. Knowing Your Self.. is a Satanic ploy to fool you, you will walk the path before you and try to find the Balance point in Life... and it will not be easy for you to do so in each and every moment.

I would like to finish off with a quote...

“We priests must live in two worlds, the world of form and the otherworld of force, for true enlightenment lies balanced between them. Let our goal therefore be: To live and thrive amid form and force, being in the world but not of it.” - St. Cornneille , ‘ The Yellow Book of Ferns’.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

my experience of the Oneness has been nothing but good.

i was in the woods once, deep enough to where i couldn't hear the sounds of civilization anymore, and i sat cross legged on the ground and began to breath very deeply. i'd never meditated before, but i guess that that's close to what i was doing. i just focused on my breathing and was eventually able to clear every thought from my head.

what happened next is burned vividly into my memory and still plays out clearly six years later. with each breath in, every single energetic particle of the universe moved in toward me, and with each breath out, it was released back to where it was. like laying a silk kerchief flat on a counter and pinching the center and pulling up slightly, but it reverts to its starting position when you let go. the small amount of air that my lungs were playing with was clearly and undeniably connected to the rest of the universe, the smallest action, breathing, affected the whole "quilt." if i hadn't been sitting there in the woods simply breathing, the energies of the universe would not undulate, like the tide, as they were meant to.

once you glimpse the singleness of the world in which we live, it opens doors you never imagined. it makes you realize that the things we fight over, every last one of them, don't matter. they don't. what matters is breathing and making sure those around you can breath. that's it. that's life in a nutshell. just breath, and if you hear someone choking, help them. because they will exhale air and that air will mingle with the particles around it and before you know it, every single piece of energy in the universe has been touched by just that one person.

any of the negative side effects are misperceptions. you've glimpsed enlightenment, but you are still a mortal and flawed person who can't know everything, and gets confused. we're animals. i'd imagine my dog would freak a little and get kind of down if tomorrow he woke up and understood the true nature of our relationship. but then he'd remember all that belly-scratching and food and ball-fetching and it'd be all good!

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by Tayesin

beautifully stated. i can't overstate the fact that we are in full control of our bodies and emotions. i've always had terrible rage issues. it doesn't happen that often, but when i loose it, i loose it hard. since my "experience" I've still had the same issues, and loose it from time to time, but i've found that even the tiniest amount of self-awareness allows me to turn off the rage like flipping off the tube. if i am still half-in half-out of the full frenzy mode, i can literally, with a couple deep breaths, return to a normal, balanced mood. prior to receiving the glimpse of All, this was never remotely possible.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

Here is how i look at it....

I look at something, and i see that it is all.

I look at a tree, and the tree is all the i see.

I look at the tree, and the tree is all that there is.

I see the all in everything, and everything is what it shall be.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by RicoMarston
beautifully stated. i can't overstate the fact that we are in full control of our bodies and emotions. i've always had terrible rage issues. it doesn't happen that often, but when i loose it, i loose it hard. since my "experience" I've still had the same issues, and loose it from time to time, but i've found that even the tiniest amount of self-awareness allows me to turn off the rage like flipping off the tube. if i am still half-in half-out of the full frenzy mode, i can literally, with a couple deep breaths, return to a normal, balanced mood. prior to receiving the glimpse of All, this was never remotely possible.

Hi and thanks.

Rage is a weird thing.. most of us are completely afraid of the energy/power we feel when in rage. I know I was, yet others enjoy it and use it against other people for their own benefit.

As a young boy my Dad returned from Viet Nam with some major anger and alcohol issues, which forced me to find methods to use as we walked that very hard road with him. At school when Bullies pushed far too hard and found my weak-spot, I would black out for a split second only to find that when I could see again I had done some serious damage... so I had the same problem as my Dad and had to find an answer for it.

I tried being a pacifist until the time arrived when you need not to be one.. which worked well for a little while. Martial Arts then helped me learn to measure my responses so that I didn't kill anyone "accidentally". That was a bonus for me.

As an adult I got a second job doing security at a place called Harley's in the north island of New Zealand when I moved there.. it taught me a lot more about self-control and measured responses.. enough that I was proud that I never hurt anyone despite sorting out anyone involved in the brawls that would break out between different clubs.

But it was my daughter who helped me the most.. she was such a demanding little person and would have to be put to bed a 'million' times every night.. she didn't want to miss out on anything, lol. But as a worn out single parent it brought me to rage a couple of times when my energy levels were very low.. and it was then that I learned to Breathe through it all and to Focus on Breathing only... which showed me I was in control of me then.

Since then I am 'tested' often.. and some times I fail a little bit but do not take offensive action.. I use words now, lol. Besides, at 51 I am getting too old for all that Masculine bravado and stupidity.. unless I have to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

It is surprising how calming simply focusing on Breathing can be. In all the years of Martial Arts I found breathing relaxed me into a state of no-mind so that you were fluid with the energy flow and could easily do what had to be done in the moment without wasting a ton of energy.

Sorry to waffle on like this... just wanted to share and say Thanks.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:57 PM
the alpha and the omega –
What all the Gods feel -
Infinite different perspectives of human emotion-complexes -
as if all men were their own singular imaginations of human-beings here on Earth,
Each with their own unique individual ‘thought’ of God.

they can Comprehend.


I saw the sun in the shade,
Yet it still shone and shines so immensely.
I heard the quiet kindness in the noise,
And was still consumed by it’s chaos.
I felt the pleasure of the pain,
And still I felt nothing.

Unto this –
I discovered the truth behind the question,
The answer which fuels the enforcers of the world.
These fathoms led me to discovery –
Causing me to understand the unknowable –
Allowing me to experience the impossible –
Time and sequences and emotion as one.

I had recollected that I am just like you,
and you can be, too.


Imagine diving deep into beautiful water. So deep that your oxygen runs out. You begin to panic and quickly raise to the surface. When you break the surface, you inhale and for every moment in which the inhaling occurs, you are satisfied, happy, and in bliss. After short-time, the moment ends and you exhale, but you are still craving more oxygen, you are not satisfied until you inhale again.

God feels the bliss of inhaling continuously without the need to stop and exhale. White.

God also feels the satisfaction combined from two people, so that there is twice as much bliss sensation energy being felt by god. The pleasurable satisfaction from inhalation only grows larger and larger as more individual detailed perceptions are all achieving the same euphoric state.

In contrast, also consider the pain and agony of drowning, consider the vast devastation and torture to feel infinite instances of this experience and combine them together. Black.

Combine the white, and the black – the satisfactory inhalation complex and the agonizing drowning complex. Imagine this vast matrix of physical pleasure multiplied an infinity times. God is this feeling.

As a “God” you can truly understand the great struggle. It’s worse than the worst of depressions – economic and emotional, fused with contrast to an overwhelming sense of love and oneness.

For a human, understand a hot steamy shower with warm water caressing more than your neck and back, or your head and face. Imagine the sensation of comfort you feel, but amplify the range to encompass your entire body, your fingers – and their tips. Feel the great warm pulsing sensation on not only your upper body – but also on each cell of your surface, on each hair follicle, and on each ring of your toes unique print. Focus extensively on a single pleasure-filled body part, and bask in its illustrious glory, then feel that a billion times at once. Feel it again, and more intensely.

Feel that astronomical and extreme pleasure produced in that one simple moment – and then change your thoughts towards time. Understand the experience of a climactic pleasure in just one moment – a few seconds – less. Time is infinite, hundreds of billions of trillions of seconds have passed already, and an uncountable more shall still come. Try to understand that each second contains a moment of that extreme pleasure, and compress all of infinite time into one moment. The already infinite-pleasure is now larger, forever enlarging.

Experience Everything – more than just my described pleasure and pain; but of all Knowing, and of all Science, and of all Feeling, and of all Existence, and then focus on each with the greatest of detail as if viewed by a perfect microscope, then experience it all in one single moment.

That is All and it is where god exists.


I have a lot more, but I think most people find my writing boring.

More in my blog.
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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 11:03 PM
The path of oneness is complex and I do not understand it yet. I still meditate and contemplate this, as I believe it is my purpose to figure it out before I quit this life.

I wrote a 15 page philosophy paper (after reading plato, aristotle, kant, marx, maimonides, berkeley, mirandola, epictetus, and so many others). I titled it "All, in the mind of God". I had to cut it down to 6 pages eventually, and had to leave tons and tons of things out. If anyone is seriously interested, they can request to read it.

Basically, I am conflicted as to the truth of Good and Evil - I really don't think there is any of the separation. Really, what I see is the aim for experience.

Existence and experience. That is God, it doesn't matter if you kill or do good - as many experiences are still projected outwards and any action, 'evil' or 'good' create emotion and energy within different individuals via perspectives and life lessons.

Basically, there are many heirarchies, many of which people think are the ALPHA and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH - but in reality I see something even beyond that - so my life philosophy contains a notion that EVERYTHING exists, anything you can think of about truth or god is real and evolves in its own bubble - in this physical world or not.

Still, of course there are many battles of good and evil - of truth and differing perspectives in all of the lower hierarchies.

Clearly, philosophy has driven me psychotic and I am making no sense.

Good luck to you human friend!
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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 11:07 PM
It is definitely good. I'll keep this short and just share one experience.

It was during an episode of thunder snow this past winter. I left my body and went out into the night sky of this storm. It was beautiful beyond belief. I can't even put words to this. It was cold but a good cold. There was lightening, stars, snow, and a peace with the sky that I have never known. This is my favorite out of body experience. It was cold but I wasn't cold. It was dangerous since there was thunder and lightening but I was not afraid nor was I harmed. I floated in a weightless manner about the sky in wonderment, without interruptions. The lightening was particularly beautiful. Nothing else existed in that moment but the night sky and me. There was a connection to the universe. I just enjoyed the trip.

It truly felt like walking around heaven.
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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by Tayesin

no apologies. if i've got time, i'm always up for a good waffling.

it's funny how playing the drums and practicing martial arts has essentially the same benefit. that's exactly what taught me discipline and structure and order. and the no-mind state, oh what a great moniker! the only times i felt like i was truly playing the drums was when my mind went blank and the music/energy just flowed out of me, unimpeded by thought or bias or prejudice or self-awareness. i've only achieved this state when alone in my practice room, never on stage or playing with other musicians. but it's as you said; i don't remember after it's over. i black out, but when i go back and listen to the tapes to take notes, i'm blown away. as well as other masters, i've studied my own technique to understand what i can and cannot do on stage, and the few times this has happened, i really think that "something else" took over. it just didn't sound like me.

it's true what you said about daughters; they are demanding. but it's worth every second. mine's not even two yet, and i've already learned more from her than any teacher or professor. she makes this hard road worth walking!

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by smithjustinb

It all makes sense that oneness might be the best thing for everyone, as if you saw others as yourself, you would not harm them, etc. It looks like a good idea on the outside. But in my experience, I seem to have lost my sence of identity, up to the point of becoming narcississtic

I think what seems to be happening with you is that you are tending to identify self with not-self, you are projecting your individual identify onto others and even onto the world at large, and then you imagine yourself to be more than what you are.

The realization of oneness doesn't mean that we become everything else and merge with it, it implies recognizing that we share a common bond with all-that-is, that we are immersed in the Oneness which is love supreme.

While we are still interacting on this physical plane, it is helpful that we remain centered in the self, and try and restrain the mind from losing its boundaries in the mental spheres. If we allow the mind full reign, then there is a chance of succumbing to negative forces.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 03:27 AM
I have only experienced this so called "oneness" once in my life and I have been in search of it ever since, I will do my best to explain how I got there and then what was it like once I was there.

I was mediating one night and my mind/ego was labelling every little thing that was popping into my head.

For example if a picture of a chair popped into my head or if i tried to imagine a vast sky of stars my ego would label them "there’s a chair" or "look at all those stars". I realised that we all seem to do this all the time without realising.

I eventually began to become aware that by labelling these things it was a way of my consciousness to remain separate from them hence without a label, where did I begin and end in relation to such things.

I then decide in an instant to tell my ego to "shut up" so to speak and just be, just let my ideas and hence the universe flow through me rather than try and label every part of it and hence remain separate from every part of it.

I suppose that Due to the deep state I was in, my consciousness instantly seemed to expand to one point "my ego" to all points. I seemed to be in what could only be explained as a vastness or void where due to no labels I was the void. The feeling I had once in this state was frankly beyond words but I will do my best to create suitable enough metaphors to try and communicate it to you all.

In this state was the feeling of complete oneness, complete safeness and completely fulfilment. It was like being bathed in hot wool for eternity without any conscious concern in the world. I was everything and nothing at the same time.

There was no specific knowledge so to speak rather a complete knowing that I was everything hence all Specific knowledge was irrelevant as it was a part of me not something outside of me.

I realised In this state that the reason I felt totally complete was due to the fact that I literally was complete. In my normal separate “ego based “consciousness that we all normally operate in I had a deep subconscious longing for companionship and a loneliness that I felt was due to the fact that I was living in a separate fragment of my true self and was simply missing or longing for the remaining parts of myself.

The putting together of all the pieces came with the elimination of that feeling as I was complete hence there was no longer anything to miss.

In retrospect I guess the feeling I had was true love, love in its purest sense, as if love was the only constant true state and that all other states of emotion and feeling were simply there by design to enable me to be able to recognise love. I believe this to be the God state of mind

Kind of like saying If you had no cold then you would not recognise hot or any other duality that our universe seems to operate on at a fundamental level. Good and Evil also of this duality with Evil being part of the devine design

This experience was so amazing to me that If somehow I could of stayed there I would of gladly given up anything i had in this reality for it. Furthermore what was truely astonishing was I found that I could open my eyes and return to my normal state and close them and go back to the void.. This ability last for about an hour and I tottally blew my mind. It was like whenever I closed my eyes , I was a generator of reality and once i opened them I was a receiver (kinda like the relationship of stars to planets"

This experience also led to other theories that I have covered in this forum on other posts , Feel free to check out some of them . Heres a couple

thanks for reading ,

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

I've read your post three times and have a Cayce Reading that might help. The beginning of this reading might seem "off topic", or to stray somewhat, but you might find that it answers some of what you seek.. Hope it helps.

GC = Gertrude Cayce
EC = Edgar Cayce
(Q) = question
(A) = answer



This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at the office of
the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this
3rd day of May, 1944, in accordance with request made by the
self - Mr. [2533], Active Member of the Ass'n for Research
and Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.
Mr. [2533] and Jeanette Fitch.


Time of Reading
11:05 to 11:40 A. M. Eastern War Time. ..., Virginia.

1. GC: You will have before you the enquiring mind present
here, [2533], born December 22, 1904 in Norfolk, Va.,
together with the information in his readings of May 29, 1943
and October 31, 1942.

From the highest source in the Christ Consciousness available
to this entity you will give detailed and comprehensive
instructions necessary for the entity to know, speak, and
understand the proper use of the Sacred Omnific Word of Power
or Logos and to have conscious access to Omnipotence,
Omniscience and Omnipresence. You will answer the questions
that may be asked.

2. EC: In this, as we find, the entity is asking that it knows
not of. This ability - to speak, to apply, to be present in
Omnipresence - is attained by having fully, completely met
all that has been error in the experience of the body, mind
and soul in the earth experience.

3. Not that this is not attainable, but one grows to that
consciousness in the application of the faith in and the
consciousness of being at-one with the divine that is within.

4. This may not then be given as yet.

5. (Q) Is the transmutation of human flesh to flesh divine the
real mystery of the Crucifixion and Resurrection? Explain
this mystery.

(A) There is no mystery to the transmutation of the body of
the Christ. For having attained in the physical
consciousness the at-onement with the Father-Mother-God, the
completeness was such that with the disintegration of the
body - as indicated in the manner in which the shroud, the
robe, the napkin lay - there was then the taking of the
body-physical form. This was the manner. It was not a
transmutation, as of changing from one to another.

Just as indicated in the manner in which the body-physical
entered the Upper Room with the doors closed, not by being a
part of the wood through which the body passed but by forming
from the ether waves that were within the room, because of a
meeting prepared by faith. For as had been given, "Tarry ye
in Jerusalem - in the upper chamber - until YE be endued with
power from on high."

As indicated in the spoken word to Mary in the garden, "Touch
me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father." The body
(flesh) that formed that seen by the normal or carnal eye of
Mary was such that it could not be handled until there had
been the conscious union with the sources of all power, of
all force.

But afterward - when there had been the first, second, third,
fourth and even the sixth meeting - He THEN said: "Put forth
thy hand and touch the nail prints in my hands, in my feet.
Thrust thy hand into my side and BELIEVE." This indicated
the transformation.

For as indicated when the soul departs from a body (this is
not being spoken of the Christ, you see), it has all of the
form of the body from which it has passed - yet it is not
visible to the carnal mind unless that mind has been, and is,
attuned to the infinite. Then it appears, in the infinite,
as that which may be handled, with all the attributes of the
physical being; with the appetites, until these have been
accorded to a unit of activity with universal consciousness.

Just as it was with the Christ-body: "Children, have ye
anything here to eat?" This indicated to the disciples and
the Apostles present that this was not transmutation but a
regeneration, recreation of the atoms and cells of body that
might, through desire, masticate material things - fish and
honey (in the honeycomb) were given.

As also indicated later, when He stood by the sea and the
disciples and Apostles who saw Him from the distance could
not, in the early morning light, discern - but when He spoke,
the voice made the impression upon the mind of the beloved
disciple such that he spoke, "It is the Lord!" The body had
prepared fire upon the earth - fire, water, the elements that
make for creation. For as the spirit is the beginning, water
combined of elements is the mother of creation.

Not transmutation of flesh but creation, in the pattern

Just as when there are those various realms about the solar
system in which each entity may find itself when absent from
the body, it takes on in those other realms not an earthly
form but a pattern - conforming to the same dimensional
elements of that individual planet or space.

6. (Q) How may I project a counterpart of my conscious
awareness to any given place desired and comprehend or even
take part in events there?

(A) Read what we have just been giving. This is an
explanation of how. For it takes first spirit and mind
form, and may be aware of the elements in space. For time
and space are the elements of man's own concept of the
infinite and are not realities as would be any bodily element
in the earth - as a tree, a rose, a bird, an animal, as even
a fellow being. Yet, just as the body may in its own
material mind visualize, draw, a concept, a picture of an
incident that has happened in time, so may the body in spirit
and in spiritual mind project itself, be conscious of
elements, be conscious of form, by and through spirit mind -
as patterned in a conscious mind. Mind, then, becomes as a
stream, with its upper and lower stratum, with that which
moves swiftly or that which is resting upon either spirit or
physical being.

These come, then, as flashes to a conscious mind. They may
be gradually sustained, maintained. Just as mind may be

Here we will have an illustration: In a camp near here, near
this particular spot or place ye occupy, there has been a
gift taken by someone else. There will be a projection of
the thought, "This MUST BE RETURNED!" and it will be. For
here we have the parties to this physical condition existent
- right and wrong, good and bad, spirit, mind, body. They
are parts of this happening, and it is now being replaced.

7. (Q) How may I recognize sincere seekers of the Light,
incarnate, and attune to those disincarnate?

(A) This, too, has just been explained in how and where and
in what manner there may be the projection; or even as the
body may interpret it when the body in itself may levitate
itself from matter. Begin with self, then; attuning self in
mind to spirit, until there is the ability in self to see
self levitated from its own body. See it pass by. See it
stand aside. See it act in all of the activities. This,
then, will give the entity that ability within self to
discern incarnate and disincarnate entities in their own

Begin with self, not outside of self, if you would keep your
own rational self.

8. (Q) Give meaning and pronunciation of the word

(A) Java; meaning the ability within itself to know itself
to be itself and yet one with, or one apart from, the
infinite; to be a part of that realm of helpers; to know self
as a part of and in that realm where the angels are, or in
that realm of the individuals who have been, who are, with
the Announcer, the Lord of the Way, and who have attained the
consciousness of the Christ-within.

9. (Q) What is meant by the Hidden Way?

(A) Just as we have been trying to explain to the entity -
the finding of the consciousness of self within as related
to, as being at-one with or as a part of, or separated from,
the whole.

For as was given so oft, this is found within. For thy body
is indeed the pattern of the heavenly body, yet it only grows
to same, as it grows away from same; though it may be within
the three-dimensional realm. This is the Hidden Way. For as
the entity uses, never abuses but uses self in service, it
finds the Way. For who is the greater among you? "He that
is the servant of all." Who would know the Hidden Way? They
who seek to do His biddings alone.

10. (Q) The Holy Breath?

(A) This is the same, only in activity; that is, one may be
aware of the at-onement but to see, to feel - There are not
words to express, for we are expressing same in material
terms or expressions of awarenesses in a consciousness made
known as it plays upon the attributes of a physical being.
As we say, the All-Seeing Eye of God, the All-Seeing Eye of
self can only be attained when in attune to God. And when
attuned, He hath breathed the Holy Breath on the activity of
the entity.

11. (Q) The light that cannot fail?

(A) This is the Christ. For it has succeeded, in that it
has in physical consciousness passed through and attained.
And when that light enters, by the individual entity opening
the consciousness of self to that abiding presence, the light
has entered.

What is light? That from which, through which, in which may
be found all things, out of which all things come. Thus the
first of everything that may be visible, in earth, in heaven,
in space, is of that light - IS that light!

12. (Q) The Book of Life?

(A) The record that the individual entity itself writes upon
the skein of time and space, through patience - and is opened
when self has attuned to the infinite, and may be read by
those attuning to that consciousness.

13. (Q) The Rolls of Graphael?

(A) The records of an individual, as an archangel. The
records of those activities with the Announcer, the Way, in
association with the CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS.

14. (Q) The Book of God's Remembrances?

(A) This is the Book of Life.

15. (Q) The Akashic Records?

(A) Those made by the individual, as just indicated.

16. (Q) God is the ten - the Holy Jod?

(A) This is an expression, not a fact - but that which leads
to, directs towards activity in the associations with others.

17. (Q) Any other suggestions?

(A) Be not faint of heart because ye have not been entrusted
with the Word, the Power attained to. Begin within self.
For thy activities are worthy. Don't abuse. Do use.

18. We are through.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 02:58 PM
Sorry to have to repeat myself here but,

See the all in everything. Once you fully understand this, then......all is possible...

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 05:32 PM
Thank you all for replying on my thread. It would be helpful and greatly appreciated if you all went to my thread entitled "A questionnaire for the observers of oneness."
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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 03:21 PM
It is a paradox, oneness is not sameness, it is possible to perceive yourself as the same as others, as would be the case with a species or a family, common behaviours or even the same stride. However, oneness with all that is, as opposed to sameness, is to see all around you as different expressions of yourself, and in-turn, others will see you as an expression of thier selves, all the while, we are still different to each other.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by SystemResistor
It is a paradox, oneness is not sameness, it is possible to perceive yourself as the same as others, as would be the case with a species or a family, common behaviours or even the same stride. However, oneness with all that is, as opposed to sameness, is to see all around you as different expressions of yourself, and in-turn, others will see you as an expression of thier selves, all the while, we are still different to each other.

Yes. I agree. We are all different, but that's what makes us useful.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:56 PM

I experience oneness with all things, at all times, in all moments.

The separation exists only in your mind; you: see smell taste hear feel. You are not separate but with/together.

Need I say more?

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