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The Illuminati & Discordianism

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posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by ISeeTheFnords
reply to post by TrypToNonymous

OK, read a few of your posts, and after googleing "profnordotics", you're the ONLY hit on google.
Don't want to derail, or "input negative" to this thread, but I'm really interested in how you think.

Apparently like noone else. And what is the secret to Cindy's ageless skin? The real secret? Sure, British Television will claim to give it away just before Gordon Ramsay says, "Shut it off...#ing switch it off and shut it down and condemn it!"

Are you familiar with yogurt?

And, while at times (future"?) we may agree to disagree, please don't take anything I post as "hostile"

I don't promise anything.

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by coyotepoet

You and me, are molded by things,
well beyond our acknowledgement.

You and me, are shaped by some things,
well beyond our achnowledgement.

Anonymous Collective

Are you familiar with yogurt?


posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 12:19 PM

Originally posted by TrypToNonymous
Are you familiar with yogurt?

I prefer gogurt, though the urge in my bowels has let me in on the name.

As for Cindy and her perfect skin, I plan on using it next. No tattling, no one likes a tattletale...

Lastly, I plan on ordering some hostiles, I really like Bonaza and I need to re-do my kitchen counters. (Ouch!)

Topically, well I guess that takes us back to Cindy and her skin...

posted on Jun, 25 2011 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by adigregorio

I had an afterthought, and while having it I also had a nowthought. In the nowthought, I thought "How can I let myself know the afterthought?" This was because I get along quite well with myself, I mean we have known each other for 30 years now. I knew that I would just love the afterthoughts' contence, I just needed a way to let me know that I had the afterthought. Little did I know; Not me, I. Little did I know, that all this afternowthinking would cause a futurethought. So there we sat, I with an afterthought and a nowthought. Me? Well he was plauged with the afterthought, at least. And now, both me and I have a futurethought.

--Pardon-- An interuption is needed, you see me and I can't properly explain the futurethought because it was myself who had it. (Just myself, who is on first.) So allow myself to explain the futurethought, which is the cause of the other two thoughts (I will realize this shortly, he will be sure to let me know later.)

The Illuminatus Trilogy
Schrodingers Cat

That is all the futurethought contained, talk to you later.

--End Pardon-- (Do you get to pass go?)

I am back! And I realized something, the futurethought must have been about myself. A few months ago he and I read these two books, I can't recal the names of them. Anyway, they both revolved around the Illuminati and dis accordian. (I think it was some gang novella, no? Who else would play dis accordian...(ouch))

Anyway, yeah I wanted to let you know that. As for me, a little slow that one is. He doesn't even know if I am writing in 3rd person, or some wierd 4th person. Think about it, when I typed "I wanted to let you know that" how exactly was that message recieved? As for me, methinks (ha!) some other person was letting you know things that were done by I. Whereas, myself looks on it as I explaining directly to you. I, well I could care less.

Alright, finished. It was fun, kinda.

I don't think so
Me neither

Guess I am by myself...

PS Check those books out, 100% on topic (Though pretty sure they are fiction, unless we are fiction then they would be the real.)

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by adigregorio

Wow! You sure think alot after you think. Sorry, too much thought for me. I'll make you the ghosts of the thought past, present and future and focus my attention on home brewing to remote-hack fresh pizza vending machines. Bah humbug!

Say the following 2^64 times really fast: "She sells shell script down by the C shore."

Please note the location of the quotes.

To wit: Why this doesn't seem to relate to the topic to the under-initiated is why it is all perfectly on-topic. The under wears on me all the time.

Congealed, icy treats all 'round!

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 10:10 AM


posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by ChaoticOrder

Mmm chocolate...

Mmm cream pies...

Oh, and I bet he is a liar. Everyone knows liars lose their hair from all that lying around.

Seriously though, if there is a super secret society that is the anti of my super secretion society...well then theirs sucks. Why? Because they have neither a momether or a popether to teach them how to become adults.

Also, they suck because they will never let me join. Flashbacks of gradeschool (Not grammar school, I no good at grammar.) and all the cool kids not hanging out with me.

I FIGURED IT OUT! The illuminati are just the "cool adults"! My logic is flawless, I had a victory. Flawless Victory!

Finish him?

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 04:37 PM
Hail Eris.

May you and yours be wtver and so on an henceforth shalt thou do stuff and wear clean underwear.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by BanMePlz

Lol, funniest thing ever. You do realize that there are several different types of reality. The first is consensus reality or our mutually agreed upon reality. When your consensus reality clashes with everyone elses, you're called insane and locked away. The second is objective reality or the world as it really is when looked upon by an objective observer. Humans can get a touch of that every now and again, but usually slips back into consensus reality when everyone tells him he's a buzzkillington or being paranoid. The third is subjective reality or what the reality is inside you. Subjective reality in some is a near exact model of consenus reality. Those people lack imagination, they follow the law, but lack the spirit. They are the neo-phobes that detest change because they can't keep up. You know? The Grey Face?

But those who can switch back and forth between consensus reality and objective reality see the gaps. We can push back the curtains, walk backstage and see the actors. Fnord. We mesmerize, misdirect and manage the Grey Face by using his own symbols, words and emotions against him by subversion. It's not magic, we're just paying attention and have found the glitches. We're the neophiles, we thrive on change, flexibility, discovery and whimsy. Unfortunately for us, you're always trying to harsh our mellow by inflicting rules from your subjective reality into our lives. We see things differently and trust me, in our eyes... well, you've been missing the point forever.

We're not bad... we're just here to wake you up so you can see what we do. How can you hate Discordians, we don't hurt others... we just threaten their sense of reality and they do the rest? Remember, your belief and internal subjective reality is shared by 0 people. We're all special snowflakes. And we love you... and we're just going to keep on loving you over and over with laughter, joy and compassion. Then we can all share the sandbox without fighting about silly things. We're just waiting for you to see what Original Sin REALLY was, not what you thought. Trust me, when you get the joke you'll laugh for days


posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by Bea2theJ

But those who can switch back and forth between consensus reality and objective reality see the gaps. We can push back the curtains, walk backstage and see the actors. Fnord. We mesmerize, misdirect and manage the Grey Face by using his own symbols, words and emotions against him by subversion. It's not magic, we're just paying attention and have found the glitches.

Well put post. It's the coyote energy, the trickster archetype. I like to describe it as showing people the sides of the boxes they don't even know they are in. Unfortunately I have been stuck in the Greyface trap for the last year or so but at least I know I'm in it, which is the first step in climbing out of it.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by coyotepoet

Yes, and discordian? It's NOT a religon, it's a calling. There's no worship, no idols, no ritual, it's just an attempt by those of us who see to show them a peek by sneaking in a seed of rememberance while their shields are down. We want them to play! We have no desire to take them out or hurt them, we love them. They were us before we woke up, our family, our friends. They know we're tricksters, we make them look in the mirror instead of projecting all that fear and uncertainty outward. I find it ironic they think we mean them harm when we only want to share the love and compassion of what the world could be if they weren't so literal. Life is a metaphor, an allegory. We do the same things over and over and never see why. We let them divide us spiritually, convince us that dogma trumps getting along with your neighbors. It's a rotten way to live. They need us. And we need them lest we forget why we're here. They test us, we test them, that's how it works. Remember? The tricksters always help save the day, lol. But then I'm always the optimist and rooting for the underdog.

posted on Dec, 23 2017 @ 01:49 AM
Definitely something a greyface would say...a reply to: Bea2theJ

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