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Could the worlds nuclear power stations be knocked out by solar flares ?

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 01:00 PM
I was just having a little think about the worlds current events... Japan being the one in particular.
My thoughts are , Could a solar flare or storm from the sun knock out power and backup power in nuclear plants?
If this is possible , it would be devastating to imagine the effects, even if only 1/4 of the planet was affected.
Just a little thought id raise and see the outcome.
My thought are with those affected in Japan and to be honest i am saddened with the smokescreen on the whole current event in Japan. It is the worst Nuclear disaster in history and you will be lucky to get a mention of it these days in either newspaper or tv. (uk)
It seems that the attention span of the masses is very low at present.
A royal wedding is enough to divert peoples attention from a Catastrophic world disaster.
I have seen a clip from russian news that one of the reactor buildings is also starting to lean over.
the exclusion zone is also a complete joke... They are allowing people back in to retrieve items.
I dont know how safe this is ? I understand they want personal possessions and i will give the japanese people that.
It is such a sad event and i feel for all involved.
This is by far the end of the current nuclear crisis.... Please mend it and make it be the last.
Nuclear energy may be efficient or whatever the people say about it .... It can on the other hand ....
Wipe Out Humanity !!
I thought we could have learned by now ... with Chernobyl and countless other minor nuclear events.
Heck even crashing nuclear submarines into rocks because the marine map was not updated to the current high and low tides.... Or men going crazy and shooting off in the submarine.....
it only a matter of time before a crisis even larger than Japans current events happens.
Have you got a fallout shelter built yet ??? Hope so !

Rant over

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